(Or; Where is Todd Beamer when we need him?)

    It makes no difference if you read this before or after the GOP Debate tonight, [Wednesday, October 28, 2015].  The issue is the same.  Which Candidate will see the issue clearly and be able to state it with enough force to be crystal clear.

    Since they are all alleged Conservatives we do not need to discuss the normal issues such as support of the Bill of Rights, and promises of jobs.  We should expect they will stay in bounds.

    What we must look for is the candidate who will take on the proposed compromise on the debt extension. (Which gives Obama unlimited power to spend.).  You can call it a budget deal if you want, but it is not.  It is another compromise where defense is not stripped, in exchange for more money given to entitlement programs. This means more money is agreed to be given by the Democrats and RINOs, when our deficit is beyond comprehension. ($18,422, 980,600.00 dollars.).  Of course it is not money, in the sense that it is backed with assets.  It is fictional dollars based on nothing.  It is no different if your loved one, agrees to sign a loan which exceeds all your worth, and you know it will make you homeless if not paid.  Hopefully in your house this is becoming clear.

 Our future is like being in any one of the 4 planes hijacked on September 11, 2001.  There are crazy people in the cockpit and guards preventing you from tearing the door down.  Will a candidate tell us this new tax debacle is a deal with the devil?  Will they scream and holler, postulate, and gestate.

In one of the 9/11 planes there was at least one man who stepped up.  He yelled “Let’s Roll” as he lead a charge to take on the guards and try to get into the Cockpit.  We will never know if he made it, but at least it did not crash into the White House.  His name was Todd Beamer, a software salesman aboard United Flight 93.  He died to save thousands.  Is there one Candidate who will yell “LETS ROLL”,  or  like another hero of ours,  yell into the wind,  “Damn the Torpedo’s Full Speed Ahead”.   Rooster doubts it.  Please God, surprise him.

Yes what is needed is for one Candidate (Several is better.) to point fingers and tell the voters we, the common sense folks, are as mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore.  We want and demand that the Democrats and RINOs  be stopped from running us into financial collapse.  We know the only reason the stock market  has not crashed is because of this false money.  We know what hell waits for our people when it comes.   We know how many people will be destitute, and sad and moreover we know, that if the Democrats are in power, when it happens, we will have to endure a dictator, who will take our guns and our liberties, in less than a heartbeat. Finally, we know that means Civil War and all its attendant hell.  Please give us a leader who will stop this insanity.



PROTEST:  FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG.  It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.

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Rooster Bradford, gives up all rights to this article and seeks no compensation for its use.  2015


(OR; New Evidence proves the lie. )
Well Hillary went to the hill and talked with friend and foe and admitted what the Rooster told you a long time ago. The story of the Bengasi video was a lie. She admitted even more.
First some general observations. What in the world does South Carolina’s congressman Gowdy do to his skin to make it so shiny? His hair has always left me wondering, but the shiny skin was over the top. Yes, one should not judge by appearance, but that is the first thing you observe. His handling of the Q and A was ok, but as a long time trial attorney, Rooster longed for the thoughtful on point trick question. Ie: When did you stop lying to the public? One of the obvious problems is that with so many question askers continuity goes lame. Gowdy kept reminding us the hearing was not a prosecution, but a fact finding exercise. Ok leave it at that. Still the Rooster wished he had one of the chairs. The outcome would have been much different.
On point, the Q & A proved beyond a doubt that President Obama left his people in harm’s way. When that harm showed up at the door, he did nothing. NOTHING. Not only that but whoever was responsible for building a safe room at the facility should be fired and all their profits returned. It did not provide safety to the men that died there. Libya was, and still is, a hot spot of Muslim chaos. To ignore some 600 requests for additional security is not forgivable .To reduce the existing security by 60 % or so is intentional conduct . Any study of the history of Islam tells the student immediately that war and brutal conduct is the Islam way. Their conduct does not compare to a group of Harvard Students discussing the weather, or does it?
The Q & A proved beyond a doubt that Hillary and her boss Obama lied. They invented the video story to pretend that Muslims are just poor simple people who lost their cool because someone insulted Mohammad. All an intended fabrication. Nothing about it true. The evidence further indicated that Hillary knew from the git-go that the attack was premeditated. When the Presidents Operatives told her to use the false story she did, for all public appearances. Hillary and Obama, a two person law firm from hell, obviously did not pay any attention to the Nurnberg trials where their Leftist idols FDR and Stalin created the rule, (out of thin air) that if a lesser member of a Government follows orders and commits a crime, there is no excuse. In other words Nurnberg established the rule, a lesser member must not follow an order that is false or otherwise wrong. If they do follow the order and it results in someone’s premeditated murder they are an aider and abettor to the crime. That is what all the searches to find and convict workers of the Nazi concentration camps is all about. The German camp worker cannot claim he or she was simply following orders. This rule means both Hillary and Obama are guilty of murder, as accessories. It’s a rule the liberals created and they should be required to live or die with it. With this rule there is no political immunity because of the office they hold.
Another point is how did the video excuse come up so suddenly? Obama, must be a closet Muslim. He had to have set up, far in advance, a plan to downplay any Muslim attacks which might hurt him politically. His people were involved in looking for and identifying red herrings. When Bengasi went down the video had already been identified and set up. The lie was in the can so to speak. That’s movie talk.
The many commentators who have said Hillary did well at the hearings are talking to brain dead zombies. Those of us who think, read, and put two and two together, still come up with four. Amazing how that works.

