(OR: Mirror–Mirror on the wall who is the most politically correct.)

Live and let live, is not something progressives say or agree with.   They believe in living by rules. Rules they set.  Jump this high, not that high is the typical progressive mantra. Yet, many of them will say “Live and let Live” and expect you to believe them.  Do you?

The similarity of the above is found in the most recent Greek Vote.  In case you missed it, the Progressives, communists, socialist (whatever), just took over about 1/2 of the legislature with approximately 1/3 of the vote.  Doing so is possible when a Country has many parties, as does Greece.  The reason for their election was because a minority was dissatisfied with austerity.  The reason for the austerity was because former progressives destroyed the economy with overspending, in an attempt to make their typical progressive false promises come true.  Common sense tells anyone, you cannot spend beyond your means without chaos.  But let’s get back on point.

The success of the progressives in Greece is a mirror of what happens in many Countries where Democracy has been or is being tried.   In fact it occurred here in 2008 and 2012.  Progressives  lie.  They tell non- thinkers what they want to hear, with no intent of making it happen.  Obama telling the gullible that they could keep their doctor if they wanted, and that his health care would be cheaper is a great example.  Thinking  people,  with sufficient IQ and a robust common sense, knew Obama lied.  Here, as in Greece, the opposition did not call progressives on their lies. There the progressives said voting for them meant the end of austerity, implying good times.  That is the lie.   No one took them to task.  No one shouted to the roof tops, that the great Con was loose in the neighborhood.  In the US the opposition, such as  McCain,  and  Romney, did not want to sound harsh, or mean spirited.  So it was in Greece.  Lies win when political correctness is the rule in the playing field.

Of course the success of the lies has a deeper problem.  Rooster has said many times, that in any population about 1/3 are going to be common sense disabled.  These are the dupes.  These are the ones who will fawn and weep for the liar, because they are desperate for good news.  They cannot cope with unpleasant reality.   They are ready for the lie to work. They will fall for it taking all the line and sinker.  The Con knows that.   There are only two ways to battle this disability.  Either forbid the non- thinker from voting (Use a public awareness test.) or damn, political correctness, and full speed ahead.  This means call out the progressive, for their falseness.  Of course you can temper the response.  You do not have to say, “You are a liar”.  You can say, “What you say is absolutely false and you should be ashamed trying to fool people”.

As you think about those running for President, let this be your ultimate test.  Will the person get on the tallest soap box and point their finger and demand the truth.  If not then keep looking.


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(OR:  Now these are oranges and these are apples, get it?)

First we thinkers must agree on a couple of things.  Number one, the average person does not want to think about evil.  Second, average people want to be tolerant of different beliefs.  Why?   It is the natural desire to live in peace, free of daily fear, and make it into heaven, if there is one.

In the world of beliefs, about the hereafter,  Islam stands out markedly different. This difference is what the average thinking person would call essential evil.   It is not that they call their God, Allah. It is not that they have distinctive churches or tall  places where a religious chanter can disturb the peace of the neighborhood. It is not that they have a distinctive way of dressing.   No,  it is none of these as  many religions do similar things. It is that they will kill and terrorize to convert you to their belief.  That is what the Islamic State and Al Qaeda are doing every day– today. .

Forget the peaceful Muslim because they, by their own indifference, are not relevant.  When you think of Islam you must identify with the Radicals, because it is they who rule the day.

Now think about this.   All religions want to grow and become bigger.  It is the nature of one human trying to get others to go along with their ideas.   Think of it as a comfort zone.  Catholics feel more comfortable with other Catholics.  Hindus feel safer with other Hindus.   Even atheist have less stress with like-minded folks. Clearly Muslims feel more secure with other Muslims around them.   Each religion tries to expand.  Think of the Mormon Church.  They have a huge missionary network.  If you are observant you can see them at work.  Generally they work in pairs and always dress semi formally. They are hard at work to obtain converts.  Most protestant preachers and their followers go out of their way to meet with and counsel with nonbelievers to gain more membership. The Pope, as this is written, in on a world tour to do the same.   Islam is different.   Most all other religions rely on the old and new testament.  Some do not, but only one Religion follows Gods word in the Koran.  Think of this difference.  The Bible, the Hindu books of Veda etc. are all hearsay.  That is they represent the word of a supreme being as told by a human.  Muslims do not have to deal with hearsay.  They have Gods words.  Mohamad, who could not write, dictated, (some time after he came out of the cave), the exact words of their Allah.  Muslims do not see a hearsay problem with that.

Like most religions Islam’s leaders recognized long ago that it was much easier to have a new born as a follower, than to go out, like the Mormon’s (and others) and convert them by persuasion.  Certainly the Catholic Church is a grand example of pushing this way to grow.  No contraception and 12 kids is just dandy.  Islam has carried this to an extreme.   Muslims believe they must have as many children as they can.  It is Allah’s will.   This is one of the reasons they congregate around welfare systems that will allow them to do just that.   However, unlike all other significant religions today, Islam does not just depend on birth rates or logic.

