(OR:  Britain is the first house of cards to topple the deck.)

Just as certain as the Sun will rise, the European Union is being torn down.  Its inhabitants will do it.  Each country will seek their own voice again. There are several reasons, not the least of which is history.  Of course a borderless world is the dream of common senseless people.  Secretary of State, Lurch, just told you that the dream of liberalism is a world without borders, or much else, Winston says.   Their blind side is the failure to understand why borders exist in the first place.   Borders were not created by accident.  They were not created by some evil spirit.  They were created by humans, who needed them for protection..  A boarder is simply an extension of the wall of your house.  All designed to protect you and your family from those who want to take from you.  You and yours simply want to sleep at night without guards posted all over the place.   There are plenty of takers..

The demolition has deep roots.  One is the liberal belief in a one world of peaceful people.  It never existed.  This allows liberals to accept wide open immigration.   Islam, a taker, will take advantage.   Another reason is democracy and the lack of it.  

First, let’s look at the democracy issue. Britain’s entire history of law and government is based on Common Law, which those islands created.  A pillar of that belief system is democracy in the Jury system.   The common law has plenty of them.  The Latin countries of Europe inherited the Civil law which has its roots in Roman law imposed when it controlled Europe. Civil law does not have a lot of juries. It uses democracy sparingly.  The Romans liked the trio.  Call it the Troika, or tribunal.  Even the Roman Catholic Church likes the trio (The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.).  The concept is the same.  The Roman way was to use three people to take care of a problem.  The entire E.U. is led by three such people who are not elected by the people.  Democracy denied. These three bureaucrats are liberals.  No borders and they believe everyone can just love each other.  The Germanic countries are less influenced by the above and are different yet. The British demand more citizen participation.   These are basic major differences in the legal structures they have tried to wield together.

The second motivation to get the old borders back is this immigration issue.   The liberals, being common sense deficient, simply do not listen to history and cannot and never will understand Islam and its history.  Invasion by immigration is just one of the tools Islam uses to spread itself worldwide.   In Islam there will never be peace until Islam is the worldwide religion.  Until then, it is war, by any means available.  For years Islam has been setting down its roots in Europe.   The present invasion is not an accident.  The leaders of Islam want to conquer the entire European continent as they have always desired. They believe the time is right..  The US is the evil empire, they will tackle later. History is the proof.  Remember Islam did attack and succeeded in Spain, Greece, Sicily, North Africa, The Holy Land, Malta, Pakistan, and Indonesia etc.  They attacked and were defeated in France, Italy, Austria and Hungary. At one time they controlled the entire Mediterranean Sea until they were defeated, by Christians.  Look at the history.   Read it and understand it, and you will see through all this BS about poor folks who just want to have a chance.  They want a chance and that chance is to destroy Europe as we know it and take it under Islam’s control.   

The tear down is starting in Britain.  People are afraid and want to protect themselves.  The financial strain imposed by liberal policies is E.U’s nightmare.  It and the fear of Islam will demolish the dreams of the senseless.   Batten down the hatches and prepare for defense.

One final comment.  The wielding together of the E.U. might have worked, and could still work in the future, if the liberals will stay at Starbucks, and let conservatives do it.   Too many differences, too fast, and too many countries.

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TRUMP & da-Judge

(OR: Liberals appoint political activists.)

Rooster wants to discuss Judge Gonzalo Curiel and Donald Trump.  You know Trump is taking a lot of heat from many corners about his calling Judge Curiel a Mexican.  First, we know he meant to say that Curiel was a bias judge in favor of liberal causes especially in favor of Mexicans and against gringos like Trump.   That is what he should have said.  Just saying Mexican implies that the Judge is a citizen of Mexico and that was clearly not what he meant.

After 54 years of being in the legal profession, in many capacities, Rooster has some ability to make intelligent decisions about its goings on.  Rooster has always been a Constitutionalist which means he is labeled a conservative.  Liberals are not so aligned.  During his many years before the legal Bar he has observed the difference between conservative and liberal appointees.  The general rule is that liberals appoint political activists.  Conservatives appoint some political activists, but mostly Judges who are deeply committed to supporting the concept of the law, which includes the Constitution.  That is a fact of life.   

