(OR:  Who will save the Republic?)

Let us think together.  Who or what can save our Republic if Obama signs an executive order making himself President for life?  Do you volunteer?  Such an act would not enrage most citizens.   Just imagine him doing it.  It is not farfetched.  If he has a domestic crisis it would be easy as pie. He needs the crisis to make most people stick their heads in the sand.  He certainly has tested the waters with 1000s of executive orders.  All he needs is an excuse to pretend to be a savior of the Country from evil doers.   It could be a stock market drop of huge proportions; it could be a national Strike called by the Unions; it could be simply weather abnormalities such as drought in the west and too much water in the east; or a terrible hurricane season.   It might be a world- wide depression.  Fortunately we had a Republican President in the world-wide depression of 1929, but look what FDR did when he came on in 1933.  Remember his third term?  That so scared our conservatives we passed an amendment that a President could not serve more than two terms.  We have no law that says he cannot take over in a chaos. We have law that can be interpreted to give him that power if martial law is declared.

We have never confronted an attempted takeover by a President like Obama.  So let us examine what barriers are in his way.    Let us assume he does issue such an executive. It might go like this.

“Citizens of America.  Today there is turmoil and strife in                                                       the Land. None of our built in systems to save us are working.                                                                       We cannot afford to lose any more time or space.  We must act                        now, today.  We are too big to fail.   To reduce your suffering we must confront our enemies at this moment in time.  The only Person who will                                have the power to act swiftly and correctly is your Commander                          in Chief, the President.  For that reason I am ordering that I,                             your President, be given absolute power to do what is right                            and correct.  I will restart the Republic when I can.   (He could use words like National Distress, or Martial law, but he would not.)”

Once he signs such an order in the Oval Office how could it be undone?  He has softened the military so that there are no hard-core types left at the top.  None of the junior officers stand a chance in Hell.   The vice president would only smile at the photo op. No leaders in the House or Senate would demand a “NO”.  Even if they did how would they enforce it?  As commander in chief he simply could order the military and his security to close both houses.   Even if they or someone else filed a law suit to stop him, how long would it take to get to a deeply divided Supreme Court?  As commander in chief he could order such actions suspended. Do not count on the Supreme Court anyway.   How about the States? Could they declare independance?  Technically yes, but realistically no.  How would they defend themselves?  Let us suppose Texas said no and declared itself the lone State. .  All Obama would have to do is order a block buster on the Capitol in Austin. That would be it.  Who would rise up to stop the killing?  Is there a religious leader who would lead the way?  Is there a Joan of Arc, a General Patton? Forget that.  Just as in Germany, when Hitler did a similar thing, no one stepped forward with any strength.    If you hope for a rouge pilot to crash into the White House, hope again.  Obama would not be there and he would be happy to see the “White House” destroyed. The day a sniper can take out a head of state is limited to third world countries.  Odds are Obama would continue hiding as he does now.

Point is the only hope is in a spontaneous uprising, where enough armed citizens, by their simple weight in numbers, stop government in Washington DC. , or Obama dies in the process.    The odds of either happening are remote.   Do you understand?  Remote.  His takeover is very possible, and Obama is anti-America enough to do it.  Worse he must think about it all the time and his progressive and Muslim brothers are gauging the time that is best.  Why do you think he acts like the last election gave him a mandate?  Why does he snub Israel’s Prime Minister? Why does he promise to veto any constructive legislation coming his way? Why because it is a balls out game with him.   He plans to win.

PROTEST:  FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG.  It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.   WC: 800     Rooster Bradford, gives up all rights to this article and seeks no compensation for its use. March  2015


(OR: When in Rome do not do as the Romans do.)

It is time to support Tom Cotton and the other 46 Senators who wrote directly to Iran about Obama’s solo negotiations on nuclear proliferation.   If you are not up to speed, certainly you must be aware of the Israeli Prime Minister’s recent desperate plea to the Senate and House.  The voices of the 47 and Bibi are not alone.  Many leaders around the world are shocked at Obama’s attempt to give Iran an open playing field while he violates our Constitution, (Traitorous).  If you still are wondering what all the fuss is about, maybe you do not understand the meaning of “Martyr” in the world of Islamic fanaticism.  Tourists in Tunisia learned today.

The support of the 47 runs to the very core of our Republic.   Each of them had the courage to stand firm and say “Hell-no- we-won’t-go.”  Here is the deal.   Our Constitution clearly says that all treaties with foreign governments must be approved by the Senate.

Article 2, section 2, clause 2 (222) describes and limits the powers                                                                          of the President.

