(OR: A sinking ship’s rats.)

       Anyone who believes there is any secrecy in Face Book, E mail et.cet. is just plain stupid.  Hillary, with her own E Mail scandal, has proven she leads the pack in stupid, but she is not alone.  Beside her and running up behind her, is the entire Democrat elite.   Smug, self- assured and stupid.

In Rooster’s book IT IS S.A.D. (On Amazon) he describes this stupid in considerable detail.  In brief here is its story. There are two main components of intelligence.  One is memory which is gauged by IQ.  The other is common Sense, which we could, but do not test.  One Third of any population will be deficient in common sense to some degree.  There you have the bulk of the Democrat party.  Many of them have a good IQ but cannot find their car in a parking lot.  They believe welfare will give a person self-esteem.  They believe there can be income equality.  They believe in violating the law if they disagree.

If you need more proof, look at what just happened at the Democrat Convention.  Demolition is in process. WikiLeaks proves the Democrat elite have been pushing for Hillary all the time they claimed to be impartial.  Wasserman, head of the party, resigns and immediately joins the Hillary Campaign.  If you do not see this as stupid is as stupid does, you had better check your blood pressure.  You may have passed on.  By the way Wasserman is not just stupid she is vindictive and hateful.  Do not ask Rooster.  Ask Allen West the black former Army officer who was running for re-election in Florida.  His district was next to Wasserman’s.  She attacked him like a banshee and her Democrat attack had more to do with the fact that he was a black conservative than anything else.  How dare he leave the encampment!!  Had he been white she would not have bothered.

The Democrat convention continues, but we know the stupid still rule.  Wasserman will give the opening remarks.  This she will do, after her resignation and after she has joined the Hillary campaign. By any measure this is pure, unadulterated dumb.  Let us see what she says.

Moving back into the future, what do you suppose is happening to the Two Party system?   Winston, Rooster’s Pooka, believes it is breaking up.   The variety of minority parties will benefit from the fall out.  The Republican Party has already abandoned some of its most enduring platforms.  Listening to Trump and the daughter who introduced him, you get the clear impression there will be pandering to the common sense deficient.   More clearly, however, is the demise of the Democrat party.  Bernie’s boys have already moved the Democrat platform into the socialist world.  His speech tonight will pour cement on it making it rock solid.  If he had any guts, which he does not, he would blow the roof off the joint.  He is one of the common sense deficient, so do not expect reality.  It actually makes no difference anyhow, the conservative old school Democrats have no place to go.  Those who vote Democrat because their Grandparents did, and have decent common sense, will not vote or will vote for someone else.  Those who are in Unions will not heed their Union, if they use their heads.  Trump will get some of them.  What is left of the Democrat party will be clearly the Bernie types— clueless and far out socialistic.

When the dust settles the Democrat party will have lost, and be in tatters.  The Republican Party will be the immediate beneficiary.   There will be room for another party to offer a safe haven to the disenfranchised.   Those with a lot of common sense, who are constitutional conservatives, and demand States Rights will have to find a new home.  Many Democrats will join the Republican Party on its left side and many Republicans will leave on its right side.  A viable Third Party will arise.

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(OR: Why do Racists tell lies.)

         Last night when Michelle said “…every morning I wake up in a house built by slaves…” Rooster fell off his roost and nearly chocked to death on a cracker. Winston fled the room scared out of his wits.  What did she just say?   What was that total untruth?  Why would she say it?  “Damn this is pure insanity”, the Rooster said.

What vision did you have when she said it.?  Did you see thousands of down trodden black people, being whipped into work by white masters?  Did you see it raining and muddy and conditions just terrible for the poor slave?   If you saw something like that Michelle was successful.   That is what she wanted you to see.  She did not say built by some slaves.   She did not say partially built by slaves.  She did not discuss that such a slave was not trained for anything but manual labor, and did not know how to cut stone, did not know how to plaster, or prepare a wall for it, and did not know how to pipe the building for gas, unless they received such training on the job.   She did not mention that some of the labor were free blacks in Washington DC, which was a safe haven for slaves escaping their Democrat owners in the surrounding south.  She did not say anything like that.

