Your Rooster and his side kick Winston try to avoid the prediction business, but sometimes the motivation is just too great.   Warlocks are supposed to do that, but normal average humans are not.   Well, here is proof that Rooster is not the latter.

All of us have visions, especially at sleep.  They can be wonderful or very scary.  This one occurred while wide awake.  Rooster was thinking deeply about what will happen in Europe in the foreseeable future.  Remember his knowledge of history is intense.  He spends all leisure time reading and reviewing history.  His books and articles are based on knowledge gained from History.   Here is what his common sense revealed.  He knows Muslims will not assimilate. They will always push the envelope.

The worst Global war, the earth has ever experienced will start in France or Germany.  Probably France. This will be within the next 60 years.  It will be between Muslims and everyone else.  It will start with local terrorism resulting in Mosques and Churches being targets. This violence, including large death counts, will escalate out of the control of the civil authorities.  The bigger the church or Mosque the bigger the target.  Notre Dame in Paris will be one of the first damaged.  Distant countries will be drawn in as time passes by.

The Muslims have already created safe havens for themselves and from them they will cut, burn, and slash anything that is not Muslim. The distinction between a non- aggressive Muslim and a Warrior Muslim will not be relevant.  The Christians will be weak.  (Right now few attend Churches in Europe, as a result of the progressive attacks on religion.),  however,  there are enough to strike back and this they will do.  Gun control will vanish.  What the warriors cannot immediately produce they will steal.  No quarter will be spared.  The worse the attack the worse the response.  The non-Muslims will retreat from around the Safe zones and try to find protection in outlying areas.  This will allow the Muslims to gain initial ground and support.  This war will not be of great armies and navies.  It will be of small groups attacking and defending.

The non-Muslims will be further weakened by the secularists, diverse religions, and the interference of the inept progressive governments. The E.U. will be shambles.  As the civil strife turns into street combat, trade and commerce will be turned down to a trickle.  Marauding bands of people, trying to feed themselves, will become common place.  The military, as in so many times in history, will stay together but not be too effective. Remember this is combat street by street and building by building.  Armies are not much better than a mob in street warfare.  Especially true,  when they are having trouble feeding themselves.

The chaos will spread into every major city and suburb.  The Christian Serbs, Lebanese, Armenians, and especially all those left dead on the sands of the Middle East so long ago, will stand as symbols to the new warriors. .  The Christian Crusaders astride their great horses, with their flags flying in the wind will give salute to all those who have died trying to stop Muslim hordes.   This battle is 466 years old.

The dye will be cast. It will be kill or be killed.  Do not fool yourself that super weapons will save the day.  First, the sides are blurred.  Second, as the infrastructure can not be maintained, there will be little to no social media, and drones and planes do not work well when not fed and the electricity stops.  Large navies will be little more than hospitals. In the mix the howl and cry of the welfare recipients will simply  be a nuisance.  This is the case with all, except the Muslims who have for years worked the welfare state to their advantage.   They will accept it and try to kill because of its lack.

The historical forecast is that when and if the non-Muslim gets their act together they will win.  They make superior soldiers.  The “however”, is that will not happen until a stabilizing force enters the chaos, and provides a platform to work from.  There are many web sites that describe the millions of Muslims who live all over Europe. They thin out as you go north east in Europe.  The stabilizing force will not be the smaller countries, but will be  Russia.  It will be the biggest Bear in the forest.  Its strategy will be to feed and arm the non-Muslim and starve the latter.

Muslims believe chaos is the prelude to the whole world being Muslim.  Because of this they will fight like a blind pig trying to get out of an enclosure.  It will be crash here, charge there, and ultimately be killed.  The very deep divisions in the Muslim belief system will also assist the other side.  Indonesia and Asia will not escape this chaos.  America might if it is common sense led, but that is a different story.

Once again the world will weep, bleed, and die because of common sense failure.

The Rooster sincerely hopes the vision is wrong.


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(OR: Liberal failure in Alcohol and Drugs is amazing.)

Rooster does not want to repeat the socialist failures such as the Mayflower compact, Russia, Cuba, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, and so on. He wants to point his talon to a dramatic U.S. socialist plan which failed, and one that is failing before our eyes. No he is not talking about the chaotic failure in the ghettos of their welfare state, or the present collapse of Obama Care. What he wants to discuss with you is much more certain. These two were caused by the same socialist zeal. The first failure was the Progressive’s laws to make every citizen stop drinking alcohol. It was started by the eternal progressives of Maine.. By Jan. 1855 there were 13 States which forbid liquor. This culminated in the passage of the 18th amendment. (See comparison time table). Its passage was assisted by the first real progressive president, Woodrow Wilson. At first he vetoed the act to implement the amendment (Volstead Act). This was to make him look good to the troops in WW 1. He knew it would pass over his veto.