Allah has, via the Koran, dictated to them, many times, that non-believers are infidels who should be converted under threat of violence, if need be.  If they will not then they should be killed or turned into slaves.   The initial spread of Islam out of Mecca (Try to remember there was no Islam before then.), around 600 BC,  was by the sword and conquest.  Islamic tribes simply defeated a village, killed the leaders, and demanded the remainder to convert or die.   In this manor their ranks swelled and they marched into France through Spain.  They marched into Italy via Sicily.  They marched into North Africa and worked their way south.  They hop scotched over Hindus and Buddhists and killed their way into the Philippines.  They never have done well against a large Army well organized and lead.  This is what defeated them in France, Italy, protected the Hindus and Buddhists and that is what the Crusades were all about. (European Christians trying to help out Constantinople Christians, and keep the Holy lands free.).  Current proof is the two Gulf Wars and the continuous terrorism in the rest of the world. Bookmark “http://thereligionofpeace.com/for a daily world body count.

The grave difference is not just terrorism and not just the Koran.   It is that Islam is, like Communism/Socialism, a way of life.   A way of life that demands conformity.  They call it Sharia law, which follows the Koran.  Now maybe you understand why you cannot be tolerant of a Muslim. You cannot turn the other cheek, because they will take advantage.    The radical ones will see to it. The peaceful ones will stand by and stay out of the way.

A Muslim in control gives you just two choices.   Convert or Die.  If you refuse you must fight fire with fire. You must destroy them or convert them.  It is a whole lot easier to do the first than it is to do the latter.

PROTEST:  FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG.  It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.

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(OR:   Sometimes the easy fix is just too easy.)

Most are wondering how to get a grip on Islam to reduce its threat to free societies.  For over 20 years we have been burning sand in the Middle East and getting nowhere. Russia and Britain wasted many years there as well.  At home there is no way we can protect ourselves from the self-developed nut cakes who want to die for Allah.

There is little to no hope that our leaders have the guts to identify this as a religious war, or crusade. There is no hope our leaders or the UN will call upon all Muslim leaders to clean house.  Is there something short of that which would work and not cost us much?  Yes, there is, but again you need leaders who can belly up to the bar.

The answer is OIL.   If our leaders simply issued an executive order (You now know how easy that is.) that no oil can be purchased from any country which does not condemn and actively work to rid the planet of terrorism, oil would stop flowing from the middle east and places like Venezuela.  Actually Congress could pass such a law, God wiling.  At the same time Canada, the US, and Mexico could work out a pack that all their oil would be dedicated to their own use first.  This would also require an open door for oil development and a muzzle on wacko environmentalist.  The financial impact in the three countries would be excellent. Think of the new jobs created.    There is enough oil to do this, without too much angst.  Once the development kicked in the angst would be over.

It would be nice if Europe and China would also agree.  Europe could by buying our excess and opening up Russia oil.  Russia has no love for Muslims so it should work.

The result would be an immediate depression in the Middle East and in rogue countries like Venezuela.  Money to wage jihad etc. would shrink.  The present government in Venezuela would collapse, much easier than the established Muslim countries.  Even in the latter there would be major internal strife.

Countries like France, with 6 or so million Muslims, could demand that resident Muslims reject sharia law and conform to the customs and laws of France, or be removed. Many would conform since the support from the Middle East would have gone with the wind.

You see what kept the Muslim threat subdued was the inevitable poverty it creates upon itself.   Islam lives in a barbaric form of the dark ages. Only the world’s demand for oil gave them money to burn.   When the progressive environmentalist were shutting down our domestic oil in the 60s the demand in the Middle East shot thru the roof.  1965 to 85 was a boom time for those Countries.  This affluence gave the terrorist side a boost.  The oil glut in the world, of the 80s caused oil to fall to $10.00 a barrel in 1986.  Depression hit them and they shut down their effort for world domination.  1987 saw the start of the Palestine/Israel conflicts, but they were mostly internal.  No other big deal came along until oil regained its price per barrel.

Point is if Europe and the North American Countries stopped buying Middle East  oil Islamic terror would dry up in a heartbeat.   What oil they would sell to the rest of the world would be insufficient to fund world conflict.  This would not get rid of Islam, but would leave it to suffer its own sores.   The only wild card is China, but with a unified front China would help.  After all they have their own problems with Muslims and no love is lost.

PROTEST:  FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG.  It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.

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(Or:  War ain’t like it used to be Father McGee.)

