(Or:  The Phantom of Obama’s Opera)

Let us understand that the Benghazi cover up has the potential to be the last straw in  Obama’s Barnyard.  It will be far more important that the next debate.  The reason, is  it will be in the daily  news , until the election.   The Debate is just  a one nighter in this sordid  opera  .   Did you notice that in the first two debates ,  when Obama and Biden directed their eyes at the camera, those eyes looked  beady?   Not the eyes of a common sense person trying to communicate, but rather those of a wild animal caught in a trap.

The Benghazi cover up began with the intentional killing of our Ambassador to Libya, and three other Americans trying to defend him.  Two of them were former Seals who happened to be in the area.  They were volunteers, not  security.  You must not forget that the killing took place in a supposed safe house near the official building.  In other words the attackers had better intelligence than we did.   Moreover, beyond a reasonable doubt, there was no riot or even a small gathering of folks before the attack.  The Ambassador was on the move and the attackers knew precisely where he was going.

Now who is the  Phantom of this Opera?   Who is that person or group  that invented this cover-up?   Who planned the immediate response that the cause was some unknown, (To Most) T.V. production .  Who spent the time looking for it and any other anti Mohammed gigs to ID and put on the shelf.?  Facts are  the Obama team used the cover before the Ambassador’s blood was dry.  The UN Ambassador,  Ms. Rice (Obama’s choice), hit the deck, a running with the story that the Video was the cause of it all.  The same story spilled out of the White House as told by anyone who could get to a mike.   Even Obama repeated the same lament, before the World at his address to the United Nations.  What happened to the classic response, “We must reserve comment, while the investigation continues.”   Not a normal moment , here.  Obama and his minions, immediately began  apologizing and directing all fault on some hapless parolee in Southern California.  Free speech took a hit.

What stands out, is that this instant cover-up, was not instantaneous.   It was on the shelf.  It was planned, just as the attack in Benghazi was planned.    It is as if some brain dead person decided to have an instant cover, for  attacks on the  anniversary of 9/11.    Common sense compels this conclusion.   Some  person or group, had decided to deflect any such attack from the real reason, “The memory of the  Islamic killing of some 3000 of our people”.   (Please recall the jubilation though out the Islamic countries on 9/11 as the people celebrated their victory over the twin towers.) , The deeper question is why was this cover prepared,  and who is responsible?   Remember Harry Truman had on his desk, “The Buck Stops Here.”    This Buck  must stop at Obama’s desk;   however, fixing responsibility is not the end of the last scene.  Obama is not a micro manager.  He is a two bit actor with Islamic roots.  Who then is the director, the producer, the financial backer of this Phantom of the Opera?  Is it Media Matters and its financial backers, like Georgie Sorros ( What was his real name anyway?) or some silent group of Saudi Saints, seeking world domination?  As you think about this, be expansive, and inventive. The Rooster does not know, but somebody does.   That somebody is not a friend of the United States of  America.  That non-friend controls what comes out of the White House.  That control is reckless, chaotic and very dangerous.

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             (OR:  Big Daddy Long Legs, tells them at the G 20)


Today,   in the news, you may have  heard a brief statement from a Russian Diplomat saying that our Secretary of  Distaste, Lurch, was a liar.  Opps!! A media mistake followed. Nothing further was heard, but it happened.  Just as Rooster suggested in his last article, the gas attack was more likely to have come from those fighting the Syrian Government, than the Government.  Just common sense, Amigo,.  We now have a message from one of the bad guy leaders, Nidan Baloosh (something like that) who says they did it.  Probably true.  Remember most of the rebel held territory is that part up against Iraq.  Wasn’t it Iraq’s gas that made its way into Syria?  Of Course! and the Rebels probably have some or all of it.

