To be honest (if that is important),  to say Ottoman Turkish People killed Armenian people in 1914/15 is a distortion and an intentional cover-up for what really happened.

First, all of the people in question (Turkish and Armenian) were and are basically from the same genetic pool.  That pool is a mixed blend of Roman, Greek, Persian, Arab, Mongol, and an occasional traveling salesman, and passing warrior.   By 1914 they were basically the same.  What divided them was geography, power, and religion.  It was not color, structure, eye shape, hair line, stature etc.  You know the stuff that makes up a distinct race of humans, one from another.

Now “Genocide” means killing of one generation, which pretty well wipes them out. . It comes from the Germanic word Genos meaning “kind or race”.  The combined word was first applied to the killing of Jews by Germany in the Second World War.  Actually the holocaust was the killing of one set of believers by another set.   It was the killing of people believing in the Jewish Religion by people who believed in Socialism.   Hitler and his buddies believed that worship of a God was not to their advantage.  The State was God.  Nowadays Genocide is more broadly defined as one set of believers killing another, generally about Nation and people. The original use of the word is more accurate.   Genocide should be defined as the generation killing of one set of believers by another.

Properly defined then it was not Ottoman Turks killing Armenians.  It was Islam killing Christians.  At the time the Ottoman Empire had joined with Germany in the First World War.  The Ottoman Empire considered itself the center of the earth and especially the command center of Islam.  The Caliph was housed there.   In its midst were many Christians, especially in the area called Armenia.  Long before, under Roman rule, the whole area was Christian.  The Islamic armies (The Ottomans) conquered the area, took over Constantinople and established it as the top dog.   They didn’t change the name to Istanbul until 1923.  From the time they took over they had a big job of killing, converting or displacing Christians. The pests were everywhere.   In Armenia, slightly isolated by geography, the Christians resisted, but there were constant raids.   Finally WW l was the excuse to follow the Koran and eliminate the non- believers.   And they did!!

Last Friday was the 100 year anniversary of this killing field called Armenia. The popular number killed, converted, or displaced is one Million five hundred thousand (1,500,000).  All their property, their churches, their existence was destroyed. Just one example is in the city of Kayseri, Armenia. Before there were over 40 Christian Church’s with their spires and crosses.  After the genocide there were none.

Today Turkey does not call it Genocide, because it is the normal way Islam expands.  To them it is demanded in their holy book, by Allah.  They must remove the non-believers, by death, conversion, or displacement.   When they allow others to cohabitate, it only for their continence.   In History lies the truth.

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(OR:    Forgetfulness is not just for old age.)

For several days now the wonderful news media, even Fox and the conservative talk show hosts (Have not listened to them all.) have displayed an odd and bewildering   forgetfulness.  There has been a lot said about the Oklahoma City Bombing. There has been a replay of many pictures of the event, and interviews with some who were there.  It is as if someone or some entity is behind the big push to remember how bad it was. Could it be our Federal Government wants you to always remember the event so you and yours will not repeat it?  Something is behind it.  The publicity like the bombing is not the product of a vacuum.  Have you noticed a huge gap of information?   Have you noticed something is missing?  No?  Let Rooster help.

Do you know of the Texas community named Elk?  Do you recall a fella with the last name Koresh?  How about his first name, David?  Ok, then how about a center, named Mount Carmel?   Come on now.  Does the name Branch Davidians help you?

Bingo!!  Waco.  That’s it.   Remember, your Federal Government laid siege to Mount Carmel initially because of suspected gun violations.  Someone forgot the Second Amendment.  The real reason lies buried in the rubble of the ashes of Mount Carmel which burned down and killed women, children, and the leader David Koresh, for a total of 76 souls.  Do you remember the President’s name?  Yes it was the husband of Hillary Rodam, Mr. Clinton.  The federal siege lasted for 52 days.  Count them.  It ended with the flaming Pire of the building as the people in it were cremated.

Both events occurred on the same day of the month.  Oklahoma was April 19, 1995.  Waco’s (Elk was just 9 miles from Waco.) killing occurred on April 19, 1993.  Just two years separated the events.  This was not a coincidence.