Nor did she discuss the fact that the original building was burned to the ground by the British.  Oh some walls remained but they had to be torn down.   The building was completely rebuilt after 1814.  Again some slaves were used, because the Republicans had not fought the Civil War to free them from the Democrats.  That was down the road.  She did not mention that.

Nor did she mention that Harry Truman had the entire residential portion of the building gutted, leaving just the outside walls. Remember the 1814  or so walls were constructed by artisans who were not slaves. Of course a slave might have been used to move something, but they did not have the talent to build the walls, build the moldings, build and install the cornices etc. By and large in, 1814. slaves were kept untrained for fear they would flee to the North for freedom and good jobs.   During Truman’s time there were no Slaves.  Say it over and over again.

She failed to tell you that the walls, floor, ceiling, plumbing, wires and all the other things than make up the room she wakes up in, were built during the 1949 to 52 rebuild and not one slave was used for anything.

She lied, not to just Rooster and Winston.  She lied to millions of Americans and millions of others listening in.   She lied to the world because she is a racists.


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(OR: There is no thinking in the kitchen.)

            Rooster’s comments on the GOP convention, are not conventional, but they are wise.   During the GOP primaries Rooster told you “Turn out the Lights the Election is over” In that article he predicted Trump would win everything.   This was not because of being a mystic or having a great wiggi board, but because Rooster can observe events as they are.  Being honest with one’s self helps.  The voters are upset and being upset means there will be change. This is not just Republicans and Independents it includes one heck of a lot of Democrats.  Rooster also predicted Brexit because he saw the same disgust with the elite. The British odds makers had it wrong, because they have no faith in the people. When you realize Scotland voted to stay in, the peoples vote elsewhere was huge. Trump fits the time like a glove.  He is unconventional, anti-Elite, and wars against the establishment.   It is the establishment that will have to change.   Not Trump.

The establishment folks are running around as if a volcano has just blown up.  Their hands are waving in the air and they show a terrible fear on their faces.  It is so intense that the weak News Media pick it up and play with it for viewers and readers.  They think it is a game changer.  Just shows you how dumb many of them are.

They are looking for any cracks or weaknesses to feed to the Elite. This business about Mrs. Trump’s speech being compared to Mrs. Obamas is pure nonsense.  To make a speech work on a teleprompter you need writers.  Writers borrow from each other all the time.  It is the same in song writing.  Borrowing is not stealing.  In literature stealing is where whole passages, pages, and organization is taken without permission or credit. Think about this.  Every word uttered by Mrs. Trump can be found in every other speech ever given.   Common phrases will be used by many at the same time. What makes them common is that they are used all the time by everyone.  Few today can speak from notes. Rooster can, but it is not something you are born with.  You learn to do it as you develop self-confidence.  Newt Gingrich is another who can speak for a long time just from notes he has made. Most cannot and that is ok.

The more serious problem is the stupid attitude by several like Romney and Graham.  Cruz and Rubio are a bit different since they have clashed with the elite.  Speaking of the first bunch, they are as blind as cave dwelling salamanders.  Their fear is that they will become not relevant. Well, this fear is becoming true by their own hand.  Rooster was a victim of this same ignorance when he ran for a public office.  He had moved into the area just 3 years before and was a deputy District Attorney.  He ran on a law and order platform.  The Elite of the community in the GOP, would not support this newcomer. The opposition was a Democrat incumbent who had kept his nose clean. Rooster lost by a few hundred votes.   Had he had full support he would have won hands down. The result was the GOP lost and the Democrats won.  In California this was not good.

The second group are the likes of Cruz and Rubio.  Both are literal conservatives and they do not see that in Trump.  They are correct.  He is not a do or die conservative. He is by his nature and governmental experiences a conservative in result. He is not in education or understanding of the Constitution.  What they fail to see is that he is very smart and understands his own failings and lack of education.  He will fill up those gaps with people he can trust.  The first group is lost.   The second is savable.

Even so Trump will win without either of them.   It is in the cards. Upps!! Did Rooster say that?



