(OR: From the left of the left comes som-ting weird.)

President Obama signed his executive order to violate the Constitution and give Amnesty to criminals, (Up’s. Meant Illegals, Illegal immigrants, undocumented workers, unfortunate children, etc.). He used his left hand.   If you follow the Rooster you know he believes Obama’s strange and odd behavior is partly because he is autistic.  Can his left handedness also be a factor?  Clearly Bill Clinton was, so was Harry Truman, Al Gore.   On the Republic side Bush Sr. was and so was John McCain, neither of whom are conservative.  Remember “Read My Lips, no New Taxes” and of course McCain, son of two Admirals (legacy-nepotism) crashed several Navy planes costing the taxpayers close to a billion dollars.  Rooster does not even count the one he was riding when a missile took him out.  The point is each of these dudes was or are kind of strange.  None of them seemed to have any problem not telling the truth or taking personal advantage of a situation.   Oh yes, ole Harry, “The buck stops here.”  was as slippery as a snail.

Well we are not going to be able to say for certain that Barry’s autism or his left handedness cause him to “damn the Constitution and full slither ahead”, but both should be remembered as part of his heat shield.   What can be said, is that Barry (Rhymes with Harry) has a screwed up agenda to do what he wants, when he wants.  Days ago he said he could not act on immigration alone, and today he says he has to because of the GOP.  He does not have to pay attention to the voters, because he says he is paying attention to the 2/3 of voters who did not vote.  What?  Voters who did not vote?  The common sense is totally absent.

The strangest one, however, is Barry O’Bama,(Eelected as the first black Irish President with less that a majority of American Voters), is doing what he wants and not what the majority of America wants.  What does this mean?  Ask the question, why?   Is he following the Devine Wind and crashing his plane for the most damage to an enemy.  Is he totally clueless and on a ramble to no place?  Does he have a death wish?  Does he have a reason and purpose in breaking the law time after time after time?  Is he a terrorist hell bent on causing chaos, declaring martial law, and taking over as Senor Dictator?  What is going on?

Professor Jonathan Holmes Gruber, so called scholar from Mass. Institute of Technology provides a peak behind the curtain.  He allows us to view O’Bama’s wizardry somewhat more clearly.   Gruber more than any other person, spearheaded the Mass.Health care law, called Romniecare and the national health care law called. Obamacare.  He was not a scribe or paper carrier.  He was in the pilot house of these left sided paddle boats.  For whatever reason he has pulled back the curtain and you can see clearly the mind set of Obama and all hard working progressives. In Gruber’s words, Progressives think you are stupid.   Second, they know they are brilliant. Most of all they are absolutely certain they have Celestial power to tell you what to do, when to die, how to marry, and when to abort. Killing the old and the womb bound are necessary events to them.   They know “You did not earn it.” They know it all belongs to your leader and benefactor Government.  In short they are insane to those of you who were born with a God given common sense.    They don’t appear to be real, but they are as they interfere with your life.  They live in a whirlwind of data that is out of control.  It is as if their brain computers have been infected with a terrible virus that effects only their thinking, and not their body. Spam controls.

Gruber has revealed to you the soul of the progressive.  That soul is evil and anti-social and certainly intends to bring down the Constitution and its checks and balances. Progressives are freedom and liberties worst nightmare.  Pay attention and speak up.


PROTEST:  FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG.  It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.

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(OR: Obama gave away the Ice Cream in China.)

One of the greatest frauds being committed on United States Citizens is China’s selling inferior products.  We still think of  “American Standards”, but  we are receiving Chinese junk.  The inferiority is so great that it is fraudulent.   Of course Obama did not even have this on his list when he sat down in an oriental purple what-ever, last week.  Rooster wants you to join him in demanding  “American Made”.  If none, complain and call a spade a spade.

Anyone who has traded in Asia, knows the reputation of the national Chinese. They are shrewd business dealers. They are in a habit of getting blood out of a turnip.  We are the turnip.  Obviously Obama has never done business with them, because they got to him on this visit, in a big way.  He got nothing.

Any casual reader of the news has read repeated situations where Chinese buy an existing company with a good reputation. It is not just in our Country.  What they do next is use the good reputation, to sell junk at high prices.  They deliver inferior products and pocket the difference.  Sometimes they do the same thing by buying, not just one company, but several of the suppliers for a product. They then low ball the price and force out of business any they have not bought.   This conduct produces cheap products both in quality and durability .   For too long American people,  have had bad leaders with no international business skills. They have allowed this fraud to go on.   When was the last time you heard an American leader demand we buy American.   Never.   When was the last time you heard any American leader demand that foreign products meet American Standards?  Never. When was the last time an American Leader made a demand that we set high standards to which foreign producers must meet.  Never.

