(OR: A True Leader Never Gives Up.)
Leaving the field of battle, during the struggle, is never done by a true leader. Those who have faults will. Should Boehner be judged by the same standard? Yes. The last election sent a strong message that the President’s agenda must be stopped and waylaid when and where ever possible. There is no question that was the mood of the majority of GOP voters.
Boehner was the top gun of the House Majority and should have taken the lead. He should have obeyed the voters, not his pre-set concepts of what should or should not happen. Not all GOP members would agree, but that is normal, not abnormal. A real leader would have taken the reigns in his mouth, whipped his horse, and raced to the battle. He did not and he became an anchor rather than the power of the GOP engine.
Any Member that has his hair carefully combed and kept in position with hair spray is suspect. Not that it is a stopper, but it does leave one wondering what kind of man could take the time to do that. There is a saying that a sober man unfortunately knows that when he wakes up that is as good as he is going to feel all day. A man who smokes and drinks too much hopes he will feel better as the day progresses. A leader does not have time to wait. Just looking into Boehner’s face one can see the stress and drag that bad habits have left for him. This means every day has been a struggle. This means he has had little time for clear, crisp thoughts resulting in strong thoughts and great persuasion. This means he failed and was failing, which is the main reason he had to leave. As other men in his position have done he will point fingers and find fault with others, but a clear mirror will tell him the tale.
No longer could he hide behind protocol, and house courtesy. He was exposed. He will not be able to admit his failure any more than he can admit his inability to control his smoking and drinking. He lives with shadows that cripple him. He is done.
What happens now depends on the strength of the true conservatives. They are numerous, but do not have a majority; yet, many times in history a small force can beat the larger if they stand firm, act decisively, with compassion and clear logic. Those who fought our war of independence did just that.
Our Country is at the edge of a deep crevasse of socialism. Our way of life is being drowned in refugees and invaders. The edge we stand upon is crumbling and soon we will lose our way, unless the strong pull us back to safety. We the little guys can only ask them to stand up and let them know we have their backs. That is our job.

PROTEST: FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG. It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.
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(OR: freedom of speech is under attack.)

Wow, there is so much to think about these days. Here we have a Pope who has taken up the liberal Argentinian banner and has forgotten to defend Christians; here you have a pure and clear atheist Socialist beginning to lead the Democrat polls; here you have Hillary telling one lie after another; and a President who out does her. Invasions are occurring in all of the free world and little is being done about it except to encourage the invaders. Gad Zooks!! Our thinking mechanisms are being put to the test.
It is now time to defend PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE CARSON. . Rooster has not selected a candidate. He will in time. This defense is purely legal, and as a former prosecutor and defense attorney, Rooster has the tools. Moreover Rooster is currently writing a book titled “Islam a War Machine.” He knows far more about Islam than is healthy.
Ben Carson said in essence that a Muslim should not be President. He is correct and should not be attacked for having the guts to say so. It is part of the liberal lack of common sense, to defend Muslims when they are perfectly capable of defending themselves. Not only that, Muslims are perfectly capable of defeating non-Muslims and ruling the world. Mr. Carson used common sense. Rooster is not a member of any organized religion, but defends the right of each (If it is purely a Religion.) to worship in the United States so long as it does not cause trouble.
Believe this about Muslims. They believe every word of the Quran is the word of God. The Quran demands that they either wipe out non-believers or subjugate them to slavery. The Muslim men already do that with their women. The Quran specifically says that Jews and Christians are part of their problem. Now you do not have to believe Rooster. Read the Quran for yourself. Go to the www and type in “University of Southern California, Center for Muslim-Jewish Engagement-Quran.” There you will find it translated by three persons, so that any mistranslations are avoided. You can read them all. Spend some time in Book 9. There are many other www sources which have pulled out selected Quran rants against non-believers. The point is their word of God demands war against everyone else who will not become a believer. Any nice talk is outweighed by war talk. This morning a “Moderate Muslim” was asked questions about this issue, on Fox Business news, and gave out the typical counter attack, instead of a reasoned response. In essences he said Carson was wrong, because the Constitution does allow Muslims to be president. No one discussed the real issue.
Carson should have said a “True Muslim should not be President of the United States of America.” A true Muslim believes Allah’s demand to get rid of non- believers. This includes Catholics, Baptists, Jews, and Hindus etc. Our government has a duty to defend free worship. Carson has the right to believe and state that Muslim is not a religion, but an enemy of the Constitution. Therein lies the rub.
The main body of the Constitution does not mention religion as such. The first words of the first amendment do.
“Congress shall make no law respecting an
Establishment of Religion or prohibiting the
Free exercise thereof.”
