(OR: Millenniums are dumbing down.)
Many have worried for some time that sufficiently educated millenniums are dumbing down. Wisdom is being lost. Just recently Rooster told a young man and women, in their 20s, that a certain place was like Shangri-La. They simply looked at him, waiting for an explanation. They had no idea what the word meant. Rooster then did a small poll of some other millenniums and found only one of 10 had any idea what the word Shangri-La meant. The pity is Shangri-La is lost.
To quickly get you all aboard this thought train, or train of thought, Shangri-La is a fictional place of great magic and wonder where age was not a factor and life was good. It was coined by a man named Hilton in his book, “ Lost Horizon”. Since his book, from the 30s, the word has been used and understood…. until now. The Millenniums have lost it. Not because someone took it or hide it. It is because they do not read.
The reasons are several. One is the liberal methods of education. Yes, that same bunch who decided cursive writing was not to be taught. That is just part of the answer. The primary reason is the false god of electronics. Today’s young people do not read, books, magazines, newspapers etc. They devote their time to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and watch movies and gather together to laugh and joke about the Academy Awards. They actually believe racial prejudice closes black actors out, while they watched a black moderator in a country lead by a black president. They may visit news sources like CNN or FOX or collectors like Reddit. What they get are headlines and by-lines. Since these two words are from news- papers the Millennium isn’t really sure what you mean when you say, “By-line”. If they have some particular project they go to their search engine on their software of choice and read that. If they have an interest in some particular project they have the skills to use electronics to work on the problem. What they have lost by not reading is the horizon, and the historical knowledge it takes to view it. It is wisdom.
Recently Rooster received a note from his paper delivery man. This man thanked Rooster for taking two papers. He lamented that in his 30 years of delivering papers there has been a 50 percent drop in subscriptions. The young do not read news papers. As the population ages wisdom is being lost. Newspapers, regardless of their political bent, must fill space and most of the news is printed someplace in it. Rooster’s reading habits have him looking for the little articles and relating them to the rest of the news. There is a treasure trove of information in the 4 corners (if you understand) of a paper. The broader the read the more wisdom you obtain. The more books you read the greater in depth your thinking. There is a strange and good correlation between reading and thinking. Watching and thinking, is a very poor substitute.
There will come a time, assuming civilization lasts that long, that the young will crave to read again and again and again. Why? Because out of their ash heap they will seek wisdom as the only solution to free themselves from the restraints they have allowed. Had they wisdom they would not allow it to happen in the first place.

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(OR; Liberals hide their true purpose, always.)

When Obama unilaterally lifted the Cuban embargo, and by executive order opened that Communist sink hole to American money, most of us could not figure out why? What was the reason he did such a dictatorial thing. Of course the fact that he is a communist sympathizer, and liberal doctrinaire certainly made some sense of it. But there had to be some other reason. Was it to help Russia? No, Russia was really out of the Cuban picture. They really do not want to further support a failure. Was it to honor a pledge he made? No he never made the pledge to open Cuba. Was it simply to help a dismal failure of socialism, which was always washing up on Americans shores? Maybe. Certainly Cuba’s failure had to be and is an embarrassment to his call for a Socialistic America. Was it just a silly part of his desire to do big things before he leaves office? No, this just does not fit. It has too many loose ends to fit into his legacy. Was it simply being a human being by helping the miserable life most Cubans live?. No, he has never shown such sympathy anyplace else so why start with a socialist failure?
Why then did President Obama open up Cuba to our wealth? What something in the news today that might help? Anything there give you a hint? It’s there.
Obama’ is going to keep one of his pledges come hell or high water. That pledge, which he has yet to keep, is still very much in every ones ears. It is now his last year and he has to get it done.
He is planning on closing GITMO by executive order. Right now he has reduced the population, by moving out 10 Yemans, down to less than 100. He is doing this by transferring the inmates to American Prisons. He is doing that right now and will continue to do so until the last part of his term. His justification for using executive orders is because Congress will not help him. In other words he is going to ignore the opposition of Congress.
But why did he cozy up to Cuba first? Of course. Now it is clear. Not only will he remove all the prisoners from GITMO, he will destroy the American possession in the process. Thus if the GOP wins they will not be able to reopen it. How will he do that? Simple. First, he will remove all the inmates. Second, He will just remove all our people and let Cuba move in. If there is no one in GITMO to keep trespassers out, guess how long it will take for them to move in. Maybe a day. He could not easily do this for a Cuba we continued to Sanction, but he can get away with it if we are friendly to the Cuban socialist government. Once Cuba is back in possession it will play hell getting it back.
Rooster is not privy to any inside information. He is just using common sense. All this kissy face now makes sense. Let’s see.
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(OR: One for the money, two for the show & away we go.)