The big story is not that the gas was probably  used by the Rebels who have little to lose by doing so.   As Ed Sullivan used to say, THE REALLY BIG SHOW”  is that Obama and his caddies would try to start a war based on such a lie. Those  who pay attention to the little things, know Progressives are very good at the big lie.   Now why would the Sunni Obama want to do that?  The reason is written in history.   A war gets everyone off little naggie things like the bad use of the IRS, the Bengasi disaster, the Financial Meltdown that is beginning, Buying and giving US guns to Mexican drug lords,  the failure of the Socialist Medical plan (Obama is spending some 8 million to advertize it.), the destruction of our Armed forces by not supporting it, like pushing horny 20 year old boys and girls together in the same barracks (Sexual abuse there is now a major problem.) and of course, not the last, the spying on all of us by our benevolent Pig Brother.  Obama is acting  just like FDR.  Rather than tackling the root cause of the depression, rather than putting companies back to work, rather than providing tax incentives to small business to bolster up the middle class, FDR played with socialist things like the WPA and NRA.  His most important  government stimulus plan  was selling war material to Great Britain and France.   Get the idea?   Government pays for the guns and trucks, creating government dependent jobs, and sells them to other Governments.  FDR needed war to have us forget all his mistakes, and  give him permission to socialize the country.   It is a sad story that repeats over and over.

Obama is like a cat covering up a mess.  War is his hoped for answer, and his caddie’s just pick up the mess and move to the next hole.  This Morning Sunni Obama spoke to the world while in friendly Russia.   Did you listen?  Nice stage.   Do you know who paid for all those news people to be there?   You did.  Spontaneous?   No, he planned it all.   The most startling statement from your President, was that there was no doubt in his mind that Assad pulled the trigger on the gas used to kill civilians.   Funny,  Nidad says he did.  To say Assad did the deed with no physical evidence that he did, is pure and simple a lie of major proportions.

Rooster can not help but believe there is the Sunni/Shiite hate element here.   Obama denies he is a Muslim, but his step father and Kenyan Father were Sunnis.   Sunnis hate Shiites  and visa versa and they kill each other as often as they can.  Proof is Iraq where the two Islamic faiths are in constant battle.  Right now they are killing each other at about 30 a day.   Obama favors Sunnis and Assad is a Shiite.  Just maybe this is why he wants to destroy the Syrian Government—–,or maybe his lies simply are a cover up.  Clearly, however truth is not present and accounted for.




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June , 2013


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Rooster Bradford  is a former lawyer, politician and radio show host of “The Rooster Crows”   He is the author of several books and articles.  You can obtain his most recent book,  “It is S.A.D.” from  Amazon-Kindle.


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(Or:  If you can’t out number’em, out think’em)


Everyone agrees, “We live in an imperfect world”. Having said that, disagreement begins to abound.    Still we can find near unanimous agreement that, “ Absolute power corrupts absolutely”. A few other well accepted common sense things have broad acceptance.  For example, “You cannot get blood out of a turnip.”  or “You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink.”   After that it becomes more difficult to discuss such subjects, because we begin to realize that a good 1/3 of every society cannot or will not think beyond lunch.  Most of this 1/3 have CSD (common sense deficiency).  Those common sense concepts that are beat into their heads will be accepted, but not because they thought it out.  Only the repetition by those they follow may work.  Everything else is difficult.  Having CSD creates insecurity.  Those with it hide behind closed doors, under  addiction, or behind a façade.   Obama has the latter two.  He smokes and hides it.  His false front is his smile,  ready hand shake, and his story telling.  Most importantly is his ability to say what makes him feel good even  if it is a lie.  However the point of this article is not Obama.

The point is, how can we preserve freedom and liberty understanding that 1/3 or so of the population will not be able to think correctly on serious subjects. They will tend to give up freedom for security.    Those who struggled to get our Constitution accepted (it took years) dealt with this problem.   To get support they had to come up with the first 10 amendments to additionally limit the Federal Governments power.   Without these restrictions on government, the Constitution would never have been accepted.  Actually the first 9 amendments are specific checks on Governmental power.  The last, or 10th was a wrap up, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States or to the people.”

Ok, the founders understood the insecure would trade freedom for bread and a warm blanket.  They did not understand the coming of socialism and communism with the bread and blankets they carry.  They did not see the intensity of the evil ones using those afflicted with CSD.   Fortunately we have the game book of these evil ones.   Actually it is many books and pamphlets which they have created to convert others to their thinking.  In them they lay out their wish list or bucket list.   From these publications  we know what  they believe is  necessary to take freedom and liberty and substitute absolute power.