PROTEST: FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG. It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.


(OR: What drives Global Warming?)
Breaking News: A French Weather man just published a book saying that the Global Warming caused by man, is a contrived lie. The French Government (Very liberal) is hosting a Global Warming Caused by Man, conference. The Government fired him for his affront. In other words the French Government will not tolerate dissent.
Like him the Rooster believes the issue is bogus, but all bogus issues have a reason.
First, please take a simple computer test. Search the www for “Global Ice Ages”. Then search “Global Hot Ages”. In the first you will find many hits on point that talk about at least 5 major Ice Ages recorded by the earth. In the second which is the logical opposite, you get hits on movies and peppers. Ok search for “Heat Waves”. Again the hits do not seem to be on point in a search for the opposite of Ice Age. Do not bother to search Global Warming. If you do anyway, you will find Hysteria. A zillion hits all apparently running here and there and all over the place. Global Warming is not the opposite of Global Ice Ages. If it was hits on point would show up. If you read what you found, you will confirm that the world has been beset with Ice very often. The ice killed life. Only fungus and bacteria live under a glacier. Not one expert says the world has recorded, a hot spell or spells which killed life. Don’t get caught on the claim that carbon dioxide is a new problem. You should have been around when the world was beset with Volcanos erupting in mass. The excessive Carbon Dioxide produced by them did not kill beyond the volcano. It has exceeded anything of today. What did was the ash clouds which hid the sun. No sun and the planet got too cold and live suffered.
If it so simple to disprove then what is causing the makers of the hysteria to continue the fraud? After all our President focuses on it to the detriment of other more pressing issues for our daily life. It is an issue of the Left. Conservatives, those with common sense, do not join in the hysteria. Why then does the Left become so identified with Global Warming? First of all it is an emotional issue which can be manipulated, for Government money to support its supporters. It creates hysteria and suppresses investigation. Second of all it is a World Issue, which fits into their emotional desires. To a man and Women liberals want World control. When they finally get it, they believe everyone will be told what to do and the difficulties of life will disappear. They actually believe they can do that with mankind. They are the first to say that conservatives over simplify, complicated issues. Look at what they have done here. Because they are so quick to take up the red flag on this issue, and will agree to pledge other people’s money to cure the problem, advantage takers join to skim some of the milk for themselves.
Ask yourself, “ Do I really know what liberals mean by Global Warming?” Rooster does.
PROTEST: FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG. It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.
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Rooster Bradford, gives up all rights to this article and seeks no compensation for its use. 2015