The doctrine of Separation of Church and State is judge made, but it simply says our Government cannot encourage a religion, but it must defend all of them. This also prevents a devout Muslim from being president, because a devout Muslim is an enemy of the Constitution. Shira law will not abide another view. The main body of the Constitution also gives to the Legislature the power to provide for the common defense of the United States, and the power to declare war. (Article 1, Section 8)
So the final analysis has to be the definition of “Islam” Is it a simple religion or is it a way of life? It has to be the latter, because it seeks to replace the secular government with religious government. This is the off and on scene in Countries abounding with Muslims. Iran is such a place. Egypt was. ISIS clearly is. This is why in major cities in secular countries which have large Muslim populations they create colonies of Sharia law and ignore the Countries laws. The same analogy lies with the thought of a Communist being President. Communism is the antithesis of a Constitutional Republic. It is a secular God unto itself and if we elect a Communist to be President (again) we are done. We got a reprieve with Obama because he refused to identify himself for what he truly believes. In Star Wars his hero is Darth Vader.
So in conclusion Carson should be defended and the real issue should be laid open for all to think about. Islam is not a religion. It is a way of life, just like Communism is a way of life. Islam uses Religion to obtain blind faith, and Communism is its own God, seeking blind faith. Both have declared war on Constitutional Republics, like ours, and therefore are enemies. In football a team that asks the other team’s Quarter Back to play for them is a team of fools. For any Moderate Muslim the real test is to ask them if they would marry a Jew, or sing halva Nagila (Let us Rejoice.). If you get double talk, and you will, you have just exposed the mask of “Moderate”.
Defend Carson.
PROTEST: FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG. It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.
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(OR: How to destroy a team without winning.)

Obama just announced the nomination of Eric Fanning, an openly Gay person, as a Secretary of the U.S. ARMY. As we near Veterans Day, please think of this appointment, as a very clear finger to the Army. Not only is this person Gay, (Could not find out if he plays the women role or not.), he was instrumental in the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” rule. Anyone in the military, gay or not, can tell you that rule did not work. Be certain that Eric also knew it would fail. Obama said of Eric’s nomination, “I am grateful for his commitment to our men and women in uniform and I am confident he will help to lead American Soldiers with distinction.” A nice cover in diplomatic language. If Eric had any common sense, and had a real concern for the “Men” in uniform, he would have told Obama he would not serve. He did not. He knows, as Obama knows, this is just another slap in the face of the military and will directly result in lower morale. We have to believe both hate the Military. This means the fighting force will be less interested in fighting than ever before. , Obama allowed Women, Gays, and transsexuals in fighting units. He has placed them in Military academies,as well as in fighting units. For thousands of years wisdom kept them separate. Evil stupidity puts them together. Any older military veteran will confirm that there is no real difference between doing this to a professional football team, than to a professional military unit. Just imagine a gay quarterback taking the snap from a straight center. This civilian appointment to the military reduces the strength, and trust for your back side, and it will reduce fighting or playing ability. Clear as rain. If on the other hand, you goal is to weaken and confuse a deflated football should do the job. Mixing young gays with young straights just means defeat.
Along this same line Obama appointed one Levin Jennings (Don’t think he was in the Olympics.) as assistant Secretary of Education particularly in charge of “safe and Drug Free Schools.” In the word “Safe” he is making a social statement for gays, rather than concentrating on education. Liberal issues over learning. These are just two of many.
What is really happening is a socialist president is using appointments to try and destroy our United States of American. Clinton appointed some 140 gay types when he had a chance. Obama is on that goal and probably exceeding it. No one has the actual figure. Remember the number of gays in the total population is extremely small. Maybe less than one percent. Why this is happening is most interesting. It is proof positive of a desire to weaken our military. Pro- aggressive people (progressives) do not want a military to get in their way as they take over and apply their agenda. They fear a military coup might undue their success.
PROTEST: FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG. It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.
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(OR: Did Islam forget to remember 9/11/01)
Many of you took a deep breath, while waiting for Islam to blow something up as they did in Bengasi, to honor, their great victory of September 11, 2001. Yes, 14 years ago. Bringing our towers down was just another beheading to the radical leaders of Islam. On 9/11 2015, there were the normal killings and beheadings, and tortures that go on every day under Islam rule, but there did not appear to be a significant event to show the world how they remember. Blowing up temples in the desert did not seem to relate. So you waited and nothing happened. Whew!!!
You are wrong. It happened.
What? They did it again and we missed it? No Towers coming down, no blowing up of buildings and killing of our people, how could we have missed it? This great Islamic memorial event, was planned some time ago. Because it had to start slow and develop slowly, it, like the unlighted ship in the night, passed you by unrecognized.