If we thinkers ever have the opportunity, we must take the progressive wish list and undo it, with amendments to the Constitution.  We could add to what the founders did.  A second “Bill of Rights” could prohibit the things progressives need to accumulate power.   We simply take the things they think are important, and prohibit the Federal government from doing them.   For example the following proposed amendments would do the trick.

The Federal government is prohibited from controlling healthcare. Any assistance to healthcare is reserved to the States and charity.

The Federal Government is prohibited from using poverty as a reason to control any aspect of its limited jurisdiction. .

There can be no Federal Debt carried over from one year to the next.

The second amendment does mean that every citizen, other than a felon, or one judicially declared mental unstable, has the right to own and carry in public a weapon, such as a gun.

The Federal Government is prohibited from providing welfare.  All welfare shall be totally controlled by the individual State and local community.

Education is reserved to the individual State and the Federal Government is prohibited from directing or conducting education except in its service schools, and that necessary for its employees to carry out their functions.

Religion is a set of beliefs in the hereafter, and the Federal Government has the specific duty to not interfere in its free practice anywhere, except where necessary to preserve the peace.

The Federal government is prohibited from doing anything which might cause preference of a race, gender, or age. (This is to stop dividing the population.)

The Federal Government has an absolute duty to control immigration, and prevent the breach of our borders by anyone.

To send American troops into combat or the threat of combat, outside the territory of the U.S. will require Congressional approval of both houses.

The above 10 could be added to the constitution as a single amendment.   It should be labeled the Second Bill of Rights.  Each part is so important we cannot allow a divide and conquer campaign to defeat it.

It is possible.    If we suffer a terrible chaos, we thinkers might be able to control the future using the old “Change” slogan.  Obama did and look at the millions of glassy eyed zombies he got to follow him.


PROTEST:  FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG.  It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.

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(Or:   Bar food is not free)

The Progressive war cry “Wealth must be redistributed”, is not true. In fact it is so obviously un- true, it must knowingly be made to mislead. The Rooster has discussed this issue from other points of view, but the falseness of this war cry must be addressed and exposed.

The truth is in the obvious facts.   The average human being, in an affluent society, lives only about 75 years.  That is peanuts in the life of mankind and certainly in a society.   No one has ever taken his or her wealth with them.  It is all left right here in River City.   The odds are it will be left to heirs who will spend it on themselves and Society.   The overwhelming facts are that the heirs, with a very few exceptions, will simply live off the wealth until it is dispersed.   Regarding the exceptions, their numbers are very small.  Even if they take the wealth and double it, the odds of the next generation creating another such exception is extremely rare.  Unearned wealth promotes laziness and lack of industry, because the need to make a profit is gone.   The lack of motive is private wealth’s cancer.

A very few of the wealthy will,  during their life time, understand this,  and try to have their wealth do good things for a period of time beyond their lives. The donor of hundreds of community libraries, Andrew Carnegie, comes to mind.  The wise ones will create trusts, endowment funds, etc., but these depositories of wealth are not controlled by the wealth makers.  They are controlled by those living off of them and so in time will disappear.  They will either be downsized, dissolved, or merged.   The point is no one has figured out how to have his or her hologram continue dancing without paying the electric bill.  Without the profit seeker in charge, the electric bill will get all out of shape and not be paid. The hologram will just fade away.

The above is provable beyond a reasonable doubt. Well not the part about the hologram.  So how is it the liberals cry, “Redistribute wealth” continues to be held up as a truth?   It is a corner stone of progressive agendas.   The explanation is the criers are not interested in waiting two or three generations for the wealth to be naturally redistributed.  They want to take it NOW, for their benefit.  They do not want to let nature take its course for the benefit of others.  It is sad to know they can blame Global warming on you, but cannot take blame for wanting to take your wealth NOW.    You see what they want, is instant gratification, NOW.   It is difficult to see any difference between their creating a law to take it, and a man holding a gun in your ribs to take it.   The progressive and the gun tote’n thief both, want your wealth, without working for it, and they want it NOW.  These onerous laws are the very reason so many Citizens try to protect their wealth in foreign places.  These bad laws simply create more bad laws, like the Foreign Accounts Tax Compliance Act. (FACTA) where the progressives use legislative guns to force foreigners to identify your accounts in their countries.