Here is a great example.  Today, if there is an American Company that makes an electric icecream maker with all parts made in America,  Rooster cannot find them.    In the past White Mountain Products used to make one that would last 15 years or so.  They made them to American high standards set by industry.   Not today.  The former company’s name is just one owned by the conglomerate, Jarden Corporation.  This investment group is riding on past reputations, to milk every dollar they can..  The dollar profit is the goal, and to hell with American reputation or consumer satisfaction.   Behind them is the Chinese cheap product aiding the fraud.   The present White Mountain Ice Cream maker with the Chinese electric motor and housing is a piece of trash.   The old reputation of 15 years life is used to sell, but they deliver 1 or two years of use.  That is called fraud.   Rooster found one where a small local company “ Mountain Feed and Farm Supply”, advertised the same machine as “American Made”.  Rooster asked them if it was in fact all made in the U.S.  This small company then called White/Jarden and was told that it was made in China.  The sales people had mislead this small company. To its credit it immediately removed the “American Made” label when they learned the truth.    Today if you try to find any smallish electric motor made in the U.S.  you had better go to EBay and buy an old one.   At least the motors we used to make can be rebuilt.   The Chinese pieces of junk cannot. Rooster also gave up on Chinese Popcorn makers and finally found an old U.S. made one on EBay.  It was cheaper than the Chinese Junks and works great.

Jarden Corporation would comply with high American Standards if there were any left.  Our Government needs to set Standards, not tariffs. This is what Obama should have demanded on his China trip, instead of lowering himself to wear a purple jump suit—— made in China.

PROTEST:  FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG.  It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.

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(Or:  Government is a taker, not a giver.)

This is a short note to remind you Government cannot do anything efficiently, with economy in mind.  The reason is common sense people stay away from the light green halls of monotony, while liberals find sanctuary and Mom in every one.

Our reminder is Janet Napolitano, head of the California University system.  She is pitching three 5 year plans to raise tuition for our Students.   First, does the concept of a 5 year plan ring any bells?  If not, here is another reminder.   Communism’s way of planning was always tied to 5 year increments.  Just a coincidence?  No!  it is not.  The University Trustees who picked her knew what they were doing.  They wanted a high level fellow traveler and short haired Janet fit the bill.  Remember she was Obama’s choice for Homeland Security.  A lady with no security experience.   A lady who then told the world that Vets posed a terrorist threat.  You know these poor saps come back from fighting to protect our liberties and the first thing they want to do is destroy freedom at home.  Her ability at basic logic and common sense is awful.   She was elected by 46 percent to be Governor of Arizona and went on for another term.  During her two terms she won the prize for the most vetoes per year. More than any other Arizona Governor. The legislature was dominated by Republicans.   Oh yes,  let us not forget her representation of the notorious Anita Hill in the liberals desperate attempt to keep a conservative black man off the Supreme Court.   Of course you recall Hill’s tales of sexual misconduct by against Justice Clarence Thomas.  Janet’s client was not believed and the liberal’s evil attack on a black conservative was defeated.  If you believe Janet acted alone, then you need new glasses.  All during her career this women has hammered her liberal principals into everything she has done.

Now as the head of a huge bureaucracy,  the California University System, she cannot demand economy.  She cannot demand cost cutting.  She cannot demand efficiency.  She cannot put a moratorium on sabbaticals, or new car purchases. She can- not seek  a reduction in Union demands, a shortening of summer vacations, a cutting off of free stuff, from the cafeterias, to paper in the class room.   No she has no ability to do any of that.  Rooster spent 16 years doing a radio show at the University of California at Santa Barbara.  The waste was everywhere.  The disregard of the taxpayers’ burden was a disgrace.

However, Janet Napolitano can demand the Students pay and pay more for their “free” education.   It should make you sick.

PROTEST:  FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG.  It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.

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Rooster Bradford, gives up all rights to this article and seeks no compensation for its use.  2014.


(Or:  Who won the election and what does it mean?)

