It is time to take on the do-gooder leftist defense of the homeless and face the issue anew in 2016.  First, we need to know who homeless are, before we can find a way for them to get off the street.   Second, we have to know that being on the street is terrible for them and society suffers.  Where liberals control,  homelessness abounds.  Just visit San Francisco or Honolulu for examples.

First, who are these folks called “homeless”?  They come in all colors, heights, wellness and genders.  They are neither religious nor racial, so those typical leftist defenses are gone.   They are people who cannot cope, cannot keep a job, cannot pay rent, cannot fit in with society.  They do not understand or know what to do to care for themselves let alone anyone else.  It was not long ago that  we called them by different  names.  They were bums, vagabonds, bindle-stiffs, beggars,  ner-do-wells, bridge dwellers, outcasts, crazies,  drunks, thieves, hermits, and these are just the names Rooster can recall.   Today the political correct people lump them all together as Homeless.  Talk about over simplification.   Liberals have never possessed robust common sense so maybe they see themselves in the abject homeless.  As each of us is different, so too, is a homeless person.  Each will have a mix of disabilities. We cannot cover them all here.  What is common among them is that they cannot cope.  Sleeping under bushes, covered in old rags and papers, and relieving themselves as needed is called not able to cope.  One of their most common personal problems is not self-abuse, but what we, today, call autism.  Other disabilities are common, but not as prevalent.  In the school world they often refer to children, with autism, as unemployables.  Now autism is a very broad word covering manifestations rather than causes..  Few are able to accept that Autism is a genetic defect and is not curable.  In some cases it can be modified, but never cured, at least with the knowledge we now possess.   In some  families an autistic child is protected at least until they reach 18.  As family cohesiveness has failed so has the caring.  This means more and more such disabled persons are left to beg and receive handouts. The common core of autism is a disabled common sense.  This is varied in all who have it. For example on one extreme you have the recluse who hides from reality. On the other you have the proverbial con/man or woman.  The latter can talk the talk, and walk the walk, but they have little concept of the consequences of their lies.   Between these extremes,  exists  an extensive common sense fog in which many wander in confusion.  The so called wise ones have failed to recognize that common sense is a very relevant aspect of clear thinking.  It is not tested for and it is not recognized as being as important as IQ. This dilemma, is for another day.   What we can now do is understand homeless people need societies help, every day.   It is a terrible abuse of common sense to let these lost souls flounder about like wounded animals.  We must demand of our Cities, Counties, and other Governments to face their obligation for providing  threshold care and attention.  For example if a law enforcement type determines one is “homeless”  they should have the power to place them in a facility that  can care for their physical and/or mental problems.  This screening process will be a social detention, not incarceration.  Some can be redirected.  Some will no doubt return to the status of homeless, but once again, as they are less and less capable of self-care, they at least will receive periodic attention.

In the 60s and beyond,  this was handled in a very causal but effective way.   Then the homeless who had fallen the furthest were arrested and placed in governmental care for a period of time.  They were cleaned, clothed, medicated, fed and rested.   These people developed rap sheets a mile long  for minor offenses such as disturbing the peace, trespass,  loitering, petty theft, drunkenness, etc.  The police, judges, etc. knew they were providing a public service no one else was willing to do. It was far more humane, than the liberal way of demanding homeless rights and especially demanding that they can continue to harm themselves and others around them.  Common sense tells us society must provide care and treatment or suffer the consequences.

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(OR;  Obama kills Keystone, & Portugal Socialist kill Peace.)

    Rooster sees a parallel between Obama killing the Keystone Pipeline and Socialist in Portugal joining forces to kill a successful and peaceful government.

    To bring you up to speed, the WSJ reported both items under their section “Nation and World”.   Obama, by Executive dictate, “kills proposal for Keystone pipeline” which is the proposed pipeline across the U.S. to transport oil from Canada.  Safer than trucks and trains, Amen.  The State Department ruled that it would have a negative environmental impact and Obama previously said if that was so, he would support it.  Once it was so, he flopped the flip and says he is now against it because the pipe would carry “Dirty Oil”.   Of course the denial fits because of his war on Global Warming through world control. The point is his refusal is a clear denial of the people’s choice, a clear reckless disregard for our economy, and a clear failure of common sense.  Obama not only appears to be a closet Muslim, but at the same time  is a dedicated socialist/communist.  Both belief systems are devoted to a one world rule.  Islam does it with Allah’s help, and Communism does it without a God.  Obama does not know which horse to ride, but in his own words he probably would side with Islam.  You can search his mind and the corners of the Oval Office, and you will not find Mr. Common Sense anywhere about.

