Rooster worries that his readers will falter, stumble, and not be up to the task because of listening to the tortured minds of the Main Street Media and those Republicans in name only [RINO]. They are all in the twilight zone. Really think about the absurdity of the New York Times and the Washington Post jumping off a cliff because, Trump said “Obama and Hillary founded ISIS”. Compare that to their going out for tea when Hillary tells a bald face lie. Do you get the profound difference? Trump’s remark, to anyone with a clear head, is sarcasm, because the direct founders were Muslims. Everybody knows that, and that includes Trump. Rooster knows the direct founder was Abu Bakr of Bagdad. Actually that is his assumed name as Caliph. “Abu Bakr” was the name of the immediate leader after Mohammed in the 600s AD. But no one needs to know that, except Rooster. All any thinking person needs to know is Muslims, in Iraq, founded ISIS. If you knew the Muslims were Sunnis then you’re really involved. The indirect founders, the ones who allowed it to happen, can be many, and certainly include Obama and Hillary, as they deserted Iraq to Al-Qaida.

A lie, is a whole different kettle of tea. The direct proof of Hillary’s lies is profound. Just Bengasi and the lie about the T.V. scam is astounding. The main stream hides it. Lies do make a difference. If you have listened to Rush Limbaugh and felt somewhat disturbed by his sarcasm, but laughed your head off at the late George Denis Patrick Carland, and his political satire, then pay attention. They are the same except that Rush is directly on point and Carland was indirectly on point. Rush admits to being conservative and is serious, but you had to infer that from Carland. They both occasionally hit the left wall just to confuse. You see sarcasm, political satire etc. are good story tellers. Lies never are. Sarcasm and political satire do not destroy. Lies do and they kill people. One is safe, and the other is dangerous. All of this is lost on the common sense deficient liberal. They laugh at inappropriate times, call you names, swear at you, pantomime you as crazy, or simply walk away from logic and common sense. In short they cannot face the reality that there never will be a one world, or one religion, or none, and that people simply will never live happily ever after. History and todays news are the super food of common sense. The liberal will lie to themselves and say 52,000 years of human combat and constant wars between religions is not true. Some might admit the past, but declare it will not predict the future. Do not live in their cocoons. Predators abound. Power to sourkazim!!
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  1. good morning..I just now have discovered your great efforts to UNLAME AMERICANS. You speak the truth brother.

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