(OR: Liberal failure in Alcohol and Drugs is amazing.)

Rooster does not want to repeat the socialist failures such as the Mayflower compact, Russia, Cuba, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, and so on. He wants to point his talon to a dramatic U.S. socialist plan which failed, and one that is failing before our eyes. No he is not talking about the chaotic failure in the ghettos of their welfare state, or the present collapse of Obama Care. What he wants to discuss with you is much more certain. These two were caused by the same socialist zeal. The first failure was the Progressive’s laws to make every citizen stop drinking alcohol. It was started by the eternal progressives of Maine.. By Jan. 1855 there were 13 States which forbid liquor. This culminated in the passage of the 18th amendment. (See comparison time table). Its passage was assisted by the first real progressive president, Woodrow Wilson. At first he vetoed the act to implement the amendment (Volstead Act). This was to make him look good to the troops in WW 1. He knew it would pass over his veto.

It did, in both houses primarily because it was the peoples will. The legislatures really had no choice. They had to implement the amendment. The Amendment became effective in Wilson’s last year 1920. The only people who pushed this amendment were socialist type liberals. They came in many disguises, such as the Anti saloon League, the National Prohibition Party, etc. Their primary argument was it will be better for everyone, (unless you worked in a brewery or really enjoyed a brew or cold glass of wine after work.) Now let’s analyze what happened from a common sense stand point. That is the issue. The number who voted for this amendment listened to all the good things it would cause and did not use their common sense. This is typical liberal Promise good times and health, and lie through your teeth. If not lying then its plain stupid. Just using common sense, we know the world, has had booze since we learned how. In fact some say cities only grew to protect the beer and wine from others. History tells us the human likes this stuff. The “Like” is so large and so persuasive common sense says you cannot get rid of it. You can treat it, but you cannot erase it off the face of the earth. Common sense also tells you that no one country could do it alone. Think of all the other country producers, and their helpers like the Kennedy Family, who would rum-run so to speak. They did in huge numbers. A “Still” is easy to make and so they sprung up all over the country. The crime it all created is mind boggling. The cost to try to make it effective was horrible, especially after we had already lost so much in WW 1. It was a losing battle and many people helped prove it. If you cannot see the logic and the future with common sense, then you are a liberal. All of the pain and suffering and financial loss incurred by this stupid amendment finally came to an end with the 21st amendment in 1933. 13 years of torment and damage. The Second clear example of liberal’s failure to use common sense was the simultaneous development of our current drug system. It did not come as a command of the people (amendment). It came in Federal Legislation. It was, driven by the same supporters of the 18th. A common time table is helpful. 18th Amendment Drug enforcement law.
Jan 1855: 13 states go dry. Maine first
1869 & 1893: Prohibition Party, Anti Saloon League.
1914: Fed Narcotics Control Board created, outlawing Opiates, cocaine
1917: Amendment proposed to States. .
1919: Amendment is certified: Volstead Act
1920: 18th Amendment is law. 1933 undone by 21st.
1930: Name changed to Fed. Bu. of Narcotics then DEA and then FDA in 1988

The above time line shows that the first try at control was “alcohol”. Embolden by success the progressive’s added narcotics to the battle to regulate all lives in America. The individual liberty of choice, which had existed at least from 1787 to 1914. (Plus the Colonial years.) was to be forbidden, by the do-gooder socialists types. In the South the favorite exit drink was Laudanum, which had its origins in Greece. It is a combination of Opium and alcohol with various flavors such as sugar, cinnamon, anisettes and others. When it was in its weakest form it was codeine and a variation of that was used in the early Coca Cola. Even alcohol in its strongest form is lethal. Please understand, the world was not killing itself with drugs. It was not an epidemic. In fact the primary reason Congress gave its consent was for new taxes. Progressive ideas to control you and the desire by legislatures for money is a lethal mix. Not all the failures of common sense are easily apparent. With the advent of beer and wine and all its variants, which probably started at the dawn of civilization the world population has increased, not decreased. We have become over populated. Man also found narcotics in plants early on, yet it has only affected a few. Common sense sees the future and knows. If you attempt to deregulate sex you will fail, if you try to stop prostitution you will fail, if you try to stop alcohol you will fail, and if government tries to stop drugs it will fail. The human being will not be stopped from doing what may or may not be harmful. Helping the fallen makes common sense. If progressives had not outlawed narcotics, but only attempted to regulate them what would have happened? Well the failure of the 18th, to stop Alcohol, gives us a clue. Nothing worse happened. Addiction and overuse were limited. Has DUI legislation stopped drunken drivers accidents? Of course not. Common sense tells you intense education would do better. Compare the cost of trying to stop these things to the cost of a soft bed for those who fail. We are talking trillions of dollars vs. millions. Hospitals, rehabs, and ½ way houses are so much cheaper and peaceful. Homicides have been much more prevalent now than before regulation. How many lives are lost each year because gangs continue to sell to those who want. Yes regulate drugs for purity, but make them available. Without prescription. If you do the jails will be empty, drug lords in your neighborhood and all around the world will have to find legitimate jobs. Most important the allure of the forbidden will vanish. In a free to choose world common sense tells us warnings on labels will have a much better effect. Teaching in our schools could be tailored to assist and life will be better. Not so in the progressive world of control. Mistakes abound, blinders continue to obscure vision. Blind Faith in Government is the worst of all.

