OR: Understanding what “Allah Akbar” really means.)
Before we get into the nitty gritty of the subject, Rooster wants to introduce you to a Pooka. His name is Winston . He appears as e a very large orange cat. He attaches himself to Rooster where ever he goes. Never purring, but always attentive. If cats are inquisitive then” Winston” is the best evidence of that. His orange eyes can cut right through B.S. and enlighten truth. As with all Pookas he is mischievous. Do not be surprised by his appearance in the future.
Blind faith is not unique to Islam. It is a part of every religion. Even Buddhism, called by many a non-Religion, has blind faith. Evan an atheist has blind faith. His is that there is no God. Going beyond Religion, strong Faith is a very important part of the human’s existence. It can be faith in your spouse, faith a Judge will be fair, faith the sun will shin every day of your life. Faith may be as simple as the faith you have that the man coming down the street, to you. will not harm you. It becomes Blind when you will not question it or allow others to do so. Said differently, faith is a driving force of relationships. It is a glue that binds one to the other. Faith provides protection and answers for many. If you are a Christian you believe Jesus is the son of God and that is it. If you are Jewish you believe Jesus was not the son of God and that is it. Neither will allow disagreement. All of us, every day have faith in many things. To be able to question them without bias or prejudice, in a purely intellectually and logically way, is a talent few have.
Rooster has had a life long interest in submarines and the courage of those who serve upon them. Talk about faith, especially in the days of WW I and 2. He just finished a book titled “Suicide Submarine” It’s Japanese title was, “The Keiten Weapon” and its author, Futaka Yokota. This man trained as a carrier pilot in Japan in WW 2. He received word of the need for volunteers for a new and different weapon. He volunteered knowing it probably meant he would die with the weapon. Already he was aware of Japanese pilots who were willing to crash their planes into enemy targets. His new task was to navigate the Keiten. The Keiten was a torpedo with enough space for the volunteer to sit inside and steer it to their mutual destruction. Now the Japanese, during WW 2 and even now were mostly Buddhists. Their relationship to their Emperor, their Country, their Families was hugely focused. One might use the word fanatical. There was no end to their sacrifice, without question, for their homeland. It was not just the “Divine Wind” of the Kamikaze. It was in the foot soldier on Guadalcanal who threw himself into the bullets of U.S. Marines, and these Keiten drivers. Their Blind Faith in their place was so great, death meant nothing if it helped. Today Muslims are not welcome in Japan.
The strength of faith is everywhere. Just driving a slow car on a freeway is filled with faith. No religion has existed without it’s presence and abuse. Saluting the flag and singing the national anthem, is part of developing national faith.
But all things in life must be in balance or they will spin out of control and crash. The same can be said of faith. Just look at the cool-aide which was given by the right Reverend Jones. Every day, in every way, people are becoming aware of a chilling effect when someone crys, “ ALLAH AKBAR”. The human who yells that his God is Great”, is also saying yours is not. His is a cry of deviance and challenge. It is a bad example of blind faith.
Whether it is the Communist Chinese charging the lines of our Soldiers in Korea, or the men who fell with Custer in the 7th Cavalry, or the soldiers and sailor of any war who have faced the fanatical charge of their enemy, there is but one solution. It is either them or us. You do not reason with Blind Faith. The Koran demands Blind Faith, if you are a Muslim. There is no middle ground. There are so few who question the Koran, from within, that they are not a source of assistance. The Non-Muslim world can no longer put up with this Blind Faith and expect to survive. The Non-Muslim world cannot question a Muslim’s faith. The non-Muslim world cannot undue 1,300 + years of ingrained theocracy and brain washing. The Muslin will not assimilate and will not co-exist if andwhen they have power. The non-Muslim world has no alternative. Strategically the Muslim has made the choice. Tactically the Muslim may have made it too soon. Good day Winston wherever you are.
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(OR: How smart is a smart bomb?)