    Across the pond, in Portugal you find the same absence of that elusive gentleman.   The WSJ byline is “2 leftist parties say they’ll work together.”  What it then says is that the Communist party and Socialist Party have reached an agreement to vote together to destroy the existing middle of the road coalition which has been turning the country around from financial collapse.

    In both you have to observe a weird mind set which is bound and determined to destroy and to hell with the people.  Both Obama’s brain and the brains of the Portuguese left rejoice at the destruction of that which they do not like.  The “like” part has little to do with logic, or common sense.  In this regard there is a very disturbing correlation between them and the typical mass killer who lashes out at what he is emotionally against.   This brainless desire to destroy cannot really be called idiotic or insane because there are simply too many who think the same. In every society it is the common sense vs the common senseless. The latter opt to destroy rather than to debate and work out compromise. It is S.A.D.


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(OR: Obama gave away the Ice Cream in China.)

One of the greatest frauds being committed on United States Citizens is China’s selling inferior products.  We still think of  “American Standards”, but  we are receiving Chinese junk.  The inferiority is so great that it is fraudulent.   Of course Obama did not even have this on his list when he sat down in an oriental purple what-ever, last week.  Rooster wants you to join him in demanding  “American Made”.  If none, complain and call a spade a spade.

Anyone who has traded in Asia, knows the reputation of the national Chinese. They are shrewd business dealers. They are in a habit of getting blood out of a turnip.  We are the turnip.  Obviously Obama has never done business with them, because they got to him on this visit, in a big way.  He got nothing.

Any casual reader of the news has read repeated situations where Chinese buy an existing company with a good reputation. It is not just in our Country.  What they do next is use the good reputation, to sell junk at high prices.  They deliver inferior products and pocket the difference.  Sometimes they do the same thing by buying, not just one company, but several of the suppliers for a product. They then low ball the price and force out of business any they have not bought.   This conduct produces cheap products both in quality and durability .   For too long American people,  have had bad leaders with no international business skills. They have allowed this fraud to go on.   When was the last time you heard an American leader demand we buy American.   Never.   When was the last time you heard any American leader demand that foreign products meet American Standards?  Never. When was the last time an American Leader made a demand that we set high standards to which foreign producers must meet.  Never.

Here is a great example.  Today, if there is an American Company that makes an electric icecream maker with all parts made in America,  Rooster cannot find them.    In the past White Mountain Products used to make one that would last 15 years or so.  They made them to American high standards set by industry.   Not today.  The former company’s name is just one owned by the conglomerate, Jarden Corporation.  This investment group is riding on past reputations, to milk every dollar they can..  The dollar profit is the goal, and to hell with American reputation or consumer satisfaction.   Behind them is the Chinese cheap product aiding the fraud.   The present White Mountain Ice Cream maker with the Chinese electric motor and housing is a piece of trash.   The old reputation of 15 years life is used to sell, but they deliver 1 or two years of use.  That is called fraud.   Rooster found one where a small local company “ Mountain Feed and Farm Supply”, advertised the same machine as “American Made”.  Rooster asked them if it was in fact all made in the U.S.  This small company then called White/Jarden and was told that it was made in China.  The sales people had mislead this small company. To its credit it immediately removed the “American Made” label when they learned the truth.    Today if you try to find any smallish electric motor made in the U.S.  you had better go to EBay and buy an old one.   At least the motors we used to make can be rebuilt.   The Chinese pieces of junk cannot. Rooster also gave up on Chinese Popcorn makers and finally found an old U.S. made one on EBay.  It was cheaper than the Chinese Junks and works great.

Jarden Corporation would comply with high American Standards if there were any left.  Our Government needs to set Standards, not tariffs. This is what Obama should have demanded on his China trip, instead of lowering himself to wear a purple jump suit—— made in China.

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