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(OR: The Secret weapon invented by Bill Gates.)

Rooster has told you many times that the typical liberal is short circuited on common sense. The liberal leader knows 1/3 of all voters, for various reasons, will do and believe what they hear from their leaders. This means lying is or was an easy tool. In the Obama years it has been a well-used weapon. Hillary is a part of the same routine. Winston pleads not to hear a never ending list of these lies. If you pay attention you know more than you need. Ever since Woodrow Wilson, liberal presidents have lied big time to the voters. Both he and FDR lied about going to war with Germany which was no small deal. Both World Wars, were catastrophic to everyone. The financial losses are still affecting much of the world. Something has changed which no one is talking about and most have not even thought about. It came to Rooster when he analyzed the supposed birth certificate of Obama so many years ago. The conclusion is beginning to blossom big time. Rooster’s most important observation, of that certificate, was the stupidity of whoever prepared it. Besides being filled with language mistakes (words that were not used then) the most

telling was that it was typed with an IBM Selectric typewriter which did not come out until later in that year. Common sense was AWOL on roll call. However it is to be expected when Liberals get together. But what is that Something that is changing the landscape? Another great example of its application is on radio and TV shows. It has been getting better and better. You know how quickly they are able to retrieve and play events of the past. The cataloguing and ability to retrieve is huge. A master at its use is Rush Limbaugh. To make a point he will go back in time and pull together snippets of history and display them for you. His Montage of what other news commentators are saying is typical. The something is data and its storage. Thank you Bill Gates and all the rest who have made this possible. For years the lies were told and then hidden by the passage of time. Only a very few were smart enough to remember and most of them had no platform to remind us. Therefore the lie well told and stuck to worked. That is beginning to fall apart and as it does the lie merchants are being exposed. 15 years ago Hillary’s many lies on Bengasi, the FBI, her E mails and etc. would never have had the impact they have today. Now by a push of a few buttons her actual statements and her picture can be broadcast over and over again. For a person like Obama and Hillary this is disaster. You can rest assured Obama’s library will not have a section of his most famous lies and how he got away with them, but that information is available somewhere. History is now immediately available in living color and sound. Today it is very possible to expose any lie. The cell phone is doing a good job even in police conduct. The police have had to resort to counter measures such as cameras on their person. Cameras are at the intersection near your home. Every commercial area is covered with security cameras. Even love affairs are down. Only those with common sense deficiency will take their lover into a hotel or motel, unless of course they want to be exposed. Smile your on candid camera. We should all wonder where it is going. Will the lie become limited to the white variety, or will, even that, fall away by disclosures? We shall see.

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(OR: Now that it’s over, over there, what’s next?)

            With the close of the disjointed Democrat convention we can finally say it is a Party well divided and Socialist.  Their title should be Socialist/ Democrat.  Both parties did move to the left which means there is room for a truly Constitutional/conservative party, to provide a home for those who feel neither party represents them.  The very left parties have essentially been run over by the Democrat/Socialist party.  Of course the Democrat party will not voluntarily change its name, so the GOP and others should do it for them.  If truth in labeling means anything then the new name is necessary. The increase interest in the minor parties has been small.