The Republican Party did not create the win.  The Republicans benefited from a dissatisfied electorate. They rejected Obama more than they fell in love with conservatism.  In California, Hawaii, Oregon, Mass. Mich. Ill. and even Minn. where nut-cake Al Franken won reelection with 1,630.230 votes, Republicans did not score well. Why? Because big States with a whole lot of governmental employees and welfare recipients will stay loyal to the spoon that feeds them.  Even if some of those million voters think about an issue, they will hang on to Moms skirt till hell freezes over.  New York was not on the ballot, but New Jersey was, and the Democrat C. Booker, a real light weight, won with 56.1 percent (about a million lost souls cast their vote for him.)  He was the former Mayor of Newark, land of corruption, high murder rates and slums.  Point is, winning 7 Senate seats was good, but not a landslide and not enough.

Not enough you say?  What?  It looks so good!!  Listen up!!  52 votes out of 100 is just enough, if every one of those 52 votes together.  Voting together is a DNA response in Democrats. It is not a characteristic of Republicans.  Expect problems holding the Republican line.

The primary problem is still Obama and his Muslim and Communist sympathies, fueled by his autism.  He will veto anything he does not like.  His concept of reality is weird.  When he vetoes he knows the Republicans alone can do nothing about it.  You need 2/3 vote to override a veto.   Just this fact will inhibit weak Republican leadership.

The larger majority of Republicans now in the House have a weapon that cannot be vetoed.   It is called “not funding”.  For example “Obama Care” will die immediately if the House simply cuts off the money needed to hire and maintain offices and personnel.  It can even be done gradually to lessen the impact.  Neat, but will they?

52 votes in the Senate makes impeachment a weak link.  The House could easily file and process a writ of Impeachment.  They have the votes to do it.  The problem is in the Senate.  Any Impeachment trial must be conducted in the Senate alone.   To convict the Senate needs the super majority of 2/3rds. Fat chance of getting any Democrats to jump ship even if they can swim.  52 Republicans will not do it.  66 might   Again, no matter his crimes, (Faking a Governmental form in his live birth record was one of the first.), the odds of a Democrat helping out are nil.   Good Republican leadership could use the threat of impeachment to stop Obama in future bad deeds however, the present leaders fail the test.   For example let’s assume Obama continues with his threat to give legal status to all the illegals in the Country. Republican leadership could obtain a conference with the President and simply say, we think you should reconsider this illegal grant.  If you go through with it we will go through with Impeachment, adding to it all of your misdeeds.   We will get it through the House, and probably not convict in the senate, but it will take the next two years and absolutely destroy your legacy.  Your call Barry.

In conclusion, the wins are only a hopeful sign. The problem is the Democrats will lie and slander this new majority to a fare-thee-well.  In the past Republicans have shown they do not respond to lies well.  Success depends on Leadership with guts and a strong desire to save the Constitution.  That type of leadership is not on the scene.  Remember our problems are huge.  Republicans may send a balanced budget to Obama, but he will veto it claiming it will cause chaos.  He will play the savior of the minorities and poor, and paint the Republicans as fat cats who do not care.


PROTEST:  FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG.  It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.

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(Or:  A vote, like a sword, can save your way of life.)

In these last two days Rooster wants to impress upon you the importance of your vote.  Do not waste one drop of it.  Do what you can to make certain others around you vote, unless of course they are brain dead.  In that case forget them, because there are plenty of that kind who will vote.

Always, in every democratic society,  approximately 1/3 of the people are in fact brain dead. They do not think beyond their navel, and have little concept of who is who in the political world which surrounds them.   They vote as they are programed.  They cannot even tell you if Washington D.C. is a State or not.  They probably will take offense if you suggest the government gives too much for too little.  Why?  Because most of them depend on the Government for sustenance.   They fear change not for good reasons, but simply because it threatens their tomorrow.

Most of the 1/3 believe Government is Mom. They know enough that voting Democrat means Mom will be ok and no spankings will happen. Sugar and spice and everything nice.  This 1/3 is the group who says Obama is doing a good job.  No thought just mindless adoration for someone to care for them.   When Obama’s approval rating falls to 1/3 this is the group who steadfastly supports him no matter what.  Why? Because they do not think about “What”.

This is why you your vote is so important.  Common sense people who think about politics are already down 1/3 from the get-go.  When you and yours vote think about that.   One/third have already voted against your hopes.

Good Luck.   Vote.

PROTEST:  FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG.  It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.

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Rooster Bradford, gives up all rights to this article and seeks no compensation for its use.  2014.