In Common Law there is, the “But for Rule”.   It’s a short form of proximate cause.  You might think of it as the concept of “cause and effect”.  In other words lawyers, judges, etc. spend a great deal of time trying to link one event to another because of causation.   An easy way to think of it is to say this, “But for” the first domino falling, none of the other dominos would have.  In a rear end pile up on a freeway, the first car to hit the car ahead of it, caused all the cars to then hit the car in front of them.  Proximate cause determines who is liable.   California has comparative negligence which makes it a little less important, but that is another story.

So it is that the Oklahoma City bombing killed 168 and injured 680 and it would not have occurred “But For” Waco.  Intellectually it is dishonest to talk of one without talking about the other.  Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols were not insane.  They were enraged by Waco and the Federal Government’s unforgiveable conduct there.  They are called home grown Terrorist.   That is true.  They were grown and nurtured by the Federal Government.  But for Waco, Oklahoma would not have happened. Carrying this logic further, one can say that the Federal Government caused both tragedies.  The Federal buck stops at the President’s desk, so one could say Bill Clinton was responsible. McVeigh told you it was the Federal Government’s conduct at Waco that caused him to make the bomb.    However, someone wants you to only remember the Oklahoma City event.  Who could that be?


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(OR: Those who believe Islam is peaceful are brain dead.)


Rooster is deep in research on the rise and current existence of Islam. Each time he hears a reporter talk of a new Islamic State, or the current Iran as something new and threatening, the Rooster puts his head under his wing.   The history of Islam is well document by those believing in Islam and those who do not.  Certainly because it was a long time ago that Mohmand was becoming Gabriel’s Messenger, there is not much that was written about it at the time.  Plenty, including the Koran, has been written since.  Reporters are either brain dead or denied access to even the WWW.

It was in 629 AD that Mohamad and his followers returned to Mecca, (A relative small desert community by today’s standards.) and took over.  Once in charge they destroyed all evidence of other worship and killed anyone who resisted.  The killings were not nice just like their killing of our Ambassador in Bengasi was not nice.

Three years later Mohamad died of questionable causes.  At the same time his followers began major attacks on Romans and Persians and began to win by slaughter, and total destruction of what was Roman and Persian.

In 657, just 50 years after the Mecca take over, a major conflict occurred between opposing leaders of Islam, at the Battle of Siffin.  This was the beginning of the division into two major sects. There are approximately 72 today.   The two big boys were and are Shiites and Sunnis.  Each claims a better heritage to Mohamad.

From then until now the so called Religion (Better called a way of life.) has been at war with anyone who is not a believer.  One of the early Caliphs was Umar Bin Al. Khattieb, who said this.

“The punishment of those who make war against God and

His Messenger, and roam the earth corrupting it, is that

they be killed or crucified, or have their hands and feet

Amputated alternatively or be exiled. “(Do you understand?

Its death, or you walk around with a right hand, and a left

foot, if you survived the amputation.)

In practice as their armies killed and destroyed, they needed people to repair stuff and produce food.  As a practical necessity they did not kill everyone.  They did turn the remaining nonbelievers, into slaves of different categories.  Taxes were not like today.  Taxes then, were the blood money you paid to survive.

What stopped Islam from total world domination, (their goal) was internal fighting. This was due to loss of good central control, and a growing dissention in the ranks.  The division between the Sunni and the Shite became the dominate disagreement.   As Islam weakened, Christian Armies and Crusaders were able to make some headway.   The Mongols from the north were able to forage among them.

Today, their battles against s each other and all nonbelievers is still going on. The Islamic State is the current leader of the Sunni in the Middle East.   Iran is the current leader of the Shite.  The only difference between what is happening today and what happened in 634 AD is the people.  The intolerance has worsened, (If possible.) and the Religious aspects have become more formalized and ridged.  It is not new.  The threat to everyone who is not Islamic is just as bad today as it was when they marched out of Mecca and began their conquest.  The only thing that will stop their leaders is defeat. The only thing that will stop Islam from rising out of the ashes of defeat is total destruction.  It has been one thousand and three hundred and 81 years since they began their conquest.  Re-education is hopeless.


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(OR:  Protest by thinking people should be discreet.)


For years Rooster has asked folks to fly the Betsy Ross Flag.  Too many keep asking why?  Here is the answer.