With the final act of the Democrat convention over it was time to return the USA flags to the local court house. These are the ones they borrowed after pundits pointed out none existed on the speaker platform.  Somehow Rooster missed the National Anthem.  Wasserman has been seen clearing her desk and looking into moving into Ms. Hilda’s digs.  You do remember this awful women don’t you.  She was the Chair of the Democrats until the day before the convention opened.  It was not just the exposure of the DNC’s e-mails that did it.  She was wildly disliked as a self-centered egotist.  This translated into there being no friends to defend her.  So the Party lost its commanding general and its camps split into at least two parts.  Very left and not so left and its Flags borrowed.  The conventions choice of speakers left Roster shaking his head. In a time of Jihad attacks worldwide, why would they put up a Muslim couple for any reason.  It was bound to be corrupted and it was.  The dead son was a long time member of the Muslim Brotherhood and not one who believed in the Constitution.   The failure to balance the speaking parents of the dead police as well as the non- police was stupid.  Common sense was lacking, and Winston believes Wasserman’s touch was still there.

The main speeches were as expected.   Bill Clinton, not only fell asleep, at the wrong time, but his speech was a bunch of lies.  About the only true thing he said about Hillary was that he was married to her.  If she loses you can expect to see a separation or divorce.  While he was telling us how good she would be, all Rooster could think about was the Blond honey who frequents their home in Chappaqua when Ms. Hilda is out and about.  It must be something in the water in Chappaqua that causes  Democrat men to cheat.

The speeches by both Obama’s were milk and honey and not true.  Someone took the time to count how many times Barry talked about himself.   It was 119.  The egos of all of them are really remarkable.  They are much more pronounced than those of the run of the mill politician.

With all the boos and Black Lives matter shouted from  the floor, the obvious split by the very left and those left, tells us the party will not attract all of its base to get off their duffs and vote.  MS Hilda, to the average person, is not someone you want to lead you into battle. I doubt if she could even mount a horse.  She now will take her bus and go from staged event to staged event.   There will be no spontaneity.   If the poles show her well behind by the debates do not be surprised to see a cancellation because of some contrived disagreement, or illness.

On the other side, expect to see Trump gain strength, if he simply stays the New York street fighter he is.  He will have to spend time in those marginal states, but it will be time well spent.   He needs to marshal the black vote and the Hispanic vote.  If he just improves a few percentage points it will be tremendous.  His best approach is to assemble men and women of both ethnicities who in turn will champion ONE AMERICA WHERE ALL LIVES MATTER. Let them go forth.  The results will be very good.

A final observation is that in the Democrat/socialist party,  lying and avoiding the truth  is normal.  This  common sense failure works for others with the same disability, but  a lot of people are paying attention. They are thinking,  even if it is  for the first time.  What this tells us is that in every society at least 1/3 are so disabled in their common sense, they cannot see through a lie.   If you tell them you can sell them the Golden Gate Bridge, most of that 1/3 will believe it.  Rooster predicts that the Democrat party will keep most of its base of 1/3.  The GOP will keep all of its.  The middle 1/3 will mostly go to Trump.

Ms. Hillary also now must weather more FBI investigations and new releases of E mails of the DNC and her server.   It ain’t over till it’s over.

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            The response “What difference does it make” is a great example of common sense (CD) deficiency.   When Hillary used it in response to a question in the Bengasi hearings her stupidity stood out like a sore thumb.  Think about it.  If you and someone are having a serious discussion and you make a point and the other person’s response is “What difference…et cet” Your intelligence has just been insulted.    Of course it makes a difference, ,Sweet heart, because we are discussing it.  Had Rooster been on the committee he would have made an immediate response something like this,:

All right Hillary I’ll tell you what difference it makes.  Had you used CS you would have pulled the ambassador and staff out of that dangerous place. Obviously you did not recognize it as dangerous.   Britain and other countries did,.  Failing that you received requests for more security and still you failed the CS test and did nothing. Had you even directed the construction of a good safe room it would have made a big difference.  You did not, and probably did not even know there was such a thing. Once you received notice of the attack,  you should have pushed all the red buttons at your disposal and sent every asset we had.  Our people received orders to stand down.   You did not and because you did none of these basic things your employee Christopher Steven was brutally tortured and murdered including having his private parts destroyed.  Your employee Sean Smith also died and two CIA volunteers gave up their lives and were blown to death by mortars that just happened to be there.  It was not just the 4 , you let down.  It was their wife’s, sweethearts, children and families in general.  Mothers lost their child, and Fathers now weep over their lost sons.   This must not happen again.  This is what difference it makes.  Furthermore, we must not allow our Government to then make up a lie to cover-up their common sense failure.  This too makes a big difference, Ms Hillary.   A really big difference.

