(OR: Charles Martel defeated Islam at Tours)

            As we recover from the horrible truck attack in Nice France, and President Obama prepares his speech to ban trucks, Rooster desires to make a couple of observations. First, Rooster was in France about 3 years ago.  He and his wife took a subway from the Airport to downtown Paris.   The train went through many Muslim neighborhoods before it got there.   The train was not clean and well maintained.  Seats were broken etc. Immediately Rooster sensed hostility from the other passengers who got on and off at the various stops.  It was so bad that he put his wife in a corner seat and then stood guard the whole time.  No French was heard, but every Middle Eastern language was.  When he arrived in Paris and left the underground he swore to never go there again.   That is how bad it was 3 years ago, before all the millions of immigrants of that religement have entered the EU.   Today the Muslim controlled areas must be twice as big as they were then.  This also means twice as hostile.

Approximately 150 years after Mohammed was born the conquering tribes of Islam had taken North Africa, Sicily, Malta, were advancing up the boot of Italy, and had taken all of Spain  In their wake they left terrible atrocities and ruin.   About 80,000 of them left Spain and marched on France with the intent of taking Europe.     At Tours one Charles Martel, who had raised a well-trained Army, with the Popes help, meet the Muslims in Battle.  For once Christian Calvary were better than the Muslim.  The battle was won and the Muslims retreated back into Spain.  Until today the Muslims have been contained. They were eventually driven from power through-out the Mediterranean.

Once again the faithful of Islam have returned to France.  They possess huge land areas especially in and around the big cities. They conduct those areas as if there was no France.  These Muslims did not come with huge armies.  They know huge armies are out of date. They cannot win that way because of today’s military might of the non-Islam world.  They have come as infiltrators, illegals, and fellow travelers. They are turning into terrorists and worse.  With the liberal mind set of France’s leaders they have been able to establish legality.

Anyone who knows Islam, France, and the history of both, knows there is no peaceful way out.   It is win or lose.   If you lose the Koran will dictate how you will be enslaved.

Now there will not be Armies facing each other.  Now there will be civil distress and eventually conflict.  The liberal lead French Government, will not be able to protect. They are the ones who have allowed this to happen.    Someone who is not filled with all the liberal nonsense, has to take the helm.  Someone like Charles Martel who went on to develop the Holy Roman Empire.  They called him Charlemagne the savior.  He was such a person and the likes of him are needed once again.

Islam has always had one main goal, and that is world domination.  My book ISLAM: THE DEATH STAR, which lays out this goal and describes the terrible pain and suffering Islam has caused over its existence will be out in a couple of weeks.


PROTEST: Fly the Betsy Ross flag. It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.  Wc: 672: Rooster Bradford gives up all rights to this article and seeks no compensation for its use.  July 2016

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