WAKE UP CALL:  This article was written two days before three or more Muslims attacked and killed 12 or more journalists in Paris. The French police, will have a terrible problem finding the Islamic gunman because the Paris Government gave up policing in the Muslim communities some time ago.  An additional complication is that Muslims will not clean their own house.  They will not turn in the bad guys for two reasons. (1) They fear for their own lives and (2) The Koran (Words of God.) demand they aide and assist eliminating the world of infidelsRemember it was the Progressives of Europe who demanded political correctness regarding Islam and opened Christian doors.  . This atrocity in Paris will stimulate the non-Muslim demonstrations in Germany and other Countries as some of the people wake up to the nightmare the Progressives have given them. 


It is time to reflect on what is and what is not war today.    What will the next soldier have to endure?  The trigger point for this reflection is Afghanistan.  Land of the Afghan certainly  is a mystery wrapped in a riddle.  Since the beginning of recorded history Afghanistan has experienced war in one form or another.  Agriculturally it is a poor land.  Socially the land has seen one chaos after another.  Since the Islam conquest the dominate social influence has been the Koran, the word of Allah.  This devotion to Sharia law has doomed the land to poorness.  In recent times (1979 to 89), the Communist Russians attempted to control the land.  They had to give up because of a weapon no one talks about.  That pervasive weapon is religious fervor.  The U.S. is now giving up after 13 years of struggle.  Remember we patched together a NATO push to go after the killers of our people in the twin towers.  Our leaders failed to pay attention to the lessons of history.  They thought conventional war would work.  Our leaders were so blind they did not even understand how religious fervor plays into the mix.  Too busy being politically correct.

We still have 10,000 troops etc. in Country.  Obama and his advisors know the present Afghanistan government is doomed, without our presence.  The president of Afghanistan has admitted the same.   You see the soldier who fights with a religious conviction, has an edge.  He can wait and take advantage of time, or he can blow himself up and take some of the infidels out with him.  Islam has a corner on “mind over matter”. You do not hear Catholic Priests calling to prayer from a tower.  You do not find Baptists, Methodist, or Buddhists stoning to death those who have transgressed some provision in the Bible or prayer book.

As we move into the future we must think about whether or not a place like Afghanistan is ever going to be a war we want, or can win.   In today’s world Islam is at war with every other religion.  It is our Civilization vs. their lack of it.  Jewish folks strike back out of necessity.  Most Christians are still turning one cheek after another.

In today’s military the Country with air superiority will be able to kill more than the Country which does not.   However air superiority will never be able to win ground. Even though it can capture the land; it can pin point targets with drones;  it can shoot bullets 7000 feet and kill a bunch where it stops;  it can put in the field better trained individuals;  it can invent laser weapons that stun and destroy;  it can dissolve cities with atomic weapons, it still cannot win.   It can never win unless it can capture the minds of the enemy.

Simply in today’s world one Country can destroy and kill, but it cannot control.  You see to control you must have the cooperation of the conquered.   You can never control with force alone.  There is not a Military big enough to give peaceful existence to a population if they do not want to help out.    Islam is by its book, aggressive.  So long as people are dominated by Islam, soldiers of another belief will never be able to get cooperation.  It will be war every day.  No country is rich enough to do that for very long.

One Islam country can take out another Islam government and win, because the conquered people will still be Muslim.  Christians can defeat Christians and still the belief system works.    Thinkers know that it will simply be a matter of time, after we are out of Afghanistan when “The Islamic State and the Taliban” (and all the other fringe groups) join forces.   Islam, has fought the big gorilla and won in Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon etc.  They will concentrate their efforts on their most hated,—-Israel.  If Israel does not win, all other non-Muslim countries will begin to tremble.  Do not count on disagreements between Sunnis and Shite to help non- believers.

Soon men and women of different beliefs, will have to fight Muslims to deter their aggression.  The leaders of this coming war must understand killing and destroying will not be enough.  They will have to neutralize the secret weapon.  (Search: “ Japan and Muslim population”.)  Study Japan’s existing control of Muslim growth. (A Muslim is considered an outsider, because of how they have treated Buddhists for 100s of years.) .  It is now time to either convert Muslims to a peaceful religion, or give in to Islam.  Countries which are not under Islamic control, are presently being infiltrated by Islam   There is no Muslim who is truly tolerant.   Air superiority will not work.   Drones will not work.  The most sophisticated weapons will not work.   Only mind control will win this war.   The fact we have a Muslim sympathizer, (At least that) as President makes our future all the more cloudy.  Religious tolerance  (political correctness)  must stop at the point of a gun, the sharp blade of a sword, the head shattering crunch of stones, or the blast of an IUD.

History is your proof.   Since the 600s Muslims have been coming after infidels.  Not now and again, but every day.  Only poverty kept them at bay.  Our foolish progressives, demanded we buy their oil, giving them wealth to fund their jihad.  To make certain it worked so called environmentalist shut down our own oil production. What a gift!  The Muslim return gift has been murder with box cutters.   The soldier of today needs the tools and training to defeat this secret weapon.  Most of all he needs leaders who will acknowledge Japan is right.

PROTEST:  FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG.  It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.

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