“He shall have power, by and with the advice and consent                                                                              of the Senate, to make treaties, provided two-thirds of the Senators                                   present concur…”

Obama has declared, he alone has the power to work out a deal with Iran.  This is what shocked Bibi and many in the Senate.   It is true, Executive power has expanded beyond the simple grants of the Constitution, but somewhere a line has to be drawn.  The 47 did just that.   Our Republic is at stake, and Israel believes its existence is at stake.  That is why Netanyahu was just re-elected with good margins.  This is why he, like the 47, brushed aside Obama and went to the Senate and House.   This is why the 47 had the courage to stand up and be counted.

In the year 44 Before Christ (BC) the Roman Republic Senate went through the same deal.  Then the Roman Republic was having problems of weakness, which seem to infiltrate every democracy.  A strong man stepped in with the vow to save it.  Once he was established he demanded the Senate give him power for life. He had the support of enough progressives that he got it.  In Italian the term is, “Dictator Perpetuo” This man was Gaius Julius Caesar a warrior by trade.   Many Senators realized Caesar had lied to them, and was destroying the Republic, by turning it into his personal playground. .  They stepped up to the plate.  In those days using a knife was not a big deal.  Several of them surrounded Caesar near a Theater, and killed him. They did the deed on the 15th of March. Today that was just a few days ago.  Maybe you have heard of the Ides of March.   One of the Senators was his longtime friend, Marcus Brutus.  Shakespeare latter wrote a play, “Julius Caesar” where he pretended Caesar, said “ Et Tu Brute” during the attack.  This phrase is translated as “and you Brutus”. There is no evidence he actually said those words but the symbolism is left for we thinkers to ponder on.

Now killing Caesar could have saved the Republic.  It did not. Why? The soul of the Republic had been stolen by progressivism.   Those who wanted a dictator and those who did not began a civil war which destroyed what was left of the Republic. The result was a string of Caesars for 100s of years.  Except for a few, most of the “protectors”, allowed corruption and decline which hastened the end of Roman rule.  The world then entered the dark ages.

Our hope for a better result, is the utter weakness of Obama.  He is not a strong man, like Caesar.  He is not a man who can muster any favor beyond the normal 1/3 of inmates who will follow even the devil across the river Styx.  Obama’s only chance for control is to take advantage of chaos, by executive order hoping for a weak response.    Pray our economy holds together until he is either impeached or otherwise leaves Washington D. C. for good.

The 47 have done what they could.  They are heroes.   Now it is your turn.

PROTEST:  FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG.  It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.


Rooster Bradford, gives up all rights to this article and seeks no compensation for its use.  2015


(OR:  A. G. Holder is a racists.)

First, let’s refresh our memories.  Two events foretold this sordid story. Number one was Holder’s dismissal of the investigation into the Black Panther members who intimidated voters, in Chicago. Remember their crime was videotaped. He did this as soon as he was confirmed.  The next, was Holder’s very unusual personal interest in the Ferguson incident.  In the latter he saw, an opportunity to hurt the white race.  It is a strange twist that the man who appointed him  and Holder were born with a selection of genes providing them a darker skin color.  What would their attitude and position in life have been if their genes had selected white to be the color?

Second, the Rooster spent years as a lawyer, prosecuting, defending, judging, teaching and working with law enforcement.  Like an aged carpenter he grew to know his trade.  Those long years provided him with what is known in law enforcement as the” Cop’s Nose”.  That phrase means a cop just learns to appreciate his surroundings intuitively.  It is a state of total situational awareness.  Anyone involved in law enforcement, for long, will acquire this sixth sense.  Of course we need the caveat that, as in all groups of humans, there will be, among the really delicious ones, some bad apples.  Cops * are no different.

The most obvious wacko fact in Holder’s report is that the officer who did the shooting was never prosecuted.  He was not even indicted.  He was ruined, but looking at him should assure you he did not act with racial bias.   Unfortunately the Report does.  Remember that the Department of Justice, had no jurisdiction in this matter, unless it drew the conclusion there was a civil rights violation.  All it had was the complaints of a few agitators.  All of this pivoted on the conduct of the officer.  Only time would tell the story of what happened. A skillful, non-racist attorney General would have waited.  Holder did not. When the time had passed and the dust settled even Holders report agrees the officer should not be prosecuted.  In fact, but for racial bias against white folks, the Federal Government should never have walked in and began to take over in the first place.   The Federal Government (Holder) did not stay back and wait and see if the locals did a good job.  No, No.  They stormed in like the storm troopers they are and tried to find all the” double evidence” of incidents of White Police officers acting like racists.

