(OR: A sinking ship’s rats.)

       Anyone who believes there is any secrecy in Face Book, E mail et.cet. is just plain stupid.  Hillary, with her own E Mail scandal, has proven she leads the pack in stupid, but she is not alone.  Beside her and running up behind her, is the entire Democrat elite.   Smug, self- assured and stupid.

In Rooster’s book IT IS S.A.D. (On Amazon) he describes this stupid in considerable detail.  In brief here is its story. There are two main components of intelligence.  One is memory which is gauged by IQ.  The other is common Sense, which we could, but do not test.  One Third of any population will be deficient in common sense to some degree.  There you have the bulk of the Democrat party.  Many of them have a good IQ but cannot find their car in a parking lot.  They believe welfare will give a person self-esteem.  They believe there can be income equality.  They believe in violating the law if they disagree.

If you need more proof, look at what just happened at the Democrat Convention.  Demolition is in process. WikiLeaks proves the Democrat elite have been pushing for Hillary all the time they claimed to be impartial.  Wasserman, head of the party, resigns and immediately joins the Hillary Campaign.  If you do not see this as stupid is as stupid does, you had better check your blood pressure.  You may have passed on.  By the way Wasserman is not just stupid she is vindictive and hateful.  Do not ask Rooster.  Ask Allen West the black former Army officer who was running for re-election in Florida.  His district was next to Wasserman’s.  She attacked him like a banshee and her Democrat attack had more to do with the fact that he was a black conservative than anything else.  How dare he leave the encampment!!  Had he been white she would not have bothered.

The Democrat convention continues, but we know the stupid still rule.  Wasserman will give the opening remarks.  This she will do, after her resignation and after she has joined the Hillary campaign. By any measure this is pure, unadulterated dumb.  Let us see what she says.

Moving back into the future, what do you suppose is happening to the Two Party system?   Winston, Rooster’s Pooka, believes it is breaking up.   The variety of minority parties will benefit from the fall out.  The Republican Party has already abandoned some of its most enduring platforms.  Listening to Trump and the daughter who introduced him, you get the clear impression there will be pandering to the common sense deficient.   More clearly, however, is the demise of the Democrat party.  Bernie’s boys have already moved the Democrat platform into the socialist world.  His speech tonight will pour cement on it making it rock solid.  If he had any guts, which he does not, he would blow the roof off the joint.  He is one of the common sense deficient, so do not expect reality.  It actually makes no difference anyhow, the conservative old school Democrats have no place to go.  Those who vote Democrat because their Grandparents did, and have decent common sense, will not vote or will vote for someone else.  Those who are in Unions will not heed their Union, if they use their heads.  Trump will get some of them.  What is left of the Democrat party will be clearly the Bernie types— clueless and far out socialistic.

When the dust settles the Democrat party will have lost, and be in tatters.  The Republican Party will be the immediate beneficiary.   There will be room for another party to offer a safe haven to the disenfranchised.   Those with a lot of common sense, who are constitutional conservatives, and demand States Rights will have to find a new home.  Many Democrats will join the Republican Party on its left side and many Republicans will leave on its right side.  A viable Third Party will arise.

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PROTEST: Fly the Betsy Ross flag. It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.  Wc: 658: Rooster Bradford gives up all rights to this article and seeks no compensation for its use.  July 2016

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