(OR: Why do Racists tell lies.)

         Last night when Michelle said “…every morning I wake up in a house built by slaves…” Rooster fell off his roost and nearly chocked to death on a cracker. Winston fled the room scared out of his wits.  What did she just say?   What was that total untruth?  Why would she say it?  “Damn this is pure insanity”, the Rooster said.

What vision did you have when she said it.?  Did you see thousands of down trodden black people, being whipped into work by white masters?  Did you see it raining and muddy and conditions just terrible for the poor slave?   If you saw something like that Michelle was successful.   That is what she wanted you to see.  She did not say built by some slaves.   She did not say partially built by slaves.  She did not discuss that such a slave was not trained for anything but manual labor, and did not know how to cut stone, did not know how to plaster, or prepare a wall for it, and did not know how to pipe the building for gas, unless they received such training on the job.   She did not mention that some of the labor were free blacks in Washington DC, which was a safe haven for slaves escaping their Democrat owners in the surrounding south.  She did not say anything like that.

Nor did she discuss the fact that the original building was burned to the ground by the British.  Oh some walls remained but they had to be torn down.   The building was completely rebuilt after 1814.  Again some slaves were used, because the Republicans had not fought the Civil War to free them from the Democrats.  That was down the road.  She did not mention that.

Nor did she mention that Harry Truman had the entire residential portion of the building gutted, leaving just the outside walls. Remember the 1814  or so walls were constructed by artisans who were not slaves. Of course a slave might have been used to move something, but they did not have the talent to build the walls, build the moldings, build and install the cornices etc. By and large in, 1814. slaves were kept untrained for fear they would flee to the North for freedom and good jobs.   During Truman’s time there were no Slaves.  Say it over and over again.

She failed to tell you that the walls, floor, ceiling, plumbing, wires and all the other things than make up the room she wakes up in, were built during the 1949 to 52 rebuild and not one slave was used for anything.

She lied, not to just Rooster and Winston.  She lied to millions of Americans and millions of others listening in.   She lied to the world because she is a racists.


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