This event, this phrase can and should make a great battle cry for Donald Trump.  Let’s say the issue is free trade vs controlled trade.   What he should say, is something like this.  Ms. Hillary is for open borders and free trade, I am not.  I will tell you what difference it makes.  My view will make for more security for every family in their home. Ms. Hillary’s does not.   My view makes for more secure jobs and more of them.  Ms Hillary’s does not.  My position means we will be able to kick out the bad guys and reduce internal   terror attacks.  Ms. Hillary’s does not.  My position means we can attract many of our business back which will create more income, more prosperity and more security.  Ms.  Hillary’s does not.   That is the difference.  That is what a difference it makes.

On every issue he should repeat this phrase over and over again.  If there is a debate between the two he should smother her with that stupid statement.  But then Rooster is not there and his help is not solicited.  Too bad.


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(OR;  Obama kills Keystone, & Portugal Socialist kill Peace.)

    Rooster sees a parallel between Obama killing the Keystone Pipeline and Socialist in Portugal joining forces to kill a successful and peaceful government.

    To bring you up to speed, the WSJ reported both items under their section “Nation and World”.   Obama, by Executive dictate, “kills proposal for Keystone pipeline” which is the proposed pipeline across the U.S. to transport oil from Canada.  Safer than trucks and trains, Amen.  The State Department ruled that it would have a negative environmental impact and Obama previously said if that was so, he would support it.  Once it was so, he flopped the flip and says he is now against it because the pipe would carry “Dirty Oil”.   Of course the denial fits because of his war on Global Warming through world control. The point is his refusal is a clear denial of the people’s choice, a clear reckless disregard for our economy, and a clear failure of common sense.  Obama not only appears to be a closet Muslim, but at the same time  is a dedicated socialist/communist.  Both belief systems are devoted to a one world rule.  Islam does it with Allah’s help, and Communism does it without a God.  Obama does not know which horse to ride, but in his own words he probably would side with Islam.  You can search his mind and the corners of the Oval Office, and you will not find Mr. Common Sense anywhere about.

    Across the pond, in Portugal you find the same absence of that elusive gentleman.   The WSJ byline is “2 leftist parties say they’ll work together.”  What it then says is that the Communist party and Socialist Party have reached an agreement to vote together to destroy the existing middle of the road coalition which has been turning the country around from financial collapse.

    In both you have to observe a weird mind set which is bound and determined to destroy and to hell with the people.  Both Obama’s brain and the brains of the Portuguese left rejoice at the destruction of that which they do not like.  The “like” part has little to do with logic, or common sense.  In this regard there is a very disturbing correlation between them and the typical mass killer who lashes out at what he is emotionally against.   This brainless desire to destroy cannot really be called idiotic or insane because there are simply too many who think the same. In every society it is the common sense vs the common senseless. The latter opt to destroy rather than to debate and work out compromise. It is S.A.D.


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    Wc 410

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(OR:   The greedy always eat their benefactors. )


What is the real significance of 61 percent of the voters, in Greece, voting not to
tighten their belts and “Knuckle down Winsocki”?  (From the 1941 Broadway showBest Foot Forward”)   Well for Greece it means 61 % of the people are brain dead or silly, and want to be hurt.  It cannot mean anything else.  It also means, as Rooster has always said, any given population is roughly divided into threes.  One third are common sense disabled, 1/3 are in the middle swinging from side to side, and 1/3 are ruled by common sense.  In this case most of Greece’s middle voted for the blind and greedy, and a few voted for Common sense.  The Yes vote was 39 Percent.  Just based on demographic data the vote was predictable, and the socialist leaders knew it.

What, however, does it mean on the world stage?   The Greece vote confirms that liberals suffer commonsencelessness (sic).  Their ability to see the future is flawed, big time.   The present Greece government is as liberal as they come and do not forget they were voted in, at a time austerity was turning the Greece economy around and things were looking up.  This referendum simply allows the present government to say,”See we have to vote this way because the people want it”.  Just a cover, and a lie, the mantra of liberalism.