First, the Flag of the United States, changes only in the number of stars in the Blue Field.   The first flag displayed the number of States then existing, which was 13.  Since then the number has changed and the formation of the stars has changed.  Today the total number represents the total States.  That number is 50.  Do you remember Obama said he had visited all 57?  Yes that was in Beverton, Oregon, in May of 2008.  Some wags have noted the coincidence that there are 57 member States in the Organization of the Islamic Conference.   You would think that he would misstate himself with the most important number in his head.  Well maybe he did.  Back to the point.

Second, what is the law on flying our National flag?  Well first understand that the size and shape of our flag has been set by Executive order many years ago.  This order only applies to Federal use of the flag.   We also have a general law about its use and protocol.  This is 4 United States Code (USC) Section 1 and 2.   The language of this law is only to be a guide.  It is not mandatory.  The Courts have ruled that if some ninny wants to wear a flag as clothing, it is permitted. .  Something about free speech, and expression.  The lesson here is that if you want to fly the Betsy Ross flag it is legal and there is no one who can stop you.

Third, why fly the Betsy Ross Flag in place of the 50 star flag?  If you are a true supporter of the Constitution and its Bill of Rights, as written, and do not believe it is a living document which can be changed at the will of a  majority in power, then flying it says that.  Why?  In the Betsy Ross Flag the original 13 States are represented by Stars placed in a circle.  Each of those States demanded the Bill of Rights be added (The first 10 amendments.) It took three years (September 1787 to May 1790) for all 13 to agree. It was a tough sell, but each finally agreed to the document as written.  It is the only time we can be certain all States agreed to this concept.  Today it can be your statement you agree with the original 13.

Fourth, flying the Betsy Ross flag is cool.   It is pretty and thought provoking and starts many conversations which help.

PROTEST:  FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG.  It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.

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(OR: There is no theft like Great Grand Theft.)

Today in the WSJ, Vieira and Dummett have an article titled “Canada Sells remaining Stake in General Motors”.  Their article says the current sale is about $2.69 Billion dollars. It also points out that the National Canadian Government sold, in 2013, some shares for 1.1 billion.  It added that Ontario had sold 875 million as well.  That is a total of $4,665,000,000.00 American dollars. That is also nearly 5 billion of ill- gotten gain from stolen property.   What you cry!!  How is that possible?

It all relates back to Obama’s “Too Big to Fail” bailout of 2009.  Rooster covered this in his Radio Show and in an article he did in 2011.  In short form, Obama and his car team stole all the positive assets of the then General Motors, put them in a new G.M. Corporation, issued new stock, and gave that stock to itself, the Unions, and  to Canada for its agreement to keep GM operations in Canada functioning.  If G.M. had gone Bankrupt in Chapter 11, in the normal format, none of this would have happened.  For certain the Unions would have taken a hit, both in wages and in unfunded retirement accounts, but old G.M. would have come out stronger and leaner and ready to go.

The dirty little secret is the Government stole those assets leaving all the existing shareholders and bond holders with worthless paper.  Here is how they did it.  A G.M. dealer had filed for Bankruptcy in Harlem.  The Obama Car Team then demanded the complicit corporate officers of G.M., join that filing, rather than file in their home state of Michigan.   In the little court in Harlem, the car team dictated to the Bankruptcy Judge, that he exercise his excessive power (Bankruptcy Judges have almost unlimited power.)  to take all the good assets and put them in a new Corporation also called General Motors. All the debt was left in the old company stripping it of its value.   With no debt and all the good assets the Court allowed the new Corporation to issue its stock to the US. Unions, and Canada. Later the new Corporation was allowed to sell additional shares.

Now for everyone outside of the Progressive leadership in Washington DC, such conduct would not have been allowed.   In the private world this would have been Grand Theft and prosecuted.   With Obama the commander in chief calling the shots, no one had the guts to file a complaint, just as no one has the guts to file impeachment proceedings for all his other crimes.   Of course if someone had filed a complaint, Holder, his racists Attorney General would have denied it.   So because the President ordered it, via the Bankruptcy court, (No one else could have done It.) a huge theft occurred.  This included the absolutely illegal taking of property, without due process, a hearing or any effort at compensation. It was a terrible thing.  The worst part is there was no outrage. No outrage on Wall Street, in the halls of Justice, or in the streets.  The rank and file simply looked, did not understand, and walked away, while fellow citizens lost billions of dollars in investments.