“Double evidence” is like the sides of a coin.  Both very different and yet so close.  In almost any confrontation between cops and residences of poor neighborhoods, (white, blue, green or black) one will find at least two different sides of what happened.   Most of the neighbors are peaceful, but in those poor areas there are many mal-contents, angry/unhappy people and just plain criminals. Being poor does not grant Sainthood.  Such a place is a perfect set up for Holders rant.   It was and is a poor neighborhood, mostly black with a police force mostly white.   When a disturbance in the neighborhood happens and cops come to restore peace, your common sense tells you two or more divergent views (or sides) of what happened will develop.  Holder’s report took one side and did not even attempt to balance it out.  Holders own statement to the press, clearly indicated this lack of balance, as he went from a one-sided scenario to another. If he mentioned that the black man who was killed had just been taped committing a felony, no one heard it.  He acted like the typical racists as he took one side over the other, all the time. The blacks were absolved, the Cops were guilty.  That’s it.

You might ask why?  Why would Holder take the Ferguson one act play and turn it in to a full length drama?  If you are a person of color, and have used that difference as an excuse for every slight you ever got (everyone gets them every day),  used it as an excuse for missed opportunities, and lost promotions, then the answer becomes clear.  You are closed minded and prejudiced.  Holder is such a person.   We do not know where he thinks he should be in this stage of his life, but odds are, that place, is not retiring in a failed presidency.

Further, it is certain many of you, just using common sense smelled the very bad odor, coming from this over ripe report.  You were and are correct.  It stinks.

* There is no agreement on the origins of the slang term COP.  Maybe it came from Constable on patrol, or Constabulary Police, or short for the copper badge, or from the verb “to cop”, or take.  Well take the side you want.  Holder does.

PROTEST:  FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG.  It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.

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Rooster Bradford, gives up all rights to this article and seeks no compensation for its use.  2015


(OR: The Queen of Hearts was not a nice lady.)


Please think of the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland. The similarities to Hillary ma bell Clinton are marvelous. Let your imagination run along with the Mad Hatter.

The point of this memo is to ask the question, “How come the Democrats always seem to have “THE ONE”, and the Republicans seem to have a Platoon of Candidates?”  It is true today.  Yes, Obama and Hillary duked it out, but for those,  who spend an inordinate amount of time following such things,  knew Obama was really alone and far out of her reach.  A glib tongue and skin color told the story.   The left prefer an nice empty suit, to work clothes.   It is not that the GOP cannot become fixed on one candidate, because it can, but the worship thing is very different.   Democrats seem to prostate themselves in worship.  Common Sense folks want to hear more and debate a bit. Is this difference caused by DNA?   Is it the Environment?  Is it pure chance? Could it be a salutatory effect of Global Cooling?  Huh!!!  Even when their chosen one is a real dud, like Jimmy Carter, or the present insult to Blacks, our spoiled leader, the clinging to the sinking image of “THE ONE” is remarkable.   What part of embarrassing do they not get?

Not only does the left seem to worship Idols, but when those idols are tarnished, they worship them anyway.   Hillary’s Private E mail bit is just another of the many hits Hillary has taken, or will take, without appreciably losing left support.  You know it started a long time ago when she was just the first lady.   There was the rage she went through throwing a bedroom object at Bill.(Assault is a crime and Bill was a battered Spouse.)   There was the misuse of IRS files against perceived enemies, there was the mysterious death of her attorney, Vince Foster.  All of this was early on, long before she was the chosen one.  Her past and present mistakes or makeup smears do not seem to affect the adoration of the left.

What happens in the mind of the typical leftist is not what happens in the mind of the typical conservative.  Conservatives tend to argue and debate and question each issue.  This is why there always seem to be a platoon of candidates on the GOP side and few on the left.  Progressives have no such public, or private, tendency.  This difference is weird.    One would think that the proper nature of politics is to debate and discuss; wring hands and lament; charge left and right; argue and agree; compromise and hold the line.   Not so with progressives.   It is as if there is a solemn pledge to follow the line no matter that the line leads over a cliff.   Sounds kind of like sheep taking the plunge, or the Okinawans who in WW 2, in mass, jumped off cliffs to their respective deaths.  One might opine, “It does not make common sense!!!”

Well that is it.  The Rooster has for a long time suggested to you that progressives are each, in varying degrees, suffering from a mental disability.    They may have good IQ, but they have insufficient common sense.