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(OR: Charles Martel defeated Islam at Tours)

            As we recover from the horrible truck attack in Nice France, and President Obama prepares his speech to ban trucks, Rooster desires to make a couple of observations. First, Rooster was in France about 3 years ago.  He and his wife took a subway from the Airport to downtown Paris.   The train went through many Muslim neighborhoods before it got there.   The train was not clean and well maintained.  Seats were broken etc. Immediately Rooster sensed hostility from the other passengers who got on and off at the various stops.  It was so bad that he put his wife in a corner seat and then stood guard the whole time.  No French was heard, but every Middle Eastern language was.  When he arrived in Paris and left the underground he swore to never go there again.   That is how bad it was 3 years ago, before all the millions of immigrants of that religement have entered the EU.   Today the Muslim controlled areas must be twice as big as they were then.  This also means twice as hostile.

Approximately 150 years after Mohammed was born the conquering tribes of Islam had taken North Africa, Sicily, Malta, were advancing up the boot of Italy, and had taken all of Spain  In their wake they left terrible atrocities and ruin.   About 80,000 of them left Spain and marched on France with the intent of taking Europe.     At Tours one Charles Martel, who had raised a well-trained Army, with the Popes help, meet the Muslims in Battle.  For once Christian Calvary were better than the Muslim.  The battle was won and the Muslims retreated back into Spain.  Until today the Muslims have been contained. They were eventually driven from power through-out the Mediterranean.

Once again the faithful of Islam have returned to France.  They possess huge land areas especially in and around the big cities. They conduct those areas as if there was no France.  These Muslims did not come with huge armies.  They know huge armies are out of date. They cannot win that way because of today’s military might of the non-Islam world.  They have come as infiltrators, illegals, and fellow travelers. They are turning into terrorists and worse.  With the liberal mind set of France’s leaders they have been able to establish legality.

Anyone who knows Islam, France, and the history of both, knows there is no peaceful way out.   It is win or lose.   If you lose the Koran will dictate how you will be enslaved.

Now there will not be Armies facing each other.  Now there will be civil distress and eventually conflict.  The liberal lead French Government, will not be able to protect. They are the ones who have allowed this to happen.    Someone who is not filled with all the liberal nonsense, has to take the helm.  Someone like Charles Martel who went on to develop the Holy Roman Empire.  They called him Charlemagne the savior.  He was such a person and the likes of him are needed once again.

Islam has always had one main goal, and that is world domination.  My book ISLAM: THE DEATH STAR, which lays out this goal and describes the terrible pain and suffering Islam has caused over its existence will be out in a couple of weeks.


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(OR: Shakespeare would love this.)

            What the Bard did write into his play about Henry VI were the words “The first thing we do is kill all the lawyers.”  These words were spoken by his character who was plotting a revolution, so getting the lawyers out of the way was top priority for chaos.  Actually the phrase is a compliment to lawyers.  You see, we stand in the way of chaos.

What Rooster is proposing is that the office of Attorney General be drastically changed, so that we no longer have a Janet Reno killing  men, women and children  in Waco Texas, (which then led to the Oklahoma bombing killing more.), or an Eric Holder conspiring to buy and sell to criminals in Mexico guns and especially semi-automatics. You do remember “Fast and Furious” don’t you?  And of course we now have Loretta Lynch who simply follows what the President says and has no independence at all.

The present Attorney General is an office that has, like all Federal Agencies, grown too big not to fail.  The list of its divisions and subdivisions looks like a L.A. phone book.   In the Judiciary Act of 1789 which set up the Federal Court System, the A/G was created to simply prosecute and conduct all legal matters for the Feds in the Supreme Court and to advise heads of Executive Departments.  It was a one man, plus staff job.  It was part time.  81 years later Congress created the Department of Justice to support the now overworked A/G. (Government offices are always overworked ,now aren’t they.) Since that time it has grown into a monster with big dripping fangs.  Worse is that it has become a political attack dog for the President.  Clinton and Obama have demonstrated that it is out of control and no longer is an independent legal service.  In many ways the A/G has become a rouge commander of shock troops.

During the Founders debates in setting up judicial power the Anti-federalist (State’s Rights folks today.) denounced Federal Judicial power as a potential instrument for National Tyranny.  They were right and their common sense was perfect.