Most important, Greece chaos is a good example, of the problem with Socialism in all its forms.   Think of socialism as a cancer where one type of cell eats good cells. .   Cancers only cure is massive doses of anti-cancer treatment, which can take many forms.  Most are very painful to peace and tranquility.   Socialism is the taking from one group to please another group.  The problem is the pleasing time only lasts as long as the victims put up with it.   You can never expect those getting free stuff to pass a law taking away their free stuff.  Just does not work.  There ain’t no free lunch, but to a bona fide liberal they either do not see it, or deny it.   Ok, let us look at the big picture.   Greece is just another present day example of the failure of Socialism.  The U.S. is now a Socialist country so you can expect the same routine.  Are there other current, on- going examples?  Oh!!  yes there are.   How about Cuba which is right next door.  Castro’s promises of free stuff failed, from the git-go.  The economic collapse has been complete, except for the collection of 1950s cars.  Now Cuba’s economy will be repaired, somewhat, by an overflow from a new star in the socialist galaxy……. us.   Look at Argentina.  It is a combination of socialism and dictator, which is normal.   The present dictator is the only one with a motive to kill a prosecutor who challenged her.   Look at Venezuela.  Since Chavez came into power by giving free stuff to the greedy, that country has been in an economic collapse.   Only its oil reserves have kept it from hitting total bottom. Political opposition is smashed.  With a few exceptions most of South American countries are in one phase or another of socialism with strong and weak dictators.  As you look across the globe this same show is repeated over and over again.  Historically the greatest example of this failure was and is the Soviet Union. Its pure socialism collapsed and was replaced by a lesser form, but again with a dictator. One day he too will vanish and Russia’s bumpy road will continue.

Common sense folks understand that there should be a fair and equitable balance between the haves and the have-nots.   What they do not get is the chaos they cause by allowing Haveanots keys to the treasury.  It seems fair and equal but it is not.   Many great thinkers have talked about this.  Democracies always fail because they allow the Havenots to vote themselves a key.  In a Constitutional Republic a citizen is born equal, but he or she does not grow up that way.  For peace to prevail a system of government must be devised which prevents the taking, provides care of the helpless, and rewards hard work and good deeds.   This system will necessarily have to restrict the vote of the brain dead, greedy, and silly.

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(Or:   Bar food is not free)

The Progressive war cry “Wealth must be redistributed”, is not true. In fact it is so obviously un- true, it must knowingly be made to mislead. The Rooster has discussed this issue from other points of view, but the falseness of this war cry must be addressed and exposed.

The truth is in the obvious facts.   The average human being, in an affluent society, lives only about 75 years.  That is peanuts in the life of mankind and certainly in a society.   No one has ever taken his or her wealth with them.  It is all left right here in River City.   The odds are it will be left to heirs who will spend it on themselves and Society.   The overwhelming facts are that the heirs, with a very few exceptions, will simply live off the wealth until it is dispersed.   Regarding the exceptions, their numbers are very small.  Even if they take the wealth and double it, the odds of the next generation creating another such exception is extremely rare.  Unearned wealth promotes laziness and lack of industry, because the need to make a profit is gone.   The lack of motive is private wealth’s cancer.

A very few of the wealthy will,  during their life time, understand this,  and try to have their wealth do good things for a period of time beyond their lives. The donor of hundreds of community libraries, Andrew Carnegie, comes to mind.  The wise ones will create trusts, endowment funds, etc., but these depositories of wealth are not controlled by the wealth makers.  They are controlled by those living off of them and so in time will disappear.  They will either be downsized, dissolved, or merged.   The point is no one has figured out how to have his or her hologram continue dancing without paying the electric bill.  Without the profit seeker in charge, the electric bill will get all out of shape and not be paid. The hologram will just fade away.

The above is provable beyond a reasonable doubt. Well not the part about the hologram.  So how is it the liberals cry, “Redistribute wealth” continues to be held up as a truth?   It is a corner stone of progressive agendas.   The explanation is the criers are not interested in waiting two or three generations for the wealth to be naturally redistributed.  They want to take it NOW, for their benefit.  They do not want to let nature take its course for the benefit of others.  It is sad to know they can blame Global warming on you, but cannot take blame for wanting to take your wealth NOW.    You see what they want, is instant gratification, NOW.   It is difficult to see any difference between their creating a law to take it, and a man holding a gun in your ribs to take it.   The progressive and the gun tote’n thief both, want your wealth, without working for it, and they want it NOW.  These onerous laws are the very reason so many Citizens try to protect their wealth in foreign places.  These bad laws simply create more bad laws, like the Foreign Accounts Tax Compliance Act. (FACTA) where the progressives use legislative guns to force foreigners to identify your accounts in their countries.

