Well! Well! Well! Finally someone had the guts to call an Ace an Ace.  Yes it was junior Senator Cruz calling the high and mighty Senate Leader, McDonald a liar.   It kind of makes one think of the Bridge term where one suit trumps another, or one might think of a trump-et. Get it?  Yes, maybe what you hear is really the Trump-effect.   Trump’s entry into the race for President, if nothing else, has embolden candidates to speak up and not be shy.  Even Christy was heard pounding sand (hard to hear sand pounded) on the Hannity show.  Candidate Huckabee accused Obama of leading the entire Jewish nation to the doors of the Ovens at some new holocaust.  Both Huckabee and Christy were ranting on Obama and the no-deal Iranian fiasco, but let us consider what Mr. Cruz did.  It was special.

For a sitting GOP Senator to call the Majority Leader, a liar, on the floor of the Senate was akin to a 7. Earth shaker.  The Statues in the halls of the great building should have fallen flat out, on to the marble floors.  The reconstruction scaffolds around the Rotunda should have shaken to the ground.  Cracks in the structure should have opened letting out the hot air.   Really?  He did that?  Almost blew Rooster off his perch high atop the Hen House.  What guts.  What absolute patriotic guts.

Those who pay attention to such things have known, for a very long time, that the Senate and to a lesser degree the House, have built protective barricades around themselves.  Certainly one of them is the unwritten rule that you shall not speak badly of another member and especially the leaders.   More than that it has become a rule that if you dare to stand up in the boat, you will capsize….. not the boat.   These protective unwritten rules of no- conduct, are worse in the Democrat party.   How many years did we put up with the lying and deceit of “good- ol- boy” Harry Reed and his frosty glasses?   If ever there was an evil man in high places, Harry, the Democrat Majority leader was it.   Any Democrat underling who pushed him the wrong way, had lunch in a homeless shelter.  Of course the common senseless types, love dictatorships, whether in the Senate or as the top dog in a kennel. Look at their voting for and re-voting for Pelosi in the house.  As Peggy Lee used to sing, “Is that all there is?”

Senator McDonald is a weak leader and should not have been elected to the position except for the unwritten rules of top kid on the mountain.  You know the rule.  If you are there long enough and do as you’re told you get promoted.   Physically he does not look good.  He speaks almost as bad as Obama.  The worst is his morality.  Like so many weak men before him, he has fallen for the belief that as a leader,  it is no sin to lie. Like so many common senseless folks, “The End Justifies the Means.”  Certainly it is a mantra of the Democrat party and, over the years, has been adopted by many in GOP leadership.

It is time for our legislatures to become places of debate.   Unlike Japan and other places it is not necessary to have road rage in the aisles.  We can be like Great Britain, where debate does not mean combat.  The English have done it for years.   They even put the opposing parties opposite each other, so they can see each other’s expressions of disapproval, head waging, and finger gestures more easily.

Many years ago Rooster, as a young attorney, was admonished by a Judge not to call a witness a liar.  Language police were exposing themselves even then.  Somehow it was ok to say something like, “The witness must be forgetful, or the Witness did not get it correct, or the overwhelming evidence contradicts the Witness.   None of the substitutes were as effective because they leave doubt.  When you call someone a liar, and your opinion is worth something, no one can have doubt about what you mean.

The point is truth and telling it like it is, should be preferred to lying, deception and silent punishment.  It is better to err in the search for truth, than not to search at all.     Hurray for Mr. Cruz.

PROTEST:  FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG.  It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.

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Presidential Candidate Trump, is taking a lot of flak for questioning the hero status of McCain.   Before you fall for the main- steam line, read this.

When McCain was running for the GOP nomination Rooster argued against his getting the nomination.  Rooster also took collateral damage from many of his Navy buddies who were in favor of McCain simply because he was Navy.  Rooster argued that his record clearly indicated he did not have the common sense to run the kind of a campaign needed to stop the coming avalanche of lies.   Rooster was correct.  McCain never took the fight to Obama.

Rooster’s argument then was much the same as Trump’s today.    First of all, getting shot out of the sky by a missile was something McCain could have avoided. Many pilots had the same problem.  Having the same warning McCain had, they avoided missile attacks.  Point is a pilot with good common sense, who paid attention in briefings and learned from his training, stood a very good chance of coming home.  Those heroes are forgotten.  Certainly Rooster does not take away from McCain’s endurance in captivity.   As we shall see, his guards did not see the irony.  Certainly McCann was involved in the destruction of more American Aircraft than their SAM missiles.   Point is McCain did not have to be there.   But let’s look deeper into his past performance to better understand his use or lack of use of common sense.