Let us answer the second question first. There is no such thing as a smart bomb. They do not have brains and cannot think. No bomb has an IQ or common sense. Not any. What they do have is a computer to adjust flight path. That’s all. Brains do tell the computer what to do. The programmer’s brains are located in some secure place. How do those brains know where to send the bomb to kill an ISIS leader? It is not on an Ouija Board, nor is it ghosts from the past. It is not a successful hunch.
Now, let us answer the first question. How do we pin point ISIS leaders to drop a bomb in their lap? Intelligence is the game. How does the intelligence game get the information? Bribery is the answer. The bribe is seldom reveled, but this last time a slip of the lip sank the ship. The amount stated was 5 million for this latest hit. Now 5 mill will cause all kinds of problems for the recipient. It can be worse than waterboarding. . Yes, that is as simple as it is. We pony up 5 million and someone will take the bait and tell us where Mr. ISIS the leader is bent over in prayer.
Every time one of our “smart” bombs kills someone, over there, millions of dollars were paid. This dirty little secret is classified Hillary. Our government will not tell us. The secrecy is just like the billions of dollars the Federal Government obtains by fining Banks and large corporations for some transgression of a regulation. Try to find out how much the Feds obtain by fines and you run into a bricked off doorway. The same hiding the facts, is true with intelligence. Our people give away millions without anyone checking the result. This former intelligence officers knows. If you thought information was given, because of some patriotic fervor, or disgruntled next in command , you would be wrong, most of the time. It is money. Try to find out how much and in what manner, and you are on the other side of that bricked off doorway. Somebody in Osama’s compound was paid handsomely for the information leading to the raid and his death.
Please do not get all emotional about war. Since man began to accumulate things he has been at war against those who want to take his stuff and versa visa. We let egg heads lead us most of the time and we are the subject of their mistakes. Just yesterday there was a news article that said Calif. State Pension Funds were going to buy 25 % of struggling Desert Sunlight Investment Holdings.(Solar Panels). My God. 25% is not control, but worse yet, all Solar alternative energy plans are failing. Bye Bye pension funds and no one will be held responsible. Oh! sure the windmill generates electricity, when all its moving parts are working, and the solar panels work when the sun is out and they are not covered with dust, haze or clouds, but none of them produce enough to even begin to take care of our needs. Point is try to find out how much the Government has spent to get these alternative energy plants working and continue to work. Impossible for us to know and they cover up more support by moving pension funds into the black hole.
Our government hides its excesses from the voters. Waste is the second name of Government and those in charge do not want you to know how much of your money they throw away.
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(OR: Poison Ivy does not a good Garland make.)
Please take a moment to listen to a long time trial attorney, Rooster, discuss Justice Merrick Garland. It is not what you might hear from the media. His appointment is politics as usual, where the left works to have the GOP swing in the evening wind.
Garland is not a Constitutional conservative. Not even close to Scalia . Garland is a DC insider, having grown up in one of the worst cities in America, Chicago. The latter has been run by corrupt labor and democratic leaders for so long, they do not even recognize their rule produces more murders every year that many countries in the world. Certainly his home town did not endow him with strong Constitutional feelings. His IQ appears to be high and he has applied himself to obtain good grades. Clearly he did not buck the system. He went along with it which is important. It has to do with what he does not have an abundance of, common sense. It can be fairly stated he is not a Daniel Boone for the Constitution. Had he been at the Alamo he would have been a hindrance.
His first job was to serve as an intern/clerk to Justice William J. Brennan a progressive liberal who was himself a turn coat. Brennan pretended to be conservative and was appointed by President Eisenhower. As soon as he was appointed he showed his true colors and failed to support the Constitution way too many time. He too was from Harvard, the school of proven Constitutional deviants. You might recall Obama obtained his law degree there as well. Ok, this was not good training for a young clerk, if your hope is to have a stanch defender of our freedoms and liberties in the Constitution. Harvard produces people who believe the Constitution is a living document. That means you can interpret it the way you want rather than the way words are commonly understood.