Even the fact that an A/G appointee has to be approved by the Senate, and can be impeached by the house has done little to keep bad apples out of the barrel.   Still the President appoints them and can fire them.  The Attorney General can no longer be trusted to act responsible for the good of the people. What Loretta Lynch A/G did with the FBI report on Hillary is a great example of the partisanship the office exercises.  Not only does the A/G sit on the Presidents Cabinet he or she is the only legal counsel present.  One might compare it to the Mafia and their lackey attorneys.

What has to happen is the office be taken out from under the thumb of the President.  He should be given an attorney who can only advise, not direct troops. That is the first thing we do.  Second, so many of the A/G’s functions can be deleted and should be.   For example the U.S. District Attorney Generals used to be under the Department of the Interior.   The Attorney General did not supervise them.  Let’s do that again.   Just as we fear monopolies in the private sector, so to we mush distrust those created in Government.   The only way to stop another Waco, or another Fast and Furious, or the terrible race incitement pushed by the A/G in matters, like Ferguson,   and other cases of a black person being shot by police, is to break it up.  The office, since it has a civil Rights division, considers every black killing by different races as a violation of law. The only solution is to break it up and scatter its responsibilities.  It has and continues to fail, especially under liberal leadership. Liberals, more than Conservatives consider the heads of departments as house hold servants, rather than as independent operatives.  They do not think of “we the people”. They think of “me and my power”.


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            The response “What difference does it make” is a great example of common sense (CD) deficiency.   When Hillary used it in response to a question in the Bengasi hearings her stupidity stood out like a sore thumb.  Think about it.  If you and someone are having a serious discussion and you make a point and the other person’s response is “What difference…et cet” Your intelligence has just been insulted.    Of course it makes a difference, ,Sweet heart, because we are discussing it.  Had Rooster been on the committee he would have made an immediate response something like this,:

All right Hillary I’ll tell you what difference it makes.  Had you used CS you would have pulled the ambassador and staff out of that dangerous place. Obviously you did not recognize it as dangerous.   Britain and other countries did,.  Failing that you received requests for more security and still you failed the CS test and did nothing. Had you even directed the construction of a good safe room it would have made a big difference.  You did not, and probably did not even know there was such a thing. Once you received notice of the attack,  you should have pushed all the red buttons at your disposal and sent every asset we had.  Our people received orders to stand down.   You did not and because you did none of these basic things your employee Christopher Steven was brutally tortured and murdered including having his private parts destroyed.  Your employee Sean Smith also died and two CIA volunteers gave up their lives and were blown to death by mortars that just happened to be there.  It was not just the 4 , you let down.  It was their wife’s, sweethearts, children and families in general.  Mothers lost their child, and Fathers now weep over their lost sons.   This must not happen again.  This is what difference it makes.  Furthermore, we must not allow our Government to then make up a lie to cover-up their common sense failure.  This too makes a big difference, Ms Hillary.   A really big difference.

This event, this phrase can and should make a great battle cry for Donald Trump.  Let’s say the issue is free trade vs controlled trade.   What he should say, is something like this.  Ms. Hillary is for open borders and free trade, I am not.  I will tell you what difference it makes.  My view will make for more security for every family in their home. Ms. Hillary’s does not.   My view makes for more secure jobs and more of them.  Ms Hillary’s does not.  My position means we will be able to kick out the bad guys and reduce internal   terror attacks.  Ms. Hillary’s does not.  My position means we can attract many of our business back which will create more income, more prosperity and more security.  Ms.  Hillary’s does not.   That is the difference.  That is what a difference it makes.

On every issue he should repeat this phrase over and over again.  If there is a debate between the two he should smother her with that stupid statement.  But then Rooster is not there and his help is not solicited.  Too bad.


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            Remember the scene in the Disney movie THE WIZARD OF OZ where Dorothy figures out what to do with the Red Shoes?  She defeated the wicked witch who evaporated leaving her black robe and pointed hat on the ground.  That is the scene Rooster sees with Hillary Clinton.  The FBI gave Trump the red shoes and he will know how to use them.  In fact he would be well advised to wear red shoes and offer this explanation.  Can’t you just see him rubbing his shoes, saying something like “Crooked Hillary will disappear.”