(OR: Who will lead our House?)
Well, well, now, who will garner a majority of the votes in the House of Representatives? Some say the majority count is 218 of the total seats. This means the GOP hopeful cannot lose too many of his own party to reach that Majority. There are a total of 435 members. Currently there are 247 GOP, and 188 Socialist/Democrats. Of the GOP there are around 45 who consider themselves conservative stoppers. They call themselves the “House Freedom Caucus”. Some very understanding and cooperative Republicans, not a part of the group, call them “A_ _ holes.” Fortunately their stupidity is limited. You see if this caucus votes “no” that would leave only 202 Republicans to vote yes. That is not enough to elect a Speaker. The Democrat/Socialist vote as a block, so do not count on them. They are lost.
The above is the mathematical reason Speaker John Boehner said he would resign. The above is also the reason Kevin McCarthy said he is not the man for the job. The Freedom Caucus told him, no more marshmallows. This election process is not for the public. It is for the members of the house and that means a lot of talking, arm twisting, and promises. A major problem for Kevin McCarthy, other than his rooting for the establishment is and was his name. It is subtle but a factor never the less. Charlie McCarthy and his sidekick Edgar is the humorous side, and a positive. The latent negative side is Joseph McCarthy. Most of you do not recall this man, but you should. To liberals and conservatives who know their history this name brings deep rumblings, like a point 8 earthquake.
Joseph McCarthy was a Senator from Wisconsin. Interesting that Paul Ryan is also from that State. Joseph died at age 48, of a failed liver. The cause depends on who you are. If you are a liberal you will conclude it was because he was a drunk. A conservative will say it was because he contacted Hepatitis, just like the death certificate says. Besides 48 is pretty young for a closet alcoholic to die because of the bubbly. Joe died in 1957. Truman left the office in 1953. Rooster was an officer in the Army at the time, and remembers the events like yesterday.
Joseph McCarthy and his committee, the “Senate Committee on Governmental Operations” began the investigation of Communists infiltrating the Federal Government, especially the Executive branch. The President was Truman, who had inherited many of FDR’s appointees. Joe was a lawyer and conducted himself more like a prosecutor than an investigator. Moreover he was a vet of World War 2 having served as a Marine. Point is he did not consider himself a marshmallow. He served as an officer in the Pacific working in the intelligence sector. This was in cooperation with the Army Air Corps. He received the Distinguished Flying Metal. Most important was his exposure to the intelligence gathering side of things. He did not like what he saw in the Executive Branch. When you read anything about him you must try to figure out the political leanings of the writer. If it is a liberal it is very easy to identify the bias.
Liberals grew to hate and fear this man, like no one else. Well maybe, Nixon. One of his assistant Counsel on the committee was Robert F. Kennedy. The Kennedy family, fellow Catholics, supported Joe. JFK who served with him in the Senate did not join the Democrat hate squads. The attacks on him were personal and had little to do with truth or evidence. The left attacked him, and still attack him with a viciousness only they can possess. It defies common sense. Many, more detached, historians, especially with the release of so much classified material, have concluded that his search was justified. FDR had put aboard his crew many folks who believed in Communism. Truman did little to rid himself of them. This liberal hate of the McCarthy name is still very much alive and well. Of Course most of the haters have never studied Joes work or the latter findings of so many bad guys in high places.
Without dwelling more on the subject, it simply is true. The name McCarthy would not bid well in attempting to obtain Democrat assistance. The legacy of hate is deep and will not be undone by a new face. Whoever is picked must be one that is pretty well removed from such a legacy. It is up to the House. We shall see.
PROTEST: FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG. It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.
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(OR: The Issue that Could Nullify Obama.)

Rooster as a lone observer has only the tool of common sense. Only common sense need be applied. Do read the last paragraph.
For many thinkers it has been absolutely astonishing that Obama has made 7 years without being impeached or otherwise brought to the mast. That he has never been called to the carpet to explain who he really is, where he really came from, and what he did at the various colleges he claims he attended, is baffling. Think of this. No one has legally questioned his multiple executive orders which exceed his authority. All this leaves most thinkers out of breath. Just a DNA test to determine who his real father was would be a door opener. Rooster believes it would help. The late posted, after the fact Birth Certificate, clearly was forged. That is very provable. It was typed with an IBM electric typewriter which had not even reached Hawaii at the time of this papers supposed preparation. IBM introduced that machine the same year. Its first distribution was small. In those days Hospitals were the last to get new office equipment. Bet your common sense that hospital used mechanical or early electric Underwood or Royals. Each type writer has its fingerprint. Moreover there are the many issues of his failure to follow his oath to enforce the laws of the land, and his creating his own laws with executive orders. All of this in violation of the separation of powers. His not being called out is downright amazing.
For you thinkers, wouldn’t it be a comfort to believe that a new President would let the FBI, CIA, and other intelligent gathers loose to expose the truth about Obama? Such an exposure would so damage the left that it would take years to recover. After all, the truth would disclose that most of them had been duped and made fools of. Wouldn’t that be interesting? Of course such an investigation could prove that the joke was really on us. It could prove he was qualified to be president and make his own laws. Rooster is willing to take that chance.
Which Grand Old Party candidate could do that? Technically they all could, but who has the guts to topple the Left’s idol. Which one would wade into the muck to discover the truth?
To the Rooster’s knowledge only one has taken the time to investigate the matter on his own. He did it in 2010 and11. Only one has come public with his concerns about the fraud that Obama may be. On July 10, 2015 in an interview with Anderson Cooper, on CNN, Trump was asked if he was still a birther. His response was,
“I don’t know. I really don’t know…”He (Obama) came up with this
thing (Obamas posted after the fact birth document.) all of a
sudden, miraculously…”but it does not matter. I am off that subject.”
This statement has so much space between the lines that a lot can be added. Certainly he had the financial ability to hire good and sufficient investigators to pull all the relevant information together. He did do it. Donald John Trump, born in Queens N.Y. in 1946, just may be the one who could pull it off. In the game of Bridge his name is a designated suit that has special powers in bidding. Maybe here as well.
Now, think what would happen if there is sufficient evidence to prove Obama was not born in the United States of a foreign father, and/or Obama had abdicated citizen ship, to Indonesia. A new President would not have to go to court to prove it. He could simply declare he believes it. That allows him, by executive order, to find every law Obama signed as null and void. The new President would then not enforce them. For example he would ask Congress to come up with a plan to replace Obama Care and proceed to help them do that. He would not have to go to court, or lobby for repeal of anything. All of Obama’s executive orders would be gone. In one flash 8 years of corruption would be undone. Carry it further it would invalidate his nominations to the Supreme Court. If the Obama supporters, or the Obama Care supporters want to sue they would have the right to do so. Let them prove Obama was Constitutional or did not exceed his authority. Interesting to learn the burden of proof that would be used, to prove someone did not commit a crime, or exceed constitutional authority? Exciting thoughts for this former prosecutor.
PROTEST: FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG. It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.
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Rooster Bradford, gives up all rights to this article and seeks no compensation for its use. 2015


