Remember the movie “THE STING”. One of Redford and Newman’s best. For the younger folks, you need to down load it and enjoy. Newman would be 91. Anyway too bad they are not available to do a new movie called, “THE GREAT POLITICAL STING.” In it they could portray Warren Buffett, G. E’s CEO and others who have conspired with the liberals to rip out billions of dollars from the tax payer in the Global Warming Scam. Rooster can see several of the scenes now, smoke filled board rooms, having a coke with Buffett in his little house on the prairie, noisy stock market rooms etc. . The point is that all scientists agree the earth is in an ice age at this moment. At times earth has gone for millions of years with little or no ice caps. Within this ice age there are periods of glaciation. Some bigger than others. Reality is the world is always getting cooler or warmer. Only growing Ice caps have hurt humans. Global warming is a hoax. Get this. Never in 4 million years has a world heat spell hurt mammals. The liberal sting is that they get the gullibles to believe a heat catastrophe is coming and sell them on renewable energy. This is the solar panels, big mirror projects in the desert, big turbine generators on tall towers with a propeller attached, waiting for wind and the occasional bird, electric cars, and trucks that drive and crash themselves. All these very expensive alternatives are very, very expensive. Of course most of them are not made here. The final revelation of the movie is when it demonstrates each and every one of these projects do not make money. Without citizen’s tax money to subsidize them they would fail. Yes Darling the Tesla too. What is not taken by the liberal elite is paid to foreign operatives. We are talking Billions and maybe trillions. No one is adding it all up. One indicator of loose money, is the Clintons millions, and Bernies new summer home. Rooster has followed all of this nonsense for years. He was particularly impressed by the acres and acres of solar panels in south Pacific Islands that were abandoned and polluting the environment. He traveled extensively there some years ago on business.. The reason they were abandoned was because an Island would finally get an oil fired generator. Even with installing lines and poles it delivered cheaper electricity to the small farmers and other users. Alternative electricity, in the U.S. costs about 28 cents a unit. Coal, natural gas, liquid fuel (diesel and gas) and atomic produce it at about .04 cents per. Who picks up the difference? You do through your electric bills and taxes to pay the subsidies to make up for the difference. Rooster has demanded of several local Governments which have installed solar panels for a cost accounting. They all refuse. Not one or all of the thousands of bird killing wind turbines, pie in the sky, can even begin to supply the needs or add to the present grids sufficient electricity. G.E. makes most of the turbines elsewhere. A couple of years ago, in an extended heat wave in Texas the extensive wind machines provided a paltry 8 percent of the total, needed. Finding legitimate objective analysis is very difficult. When you www the issue you have to go way deep, to find anything that even gets close. In one such article written in 2014 it listed the Federal (Just federal) agencies involved in the wind machines business. They were the DOE, DEPT OF INTERIOR, USDA, COMMERCE, TREASURY, EPA,NST, AND SBA. Today it’s more. Then the cost of a megawatt of their electricity was 37 to 81 dollars. Hey, we are not even there yet. The trillions of tax payer dollars are not added. The money is going into the Governmental Elites pockets. It is the age old con game. We citizens are being taken. Now when Hillary and Obama tell you cheap coal has to be shut down, you must understand why. When they will not permit another atomic energy plant to continue, let alone build, you must know why. When they shut down cheap natural gas delivery, you will understand. Remember the oil line from Canada, liberals killed. Wake up.

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