The statement released by the FBI has set the stage.  Cameras are ready, everyone is in place… silence on the stage, roll the cameras.  Even Winston shares this vision.  The Director of the FBI, Mr. James Comey, told the world Hillary and her controlled staff were extremely negligent.  For undisclosed reasons, he decided not to ask the Department of Justice, with a Lynch women in control, to do anything about it.  One might ask,” Why ask a dead man to say grace? “ All Lynch would do is stall and delay, with Obama’s help, and pass the matter beyond the soon to be election. Just in reviewing the FBI suggestion she could take 6 months.  A dead end.  Better to give the tools to the candidate and others.  Properly used, the tools will, like the red shoes, send “What difference does it make”  to the evaporation chair.

Now the law.   Listening to FBI Comey, and the news pundits something smells bad.    What is this clear evidence of intent Comey told us was lacking?  Remember Rooster was once a Prosecutor in charge of trials in a large District Attorney office. He and you must know that for every infraction and crime there is a defined intent or state of mine.   In Common Criminal law you have Specific Intent, General Intent, and substitutes for intent. One is gross negligence, another is strict liability.  In Specific intent the Defendant must have specifically intended the crime and its consequences.  In General intent the defendant simply must have intended to do what he or she did, even without thinking about the wrong.  Substitutes come in a variety of words and concepts.   In Administrative law bureaucrats have created others.  Sometimes this legislative nonsense creeps into statutes passed by Congress and others.  Point is the words “Clear intent” is not used and is meaningless.

The United States has one law that covers the disclosure of classified information.  It is 18 U.S. Code 798. No one has mentioned it.   It does not use a common law definition of intent, but one of the historic administrative concepts.,  “Knowingly and willingly” as the state of mind.  Federal law uses the concept often.  This is like general intent. All the attorney should have to prove is that the defendant did the acts, i.e.: creating an unsecured server and putting and removing classified information therein.  The Supreme Court, on another statute, Bowder vs U.S. 32 US 335, found that knowingly and willingly does not mean that you did the acts with evil or dishonest knowledge.  It simply means you did the acts while conscious and awake. I.e.: you knew what you were doing.  The only defense is by mistake or accident.  If you are found guilty of USC 798,  you can be fined (no limit) and put in jail for 10 years.  Now what Comey did was to add to “Knowingly and willingly” a specific intent (Clear intent…his word.).  He is flat wrong. The U.S. has many other statutes that touch on the subject.  For example look at 18 USC 1905 which talks about propriety rights.  It is also has a general type intent.  Simply publishing, divulging, or disclosing is all it takes.   Others include Executive orders, the Espionage Act of 1917, The Atomic Energy Act of 1954, and the Intelligence Identities Protection Act of 1982.  Point is our federal law is very specific on this subject. Our enforcement is not, which is why Congress, the President, and others leak information without fear.   Rooster could not find one statute that required a “Clear Intent” as stated by the FBI. Moreover the congressional committee and Mr. Comey often referred to 18 USC 1924 which is simply a specific application of 798.

Now most of the news sources say the FBI was relying on Executive Order 13526, and 18 U.S.C. 793 (f) .  Again something smells very bad.   First Executive Order 13526 is a long discussion of what is and is not classified stuff..   When talking about punishment it adopts the language of U.S.C. 798 above.  It specifically says the “Knowingly and willfully” form of state of mind,, which is not a “Clear Intent”. Section 793 (f) is another of the “other statutes” which attempts to cover specific acts.  It in no way takes away from 798 which is the primary punishment law.  Point is, the FBI director is misleading the nation.  Why?   Well maybe Rooster is correct when he says Comey wanted this wrong to be up front and on point now and not after the election.  Or maybe he simply only thought of Gross Negligence and its history.    Apparently he never heard of multiple counts of wrong doing in a criminal case.  I think I hear Richard Nixon, scratching on his tomb, to be reheard on his minutes of erased tape, of office conversations.

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