Your Rooster and his side kick Winston try to avoid the prediction business, but sometimes the motivation is just too great.   Warlocks are supposed to do that, but normal average humans are not.   Well, here is proof that Rooster is not the latter.

All of us have visions, especially at sleep.  They can be wonderful or very scary.  This one occurred while wide awake.  Rooster was thinking deeply about what will happen in Europe in the foreseeable future.  Remember his knowledge of history is intense.  He spends all leisure time reading and reviewing history.  His books and articles are based on knowledge gained from History.   Here is what his common sense revealed.  He knows Muslims will not assimilate. They will always push the envelope.

The worst Global war, the earth has ever experienced will start in France or Germany.  Probably France. This will be within the next 60 years.  It will be between Muslims and everyone else.  It will start with local terrorism resulting in Mosques and Churches being targets. This violence, including large death counts, will escalate out of the control of the civil authorities.  The bigger the church or Mosque the bigger the target.  Notre Dame in Paris will be one of the first damaged.  Distant countries will be drawn in as time passes by.

The Muslims have already created safe havens for themselves and from them they will cut, burn, and slash anything that is not Muslim. The distinction between a non- aggressive Muslim and a Warrior Muslim will not be relevant.  The Christians will be weak.  (Right now few attend Churches in Europe, as a result of the progressive attacks on religion.),  however,  there are enough to strike back and this they will do.  Gun control will vanish.  What the warriors cannot immediately produce they will steal.  No quarter will be spared.  The worse the attack the worse the response.  The non-Muslims will retreat from around the Safe zones and try to find protection in outlying areas.  This will allow the Muslims to gain initial ground and support.  This war will not be of great armies and navies.  It will be of small groups attacking and defending.

The non-Muslims will be further weakened by the secularists, diverse religions, and the interference of the inept progressive governments. The E.U. will be shambles.  As the civil strife turns into street combat, trade and commerce will be turned down to a trickle.  Marauding bands of people, trying to feed themselves, will become common place.  The military, as in so many times in history, will stay together but not be too effective. Remember this is combat street by street and building by building.  Armies are not much better than a mob in street warfare.  Especially true,  when they are having trouble feeding themselves.

The chaos will spread into every major city and suburb.  The Christian Serbs, Lebanese, Armenians, and especially all those left dead on the sands of the Middle East so long ago, will stand as symbols to the new warriors. .  The Christian Crusaders astride their great horses, with their flags flying in the wind will give salute to all those who have died trying to stop Muslim hordes.   This battle is 466 years old.

The dye will be cast. It will be kill or be killed.  Do not fool yourself that super weapons will save the day.  First, the sides are blurred.  Second, as the infrastructure can not be maintained, there will be little to no social media, and drones and planes do not work well when not fed and the electricity stops.  Large navies will be little more than hospitals. In the mix the howl and cry of the welfare recipients will simply  be a nuisance.  This is the case with all, except the Muslims who have for years worked the welfare state to their advantage.   They will accept it and try to kill because of its lack.

The historical forecast is that when and if the non-Muslim gets their act together they will win.  They make superior soldiers.  The “however”, is that will not happen until a stabilizing force enters the chaos, and provides a platform to work from.  There are many web sites that describe the millions of Muslims who live all over Europe. They thin out as you go north east in Europe.  The stabilizing force will not be the smaller countries, but will be  Russia.  It will be the biggest Bear in the forest.  Its strategy will be to feed and arm the non-Muslim and starve the latter.

Muslims believe chaos is the prelude to the whole world being Muslim.  Because of this they will fight like a blind pig trying to get out of an enclosure.  It will be crash here, charge there, and ultimately be killed.  The very deep divisions in the Muslim belief system will also assist the other side.  Indonesia and Asia will not escape this chaos.  America might if it is common sense led, but that is a different story.

Once again the world will weep, bleed, and die because of common sense failure.

The Rooster sincerely hopes the vision is wrong.


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(OR: Liberal failure in Alcohol and Drugs is amazing.)

Rooster does not want to repeat the socialist failures such as the Mayflower compact, Russia, Cuba, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, and so on. He wants to point his talon to a dramatic U.S. socialist plan which failed, and one that is failing before our eyes. No he is not talking about the chaotic failure in the ghettos of their welfare state, or the present collapse of Obama Care. What he wants to discuss with you is much more certain. These two were caused by the same socialist zeal. The first failure was the Progressive’s laws to make every citizen stop drinking alcohol. It was started by the eternal progressives of Maine.. By Jan. 1855 there were 13 States which forbid liquor. This culminated in the passage of the 18th amendment. (See comparison time table). Its passage was assisted by the first real progressive president, Woodrow Wilson. At first he vetoed the act to implement the amendment (Volstead Act). This was to make him look good to the troops in WW 1. He knew it would pass over his veto.

