(OR: Blank stares and open mouths of the average Democrat.)

          As a historian and musician of New Orleans Music, Rooster has become very familiar with Voo Doo.  In fact his very liberal mother used to be a fervent fan of the stuff and claimed to her dying day that she was abducted by Aliens.  Fortunately Rooster was not an eye witness.  Winston understands.

Over the years debating progressives, and observing them whenever they can be identified, their general lack of common sense, denial of history, and miss-use of logic creates the same impression as someone under a Voo Doo Charm.    Watch the selected crowd behind Ms. Clinton, at any of her “rallies”, and look intently into their faces.   Watch for reaction based on what she says.  It really hit home a  couple of weeks ago when she  said she would raise taxes on the middle class and the faces of her backdrop, broke out in smiles and loud hurray’s.    Assuming they thought of themselves as middle class, they just took a hell of a punch from her. They were ecstatic about it.  Brain dead was Roosters thought.  Zombies came to mind. Mindless robots floated about as well.

Not all Conservatives are spot on, but it does seem that the majority of the progressive membership are beyond hope.  If Hillary says jump off the Tallahassee Bridge most probably would.

There is a story going around that Hillary said, on tape and in person something to the effect “Look the average Democrat voter is just plain stupid.  They’re easy to manipulate. That’s the easy part.”  It is denied and Snopes et al says it is not true.  We will have to accept it as fiction until further E mails are uncovered.  The point is, the way she acts, you certainly can hear her saying those words at some time in her varied past, just as she laughed at getting a rapist off a case she defended, as a young lawyer.   It is just the kind of thing common sense people believe she believes.  She has the same Voo Doo charm on her followers that any of the best Voo Doo Queens ever did down in good ole New Orleans.  One would think her faithful have been sprayed with  juice of an evil snake that makes you forget to hear what you hear, and see what you see.  Bells and spangles add to the spell.   Do we have a political Marie Laveau reincarnated?

Nothing can be done about this in time for the next election, but if she does not win, then surely we must pass an amendment that demands voter ID and a basic knowledge of the political system.  Maybe everyone should have to take a class and pass it to be able to vote.  You do to drive.  Bad voting is much more dangerous. We must find a way to control voting so that it is meaningful and not full of superstition and blind faith healing.  The lack of it is what has been pulling us down.



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