There is no natural law which supports this progressive corner stone.   It fails the litmus test of reality.  So how is it the Progressive who lives next door or just down the street can support such a lie?   Ignorance, greed, and common sense deficiency are explanations.   It is also a lack of courage to face the fact that it is theft.   They paint it pretty colors and put on fancy clothes and call it compassion, but it is not.  It is still what it is, a lie.  Making a law to steal does not change the character of the act.  The only rational justification for paying taxes is to receive consideration for the money paid out.  When the taking far exceeds the needs, the Government becomes the worst type of criminal syndicate.


PROTEST:  FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG.  It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution. Wc 675  Rooster Bradford, gives up all rights to this article and seeks no compensation for its use. June 2014.


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First we must understand progressives  are generally common sense deficient.  This disability allows them to make destructive decisions, not worry about it  and  tell lies to  “getter done” .   Second, this destruction  of the  California’s Judicial System is not about the existence of courts , judges and attorneys. They still exist.  We are talking about the substance and social value of the system.

Let’s take a look at the typical California Court System as it existed up to the 60s. The destructive  work of progressives started  then.  At that time  the trial courts were of three types.   Justice courts, for very small places.  Municipal courts and Superior Courts, co-existed in  bigger places.    Each court was allotted certain business based on the amount of the controversy, or the nature of the crime.   The wages paid in the Justice courts and the Municipal courts were much less than those paid for the Superior Court.  Each Trial court generally had one bailiff and one clerk.  Court Reporters were on call.  The bailiffs were generally older or disabled Marshalls or Sheriffs.  The overhead was low.   In those times Judges were appointed, as they are now, by Governors and the latter tended to pick buddies and people with the same philosophy.   Back in those days there were Republican and Democrat Governors,  but they did not live on different sides of the moon.   Appointments were more or less even on both sides, and most of those appointed  believed in the Constitution.  They worshipped the Rule of law. It  was sacred.

In the 60s the body of lawyers, called the Bar, consisted of men and women who went to a few very good law schools across the nation.   There were no fly-by-night law schools. The Bar, unlike the Medical profession, did not have a system of internship.  What it did have was a system of Pro-bono work that new Lawyers were encouraged to perform. This acted as a hands on training system. This meant a new attorney would spend time defending folks, and advising folks for free.  This acted as an internship.  A typical graduate of USC law school could spend time on the Federal and State indigent panels representing folks and donate time at Legal Aids giving free legal advice.  It was great experience .  Law students then received a good schooling on the rule of law, the duties they owed to  Judges and the Courts, and what the Constitution and Republic was all about.

The first progressive torpedo was to destroy pro bono work, first in the Criminal field, by creating a  Public Defender.  None had existed for 100s of years.  This was the end to the ad-hoc internship. The progressive’s whine was that the poor were not being treated fairly.  Heard that before?  The Public Defender office simply became bureaucrats, more interested in their vacations and retirement than the Bar.   The poor suffered.   Worst of all the progressives put no limits on who the Public Defender could defend.  Anyone, rich or not, could and can  get their advise at your expense.   This means, of course, that the Bureaucrats, doing  what they do best, increased their power,   More clients, has meant they can demand more taxpayer’s dollars., and have a bigger empire.  The progressives also created Legal aid organizations paid for by you which took over the pro bono civil work performed by the young lawyers.

The second bomb was to demand more law schools so the poor would be better represented.   What was then created were law schools hell bend on getting good ratings based on how many of  their students passed the bar exam.  To hell with ethics, the Constitution and the rule of law.  These test schools sprouted like wild grass after a spring rain.

As a result we had too many lawyers and not enough business. Pro bono was destroyed and the average lawyer sometimes made minimum wage.  This made them hungry.   Taxpayers also had pushed on them such things as the Federal Program of Legal aid for the poor.  Like Acorn it became a hotbed of liberals destroying such things as land lord and tenant relationships.  They even passed out hand books on how to screw a landlady.  The cure,  the progressives said, (who now dominated the Trial Lawyers clubs),  was to allow advertizing.   Up to this time the rule was, (had been for 100s of years),  that a lawyer could not advertize, not even in the yellow pages. Why not?  Advertizing creates fraud and bad ethics in what is supposed to be a profession guided  by ethics.  So progressives opened the doors and you have what you have today……Big Business in TV adds etc trying to find litigants.  Never existed before the early 60s.   A part of this was to allow class actions, to spread greed and bad conduct.  Back then when a lawyer died, the firm could not use his or her name.  It was a misrepresentation and was not allowed.   Progressives  have allowed the dead lawyers name to stay on the door. Being star crazy, they love false facades.