This event is their master stroke. It is pure genius from evil minds. Those evil minds are, all compelled to do what they do by the Koran. The master stroke is their invasion. In the WSJ this byline, “Assad Inflames Refugee Disaster” It discusses incentives he uses to motivate the faithful to go North young man ,go North. Just in August 104,460 Muslims arrived in Germany. Add this to the total already admitted and you have 413,000 more or less. Of course the papers fail to call a Muslim a Muslim. They are just simple migrants. The 413,000 is just a few less than the population of Frankfurt. The U.N now lists Germany as the third largest country receiving so called Immigrants. Oh! for the non-thinkers it is called immigration, or folks seeking political asylum, or just a refugee problem that we must absorb. That is it. This invasion is not by threats or harm. They are not wasting money or lives on raising armies and navies. Air superiority is not necessary. They do not have to soften the beaches with bombardment. They have already established beach heads for the invasion, in all the major cities of Europe. They have been sucking off the welfare and out breeding every other group of non-Islamic folks for years. Now they come ashore in a peaceful invasion and do it so cleverly. Take a look at the invaders. Most are well dressed. That is, they have not crawled out of a prison, or drug themselves from the rubble of some village. Not these. These are Islamic worshipers who are invading by pulling on the sympathy and desire to do good found in most other religions. The leaky over full boats are on purpose. Much better than landing craft. Once these planned drops land on the victim nation, they are accepted as lost kittens, and given warm milk. Next these invaders are located in the colonial beachheads already established. Now the in- house Muslim numbers are augmented by the thousands. There they will reconnect with a Mosque and the necessary Mullahs and the women will continue as slaves.
This terrible result is because liberal leaders do not have the capacity to learn from history. Especially Merkel in Germany is blind to the problem. She does not understand she is destroying her heritage. Of course maybe she does and is complicit in the destruction of Germania, like so many guilt ridden Germans you know. But it is the same in France, Austria, and Hungary etc. The leaders (Maybe not Hungary) are fools and historically inept. Like Julius Caesar they do not see the knives hiding in the robes of supposed friends. Those who really understand the threat of Islam are not in positions of power and they are powerless to do anything about it. All will simply have to wait until the night of the long knives (When Sariah law is imposed.). Those who oppose will have to fight for survival, but it will be too late. The heritage they knew will already have been destroyed. These Liberal leaders will not be removed, because their cabal of robots will continue to vote for them. The only ally is infighting within Islam, but this is by no means controllable or predictable. Once again many will die to worship as they wish. How S.A.D. we never learn from the past.
PROTEST: FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG. It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.
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(OR: The insidious and evil cult of credit.)
Please join Rooster, and lets think about credit, and what it has done to the fabric of our existence. In 1894 an author by the name of Shirley wrote the following, “…give them rope enough, certain in the end, they will have hung themselves.” Charlotte Bronte (sister of Emily who wrote Peter Rabbit), herself a noted author, is given credit for “…give him enough rope and he will hang himself.” This very old concept is right-on today. Substitute a few words and the meaning is the same. “GIVE THEM ENOUGH CREDIT AND THEY WILL DESTROY THEMSELVES.”.
Our world is Credit Crazy and it is tearing away at our fabric. It is especially true in the United States, where credit has become synonymous with slavery. (You know the condition, where you just work and the master gives you food and a place to sleep.) For those of you who lived in the 60s and 70s or before please think back to those lazy crazy credit days. If you came along at a later time, please listen and believe.
Back then credit was normally applied for on an event by event basis. When you wanted to buy a new refrigerator you saved enough to buy it or applied for credit. Credit took time and allowed for reflection. It was not automatic. If you opened a general account at the local hardware store, or mechanics shop, it was a big deal. The result was you got credit for your purchases for 30 days or so. The” or so” part was that if you made the purchase at the first of the month it took them until the end of the month to send out the bill which landed in your mail about 5 days later. The billing company then let you have to the end of the next month before it considered you delinquent. In reality you were able to get the product and have up to 60 days to pay for it, without being charged any interest. That is what good credit meant then. It was a matter of trust. We will let you have the stuff, because we know you will pay for it. If you did not you lost and it hurt. Collection was another matter. At that time companies were reluctant to give you this trust. Today only a few think of it as a trust. Now it is income. Often interest and penalties exceed profit. Instead of up to 60 days before you pay, now they will bill you, either as soon as you make the buy, or within a few days. Instead of monthly bills now they come in all week long. If you do not pay on the due date, you pay a healthy interest and penalty charge. Credit cards are shoved down your throat. For the weak it, like gambling, is certain pain, until they are absolved by bankruptcy or its related disregard. The total cost of liberal bankruptcy etc. is terrible to contemplate. Nothing is free and when debt is forgiven in Bankruptcy, those who pay their bills pay for the loss. .
This complete change of the concept of credit has been pushed and ballyhooed by Government, especially the Federal Government. They have thrown money around like it is graffiti. Just look at our out of control national debt. It provides trillions of examples for people. Look at all the free stuff that is given without any thought to having it paid back. Look at the ease in which College loans are given out. You know most of the kids could not get credit to buy gum 30 years ago, let alone a loan to go to college. Think about it. Enrolling in college does not offer much security. With a non-responsible government it is no wonder every business, bank, college, etc. is on board to get all they can get, NOW.
This selfness, this greed which is now called credit is a tool bringing our way of living to the level of the poor peasant of feudal times. Only the liberal thinks it is cool. Only the liberal lives in la-la land.
• ”Let them eat Cake.” Attributed to Marie Antoinette, about the hungry peasants just before the terrible French revolution. Probably a rumor created by the revolutionist. Another is, “One cannot live on Credit alone.” Something like that.
PLEASE: FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG. It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.
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