It did, in both houses primarily because it was the peoples will. The legislatures really had no choice. They had to implement the amendment. The Amendment became effective in Wilson’s last year 1920. The only people who pushed this amendment were socialist type liberals. They came in many disguises, such as the Anti saloon League, the National Prohibition Party, etc. Their primary argument was it will be better for everyone, (unless you worked in a brewery or really enjoyed a brew or cold glass of wine after work.) Now let’s analyze what happened from a common sense stand point. That is the issue. The number who voted for this amendment listened to all the good things it would cause and did not use their common sense. This is typical liberal Promise good times and health, and lie through your teeth. If not lying then its plain stupid. Just using common sense, we know the world, has had booze since we learned how. In fact some say cities only grew to protect the beer and wine from others. History tells us the human likes this stuff. The “Like” is so large and so persuasive common sense says you cannot get rid of it. You can treat it, but you cannot erase it off the face of the earth. Common sense also tells you that no one country could do it alone. Think of all the other country producers, and their helpers like the Kennedy Family, who would rum-run so to speak. They did in huge numbers. A “Still” is easy to make and so they sprung up all over the country. The crime it all created is mind boggling. The cost to try to make it effective was horrible, especially after we had already lost so much in WW 1. It was a losing battle and many people helped prove it. If you cannot see the logic and the future with common sense, then you are a liberal. All of the pain and suffering and financial loss incurred by this stupid amendment finally came to an end with the 21st amendment in 1933. 13 years of torment and damage. The Second clear example of liberal’s failure to use common sense was the simultaneous development of our current drug system. It did not come as a command of the people (amendment). It came in Federal Legislation. It was, driven by the same supporters of the 18th. A common time table is helpful. 18th Amendment Drug enforcement law.
Jan 1855: 13 states go dry. Maine first
1869 & 1893: Prohibition Party, Anti Saloon League.
1914: Fed Narcotics Control Board created, outlawing Opiates, cocaine
1917: Amendment proposed to States. .
1919: Amendment is certified: Volstead Act
1920: 18th Amendment is law. 1933 undone by 21st.
1930: Name changed to Fed. Bu. of Narcotics then DEA and then FDA in 1988

The above time line shows that the first try at control was “alcohol”. Embolden by success the progressive’s added narcotics to the battle to regulate all lives in America. The individual liberty of choice, which had existed at least from 1787 to 1914. (Plus the Colonial years.) was to be forbidden, by the do-gooder socialists types. In the South the favorite exit drink was Laudanum, which had its origins in Greece. It is a combination of Opium and alcohol with various flavors such as sugar, cinnamon, anisettes and others. When it was in its weakest form it was codeine and a variation of that was used in the early Coca Cola. Even alcohol in its strongest form is lethal. Please understand, the world was not killing itself with drugs. It was not an epidemic. In fact the primary reason Congress gave its consent was for new taxes. Progressive ideas to control you and the desire by legislatures for money is a lethal mix. Not all the failures of common sense are easily apparent. With the advent of beer and wine and all its variants, which probably started at the dawn of civilization the world population has increased, not decreased. We have become over populated. Man also found narcotics in plants early on, yet it has only affected a few. Common sense sees the future and knows. If you attempt to deregulate sex you will fail, if you try to stop prostitution you will fail, if you try to stop alcohol you will fail, and if government tries to stop drugs it will fail. The human being will not be stopped from doing what may or may not be harmful. Helping the fallen makes common sense. If progressives had not outlawed narcotics, but only attempted to regulate them what would have happened? Well the failure of the 18th, to stop Alcohol, gives us a clue. Nothing worse happened. Addiction and overuse were limited. Has DUI legislation stopped drunken drivers accidents? Of course not. Common sense tells you intense education would do better. Compare the cost of trying to stop these things to the cost of a soft bed for those who fail. We are talking trillions of dollars vs. millions. Hospitals, rehabs, and ½ way houses are so much cheaper and peaceful. Homicides have been much more prevalent now than before regulation. How many lives are lost each year because gangs continue to sell to those who want. Yes regulate drugs for purity, but make them available. Without prescription. If you do the jails will be empty, drug lords in your neighborhood and all around the world will have to find legitimate jobs. Most important the allure of the forbidden will vanish. In a free to choose world common sense tells us warnings on labels will have a much better effect. Teaching in our schools could be tailored to assist and life will be better. Not so in the progressive world of control. Mistakes abound, blinders continue to obscure vision. Blind Faith in Government is the worst of all.