First, an overview of Democrat happenings. Without question the Democrat party is now a Socialist party. This leaves a lot of Democrats, in name only, looking for a home. Their loss of the Progressive cover is the result of allowing our Schools to teach socialist doctrine in many disguises. Such as crying and wringing hands about head shots in Soccer, to curtailing free speech (two days ago United Airlines kicked off a women passenger who called Hillary a bitch.), with political correctness. It has been going on for some 40 years and the new clueless are now of voting age. Without critical analysis they want free candy and they want everyone to be nice. Neither exist. Fortunately, the hard core of these people probably constitutes no more than 1/3 of the total number voting. That is one heck of a bunch.
Second, the Grand Old Party folks are beside themselves, sort of. The thinkers understand they have to choose a “damn the torpedoes type of guy” , if they are to keep the Constitution and its guaranteed freedoms. The non-thinkers want a compromiser to let them keep what they have. Since the 60s the GOP has mostly been run by those who give in. A constitutionalist cannot compromise with a socialist. Those foolish people who would give away the kitchen sink to keep the kitchen, put up McCain and Romney. Now times are different. It is no longer GOP Progressive and Democrat Progressive it is now Socialist vs Constitutionalist. The GOP choice really comes down to Trump or Cruz. It is a tough choice. Trump is his own man and apparently a thinking conservative. Cruz is clearly a Constitutional Conservative with proven credentials. The other candidates come in various colors of compromise. J. Bush is gone after spending 11 million. Rubio has a track record of compromise. Too bad and that’s it.
What to do? What to do? Trump has to get specific enough that he does not scare folks. Hollow rhetoric like Obama will not work in the GOP long haul. For example spell out what he hopes to do when we are rid of Obama care. If he comes up with another government run plan he is toast. If he wants to keep conservatives he has to adopt a private enterprise system that will be competitive and works. Tell the voters he is going to kick out the Department of Education and send the curriculum to the PTAs where it belongs. Tell the voters he is mad as hell about our Countries Enemies and we are not going to take it anymore. Tell everyone he is going to undue any treaty or agreement in trade that does not protect American business first. We do not need tariffs, but we do need a level playing field and that can be done with standards. That’s more or less it. Without the detail he is stoppable.
Cruz has to preach the sermon. He has to sell himself as a Knight Templar protecting the Constitution. He needs to shout to high heaven. He must also be specific and pound the table every time he repeats the specific. Take his tie off and roll up his sleeves and pull no punches. He has already been pretty good on details. Now he must show his difference to Trump. He has to make himself, Mr. Specific and toot the big horn that Trump is not. This campaign is not one of compromise.
Both must stay off each others backs.
Right now true conservative thinkers (about 1/3 of those who vote.) like Cruz’s specifics, but they also like the potential Trump seems to offer. If Trump would be conservative specific the waters would part. If Cruz throws off his towel and charges out punching for his specifics, the water would part for him. As Abbott and Costello used to argue, “Whose on first.”
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(OR: Antonin Scalia, a giant among Jurists.)
Nino, to his close friends and family. A piano player of considerable skill. A father of 9 children and 28 or so grand kids. Most of all a man of great common sense and loyalty to his common sense principals. The media writers try to describe him with labels that diminish his view of the Constitution. That will not happen here. His common sense told him the Constitution was drawn by brilliant men, who meant what they said. Like all brilliant men they were not perfect but their English was clear and concise. He knew with all his heart that if the Constitution was to be amended,( as it often has been) it should be changed only by the manner it set forth. It should never be changed by reading into it something that is not there, or believing it is a Living Document . Change should only come with difficulty and by a super majority. Never a majority and especially never a minority.
Scalia was to the Constitution what the Knights Templar were to the Holy Grail. His drinking cup was the Constitution and he stood over it above all the other members of the court. He would have defended it to his death, and maybe he did.
Here follows what the second strongest conservative member of the court said of him.
“Justice Scalia was a good man: a wonderful husband who loved his wife and his family, a man of strong faith, a towering intellect, a legal giant, and a dear, dear friend. In every respect In every case, he gave it his all to get the broad principles and the small details right. Virginia and I are deeply saddened by his sudden and untimely death. Our prayers and love go out to Maureen and the Sclaia Family. It is hard to imagine the Court without my friend. I will miss him beyond all measure.” Justice Clarence Thomas

