(OR: There is no thinking in the kitchen.)

            Rooster’s comments on the GOP convention, are not conventional, but they are wise.   During the GOP primaries Rooster told you “Turn out the Lights the Election is over” In that article he predicted Trump would win everything.   This was not because of being a mystic or having a great wiggi board, but because Rooster can observe events as they are.  Being honest with one’s self helps.  The voters are upset and being upset means there will be change. This is not just Republicans and Independents it includes one heck of a lot of Democrats.  Rooster also predicted Brexit because he saw the same disgust with the elite. The British odds makers had it wrong, because they have no faith in the people. When you realize Scotland voted to stay in, the peoples vote elsewhere was huge. Trump fits the time like a glove.  He is unconventional, anti-Elite, and wars against the establishment.   It is the establishment that will have to change.   Not Trump.

The establishment folks are running around as if a volcano has just blown up.  Their hands are waving in the air and they show a terrible fear on their faces.  It is so intense that the weak News Media pick it up and play with it for viewers and readers.  They think it is a game changer.  Just shows you how dumb many of them are.

They are looking for any cracks or weaknesses to feed to the Elite. This business about Mrs. Trump’s speech being compared to Mrs. Obamas is pure nonsense.  To make a speech work on a teleprompter you need writers.  Writers borrow from each other all the time.  It is the same in song writing.  Borrowing is not stealing.  In literature stealing is where whole passages, pages, and organization is taken without permission or credit. Think about this.  Every word uttered by Mrs. Trump can be found in every other speech ever given.   Common phrases will be used by many at the same time. What makes them common is that they are used all the time by everyone.  Few today can speak from notes. Rooster can, but it is not something you are born with.  You learn to do it as you develop self-confidence.  Newt Gingrich is another who can speak for a long time just from notes he has made. Most cannot and that is ok.

The more serious problem is the stupid attitude by several like Romney and Graham.  Cruz and Rubio are a bit different since they have clashed with the elite.  Speaking of the first bunch, they are as blind as cave dwelling salamanders.  Their fear is that they will become not relevant. Well, this fear is becoming true by their own hand.  Rooster was a victim of this same ignorance when he ran for a public office.  He had moved into the area just 3 years before and was a deputy District Attorney.  He ran on a law and order platform.  The Elite of the community in the GOP, would not support this newcomer. The opposition was a Democrat incumbent who had kept his nose clean. Rooster lost by a few hundred votes.   Had he had full support he would have won hands down. The result was the GOP lost and the Democrats won.  In California this was not good.

The second group are the likes of Cruz and Rubio.  Both are literal conservatives and they do not see that in Trump.  They are correct.  He is not a do or die conservative. He is by his nature and governmental experiences a conservative in result. He is not in education or understanding of the Constitution.  What they fail to see is that he is very smart and understands his own failings and lack of education.  He will fill up those gaps with people he can trust.  The first group is lost.   The second is savable.

Even so Trump will win without either of them.   It is in the cards. Upps!! Did Rooster say that?



PROTEST: Fly the Betsy Ross flag. It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.  Wc: 664: Rooster Bradford gives up all rights to this article and seeks no compensation for its use.  July 2016

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