It is time to take on the do-gooder leftist defense of the homeless and face the issue anew in 2016.  First, we need to know who homeless are, before we can find a way for them to get off the street.   Second, we have to know that being on the street is terrible for them and society suffers.  Where liberals control,  homelessness abounds.  Just visit San Francisco or Honolulu for examples.

First, who are these folks called “homeless”?  They come in all colors, heights, wellness and genders.  They are neither religious nor racial, so those typical leftist defenses are gone.   They are people who cannot cope, cannot keep a job, cannot pay rent, cannot fit in with society.  They do not understand or know what to do to care for themselves let alone anyone else.  It was not long ago that  we called them by different  names.  They were bums, vagabonds, bindle-stiffs, beggars,  ner-do-wells, bridge dwellers, outcasts, crazies,  drunks, thieves, hermits, and these are just the names Rooster can recall.   Today the political correct people lump them all together as Homeless.  Talk about over simplification.   Liberals have never possessed robust common sense so maybe they see themselves in the abject homeless.  As each of us is different, so too, is a homeless person.  Each will have a mix of disabilities. We cannot cover them all here.  What is common among them is that they cannot cope.  Sleeping under bushes, covered in old rags and papers, and relieving themselves as needed is called not able to cope.  One of their most common personal problems is not self-abuse, but what we, today, call autism.  Other disabilities are common, but not as prevalent.  In the school world they often refer to children, with autism, as unemployables.  Now autism is a very broad word covering manifestations rather than causes..  Few are able to accept that Autism is a genetic defect and is not curable.  In some cases it can be modified, but never cured, at least with the knowledge we now possess.   In some  families an autistic child is protected at least until they reach 18.  As family cohesiveness has failed so has the caring.  This means more and more such disabled persons are left to beg and receive handouts. The common core of autism is a disabled common sense.  This is varied in all who have it. For example on one extreme you have the recluse who hides from reality. On the other you have the proverbial con/man or woman.  The latter can talk the talk, and walk the walk, but they have little concept of the consequences of their lies.   Between these extremes,  exists  an extensive common sense fog in which many wander in confusion.  The so called wise ones have failed to recognize that common sense is a very relevant aspect of clear thinking.  It is not tested for and it is not recognized as being as important as IQ. This dilemma, is for another day.   What we can now do is understand homeless people need societies help, every day.   It is a terrible abuse of common sense to let these lost souls flounder about like wounded animals.  We must demand of our Cities, Counties, and other Governments to face their obligation for providing  threshold care and attention.  For example if a law enforcement type determines one is “homeless”  they should have the power to place them in a facility that  can care for their physical and/or mental problems.  This screening process will be a social detention, not incarceration.  Some can be redirected.  Some will no doubt return to the status of homeless, but once again, as they are less and less capable of self-care, they at least will receive periodic attention.

In the 60s and beyond,  this was handled in a very causal but effective way.   Then the homeless who had fallen the furthest were arrested and placed in governmental care for a period of time.  They were cleaned, clothed, medicated, fed and rested.   These people developed rap sheets a mile long  for minor offenses such as disturbing the peace, trespass,  loitering, petty theft, drunkenness, etc.  The police, judges, etc. knew they were providing a public service no one else was willing to do. It was far more humane, than the liberal way of demanding homeless rights and especially demanding that they can continue to harm themselves and others around them.  Common sense tells us society must provide care and treatment or suffer the consequences.

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(OR: Understand the Constitution or weep.)
In Rooster’s last article, in its last paragraph, he mentioned this issue. Since too many readers never get to the last part, he wants to bring the matter up front and center.
Islam, as presently constituted, violates the first words of the first amendment. No one is talking about this. Let’s do.. Please agree that the first words of the first amendment had to be and should be pretty darned important They are and were;
“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion…”
This says that the signers of the constitution did not want their government and religion to get into the same bed, ie. have power over the people jointly. The signers were of many religions. If not them, then their immediate family probably had left the old world because of government’s demanding they follow just one, the authorized, religion. It was called religions persecution. This means they did not want that result. They did not want Government and Religion combining to tell them how to worship. The word” Congress” is synonymous with Government, which also tells you which branch the founders thought was the big kahuna. A way to test a hypothesis is to reverse it. If it works the same both ways, it is logical. Let’s try it. “Religion shall make no law respecting the establishment of Government.” Yep it works. You see it is the result, not the way it is said. They might have said Government and Religion must be separate, and in fact Courts have held that is what it also means. It is called Separation of Church and State.
Islam, as we know it, demands that it be both religion and government. This is why their members resist assimilation into any other governmental form. This is why the faith-full will wear only their head dress and outer garments. If they appear to assimilate it is only to gain a foothold. . Their Constitution is the Quran. Even a Closet Muslim may swear to follow the Constitution, but he will not if the Quran says differently. Ask Obama. This is why they will take most of their grievances to the Mosque and not to the Courts of a government. This is why, if they get power, Islam will violate this amendment without question. You either will convert or you will be a slave or die. Such a choice is their idea of freedom.
Until Islam, declares a separation of its religion from Government, it is in violation of this amendment and should receive no assistance or allowance from our Government. In other words it is an enemy of freedom to worship and live as you wish. Just as we should resist an invading Muslim army landing on our shores, we should resist an invasion of Muslim refugees landing on our shores. Their intent is the same in both scenarios. They have to take possession and control. It’s in their book.
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(OR: The master salesman’s magical tongue in cheek.)
It is just marvelous to watch Trump manipulate the manipulative media. What is more interesting is to watch the other candidates just sit there dumbfounded. What he simply said was that “we” had to stop immigration of Muslims until “we” figure out how to cope with their hatred of us. Wow, of wows, everyone screams that he is in violation of the 1st Amendment. Wrong. He is not. Very clever how he slips in between the issue.
The first Amendment says;
“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof… “
What Trump said is “We” which includes Congress. If they do not act then what he says goes no place. Also only the last part of the Amendment is applicable to this debate. That is, is he advocating stopping the free exercise thereof? No, he is talking about immigration thereof. That’s one part. Our country has always barred or otherwise stopped undesirables. If you carry a contagious disease you stay out. Hatred of us can qualify as being undesirable, and is worthy of being considered a contagious disease. He really never got close to the issue of religious persecution.
Moreover, even if we all agreed he was talking about persecution of “Religion”, the definition of that word is most important. It is unthinkable that the founders included in the word “Religion” a belief system which is anti- constitution, anti- President, anti- free enterprise, anti- congress, anti- freedom of speech, anti- jazz, anti-other religions, anti- anti. Islam is all these things. In fact it can be well argued that the Constitutional word “Religion” does not apply to Islam at all, because Islam is a Religament. A Religament is a combination of religion and government.
Most importantly, Islam is exactly what the first part of the 1st Amendment says we cannot have, that is the establishment of a government run religion. Islam’s Allah demands the destruction of all non- believers and the establishment of a governmental religion. In my new book, which will be out in a couple of weeks, I discuss how the Quran, declared war, a long time ago, on all other belief systems, religious or secular. This means they want to destroy all ways of life that are not Islam, and establish their own Sharia law. This is exactly why my distant relative, Governor Bradford left England with the pilgrims. He and his folks were trying to avoid Government run religions. Islam is the mirror of that thought. It is a Religious run Government, and that is not the word” Religion” as used by our Founders. Definition is everything and words have meanings.