The last sentence says more than you might know. To Thomas and every other member of that court Nino was better than them, and they knew it. From a lawyer who spent time as a judge, and scribe in an Appellate court, Rooster knows full well what Nino meant to the court. His loss leaves a much bigger hole than any of the others ever will. He was solid as a rock and as tall as the mountains it came from. It is hard to visualize the networking that goes on in such a place, but it does and every personality has his or her influence. The court has been evenly balanced with Kennedy the waffle vote. The leader who held the conservatives to their post is gone. Great things will be written about him.
President Obama will never nominate anyone who can be approved. If you think for one moment he has any common sense, then you need a strong adult beverage. If you believe all people of black heritage think alike then you forgot that Clarence Thomas also has the same heritage. If you made that mistake then you need an even stronger drink. The vacancy of Scalia is so huge, no moderate, progressive, or undecided will ever fit.
All lovers of the Constitution, all you Knights in Common Sense Armor, must demand no one be appointed until an equally endowed President can do it. Then you must rise and demand the new appointee be as principled as Nino. That means the new Justice must be better than any of the existing Justices. Most importantly he or she must also be a lovable human being. Not impossible but difficult. Goodbye, Nino and God bless you my man.
PROTEST: Fly the Betsy Ross flag. It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.
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(OR: What’s with all the sermons, Mr. Obama?)
On February 3, Obama gave a speech at a Muslim Mosque in Baltimore. The next day February 4, 2016 he gave a different speech to a collection of legislators and staff at the Washington D.C. National Prayer Breakfast in celebration of Christianity.
Now why do you suppose he did that, Martha? His church going and his true beliefs are very twisted to say the least. He has publically said he does not attend church on a regular basis, so as not to cause difficulties. When he has gone, in the D.C. area, he has selected a variety of Christian churches, and mostly they are Baptist and the majority of them have mostly black congregations. We understand that any time the President attends anything it is expensive and disrupts normal life. Obviously there are security reasons. However his religious conduct is beyond reality. His approach to Islam convinces this writer that his core love is Islam. He calls himself a Christian, yet he does not grieve or even talk about the many Christians who daily are killed by Muslims around the world. When he speaks the word Jesus, it is with a slight hesitation, as if he is uncomfortable with it. In his own book he tells us the most beautiful sound to him is the Muslim call to prayers.
During Obamas speech at the Mosque he repeatedly talked of hate-full speech against Islam and how everyone should know Islam is an American Religion and must be accepted. He is wrong and on purpose. Islam is not a Religion. It is not like any other religion in its beliefs. It is most of all a government with its own law. Its religion simply is the glue to obtain blind faith. It is the same as if Communism had its own God. As communism is considered an enemy of a constitutional government, so to is Islam. Shiri law is not compatible. On this issue Obama has all the indications of blind faith for Islam. It appears to hide it with a Christian robe. Since he is a kaleidoscope of lies we probably will never know.
So can we speculate why he goes to a Mosque one day and to a Christian gathering the next? Why the rush to the pulpit? Together both events are simply his continuing campaign to champion Islam. Remember he refuses to use Islam as a cause of terrorism. To him the terror bent Muslim as just some sort of mentally imbalanced person. They never are one who is motivated by blind faith. His imbalance is clearly seen in his 2015 National Prayer Breakfast, where he condemned the Crusades as evil and full of terror, when that is contrary to history. Lest you forget, the reason for the Crusades was because Islam continued killing Christians in Constantinople and caused mayhem for any Christians going to the holy lands. Had they been peaceful and held out their hand to visitors to the holy places and left the remains of the Roman Empire alone, there never would have been one crusade, let alone 9 of them. Obama denies this, if he knows it.
The conclusion is that he went to the Mosque first, so as not to offend any Muslims. Politically he had to go to the Prayer event. Politically he set up the Mosque visit. He is either a fake, or mentally deficient. Clearly he is not a man of principals. Clearly his sermon on the mound is unbelievable.

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