It did, in both houses primarily because it was the peoples will. The legislatures really had no choice. They had to implement the amendment. The Amendment became effective in Wilson’s last year 1920. The only people who pushed this amendment were socialist type liberals. They came in many disguises, such as the Anti saloon League, the National Prohibition Party, etc. Their primary argument was it will be better for everyone, (unless you worked in a brewery or really enjoyed a brew or cold glass of wine after work.) Now let’s analyze what happened from a common sense stand point. That is the issue. The number who voted for this amendment listened to all the good things it would cause and did not use their common sense. This is typical liberal Promise good times and health, and lie through your teeth. If not lying then its plain stupid. Just using common sense, we know the world, has had booze since we learned how. In fact some say cities only grew to protect the beer and wine from others. History tells us the human likes this stuff. The “Like” is so large and so persuasive common sense says you cannot get rid of it. You can treat it, but you cannot erase it off the face of the earth. Common sense also tells you that no one country could do it alone. Think of all the other country producers, and their helpers like the Kennedy Family, who would rum-run so to speak. They did in huge numbers. A “Still” is easy to make and so they sprung up all over the country. The crime it all created is mind boggling. The cost to try to make it effective was horrible, especially after we had already lost so much in WW 1. It was a losing battle and many people helped prove it. If you cannot see the logic and the future with common sense, then you are a liberal. All of the pain and suffering and financial loss incurred by this stupid amendment finally came to an end with the 21st amendment in 1933. 13 years of torment and damage. The Second clear example of liberal’s failure to use common sense was the simultaneous development of our current drug system. It did not come as a command of the people (amendment). It came in Federal Legislation. It was, driven by the same supporters of the 18th. A common time table is helpful. 18th Amendment Drug enforcement law.
Jan 1855: 13 states go dry. Maine first
1869 & 1893: Prohibition Party, Anti Saloon League.
1914: Fed Narcotics Control Board created, outlawing Opiates, cocaine
1917: Amendment proposed to States. .
1919: Amendment is certified: Volstead Act
1920: 18th Amendment is law. 1933 undone by 21st.
1930: Name changed to Fed. Bu. of Narcotics then DEA and then FDA in 1988

The above time line shows that the first try at control was “alcohol”. Embolden by success the progressive’s added narcotics to the battle to regulate all lives in America. The individual liberty of choice, which had existed at least from 1787 to 1914. (Plus the Colonial years.) was to be forbidden, by the do-gooder socialists types. In the South the favorite exit drink was Laudanum, which had its origins in Greece. It is a combination of Opium and alcohol with various flavors such as sugar, cinnamon, anisettes and others. When it was in its weakest form it was codeine and a variation of that was used in the early Coca Cola. Even alcohol in its strongest form is lethal. Please understand, the world was not killing itself with drugs. It was not an epidemic. In fact the primary reason Congress gave its consent was for new taxes. Progressive ideas to control you and the desire by legislatures for money is a lethal mix. Not all the failures of common sense are easily apparent. With the advent of beer and wine and all its variants, which probably started at the dawn of civilization the world population has increased, not decreased. We have become over populated. Man also found narcotics in plants early on, yet it has only affected a few. Common sense sees the future and knows. If you attempt to deregulate sex you will fail, if you try to stop prostitution you will fail, if you try to stop alcohol you will fail, and if government tries to stop drugs it will fail. The human being will not be stopped from doing what may or may not be harmful. Helping the fallen makes common sense. If progressives had not outlawed narcotics, but only attempted to regulate them what would have happened? Well the failure of the 18th, to stop Alcohol, gives us a clue. Nothing worse happened. Addiction and overuse were limited. Has DUI legislation stopped drunken drivers accidents? Of course not. Common sense tells you intense education would do better. Compare the cost of trying to stop these things to the cost of a soft bed for those who fail. We are talking trillions of dollars vs. millions. Hospitals, rehabs, and ½ way houses are so much cheaper and peaceful. Homicides have been much more prevalent now than before regulation. How many lives are lost each year because gangs continue to sell to those who want. Yes regulate drugs for purity, but make them available. Without prescription. If you do the jails will be empty, drug lords in your neighborhood and all around the world will have to find legitimate jobs. Most important the allure of the forbidden will vanish. In a free to choose world common sense tells us warnings on labels will have a much better effect. Teaching in our schools could be tailored to assist and life will be better. Not so in the progressive world of control. Mistakes abound, blinders continue to obscure vision. Blind Faith in Government is the worst of all.