Hillary no doubt had a private E Mail, for her own selfish purposes.  The most likely was to hide from having to disclose contents.  Her mental state, at the time, was that since she was one of the chosen, she should do what she felt was necessary to protect that status.  The law means nothing to progressives, if it is in their way.  You see they just do not see the merit of law being applied generally and equally.  To them it just does not make sense when their perceived safety is at stake. This is why Obama is negotiating a solo deal with Iran, in direct violation of the Constitution.  Even Benjamin Netanyahu did not understand.  He read that the Constitution requires treaties be confirmed by the Senate.   That is why Bibi was desperate to talk to our Congress.  He thought the Constitution meant something to progressives.  Obama and Hillary have no such illusions.

This same failure of common sense is part and parcel of the adoration progressives give to their tarnished leaders.   It is not just Hillary, or Bill, or Obama.  It has always been that way.   Look at the faces of the crowds who worshiped Julius Cesar, Adolph Hitler, Stalin, Mao, etc.   Look closer.  Look at Argentina, Cuba, and Venezuela where the faulted progressive leaders still march on with adoring idiots throwing rose pedals.

The concept of peaceful and benevolent Government is doomed, in the long term, so long as the non-thinkers, and those with clear conflicts of interest are allowed to vote.   They will never see the tarnish.   They will only think of themselves.  They will not exercise common sense.

PROTEST:  FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG.  It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.

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Rooster Bradford, gives up all rights to this article and seeks no compensation for its use.  March 2015


(OR:  The silent are judged by their conduct.)

Presidential Candidate, Gov. of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, said he did not know if Obama was a Christian or not.  He then went on to say this was his feeling because Obama had never done anything to indicate he was.  Most news stories said, “How dare you, Mr. Walker?”

In support of Governor Walker (Not Mr. Walker) let, we the thinkers, analysis this situation.   First, let’s research intelligence info and then we will be better informed.  Keeping in mind Obamas team is the most Tech savvy bunch you will run into, you should expect that the WWW to be filled with righteous cover.  You would expect that they would have him singing Christian songs, going to Christian churches, attending Christian events, etc.  Right?  Well it is not there.   Just ask the question “What is Obama’s favorite Christian hymn?”  You get a bunch of guess work by god only knows who.  The closest is someone’s tome that it is “Amazing Grace”   Keep in mind this does not come from the Donkey’s mouth. Not a bad stab in the dark however.  Just about everyone has heard “Amazing Grace”, but most do not know it is the lament of a British Slave Boat Captain who became a man of the cloth. The words are about his life moving black people to America etc. to be sold as slaves.  Since Obama tells us how much he hates the idea of American black slavery, you must know this is not his song.  About the only, for sure, Christian bit of evidence we have is his attending a hate America Christian church in Chicago. You might remember a reporter telling us Obama used to nod his head at every anti- American rant from the pulpit.  After that silence.

Obama could say he is not Christian, but he does not.  You know it is possible to worship God and not be a Christian or Muslim.  That is a whole new article.  His silence will tell you nothing.  He is resplendent in the robes of silence; like his birth, his college grades, and his this and that.  His conduct has to be your best evidence.   What he does is proof he prefers Allah.  Of course you can say Allah is God, but he is not Christian.  What church does Obama call his own?  Where does he pray?  What does he pray? Does he take his daughters to church?  What Church?  Does he relish appearing with well-known Christian leaders?  Who does he bow to?   Does he get down on a knee to pray, or does he get down on both knees to pray?  Does he go all out to celebrate Christmas, Easter, or any other Christian Holidays?  Does he defend them from the naysayers?  Does he defend prayers in our Legislative houses?   You get the idea.   Look and search and you will find only the barest of evidence pointing to being a Christian.  Scott Walker was absolutely correct.  Those who insult Walker for being honest, are the most despicable types you can have a cup of java with.   Why?  Because they either lie or are bone dumb.

If you want to take the time to rack up his conduct to say he is a closet Muslim, you can be at it for some time.   There is much.  On this subject he is not silent.  He has said, “…his Muslim faith…” on TV.  He wrote that the call to Muslim prayer is the most beautiful sound he knows.  He has shown his dislike of Jews right and left.  The fact that Bibi will talk, two days from now, to Congress and bypass Obama is clear proof.  His staffing so many Muslim believers in high places in his administration is not a strange coincidence.

Do not make the mistake that one must sign some kind of oath to be a Christian, or to be a Muslim.  Do not believe that the type of faith must stamp you as approved.  Religion and religious belief is a state of mind.   Obamas State of mind is not Christian. In fact it does seem that he is not only the first Black (no credit for being ½ Caucasian) President, but probably the first Muslim President.  It is just another part of the man we have never been allowed to know from his silence.   We must rely on his acts and omissions.  What do you conclude?


PROTEST:  FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG.  It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.

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Rooster Bradford, gives up all rights to this article and seeks no compensation for its use.  2015