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(OR:  Where did these chains come from?)

       Clint Eastwood, at 86, is still working full time, is alert and said the following in an interview just the other day.

“ …everybody’s getting tired of political correctness, kissing up. That’,s

the kiss-ass generation were in. Right now, we’re really

in a pussy generation…when I grew up, those things weren’t  called


He is right. Rooster knows what happened between the 50s and now. Then, in general conversation you called an ace and ace.  You were expected to be honest to a fault.  Today you are pounced on as insensitive and a crude  unthinking person or worse a  racist, etc.  Did you ever wonder how we got from honest differences, to insults?

In high school and college Rooster loved to debate, not in the formal arena, but in the political arena.  He took his time to find a liberal who was willing to debate. He would offer to buy a cup of coffee, relax, and go for it.   It was always hard to find the willing liberal.   When he did the conversation was always on the demerits of Socialism and the merits of a Republic.  Rooster had a list of failed socialism experiments.   It was never a debate he could lose because history was on his side.  In those early years the liberal would become frustrated and irritated.  One of the easiest responses was to tell Rooster his evidence never happened. When Rooster would persist, the Liberal would get up and leave.  Maybe once or twice the liberal would want to think about it.  Some resorted to expletives and table thumping.  Not one, Rooster can recall, ever conceded history was right

As time moved on the denial, the short burst of anger etc simply did not work effectively.  The liberal was looking for a new response which would destroy the debate.  He and she found it in the denial, followed by a statement which insulted the debater and deflected the subject matter.  This was effective.   Call the debater a bigot, or a racists etc. and suddenly the Debater and the debate were over.  You see the insult turns a historical debate into a personal slur of character.   The subject has been changed and the liberal does not have to admit they are wrong.  Once the deflect, occurred the main subject could never be brought back.  When Rooster tried, the liberal would simply repeat the insult and leave.

The insult and refusal to debate honestly became the liberal’s main tool.   Oh, do not forget  that the slur was a lie.   The good liberal will easily use the lie, with the belief no one can catch them.  It is difficult for the object of the slur to defend himself. A denial does not go very far.   Times are changing and the electronic data world is exposing the liberal lies.  The DNC tapes is just a tiny part of it. Will it be enough before it is too late?


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            The response “What difference does it make” is a great example of common sense (CD) deficiency.   When Hillary used it in response to a question in the Bengasi hearings her stupidity stood out like a sore thumb.  Think about it.  If you and someone are having a serious discussion and you make a point and the other person’s response is “What difference…et cet” Your intelligence has just been insulted.    Of course it makes a difference, ,Sweet heart, because we are discussing it.  Had Rooster been on the committee he would have made an immediate response something like this,:

All right Hillary I’ll tell you what difference it makes.  Had you used CS you would have pulled the ambassador and staff out of that dangerous place. Obviously you did not recognize it as dangerous.   Britain and other countries did,.  Failing that you received requests for more security and still you failed the CS test and did nothing. Had you even directed the construction of a good safe room it would have made a big difference.  You did not, and probably did not even know there was such a thing. Once you received notice of the attack,  you should have pushed all the red buttons at your disposal and sent every asset we had.  Our people received orders to stand down.   You did not and because you did none of these basic things your employee Christopher Steven was brutally tortured and murdered including having his private parts destroyed.  Your employee Sean Smith also died and two CIA volunteers gave up their lives and were blown to death by mortars that just happened to be there.  It was not just the 4 , you let down.  It was their wife’s, sweethearts, children and families in general.  Mothers lost their child, and Fathers now weep over their lost sons.   This must not happen again.  This is what difference it makes.  Furthermore, we must not allow our Government to then make up a lie to cover-up their common sense failure.  This too makes a big difference, Ms Hillary.   A really big difference.

This event, this phrase can and should make a great battle cry for Donald Trump.  Let’s say the issue is free trade vs controlled trade.   What he should say, is something like this.  Ms. Hillary is for open borders and free trade, I am not.  I will tell you what difference it makes.  My view will make for more security for every family in their home. Ms. Hillary’s does not.   My view makes for more secure jobs and more of them.  Ms Hillary’s does not.  My position means we will be able to kick out the bad guys and reduce internal   terror attacks.  Ms. Hillary’s does not.  My position means we can attract many of our business back which will create more income, more prosperity and more security.  Ms.  Hillary’s does not.   That is the difference.  That is what a difference it makes.