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(OR: Guns did not kill the 14. Muslims did.)
As with all these events Rooster pays very close attention. He is writing a book on Islam and its war nature. He has studied its history much more than most.
First, you have to believe that Allah declared war on the rest of the world a long time ago. This happened in the 600s AD. The actual declaration was not put into writing until around 1924, when it was published for everyone to read. It was first published in Venice, in the 1500s, but only one copy remains and it never saw general distribution. More than that Muslim scholars say it is full of errors. Of course those errors are in the eyes of the beholder. The reason for the Koran’s late publication for general distribution was the resistance of Muslim leaders. You see there was much disagreement about what it should say and many had their own views on what messages Allah gave.
Regardless, in many places of the Koran, the faithful are told, by Allah, that they have a duty to remove non-believers. They can do this by converting them, enslaving them, or killing them. It is not ISIS or the Al Qaeda, or any other sect of the religion that is the problem. It is not the paper. It is what is written on the paper. What is written is condoned by the faithful. No one can disagree with what is there. What is there is a DECLARATION OF WAR. . It has been there since the leaders passed on the supposed revelations of Allah, through Gabriel, to Mohammed. In their belief system it is Allah who made the declaration. It was not Gabriel. It was not Mohammed and ( Allah forbid) it was not them individually.
Every religion depends to some degree of Blind Faith. That is the determination to believe something without question. If you are a Christian then the most obvious is that you must believe Jesus was the son of God. Islam goes a step further. Whereas the Bible, old and new, set forth stories told by various humans, the Koran does not. It sets forth directives told by Allah. There is no room for intellectual disagreement or inquiry. Every word must be believed, by blind faith. No questions can be asked. It is your duty to convert or enslave the infidel. If you cannot then you must kill them man, women and child.
This is what motivated the Major at Fort Hood, the brothers in Boston, the fliers of the 4 airplanes in 2001 as they took out buildings and killed thousands. It is what motivated the killers in Paris and it is what motivated the husband and wife in San Bernardino. The fact that it was a Christmas party in an apparent Christian town, Saint Bernardino, is really a minor part of the story. Muslims to a man and women cannot tolerate a different point of view. Why? Because Allah commands them. Now the greater majority of Muslims will not do anything about it, because they are afraid of the consequences. They are simple accessories. The actors, the shooters, the bomb makers etc. are a minority, but they are there in considerable number. Not only that but the silent majority will become part of the conflict, in a heartbeat, if they think the consequences will not be bad.
We who are not Muslims are then faced with a dilemma. Obviously we want to protect ourselves and our extended families. How do we do it? First, you must stop turning the other cheek. You must be tolerant only of those who are tolerant in return. You must understand that in the belief system of every Muslim there is danger. The Koran has no tolerance of one who breaks from the faith.
You must understand, it is either them or us. Do not expect anyone, in our lifetime to change the Koran to a peaceful process. It is written in stone. Just pay attention to those who are Jewish and live in Israel. They have to be alert every moment. They have to be armed, and are. Only by a show of force daily, can they protect their family. A lesson to be learned.
Rooster agrees with those political candidates who want to confront Islam here. Demand of all Muslim’s a change in their beliefs or demand that they leave. Every Mosque or other gathering place of Muslims must excommunicate any Muslim who wants to follow the Declaration of War, or themselves be dismantled and removed. Being tolerant of them, without reciprocity, is a form of suicide.

PROTEST: Fly the Betsy Ross flag. It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.
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