What happened was that all the self control  of lawyers and judges  was whipped away.   Demanding ethics  disappeared, only to exist in a few honorable members, who kept and keep their mouths shut.  Professionalism died.

Now we have lottery litigation as well as lawsuits, designed to obtain millions of dollars from companies, to put in trust waiting for lawyers to  find clients to share some of the ill gotten gain.   It is Ill gotten, because it really is extortion.   Tobacco and Asbestos come to mine as good examples.

If you want to find proof take a look at the Court rooms themselves.  Shadows of their former glory.   Progressives got rid of Justice Courts, mostly, and all of the Municipal courts, so now we just have one Superior Court staffed by much higher paid people, using much more of tax payers money to keep it going.   With the break down of the rule of law and Ethics, the courts became dangerous places.   In all significant California Superior courts, you now have to go through a Metal Detector manned by high paid peace officers. Worse you are suspect even in the court room where several law enforcement types will even stand close to any attorney who dares to challenge the Judge or system.  Their conduct is threatening  and closes many mouths.  Progressives can not stand criticism.  No longer can the attorney, no matter how well respected, just walk in the back rooms and chit chat with staff and the Judge.  Now those areas are like bunkers and protected by the highest security.   No longer do the clerks take court documents over the counter.  Now, after the metal detector, and maybe a pat down to make certain you have no weapon, the clerks all hide behind bullet proof glass, afraid to be friendly.

The worst part is that with all the Recent leftist Governors the appointment of evenly balanced thinking judges has not happened in years.    Now each appointee is a left political activists.  There are a few exceptions but they keep quite and hide their true feelings.

Yes Progressives have really brought progress.   They, as they always do, throw down 100s of years of trial and error,  and adopt only error.   They have destroyed our judicial system in California and other States. That is just one part of our Republic.  They want to destroy it all.




Rooster Bradford, gives up all rights to this article and seeks no compensation for its use.


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Rooster Bradford  is a former lawyer Constitutional expert , politician and radio show host of “The Rooster Crows”   He is

the author of several books and articles.  You can obtain his most recent book,  “It is S.A.D.” from  Amazon-Kindle.

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(OR:  If you do not know who the Saracens were, read on)

     It is time to revisit why United States is  doing anything in the Middle East.  It is especially necessary to review the history of this mess.   If you think 9/11 was the beginning you must continue reading, because you have been asleep.

     Many years ago Rooster took a comparative Religion Course when a student at Stanford University.  Of all the courses taken this one impressed him the most. Through it many explanations of human relationship were exposed, especially with Islam.

     Before we discuss the reasons for being in the Middle East, let us consider whether we can afford to be there.   The simple truth is we cannot.  Part of our huge debt and social unease has been mostly caused by Progressive Presidents who lead us into. WW 1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, and the Middle East. Add the terrible drain of resources to make gifts all over the world, and here at home and you have a debt no one can even comprehend. These conflicts have been massive drains on our manpower and gross national product.  United States is broke which is good reason not to go.  Our Empty-suit President will not let a lack of money stop him from spending.   It did not stop the Bushes or even Clinton.  Every day we drain away our value is a bad day for America, its constitution and its law.  Every such day is another nail in our Nation’s wooden box.