There is no natural law which supports this progressive corner stone.   It fails the litmus test of reality.  So how is it the Progressive who lives next door or just down the street can support such a lie?   Ignorance, greed, and common sense deficiency are explanations.   It is also a lack of courage to face the fact that it is theft.   They paint it pretty colors and put on fancy clothes and call it compassion, but it is not.  It is still what it is, a lie.  Making a law to steal does not change the character of the act.  The only rational justification for paying taxes is to receive consideration for the money paid out.  When the taking far exceeds the needs, the Government becomes the worst type of criminal syndicate.


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Chinese Companies —- Are You Kidding?





                         (or Chopsticks in the Wind)

            Last week I was reading a newspaper in a forgotten hotel in a not remembered town, when I spied the following byline;

                                    “Chinese Company buys AMC, Theater owner”

            This title struck home because a week before, as an  observer,   I was witness to a  failed deal between American and  Chinese regarding milk sales intoChina.  Here was that  deal.  An American citizen,  with Chinese heritage,  was dealing with several Chinese, “business men and Women” regarding the export of milk toChina.  Our man devoted thousands of dollars and a great deal of time, taking these “business folks” from one place to another, housing them, feeding them and otherwise entertaining them.  Since he had Chinese roots he should have known better, but like so many Americans,  he was trusting.  When it got down to working a deal, he was told that if the Chinese Government could not control all aspects of the arrangement there would be no money, and therefore no deal.   No Deal is not a New Deal to the Chinese.

            Back to my newspaper byline  observation.  The byline,  quoted  above, is false, and a good example of failed journalism in theUS.

            There are no significant Chinese “Companies”.  No exceptions.   All are owned or controlled by the Chinese Government.  The only private-like companies are the small insignificant ones which are a bother to big Red Brother.  In other words names like Sinomach and Chinese National Offshore Oil corporation,  Chinese car companies .or Wanda are departments of the Communist Government.  Who is Wanda you ask?  Cute name, don’t you think?  Wanda is the name of the communist governments costume that bought AMC. The so called Chairman and President (In the western world one person should not be both.) of Wanda is a character named Jianlin.  He also happens to be a Communist Party Member and sits on the nations top advisory board.  If you think they will not control what you see in the movies, revisit “Red Dawn”, where the producer was forced to change out the invasion of the USA by Chinese troops to Russian.

             You are not dealing with officers of a corporation as we know them.  There are no true stock holders, in the Western world concept.   You are dealing  with a governmental department hiding in a   Hollywood western set.   Nothing on the other side, if you get my meaning.   You might as well play violin with the devil.  More sporting, don’t you know..   These falsie companies do not  have a semblance of the independence we even give Public Utilities, like Edison or PG & E.   The Chinese employees can make no promises, can commit to nothing with out Communist Party bosses agreeing.

            Do not be fooled by our failed journalism.   When you see or hear of a Chinese Company buying this or that, remember it is the Communist Government which is the real party in interest.  When the  “Chinese Company” bought AMC, the Chinese Communist government bought your favorite theater.  Why?  Do  you think it was to control the sale of popcorn?.   It is later than you think, brother and sister.  Mind control is in the works.


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Farm Subsidies are gifts (Webster defines Subsidies as a “gift or grant of money.”)
from the Government to Farms to grow, or to not grow, depending on the product.
Farm Subsidies are really governmental purchase of votes for the politicians of the
area. Yep that is what “Pork Barrel” means.
Over $600 billion dollars are now spent annually by the Federal Government for
farm subsidies
Where subsidies are given to grow, the result is overproduction, because the
farmers want to plant to get the gift. This overproduction has bad world-wide
implications that are just now being understood. For example you ship a lot of grain
to a third world country. Does this act of generosity motivate the people of that
place to cure their problems? You know the answer. It is no.
Where subsidies are given to not grow, the result is a complete disruption in supply
and demand and a irrational interference with free enterprise.
We have had a continual drift to large farming companies and have suffered a loss
of the small farmer. Why? Because in a large operation subsidies are profitable
and in a small one the gifts will not carry the overhead. Do away with subsidies and
you will create an atmosphere where the small farmer, can compete.
Besides Wisdom knows governmental gifts always corrupt, always.