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(OR; Can fire be water?)
The wishful thinker, hopes and hopes that Islam will be a peaceful belief system. It is just so much wishy washy, head in the sand, baloney. The fool or the liar tell you it is. First, you must know that Islam has been at war with the rest of the world since its inception. If you do not, you deny history. To believe this, all you have to do is read the Quran. It says so. For a current update go to “The Religion of Peace” on the www. In the Quran you will find the language which says each Muslim must conquer Jews, Christians, and everyone else to make the world one for Islam. In the WWW you will see the list of the dead and dying in Islam’s present phase of the war. The invasion of Europe is just part of it.
Ok, so can Islam change and be more or less peaceful like other religions? The answer is NO. Why, you ask? Glad you did, because Rooster, prompted by his pooka Winston, can tell you. Rooster has read the Quran and studied the entire history of Islam. Winston does not need to, because with his wonderful common sense, he just knows.
The stumbling block, the one wall to end all walls, is that Islam believes the Quran is absolute. It is a compilation of the word of Allah/ God on just about everything in life. It not only sets up believes in the hereafter, it sets up the way one is to live life here on earth. In other words Allah says it and no mere mortal can change it or deny it. The book even sets up routines to make certain there are no changes. If you doubt the book, if you question the book, you are a sinner. In the words written in the Quran, you must be punished. The book tells the believer how to do it. Talk about your micro-managing. Just getting down on your hands and knees and bowing to the ground and Mecca, 5 or so times a day is part of the subjection. The message is that you the believer will do as the book tells you or you die a terrible death and Allah will banish you from heaven. That is what you call not much wiggle room. It was set up this way because someone knew you cannot have just a little corruption. If you allow a tiny little bit human nature will expand it. Same with Islam. Allow anyone to question it and the questions will spread like chicken pox. Islam’s founder thought of this.
There are a few Muslims who try to make Islam truly peaceful. Give them the benefit of the doubt. They will fail. It would be easier for them to become a member of some other religion than to change Islam. Of course it is comforting to think they might be successful, but the struggle they face is blocked by the word of Allah, at every move. Allah through Mohammed was very clever. In our life time no one will ever change the Quran. The only way it might happen is if Allah sends down a new messenger/prophet to erase and delete all the evil language in the Quran. All right let’s all hold our breath until that happens. Just kidding. Come-on breath my friend, I am not Allah. I was kidding.
Whoever created the idea that Islam is peaceful must be selling used cars. Rooster has searched for the answer and it is illusive. The best that can be said is Imams and Mullahs came up with this idea, in defense of accusations Islam is not peaceful. It is better than a Not Guilty Plea. It is like the child, surrounded with a broken cookie jar and crumbs on his mouth, who tells his mom, “I didn’t do it, the Cat did”. There is no way the holy ones can admit to the terror, and chaos their members create in Islam’s name. To do so would implicate them as well. The non- Muslims would then have a good reason to tear down Mosques. Just remember, especially with the current Egyptian plane down, that all the chaos of security at airports around the world was caused by Islam. No one else did it. So the Holy ones wipe the crumbs off their mouths and tell you what you see and know is not true. They will never admit it. The Quran gives them an excuse. What happens is Allah’s command. Their hands are clean. They did not encourage anything, but the faithful following of the Quran.. Do not be fooled.
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(Or: Open the doors of the asylums and jails and guess what?)


The most recent shooting in Seattle is just one of hundreds in the last year.  Add to it the crazies of the Muslim faith and you are counting 1000s.  We do not need to spend time on the tragedy of the victims. That is simply an emotional experience.   We need to think.   We must spend time on the Why.

The blame can be clearly laid at the feet of those who tear down the barriers of society.  These are the Progressives, who coddle small minorities rather than concentrating on the majority and their needs.  It is the progressives who demand political correctness, no God in Government, who promote racism as a divide of the people.  It is the progressives who could care less about the Military and our national strength.  It is the progressive who allow Muslims to exist without condemning their actions, and at the same time condemn other Religions.  It is the leader of the progressives, President Obama, who demands that the Fort Hood massacre was not a terrorist attack. It is the progressives who teach a lack of respect in the schools and get away with it.   A good example is the so called Professor Churchill in Colorado. It is the progressive who gives out money and food to the lazy and anti-social, who demand that welfare is good.  It is the progressive who treats terrorist as citizens rather than as war criminals, who are against capital punishment of killers  and in favor of killing innocent babies in the womb.

The Rooster does not want to bore you with all the examples, but you get the idea. When they tear down the mores of society, they open the doors to the wild and weird.  It is just as if they opened the doors to all the asylums and jails and said,” Come on out you poor picked on people.  It is ok to act out your anti- social tendencies.  It is ok to do what you want even if it hurts someone.”  Progressives are common sense deficient CSD and a danger to the security of our homes and communities.