     Back to the initial question.  Why are we in the Middle East anyway?  It is because of a Religion and way of life we know as Islam. There is nothing peaceful about it.   The Muslims are the people who blindly follow the words of their Koran. They are brainwashed, and easily radicalized.  History is your calendar.  The storm of Islam began when Mohammed started his religion in the 600s.  From the moment he had enough followers he lead them to spread their word, (not by boys in suits going door to door), but by the sword.   They were called Saracens for many years.  The words Islam and Muslim came latter.  That is another story.  There are many sources on the www to find this calendar. Just type in “Islam conquest” and read on.   The initial spread of Islam was by terror, brutal killings and mass destruction.  When they took a village or tribe, the victors simply demanded “Convert or die”.  That same simple effective demand is used to chase non- believers onto mountain tops, today.  In the early days there were no guns, planes or bombs.  They rode horses, camels, and waved scimitars and other metal cutting things.  They raped pillaged and tore the hell out of every new place.  They did this all across North Africa, into Spain into France.  In the Mediterranean they swarmed over Sicily into Italy. Their northern route was, through Turkey, into Eastern Europe. They set up housekeeping in the conquered lands and stole everything they needed.  Their armies of thugs fell victim to the age old story which causes defeat.  They went far beyond what they could supply and control.  It was not until the various Muslim armies were weakened by this expansion that the non-believers began to push back.   This went on from 650 until the last of the medieval crusades of around 1291.  When the last of the Crusaders were defeated in the Middle East, the Muslims began to recover some strength.  They practiced on each other, charging around in the dust and dryness yelling Allah Akbar.  Their poorness kept them at bay. They did this for another 600 years or so until the early 1900s when oil was discovered lying just under the impoverished surface.  With oil came wealth.  With wealth the various sects of Islam began to explore the use of TNT, petrol running vehicles and machine guns.  What fun.  They even established some central control thru what they call the Caliphate. (Top guy).  The primary Muslim Caliphate was located in Turkey.  Unfortunately for him, Turkey decided on world domination riding on the backs of the Germans in WW I.  That did not turn out so well.   The leaders of the Allies, mostly Britain, clearly understood the evil of Islam.  They set about dismantling the Ottoman Empire and incidentally the Caliphate.  It was done on purpose to destroy central leadership in Islam.  All this brings us to 1918 or so. Islam took a big hit.   It did not recover by the time WW 2 showed up.  When this war was over the Allied leadership, especially Churchill, knew they had to do something to cripple Islam and free women.  He said so before that war when he said in 1899,

“The fact that in Mohammad law every women must

belong to some man as his absolute property…must

 delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of

 Islam has ceased to be a great power among men.”

     To this purpose the principal allied leaders, (even old Uncle Joe in Russia who had his own problems with Islam), backed a plan to establish a non- Islamic country in the middle of the Middle East.  This country was to act as a buffer and protect Christian holy places there.  The country became Israel.  It was done under cover of private enterprise, but it took only 3 years for the Jewish State to be established. It was not spontaneous.  Britain with help from the holocaust spearheaded the move.   Now you know why President Obama threw out Churchill’s Bust from the Oval Office.  It was not because of British rule in Kenya, (Obama never personally felt that.) it was because of Churchill’s leadership to create Israel.  Churchill is deeply hated in Islam as much or more than Muslims hate Israel.  If any one man should be credited or condemned for Israel it is he.

     With oil wealth, it has taken 70 years for Islam to regain its footing.  Its inability to really have clout is more due to its division and internal wars than to anything else.  Just look at Iraq today for proof.  Again there were wise men who helped promote viable Islamic sects.   The animosity between the Persians (Iranians) and run of the mill Arabs helped.  Other geographical factors assisted, such as the isolation of the Kurds. Yet two factors of Islam have pushed it across the globe.  They are, intolerance of non- believers, and an astounding birth rate.

     The point is that since its inception Islam has been hell bent on world domination. Because it combines religion with government it is particularly dangerous.  Communism missed the boat when it denied religion. .   Our Government purposefully avoided this power grab by guaranteeing religious freedom.   Not so Islam.   The only thing that has kept it out of the world capitols has been, first it’s over expansion in the buggy and shay day, and then the connivance of non- Islamic leaders after WW 1 and 2.   Islamic leaders know it has been check mate for them.   All the more reason you should know they have a plan to take over the world with population and subtle infiltration.  In the process they hit us and scare us with their continually brutal killings of Christians and lesser sects of their own religion.  They will never recognize Israel and their passionate desire to kill Jews, knows no bounds.

     Because of the world conflict between Islam and everyone else Obama wanted us out of the Middle East.  Because of Islamic tactics we are still there and Obama will screw up the present problem but continue his withdrawal.  Islam will continue its assault.  Churchill was so right.  The only way is to keep an Islamic sword from cutting off your head is to cut off the hands that hold it. Offense wins.  Defense does not.

PROTEST:  FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG.  It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.

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Rooster Bradford, gives up all rights to this article and seeks no compensation for its use.  2014.

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