More over a good observer of the human face, sees in him an opportunist who seeks fame and security in Governmental arenas, especially in DC. His eyes dart about too quickly, his smile is insincere most of the public time. His hair is too neat. There is something about a man’s face who has forsaken personal resolve and courage for the security and false fame of a judgeship. Being called “Judge” is no substitute for strength and resolve. In this respect his lack of common sense is etched in each line on his face.
Obama believes, because M. Garland has been up for consideration before, and because he sits on the DC Appellate court many of the DC crowd will not think badly of him. This includes many Senators. Obama is using Garland to defeat the Senate leadership. Obama has little common sense and his forward vision is faulty. The fact that Garland would allow himself to be used, is a loud statement of his own turn/coat qualities, and his true loyalty to the progressive cause.
See the appointment for what it is, a political stab in the dark. Never forget what the progressives did to the GOP nominee Bork, and the slime they threw at Justice Thomas during his nomination. Rooster still believes the witnesses brought against Thomas were liars and probably bought with favors. No one had the courage to prosecute them for perjury.
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(OR: Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.)
If you watch CNN or CBS or read any of the Left leaning papers and mags, you hear or see something like, “ THE DEATH OF THE GOP. How Trump is Tearing apart the party of Lincoln”. This was on the cover of ”The Week Magazine” with a picture of a coffin filled with an Elephant and a down cast Lincoln with hand on the casket. Just happened to come out on top of the Nancy Reagan Memorial.
Now you would think that common sense folks would not announce the death of a living breathing object like a political party. Of course they don’t have CS. History should have told them that to do so is folly. They do not read history. Common sense folks would not, but those with a disabled common sense would because they cannot put up with reality. They need Alice in Wonderland just to survive. Everything the G.O.P represents, such as a strong work ethic, scares the hell out of the dreamers. “Work, you mean actually take care of myself and my family, Oh, My God (Ups excuse me.) Oh, My Goodness what am I to do. I know, I will predict the GOPs death. Ahhhh!!, now, I feel so much better.” Yep, that is how it goes down at the Lu Lu farm. In reality people are coming out of the wood work to vote for him. As Christy said, it’s a movement. So it is.
These things we know about both parties. The insiders do not want to be on the outside. This is why Bernie is doing so well against the most entrenched establishment in the world of establishments. His followers want to break down the walls.. The same is true of the Grand Ole Party. The outsides want someone to fill all the trenches up so the establishment will have to leave the field of battle. The outsiders do not want a compromiser. Compromisers give up our rights. They want a non-compromiser who will make the other son of a B, give up his. They do not want someone who will cave to Mexico, to China, to the Middle East or to anyone for that matter. They want someone to stand tall, and when he claps his hands thunder can be heard dancing over the establishment. They seem to believe Trump is the Knight on the great White Horse who has come to kiss sleeping beauty.
Trump is well on his way to wrapping it up. When Rubio loses in Florida he will opt out. Kassic is already dead in the water. The only contender is T. Cruz, but only Trump seems to know where sleeping beauty sleeps. Trump’s New York carnival salesman style has left the political wizards gasping for air. So it shall be.
The question we all need to worry about, is whether Trump will take advice from good common sense folks. Rooster believes he will. He always has, but he decides who has the common sense. His success in business has not been just due to his style, but his willingness to listen and read and understand. Remember he is the only one who was curious enough to hire people to explore Obama’s background. The fact that Sheriff Joe, who himself went to Hawaii with two investigators to make the search, was early to back Trump’s play speaks volumes. Trump is the only one who will expose Obama for the fraud he is. Rooster’s guess is that he will appoint a special task force (out of the FBI) to find out all there is to know and then present it to the public. That’s all. That will do it. Obama’s carefully nurtured legacy will fall, as it should. If it is necessary, Trump could, after he has appointed a true constitutionalist to the Supreme Court, use his executive power to declare everything Obama signed null and void, because of his fraud. Let the leftists supporters try to undue that.
Just one caveat, Rooster is not one of his advisors.
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