Going back to his Academy days he was in the bottom of his class.  Not the very bottom but close enough that he should not have been accepted for flight school. Only the best were chosen for  very expensive pilot training.    Here is where it gets interesting.   His Grandfather and his Father were Admirals in the Navy.  Both rose to very responsible positions and McCain took advantage of that.   The first advantage was pulling strings to go to flight school.  There, as in the Academy,  he did not shine.   Once in the air he had to ditch a trainer over the Atlantic.  No real inquiry was conducted.   Next he borrowed a Navy jet to fly to an Army and Navy game up north.  It too malfunctioned (always blame the plane.) and he ejected.  The plane came down in a rural area and no one was hurt.  Again no serious questions were asked of the Admirals son.    So far the loss of the planes and his rescue cost the taxpayers some several million dollars.

Then on July 29, 1967 McCain was aboard the USS Forrestal Aircraft carrier siting in an A-4 Skyhawk fighter preparing to take off.  It was in the famous Tonkin Gulf.  Next to him was a similar plane with a pilot by the name of “ White” aboard.  Somehow a Zuni rocket was shot from another plane.  It went through Whites plane and into the ocean.  Fuel and a bomb fell on to the deck, and all hell broke loose.  134 people died including White.   McCain saved himself by jumping out of his plane.  He went below decks eventually watching the horror on TV in the pilot’s area. Once again he was lucky but no hero.   The Naval inquiry could not find a reason for the event and labeled it an accident.   It just happened that only one of  the fixed Rockets aboard a manned F 4 fired off, and it just happened to be facing the two A 4s of White and McCain.  Some 72 Millions in value were lost in the resulting Carrier damage, including McCain’s plane. A total of 21; 11 A 4s, 7 F 4s and three Vigilantes were destroyed.   Many others damaged.

Three months later McCain  was shot down over Vietnam, losing his 4th million dollar plus plane.  This time he was picked up by enemy and made a prisoner.

When he got back home he soon divorced and remarried. Then he began his career in politics in the State of his new wife’s family.  His loss of the Presidential campaign against Obama, was largely because he just never figured out how to fight.   He simply stood in the way dumfounded.  His positions as a Senator have left many common sense folks taking deep breaths.   In short his proven conduct over his varied careers, leaves many unanswered questions.

It could be Trump is right on the money.  When you think about it, surviving in a hell-hole prison should not make a hero.  How a person fights a battle, is the measure.  Taking a stand as our boys did in Bengazi.  fighting hard, damning the torpedoes and ordering full speed ahead, is the stuff of heros.

PROTEST:  FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG.  It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.

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(OR:  Do you really understand this flag?)

If the destruction of ancient monuments and works of art, by ISIS in Iraq and Syria, disturbs you, so should the destruction of the Confederate Flag.   We are talking about taking down and hiding a bit of history.   The flag in question was never the flag of the Confederate States.   It was a flag specially designed for their troops to take on to the battle field. The purpose was to identify enemy from friend.  It represented our brothers and sisters serving their duty to a government that existed 150 years ago.  It was and is a battle flag, much like a Navy ensign flying from the bridge of our naval ships.

The flag flying in South Carolina, was never the flag of the Confederacy. Never, at that time, was it a flag of one of the States making up the Confederacy.   The Confederacy had only two national flags.   The first was called the Stars and Bars.  It had a blue corner, like the American flag, with 7 stars in a circle.  The rest of it was two horizontal red bars separated by a white bar in the center. In 1863 this flag was discontinued with a new design called the “Stainless Banner”, which was white with the upper inside corner showing a replica of the battle flag.

The Battle Flag never represented Slavery.  It represented the troops of the Armies fighting for their view of States rights.   Slavery was just one of the issues that caused the Southern States to decide the only way to protect their rights from the aggressive North was to leave the Union.   Yes, the Northern States, being industrialized, had an entirely different agenda than the agricultural South.  Both the north and south bear responsibility for the hatred between the two sides. The first conflict of that costly war was in South Carolina, where Confederate troops attempted to remove a U.S. Garrison at Fort Sumter. Thereafter the new American  president, Abraham Lincoln, called up 75,000 troops to stop the Rebellion.  The South called it a succession for State rights.

Right or wrong, the flag should not be a symbol.  It is a simple battle flag. To those ignorant of history it is a symbol of Slavery.   To say that, exposes a weak mind.  It is not fact.   Rooster loves history and wants to preserve every bit of it, good or bad.  To hide it is to destroy it.  To do so ranks at the top of stupidity.  What is considered bad today, might not be tomorrow and so it goes.   Point is to destroy history is to destroy tools of education.