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(Or: Beam me up Scotty, no intelligence gathering here. )


Webster says, a”terrorists” is one who uses scary stuff to frighten  you into submission and/or subjugation.  Of course Rooster simplified it a bit, but hope you see the ambiguity. What is scary stuff and who is scared, and what is subjugation?  What if the stuff is not immediately scary, or you don’t scare easy, or the bad guy  is waiting  to subjugate you later.   For example;

Football player Hussein, (whatever his name), this weekend past, got down in the End Zone and prayed to Allah.  You know, down on knees, rear end to the sky  and banging head on ground.  If you saw it you should have spilled your drink all over your nice shirt.  Not because he prayed.  Because he did it knowing how the Progressives  came down on Tim Tebow.  Remember Tim?  He was the quarterback for the Broncos who expressed his Protestant religion, by knelling, and bowing.   Since that uproar such an act is now called Tebowing.  Also there is the Tebow Rule. It forbids a player putting a religious messages on the black stuff they paint under their eyes.  The furor was bad enough to establish these stupid rules.  Catholics seem to get away with crossing themselves.  Somehow progressives are not bright enough to know all prayers when they see them. Maybe they give Catholics and Muslims a pass.  The point is Hussein acted as a “ terrorist”, as defined. . He was probably coached to do it.  His handlers knew a Muslim prayer would test the media, and its failure would do damage to another Western institution.   Of course some of you might say it was spontaneous.  So was the collapse of the twin towers.   The Referees’ were on top of their game and knew the rules against Tebowing and the Tebow Rule.  They found Hussein was un-sportsman like and penalized the team 15 yards.   In the light of media distortion, and fear of Islam, the next day the league said the Refs. were in error and apologized.  Sure, the four guys on the field were just dummies.  Muslim terror worked didn’t it.  The League and the Media subjugated themselves before Allah.   The conservative approach would have avoided this cave in.  Conservatives respect religious acts and there would be no Tebow rule ET cet. Conservatives say if you want to pray on the field it is ok so long as you do not disrupt the play.  But pro-agressives (No, Martha it is spelled correctly),  having warped common sense,  blunder into this type of error all the time.  Progressives attack peaceful Christianity but run scared from Islam.

The Hussein prayer incident does focus us on the question of who is and who is not a “terrorist”.  Let us limit our view to the Islamic world since it is the source of most terrorists today.  You know!  They are the ones who Hijack planes, cut off body parts, and blow themselves up in crowded places.  When a progressive defines a terrorist,, one can almost hear Peggy Lee sing,  “IS THAT ALL THERE IS?’  Forget the progressive narrow definition of terrorist. They have already caved in fear of Islam.  You see a Muslim’s bomb explosion is just the tip of the terror iceberg.   Hussein’s praying on the field, is in the same class as the Muslim who comes into a free country and steals as much welfare as he can and produces as many children as he can.  They are part of the huge bottom part of the Iceberg. You should be scared knowing that the entire Iceberg is moving to establish Sharia law and destroy that which is not. There is a nautical saying  that; “If you can easily see the tip of the iceberg you are too close”.   So it is here.   Every Muslim who follows the Koran, is driven to convert or kill the infidel.   Rooster has often used the legal term, “Aider and Abettor” to describe all the so called peaceful Muslims.  Of the millions of Muslims there is only a tiny weenie number who want to redefine the Koran, into a book of peace.   These reformers are not relevant.  All  Koran believing Muslims laud the activists who are busy making bombs and sharpening knives to cut off a part or two.

The point is you cannot limit the term “Terrorist” to those who put TNT in their shorts or shoes and try to kill non-believers.  The word must include all those who help and support them.   In most religious and philosophical works, one will read or hear this phrase.   “KNOW THY ENEMY”   Knowing your enemy is a tool for self- preservation. Common sense recognizes the world has many people who want to take from you, or take you.  To defend yourself you must study and become very familiar with the enemy.  You must know them better than you know your mother.   In the real world this maxim is the core of intelligence gathering.  Rooster worked in this field for years and knows intelligence must spend little time on friends, but loads of time on those we fear. Intelligence gatherers know it is not just the robots who hijack a vessel, or set an explosive pack amongst Boston runners.  It is not just the Major who betrays the trust of his fellow military and kills a bunch.   Your enemy is the entire Iceberg.  It is the movers and shakers and handlers as well as the robots.  The Koran is their commander in chief.  It is Islam which must be destroyed, or converted.  It is the hundreds of years of their brutality to infidels.  It is the Imams, the Minarets, the costumes they wear and the women they enslave.  It is every bit and piece of Islam that is your enemy.  Know them and you will know your enemy.  Never forget you are the infidel and their Koran demands your conversion, or….. bang/slice  you are dead.

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