Judge Curiel, educated in Indiana, went into private practice for 10 years.  After that extensive time on his own he took up Governmental employment.  This is a first indicator of his political bent.  The private sector was not his love.  Public employment is so much easier for the liberal.  In time he was appointed to the U.S. District Court by very left leaning President Obama.  Another strong indicator of his true beliefs.  Not once has Obama appointed a conservative.  Most have always obtained Obamas favor when they have a history of political activism.  Another strong indication.  While he was in Southern California Curiel either joined or assisted the Hispanic National Bar Association, La Raza (The Race) lawyers, Latino Judge Association, and the National Hispanic Prosecutors Association.   More than just being liberal, he clearly shows that he separated himself from the normal, and accepted the Mexican heritage as being different.  This is not blending in.  This is stranding out and standing out for a fight of Mexican heritage vs everybody else.  In his defense he was appointed by Gov. Swartznegger.  Although this actor was a GOP in name only.  He surrounded himself with liberals, and most of his appointees were that as well.

Looking at the case you need to understand, Trump had nothing to do with its beginning. Now Trump University was not headquartered in California, yet the plaintiff sued in California, and received from Judge Curiel the right to make the case a Class Action. This is not easy.   Way too often a class action is not brought for the issue, but brought as a sledgehammer to extort something from the Defendant.  Finally Trump University, a separate Corporation, is put on the defensive.  Now Trump is a candidate and makes statements against illegal Mexican invaders.  The University lawyers try to force the cases issue to the service, by a variety of internal motions, and the Judge blocks their efforts.  The accumulated evidence, both for and against the University, is probably more neutral than negative, but someone tells the Washington Post (a very liberal paper) to make a motion to have it all released.  To do so is very unusual during a pending case, because a good judges will not want to prejudice the case with uncontrolled publications.  Curiel sees no problem and does release all the evidence of the pending case.  The lawyers who brought the case have a long track record of working for the Clintons.  

All in all this is so typical of liberal Judges.  They refuse to follow the rules of conduct and they refuse to just be a good fair judge protective of the cases before them and protective of the litigant’s rights.  They want to make a statement.

Trump walked into this one thinking the ground rules were on a level playing field and they were and are not.  He then attacked and misstated his real complaint.  It is not Mexicans, it is  liberal common sense deficient people. In this case it just happened to be both.   PROTEST: Fly the Betsy Ross flag. It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.  Wc: 679: Rooster Bradford gives up all rights to this article and seeks no compensation for its use.  May 2016


(OR: Don’t pay attention to the past, it only confuses.)

Do you remember Seven Spielberg’s movie, “Back to the Future” starring Christopher Lloyd as Doctor Brown, the wacko mad scientist who could defy time and play with history.   Well, Rooster was watching Bernie Saunders at a podium, with one bent arm raised in the air, one crocked finger pointing nowhere. His wild white hair was flying around his head, and his bent figure ranted into a microphone. The image so startled Winston, he covered his eyes with one paw and refused to look further.  Rooster had the thought before, but now it seemed so surreal.  Good ole Bernie is the wild eccentric mad scientist who dreams of taking America back in time,  in order to get to the future.  He wants to go back to Lenin’s tomb and have him dug up  to help do it right this time.  Well….that is what the millions who vote for him, and give him millions of dollars must think. Then of course you have Brun Hilda Clinton, who believes the same thing and denies the past to praise a better future under socialism.  As this article is written the polls say  little crooked BH Clinton and Trump are in a close race, and Bernie is lost somewhere outside poleland driving his spark producing car around corners screaming for attention.

As supercallenfragalistic as this is, the very terrible truth is exposed. Millions of Americans want to plunge the country into nightmareville.  This is how extensive common sense deficiency is and how dangerous it is.  As the wrecks of Socialism in Argentina, Brazil, continue to suck out the life blood, as Cuba shines as the night star of failed socialism, (where people have nothing and drive around in antique cars}, as the people of Venezuela go rioting in the streets and Socialism collapses around their feet the news is everywhere. As we talk of the Soviet Empire, the Greek collapse, this is now.  Daily papers, T.V. and social media talk about socialism in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, collapsing. They speak of Sweden and Norway struggles with fiscal control. This is the now. Even resent history has to be in the minds of many who vote for Socialism.  Not one collective ever tried in American is around today.  All failed and millions of our voters do not seem to put the dots together.  They must be deficient.  They have to have their heads in the sand while the storms rage around their back sides.  Please think about this.  We are not talking about ancient history where young heads full of silly data, might have missed in class.  We are talking about the here and now.  We are not talking about the Back or the Future.  How is it people who can pass a driver’s test, pay taxes, maintain some semblance of employment, run companies, or learn the ins and outs of welfare fraud, not see what is reality?   Worse, is that in each of these failed socialism experiments, the voters, in an attempt to play democracy, voted in the socialist wackos to start the whole circle again.  Whether they spoke Spanish, English or Greek they purposefully enabled their Ship of State to be sunk.

