(OR:  Common sense is proof enough.)

Someone has to say it.  Someone has to stand up and say to all the Progressives who want to make the use of marijuana legal, that it is as bad as smoke from cigarettes or the irritation of asbestos fibers.

Of course Rooster is not a medical doctor, but then maybe this allows him to see things better. For too many years he prosecuted and defended the use of drugs and especially “Mary Jane”.  In his investigations he spent untold hours in research on “Cannabis Sativa”.   Under a strong microscope Cannabis is seen in a wax on the underside of the “Mary Jane” leaf.  There are a multitude of wax blobs. Each has a hooked hair in its center.  The blob and hair resemble a single cat’s claw.  Such a view is like looking into outer space. Awesome!  When smoked this wax is vaporized and all its parts, together with all the other parts of the leaf, form the smoke. Smoke is the total of all the chemicals being burnt.

You can spend a long time researching the subject today, and you will find the going tough.  A common reason given for not doing research on cancer causation and pot is that it has been illegal. This is an excuse not a reason. You will find a plethora of support articles which are clearly self-serving of the progressive desire to have it become legal.  In one article of the American Cancer society it was stated that Pot is a cause of testicular cancer.  Somehow the lungs were bypassed.   In a reported UCLA article the conclusion was that light or occasional use does not cause cancer.  Again a worthless bit of information.  Why so? It is a chemical fact that if people put enough peanut butter on their arm, and do it for a very long time, an unhealthy percent will develop cancer at or around the site.  Why again?  Because peanut butter, like anything else becomes toxic to the body, when used in excess.  Toxins disrupt skin tissues which open the door for cancer.   The disruption is especially bad when the tissues are tender, such as in lungs.

If you do a comparable chemical analysis of Pot smoke and cigarette smoke you will find a large number of toxins in both. Nicotine and Cannabis both are irritants, but they are lightweights.   For example Pot smoke has (Not including the multiple toxins in the paper) 20 times as much ammonia, and many times as much Hydrogen Cyanide (Yes Cyanide) and Nitro Oxide.  Most of this comes from the leaves and debris in the mix.

Just use common sense.   If you regularly put a bunch of irritant in your lungs you are going to cause all kind of damage. In a population of many users many will get cancer from it.  You do not have to be a scientist with a degree in carcinoma or chemical composition to know this.   It is obvious to the sane.

Now here is a surprise.  Rooster firmly believes that all drugs should be legal.  If someone wants to kill themselves smoking pot, everyone else should just get out of the way.  It will cost society a lot less, will reduce crime, and will, in the long run, be a better teacher.  Seeing drug abuse up close is not pretty.  The excitement goes out of a drug use when it is legal.  Everyone needs to know drug use is dangerous and a stupid thing to do to your body. Hardly anyone is saying this in the courts and legislative halls where the battle rages.  Pot like so many other things can cause cancer and there is no worse way to die than to die of lung cancer.   It is simply awful.

What was it Sgt. John W. Styker USMC said in the 1949 movie “Sands of Iwo Jima”?   “Life is tough, but it is tougher if your stupid.”  This applies to the use of pot as well.

PROTEST:  FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG.  It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.

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(OR: Hillary’s absolute mess with Illegals.)


Yesterday, Hillary Rodham Clinton announced she reversed her position on illegals in this Country.  Thinkers should have expected it.  It may be a mountain too high to climb, but with her millions of worshipers only time will tell.  (She can always count on 107,000,000 of the population to believe her every word.)  Certainly her Sherpas will maintain base camp for her.

The flip flop does provide a wonderful example of the flawed thinking of Progressives when it comes to talking about and solving the illegals problem.  The most obvious is their calling illegals, immigrants.  This diversion is on purpose.  What you need to think about is what she said.   Rooster will paraphrase it, since she went on and on.