(OR: U.S always taking the wrong side.)
As this is written, Russian and US forces are rubbing aggressive elbows in a place called Syria. While writing this article, another killer of Christians went on a rampage at Roseburg, Community College in Oregon. Strange how Islam mass killings bring on others.
Let us remember where Syria is. Its northern Border is Turkey. Its Eastern border is Iraq. To the South and west you have Lebanon and Jordon, plus the Mediterranean. Its major City Damascus was the second headquarters of Islam when the religion was just a young thing, but had left its mother. Over the centuries great armies and much blood has been lost on this soil. It is about twice the size of Jordon and ½ the size of Iraq. Rooster’s new book, “Islam: A Ship of War”, outlines how Islam a “Religement” (Religion/Government) has always been at war, with itself and with anyone else.
Today Syria is riddled with ISIS a fanatically lead Muslim group. It is Sunni. The remainder of the country continues under the authority of Bashar al-Assad (the Lion). This man was an eye doctor. He became a nominal President in 2000, when his father died. Both he and his father are and were dictators. His father and he gain their support via a tribe and or Shia sect named Ba’ath. They have long held senior roles in that tribe. Remember Sunni is the most populace sect. and Shia is the dominate sect in Iran and now Iraq. Including Syria it is fast growing. Remember the fanatical of both believe the other must be killed. What you have going on in Syria is another example of this ongoing war between Sunni vs Shia. This war has been going on since about 656 AD, or 1,390 years. No one in our leadership seems to know this, or do they know the past. Certainly this history is not taught in our Schools. In fact Putin throwing in with the Shias demonstrates his lack of knowledge as well.
The Middle East is riddled with sects of Islam in disagreement. It has been for 1,390 years in such turmoil and distress. Why any sane westerner would ever want to go there and attempt to apply non-muslim concepts or otherwise control the place is beyond comprehension.
Rooster was absolutely against going into Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan. It was reckless conduct. Our leaders must have been asleep when Russia did its best to kill its way into possession of Afghanistan. Russia lost and crawled out of the place with its tail between its legs. Ages ago when England and other countries played a role in the Middle East, the land was poor and disorganized. It was easy then. Since 1938 when oil was put in production in the Middle East, it is quite a hostile place, with a difference. Now you have the warring factions with a lot of money to spread around. Under those conditions, it was insane to occupy any portion of that world. If we wanted to have revenge for 9/11 we should have simply destroyed their oil production and been done with it. That is an eye for and eye, but do not occupy. Hussain was at least in control of Iraq and provided a degree of stability. The conflict between Iraq and Iran was again a Sunni vs a Shia war. Likewise Assad has provided control of Syria, and if we had supported him instead of making him the bad guy Syria would not be in the mess it is today. Its people would have some degree of peace. We should not take sides and should stay out.
Our US Government seems always to support the wrong guy in the Middle East. The last 7 years has been particularly tragic. Supporting any one of the regional leaders is a huge mistake. It is better to have a dictator with some control, that an Imam with absolute control or chaos with none.
The fault lies in our leaders simply not paying attention to Islam and what it is and what it has been. It is the fault of the progressive mind, which does not have sufficient common sense to learn from the past. Both President Bush the first, Clinton, and Bush the second fell into the same mistakes for the same reasons. Applause for the cool heads who demanded Bush the 1st not occupy Iraq. At least they were partly correct. Obama, a Sunni or Sunni sympathizer, is the king of pro-agressives so what he does makes no sense at all. His allowing 100,000 invading Muslims into our country is just another example of no sense, or at worst an evil intent.
Whoever the next president is, should have a bench of historical advisors instead of the brain dead people used in the recent past. Maybe then he or she would have the smarts to tell Israel, that we have their back, and do what they think is necessary. They live there. They are surrounded by hostile Islam, people who want to kill them. They know best. They have the most to lose. Yesterday, the Israel Prime Minister gave a stunning speech at the U.N. In effect saying Israel stands alone. Obama even ordered our U.N. representative not to be in attendance. Our president is an evil man.

PROTEST: FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG. It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.
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Rooster Bradford, gives up all rights to this article and seeks no compensation for its use. 2015