Common sense folks, over and over again, are called upon to save as many as they can. Their problem is they cannot replace the suffering the majority of the people have brought on themselves.  Even if the saviors give the people a Constitution and a Republic it soon becomes an object of ridicule, as the CSD people look for benevolent parents in Government.  We are faced with a mental deficiency that can only be cured with intense education, testing and more education and more testing.   So far the Common sense ones have been reluctant to do this.  To begin with teachers should be given a strict test on the subject.  If they fail, they too have to study and be retested. We do it now in many ways. To practice law, medicine, to be a barber, contractor etc,. you have to study and take a test.  Often to keep your license you need continuing education courses. Why can’t we do what we do for legal Immigrants?  If you fail to understand a Republic, you cannot vote. It would be no different than the man who wants to be a contractor.  He has to pass the damned test.  If we do not do something like this we are doomed to sink with the ship.                              

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   Several months ago Rooster told you to “Turn Out the Lights the Election is Over” and it has come to pass.  Now Rooster wants to tell Trump, through you, how the President can repair our Immigration chaos and trade imbalance without causing an emotional upheaval.  It will be as smooth as glass and no real opposition will survive.  Trump has to understand that to tell Mexico or China to go to hell and or be reduced to rubble is not going to work.  The way to do it with peace and comfort in our zone is easy.

Immigration:  Our border control is partly done.  It can quietly be finished in a fortnight, at substantially less cost.  At the same time he should push for a law that grants all illegals in the country the right to stay here and work here for 6 years.  At the end of that time they must return to the country of choice and take with them all the saved money and children they have produced while here.  The skills they have learned are needed in the Country they came from.  We then allow new workers to come in as needed, where needed, under the same rule.  Certainly as the ones under the new rule, leave (And many will leave before their 6 years is up) they are counted and replaced if needed.   We enforce all of the other immigration laws we have and make it a felony to fail to do so. The point is there can be no bureaucratic B.S.  Either obey the law or go to a work camp. At the same time the bad one loses his or her retirement and medical assistance. As a part of this package, Congress must pass a law which says, simply being born here does not give citizenship.  That must be earned.

Trade Reform:   Of course the primary purpose is to open up a road to attract our businesses back from foreign countries.  The second is to motivate U.S. enterprise to spend and develop new business. The third, is to make the products sold here much more reliable.  No longer will it be necessary to buy a warranty package.  The products will be good, and will work, and will last a long time.   Winston, the pooka, reminds us that GE Refrigerators built in 1933 still work if properly maintained.  Blenders built at the same time still work, again if properly taken care of.   There is a reason for that.  The reason is precisely that which will repair the Trade problem.   Standards is the answer.   Just as we have standards in the building industry, and Uniform codes for this and that, we must establish standards for everything that might be imported.  This same standard must apply to our products as well, but the focus is on all imports.   This is not a tax, but an effort to level the playing field.  No longer can China build poor products which it unloads on our market.  Now whatever the product is it must meet standards we set which must be high enough to make the product worthwhile.  It must last for a very long time, if properly cared for.

It is the lowering of our standards that has allowed our markets to be flooded with poor and wasteful products, which chased away business.  We already have such a system in place for cars.   Imported cars must meet our air quality standards.  Their glass must meet our safety demands and on it goes.  There is no reason it cannot exist for everything.   If done, China, Mexico etc.. must compete with our people head on. Our people will win, simply because we can.


PROTEST: Fly the Betsy Ross flag. It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.  

Wc: 603: Rooster Bradford gives up all rights to this article and seeks no compensation for its use.  May 2016