The essence of her statement.   We must grant amnesty to the immigrants.  We must, because they are taking jobs away from American Workers.  They will line up to work for less, and avoid minimum wage and otherwise are unfair to the American Work Force.  If we grant them amnesty (Progressives mean Citizenship.) this will force them to work for the prevailing wage and compete with American workers on a level playing field. This will solve inequality and put Americans back to work. 

There are several head-in-the-sand problems with her thought.  Most of the illegals do work at prevailing wages.  It is too dangerous for an employer not to, because of the fines and penalties State and Fed. Governments impose for not doing so.  Exceptions exist.  Their illegal status does not prevent them from putting the employer to the rack.  Another is that it has never been unequal to hold a better job than your neighbor or anybody else. Another is adding millions to a work force that already has millions out of work, does not solve unemployment, under any circumstances.

The most glaring error is either a purposeful falsehood or a clear and defining example of Common Sense Disability.  Either way it is dangerous.  If you missed it here it is.   Granting amnesty to the existing illegals does not stop new ones from showing up across our leaky border. She implies it will.  History tells us it has never happened.   Ask Italy how it is going with their illegals. Certainly if MS Clinton is president the border will stay porous.  Making Chinese workers legal back in the dark ages of American history solved nothing, except their citizenship.   The closest example of a failed amnesty program was in 1980.  Reagan ran against Carter.  Both were in favor of amnesty. Neither promised to close the border.  Amnesty was granted and almost immediately we had millions of new illegals, standing in line.   Again it did nothing for the labor force.  It simply made room for more Illegals and kept people out of work.  During Obama’s “tour de destruction” the border has become more porous and any State that has tried to stop the leaks, gets its thumbs cut off.  Since Hillary is now in full support of Obama’s warped or false thinking, voting for her will certainly not solve this problem.  It will create big problems.

PROTEST:  FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG.  It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.

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(OR; Baltimore my dear, so much better than beer)

The above title is Irish for the “Town of the Big House” which in time became Baltimore, after Lord Baltimore of the Irish House of Lords.  Had something to do with the founding of Maryland, which is a whole different tale.

Today Baltimore is a powder keg of racial stress.  This city with 63 percent Black population is not alone in our Country.  The same bad mix exists in all big cities.  Baltimore is number 26, so that means there are at least 25 more on the edge.  What is the edge?   The problem is welfare Ghettos.

The Welfare Handlers, Pro-aggressive CSD people, have caused the bad mix. In general these are non-blacks with a huge guilty complex about slavery, and a total lack of understanding about human beings.   In the places, generally big cities, where welfare becomes a way of life, the seeds of dissatisfaction and the feeling of slavery pervades the human spirit.  The progressives have no plan, to keep the people quite, except to give them gifts.   It is kind of like when the Europeans first came to America and bought peace and quiet with beads and shiny things.  What these pro-aggressive people do not understand is that giving a human being food stamps, money to spend on cruises, and rent, and utilities and enough cash to buy a car, does not empower them.  It makes them feel entitled for more and more with a very large slice of hate because of a sense of being turned into a slave.  Just like the plantation they are dependent on the Master for their everyday life. .  They lose their self- respect. They feel trapped in a cage with others who have become slaves.  They explode if given the chance.   It is particular difficult for the young.  They look ahead and see the same Ghetto as keeping them sucking of the benefits for the rest of their lives.   Very depressing.

The only way to bring lasting peace in these welfare Ghettos is to smash the infrastructure of their existence.  This means shutting down the gifts, to only the truly needy because of disability, old age etc.  This will force the young to leave and go beyond the handout, because they will have to.   It means the Women will demand the fathers stick around and go to work.  They themselves will be motivate to work if necessary to pay the rent and put food on the table.   Doing so will cause a minority to cry and wail, but it will have to be done, or this welfare cancer will eat and destroy peace and order.

As in most cases of world history, this revolution of sanity general only happens after chaos lays waste.  In this case it is the Ghettos themselves. .  The destruction will be by the very hands that have accepted the gifts and lost their way.   They too want to smash the damn thing.


PROTEST:  FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG.  It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.

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