As a long time attorney, Prosecutor and student of the Constitution and the Bankruptcy system, Rooster has no problem telling you that the Great Con Man in the White House, pulled off evil magic, which few understood.   Even most of the victims were bamboozled by his sleight of hand. They were left like fruit in a tree twisting and turning, in the wind.   Who would have thought a President would steal and not obey the Constitution?   Remember the Constitution’s 5th Amendment says, “No person shall be…deprived…of…property without due process of law, nor shall private property be taken for public use without just compensation.”   Obama and all his progressive buddies could care less.  You can almost hear them sing together,   “What difference does it make?”

PROTEST:  FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG.  It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.

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(OR:  Echoes of the past, are voices of the future.)

As thinkers, please join Rooster in a recap of the magical show just concluded between the United States President and Iran.   Now you see it and now you don’t.  What you heard and what you hear should cause you to shake your head in disbelieve.  The only people not bewildered by this Carnival side show are the people who missed it.

As soon as the manservant for the Adams Family, announced a deal and told the American Public that Iran had agreed to prevent the development of massive bombs yaddi yadda, and we in return agreed to lift sanctions, the head negotiator for Iran publically said Lurch is not telling the truth.  Now what is the deal?  No, what is not the deal! Then, if the deal is not what, then what is it?  What?  Around we go and where we stop no one knows.

Probably we should listen to the leaders of other countries, because Obama and gang and Iran and gang are not in agreement.   The leader of Israel, as he was before the so called deal, is adamant that allowing Iran to continue on down its sinister road, means land mines for his country.  Of course Rooster down plays what he says.   He says it means oblivion for Israel, just as it was oblivion for the Christian Students in Obamas home country of Kenya.  France’s Foreign Minister, Fabius calls it, “a suckers Deal.”  Iran’s negotiator Zarif, is adamant that what they agreed to is not what Obama and gang are saying they agreed to.

In summation, we have Don Quixote leading our country with his disabled horse called “Common Nonsense”, and his broken Lurch, held defiantly.  The Windmills (Centrifuges) continue their whirling making food for atomic bombs, for a country that, during negations called for Americas destruction.  Bibi is right.  The French are Right.  If you could have a couple of drinks with Cameron of England, and Merkel of Germany, they would agree with the French.   Obama kind of looks like the Joker in Batman, and he is every bit as dangerous. Problem is the Joker was fiction.  Obama is not.

In case you need some history, Rooster suggests you read “In the Shadow of the Sword” by Tom Holland.  It is a new book on the birth of Islam and the rise of the Global Arab Empire.   Mr. Holland is a tough read for the non- historian, but the book is filled with great information.   He did his research and his prose is interesting.  In it you clearly see the track of history proving that Islam is not a religion of peace. On the contrary they have been using the Sword to convert from the day they took Mecca.  Of course the Sword remains their favorite for cutting off heads, as it has always been, but they have adapted to guns, bombs, and other current means of killing non- believers.

Thank the 47 Senators who sent a letter to Iran telling them, that any deal without the Senate’s approval is no deal.   At least, if we have a next president, he or she can move freely.   In the meantime, (the time necessary to complete their bomb), what will Israel do?  It is a desperate time for them, as it is for the rest of the non- Islamic world, (which does not include Obama) . History tells us the only solution to fanatical Islam, is war. Their war began 40 years after Mohamad cobbled together Islam, and ours officially began on September 11, 2001.  Where and how it goes from here is as predictable as all wars.  Not at all.  The only positive bit of history is that there are some 72 sects of Islam.  The two dominate, Shite and Sunni hate each other and are chewing up one side and down the other as fast as they can.  At this moment Shiites (Iran) are prevailing but it is a strange sea.  The Islamic State is mostly Sunni, but you do not see any Indonesian Sunnis joining their fight.  Pakistan, mostly Sunni, has an atomic bomb.  So does India, mostly Hindu.  Israel has its share. If Iran, the Shite leader, gets its bomb, Katy, bar the door.  It is going to get nasty.  The really sad part is that we have no leadership to assist in sidetracking this debacle.

PROTEST:  FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG.  It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.

Wk. 723

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