(OR: A living breathing example of socialism.)

Rooster has been a long time member of the Southern California Auto Club. As a member he receives their magazine called “Westways”. This most recent issue features Cuba. The cover is a picture of a 50s car, now a Taxi, a smallish road between decaying buildings with a few pedestrians. Attached to one of the buildings is a street light, about to fall down, with exposed wires to make it work. The clear glass is so dirty one could not tell if it had a bulb. The cover title is “HOLA, CUBA a look at this colorful island nation”. Rooster looked at the picture long and hard and concluded the set up person was telling you, by the picture, what it really is. It is a decaying, falling apart socialist experiment. They could have taken a picture of the one good hotel and a government building, but they showed you what it really is, a Ruin. The inside picture for the article does show the capitol building, built before socialism, and it is under massive rebuild because of delayed maintence. Over the years a few Americans have visited Cuba by going to Mexico and then to Cuba and back again. Rooster has talked with all he could and heard their stories. If the story teller was a liberal, they told you Havana was a beautiful place with satisfied people. A fewer common sense people made the trip and they told you the truth. Rooster even had a long talk with one man who lived there most
of the time. He laid out the sordid stories the liberal guides did not. It is not just the 50s cars that have been frozen in time. It is all the buildings, save a couple of tourist locations, , that have been frozen in the same time warp. Yes, it is a beautiful place, and the people are nice. The problem is they all live at the poverty level. Their Sunday best is a T shirt, shorts, or a pair of faded jeans. The infrastructure is a terrible mess. Even the street lights barely lite your way. They were built in the 30s and 40s and broken glass is not replaced. The article had a good shot of the city’s down town. A careful examination of the buildings shows that all are need of millions of dollars of repair. A few have their front painted, but look at the roof and sides. Scary. Recently Rooster saw a picture of the down town at night. What was remarkable was the lack of lights on, where they should be on. Obviously there is not enough money to install good lights and certainly not enough money to use the ones they have, or pay for the poles and generators. In short Cuba is an abject place of poverty. That is what Socialism did to a vibrant, alive and booming capital of Cuba. There are just a few laundry mats with old equipment. No fast food places and not even a clean and neat French fry. The stores are few and not well stocked. Try to find a bathroom while you are on your walk. Crime is down because there has been nothing of value to steal. Wait till the tourists carelessly go from their hotel to the fort or museum. Crime will rise. Night life is dull and uninteresting unless you enjoy a taco and several beers and call that a great time. Good luck getting a Scotch and Soda. Don’t blame it on our embargo. Try to remember the U.S. is not the only place with money. No other country joined us. Rooster, in 1955, planned to go to Havana, but one of his traveling partners ran out of money. By 1959 the vibrant city Rooster knew was gone and began its decay into a wide variety of rust, and grey collars. Plaster falling from walls and ceilings, not to be replaced. The man who led it into the gutter was Castro, a true believer, who dictated to his socialist slaves for hours at a time. Of course the liberals, like Obama, want tourist money to flood into the place. God knows it is a horrible example of what socialism does to the human spirit.
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    Your Rooster and his side kick Winston try to avoid the prediction business, but sometimes the motivation is just too great.   Warlocks are supposed to do that, but normal average humans are not.   Well, here is proof that Rooster is not the latter.

All of us have visions, especially at sleep.  They can be wonderful or very scary.  This one occurred while wide awake.  Rooster was thinking deeply about what will happen in Europe in the foreseeable future.  Remember his knowledge of history is intense.  He spends all leisure time reading and reviewing history.  His books and articles are based on knowledge gained from History.   Here is what his common sense revealed.  He knows Muslims will not assimilate. They will always push the envelope.

The worst Global war, the earth has ever experienced will start in France or Germany.  Probably France. This will be within the next 60 years.  It will be between Muslims and everyone else.  It will start with local terrorism resulting in Mosques and Churches being targets. This violence, including large death counts, will escalate out of the control of the civil authorities.  The bigger the church or Mosque the bigger the target.  Notre Dame in Paris will be one of the first damaged.  Distant countries will be drawn in as time passes by.

The Muslims have already created safe havens for themselves and from them they will cut, burn, and slash anything that is not Muslim. The distinction between a non- aggressive Muslim and a Warrior Muslim will not be relevant.  The Christians will be weak.  (Right now few attend Churches in Europe, as a result of the progressive attacks on religion.),  however,  there are enough to strike back and this they will do.  Gun control will vanish.  What the warriors cannot immediately produce they will steal.  No quarter will be spared.  The worse the attack the worse the response.  The non-Muslims will retreat from around the Safe zones and try to find protection in outlying areas.  This will allow the Muslims to gain initial ground and support.  This war will not be of great armies and navies.  It will be of small groups attacking and defending.

The non-Muslims will be further weakened by the secularists, diverse religions, and the interference of the inept progressive governments. The E.U. will be shambles.  As the civil strife turns into street combat, trade and commerce will be turned down to a trickle.  Marauding bands of people, trying to feed themselves, will become common place.  The military, as in so many times in history, will stay together but not be too effective. Remember this is combat street by street and building by building.  Armies are not much better than a mob in street warfare.  Especially true,  when they are having trouble feeding themselves.

The chaos will spread into every major city and suburb.  The Christian Serbs, Lebanese, Armenians, and especially all those left dead on the sands of the Middle East so long ago, will stand as symbols to the new warriors. .  The Christian Crusaders astride their great horses, with their flags flying in the wind will give salute to all those who have died trying to stop Muslim hordes.   This battle is 466 years old.

The dye will be cast. It will be kill or be killed.  Do not fool yourself that super weapons will save the day.  First, the sides are blurred.  Second, as the infrastructure can not be maintained, there will be little to no social media, and drones and planes do not work well when not fed and the electricity stops.  Large navies will be little more than hospitals. In the mix the howl and cry of the welfare recipients will simply  be a nuisance.  This is the case with all, except the Muslims who have for years worked the welfare state to their advantage.   They will accept it and try to kill because of its lack.

The historical forecast is that when and if the non-Muslim gets their act together they will win.  They make superior soldiers.  The “however”, is that will not happen until a stabilizing force enters the chaos, and provides a platform to work from.  There are many web sites that describe the millions of Muslims who live all over Europe. They thin out as you go north east in Europe.  The stabilizing force will not be the smaller countries, but will be  Russia.  It will be the biggest Bear in the forest.  Its strategy will be to feed and arm the non-Muslim and starve the latter.

Muslims believe chaos is the prelude to the whole world being Muslim.  Because of this they will fight like a blind pig trying to get out of an enclosure.  It will be crash here, charge there, and ultimately be killed.  The very deep divisions in the Muslim belief system will also assist the other side.  Indonesia and Asia will not escape this chaos.  America might if it is common sense led, but that is a different story.

Once again the world will weep, bleed, and die because of common sense failure.

The Rooster sincerely hopes the vision is wrong.


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