On every issue he should repeat this phrase over and over again.  If there is a debate between the two he should smother her with that stupid statement.  But then Rooster is not there and his help is not solicited.  Too bad.


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            Remember the scene in the Disney movie THE WIZARD OF OZ where Dorothy figures out what to do with the Red Shoes?  She defeated the wicked witch who evaporated leaving her black robe and pointed hat on the ground.  That is the scene Rooster sees with Hillary Clinton.  The FBI gave Trump the red shoes and he will know how to use them.  In fact he would be well advised to wear red shoes and offer this explanation.  Can’t you just see him rubbing his shoes, saying something like “Crooked Hillary will disappear.”

The statement released by the FBI has set the stage.  Cameras are ready, everyone is in place… silence on the stage, roll the cameras.  Even Winston shares this vision.  The Director of the FBI, Mr. James Comey, told the world Hillary and her controlled staff were extremely negligent.  For undisclosed reasons, he decided not to ask the Department of Justice, with a Lynch women in control, to do anything about it.  One might ask,” Why ask a dead man to say grace? “ All Lynch would do is stall and delay, with Obama’s help, and pass the matter beyond the soon to be election. Just in reviewing the FBI suggestion she could take 6 months.  A dead end.  Better to give the tools to the candidate and others.  Properly used, the tools will, like the red shoes, send “What difference does it make”  to the evaporation chair.

Now the law.   Listening to FBI Comey, and the news pundits something smells bad.    What is this clear evidence of intent Comey told us was lacking?  Remember Rooster was once a Prosecutor in charge of trials in a large District Attorney office. He and you must know that for every infraction and crime there is a defined intent or state of mine.   In Common Criminal law you have Specific Intent, General Intent, and substitutes for intent. One is gross negligence, another is strict liability.  In Specific intent the Defendant must have specifically intended the crime and its consequences.  In General intent the defendant simply must have intended to do what he or she did, even without thinking about the wrong.  Substitutes come in a variety of words and concepts.   In Administrative law bureaucrats have created others.  Sometimes this legislative nonsense creeps into statutes passed by Congress and others.  Point is the words “Clear intent” is not used and is meaningless.

The United States has one law that covers the disclosure of classified information.  It is 18 U.S. Code 798. No one has mentioned it.   It does not use a common law definition of intent, but one of the historic administrative concepts.,  “Knowingly and willingly” as the state of mind.  Federal law uses the concept often.  This is like general intent. All the attorney should have to prove is that the defendant did the acts, i.e.: creating an unsecured server and putting and removing classified information therein.  The Supreme Court, on another statute, Bowder vs U.S. 32 US 335, found that knowingly and willingly does not mean that you did the acts with evil or dishonest knowledge.  It simply means you did the acts while conscious and awake. I.e.: you knew what you were doing.  The only defense is by mistake or accident.  If you are found guilty of USC 798,  you can be fined (no limit) and put in jail for 10 years.  Now what Comey did was to add to “Knowingly and willingly” a specific intent (Clear intent…his word.).  He is flat wrong. The U.S. has many other statutes that touch on the subject.  For example look at 18 USC 1905 which talks about propriety rights.  It is also has a general type intent.  Simply publishing, divulging, or disclosing is all it takes.   Others include Executive orders, the Espionage Act of 1917, The Atomic Energy Act of 1954, and the Intelligence Identities Protection Act of 1982.  Point is our federal law is very specific on this subject. Our enforcement is not, which is why Congress, the President, and others leak information without fear.   Rooster could not find one statute that required a “Clear Intent” as stated by the FBI. Moreover the congressional committee and Mr. Comey often referred to 18 USC 1924 which is simply a specific application of 798.

Now most of the news sources say the FBI was relying on Executive Order 13526, and 18 U.S.C. 793 (f) .  Again something smells very bad.   First Executive Order 13526 is a long discussion of what is and is not classified stuff..   When talking about punishment it adopts the language of U.S.C. 798 above.  It specifically says the “Knowingly and willfully” form of state of mind,, which is not a “Clear Intent”. Section 793 (f) is another of the “other statutes” which attempts to cover specific acts.  It in no way takes away from 798 which is the primary punishment law.  Point is, the FBI director is misleading the nation.  Why?   Well maybe Rooster is correct when he says Comey wanted this wrong to be up front and on point now and not after the election.  Or maybe he simply only thought of Gross Negligence and its history.    Apparently he never heard of multiple counts of wrong doing in a criminal case.  I think I hear Richard Nixon, scratching on his tomb, to be reheard on his minutes of erased tape, of office conversations.