If the Civil War battle flag, should symbolize anything today, it is not Slavery.  It is States’ Rights.  The real issue is not a memory of Slavery. It is the threat of States once again deciding it is better to be free than put up with the National agenda.   In other words those who want to continue the power of United States, , cannot afford to have States departing on their whim.  The issue of Slavery is as dead as the flag in reality.  The issue of separation for any reason is the fear of hand wringing iconoclasts.

Back to the issue of simple history.  Destroying History has unfortunately been the bane of humanity since we began to socialize.   Destruction and obliteration of the enemy, and the history of its existence, has been routine. Look at what the Allies did to Europe in the Second war.  Look what Hitler did to London.  One can even argue the extinction of the Neantherdal by the Homo sapiens is part of the same.  Today Europe  destroys  evidence of Hitler, and forbids anyone to talk about the Nazi regime (A form of socialism).  That is wrong headed.  Also it clearly is a denial of free speech.   It would be better to talk about it, and to hold its monuments as evidence of wrong doing than to scorch the earth and leave nothing to use as teaching tools for the next generation that comes along.

Destruction is the tool of fools.  Let us try to rise above such nonsense.

PROTEST:  FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG.  It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.

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(OR:   The greedy always eat their benefactors. )


What is the real significance of 61 percent of the voters, in Greece, voting not to
tighten their belts and “Knuckle down Winsocki”?  (From the 1941 Broadway showBest Foot Forward”)   Well for Greece it means 61 % of the people are brain dead or silly, and want to be hurt.  It cannot mean anything else.  It also means, as Rooster has always said, any given population is roughly divided into threes.  One third are common sense disabled, 1/3 are in the middle swinging from side to side, and 1/3 are ruled by common sense.  In this case most of Greece’s middle voted for the blind and greedy, and a few voted for Common sense.  The Yes vote was 39 Percent.  Just based on demographic data the vote was predictable, and the socialist leaders knew it.

What, however, does it mean on the world stage?   The Greece vote confirms that liberals suffer commonsencelessness (sic).  Their ability to see the future is flawed, big time.   The present Greece government is as liberal as they come and do not forget they were voted in, at a time austerity was turning the Greece economy around and things were looking up.  This referendum simply allows the present government to say,”See we have to vote this way because the people want it”.  Just a cover, and a lie, the mantra of liberalism.

Most important, Greece chaos is a good example, of the problem with Socialism in all its forms.   Think of socialism as a cancer where one type of cell eats good cells. .   Cancers only cure is massive doses of anti-cancer treatment, which can take many forms.  Most are very painful to peace and tranquility.   Socialism is the taking from one group to please another group.  The problem is the pleasing time only lasts as long as the victims put up with it.   You can never expect those getting free stuff to pass a law taking away their free stuff.  Just does not work.  There ain’t no free lunch, but to a bona fide liberal they either do not see it, or deny it.   Ok, let us look at the big picture.   Greece is just another present day example of the failure of Socialism.  The U.S. is now a Socialist country so you can expect the same routine.  Are there other current, on- going examples?  Oh!!  yes there are.   How about Cuba which is right next door.  Castro’s promises of free stuff failed, from the git-go.  The economic collapse has been complete, except for the collection of 1950s cars.  Now Cuba’s economy will be repaired, somewhat, by an overflow from a new star in the socialist galaxy……. us.   Look at Argentina.  It is a combination of socialism and dictator, which is normal.   The present dictator is the only one with a motive to kill a prosecutor who challenged her.   Look at Venezuela.  Since Chavez came into power by giving free stuff to the greedy, that country has been in an economic collapse.   Only its oil reserves have kept it from hitting total bottom. Political opposition is smashed.  With a few exceptions most of South American countries are in one phase or another of socialism with strong and weak dictators.  As you look across the globe this same show is repeated over and over again.  Historically the greatest example of this failure was and is the Soviet Union. Its pure socialism collapsed and was replaced by a lesser form, but again with a dictator. One day he too will vanish and Russia’s bumpy road will continue.

Common sense folks understand that there should be a fair and equitable balance between the haves and the have-nots.   What they do not get is the chaos they cause by allowing Haveanots keys to the treasury.  It seems fair and equal but it is not.   Many great thinkers have talked about this.  Democracies always fail because they allow the Havenots to vote themselves a key.  In a Constitutional Republic a citizen is born equal, but he or she does not grow up that way.  For peace to prevail a system of government must be devised which prevents the taking, provides care of the helpless, and rewards hard work and good deeds.   This system will necessarily have to restrict the vote of the brain dead, greedy, and silly.

PROTEST:  FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG.  It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.

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