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(OR; Can fire be water?)
The wishful thinker, hopes and hopes that Islam will be a peaceful belief system. It is just so much wishy washy, head in the sand, baloney. The fool or the liar tell you it is. First, you must know that Islam has been at war with the rest of the world since its inception. If you do not, you deny history. To believe this, all you have to do is read the Quran. It says so. For a current update go to “The Religion of Peace” on the www. In the Quran you will find the language which says each Muslim must conquer Jews, Christians, and everyone else to make the world one for Islam. In the WWW you will see the list of the dead and dying in Islam’s present phase of the war. The invasion of Europe is just part of it.
Ok, so can Islam change and be more or less peaceful like other religions? The answer is NO. Why, you ask? Glad you did, because Rooster, prompted by his pooka Winston, can tell you. Rooster has read the Quran and studied the entire history of Islam. Winston does not need to, because with his wonderful common sense, he just knows.
The stumbling block, the one wall to end all walls, is that Islam believes the Quran is absolute. It is a compilation of the word of Allah/ God on just about everything in life. It not only sets up believes in the hereafter, it sets up the way one is to live life here on earth. In other words Allah says it and no mere mortal can change it or deny it. The book even sets up routines to make certain there are no changes. If you doubt the book, if you question the book, you are a sinner. In the words written in the Quran, you must be punished. The book tells the believer how to do it. Talk about your micro-managing. Just getting down on your hands and knees and bowing to the ground and Mecca, 5 or so times a day is part of the subjection. The message is that you the believer will do as the book tells you or you die a terrible death and Allah will banish you from heaven. That is what you call not much wiggle room. It was set up this way because someone knew you cannot have just a little corruption. If you allow a tiny little bit human nature will expand it. Same with Islam. Allow anyone to question it and the questions will spread like chicken pox. Islam’s founder thought of this.
There are a few Muslims who try to make Islam truly peaceful. Give them the benefit of the doubt. They will fail. It would be easier for them to become a member of some other religion than to change Islam. Of course it is comforting to think they might be successful, but the struggle they face is blocked by the word of Allah, at every move. Allah through Mohammed was very clever. In our life time no one will ever change the Quran. The only way it might happen is if Allah sends down a new messenger/prophet to erase and delete all the evil language in the Quran. All right let’s all hold our breath until that happens. Just kidding. Come-on breath my friend, I am not Allah. I was kidding.
Whoever created the idea that Islam is peaceful must be selling used cars. Rooster has searched for the answer and it is illusive. The best that can be said is Imams and Mullahs came up with this idea, in defense of accusations Islam is not peaceful. It is better than a Not Guilty Plea. It is like the child, surrounded with a broken cookie jar and crumbs on his mouth, who tells his mom, “I didn’t do it, the Cat did”. There is no way the holy ones can admit to the terror, and chaos their members create in Islam’s name. To do so would implicate them as well. The non- Muslims would then have a good reason to tear down Mosques. Just remember, especially with the current Egyptian plane down, that all the chaos of security at airports around the world was caused by Islam. No one else did it. So the Holy ones wipe the crumbs off their mouths and tell you what you see and know is not true. They will never admit it. The Quran gives them an excuse. What happens is Allah’s command. Their hands are clean. They did not encourage anything, but the faithful following of the Quran.. Do not be fooled.
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It is time to take on the do-gooder leftist defense of the homeless and face the issue anew in 2016.  First, we need to know who homeless are, before we can find a way for them to get off the street.   Second, we have to know that being on the street is terrible for them and society suffers.  Where liberals control,  homelessness abounds.  Just visit San Francisco or Honolulu for examples.

First, who are these folks called “homeless”?  They come in all colors, heights, wellness and genders.  They are neither religious nor racial, so those typical leftist defenses are gone.   They are people who cannot cope, cannot keep a job, cannot pay rent, cannot fit in with society.  They do not understand or know what to do to care for themselves let alone anyone else.  It was not long ago that  we called them by different  names.  They were bums, vagabonds, bindle-stiffs, beggars,  ner-do-wells, bridge dwellers, outcasts, crazies,  drunks, thieves, hermits, and these are just the names Rooster can recall.   Today the political correct people lump them all together as Homeless.  Talk about over simplification.   Liberals have never possessed robust common sense so maybe they see themselves in the abject homeless.  As each of us is different, so too, is a homeless person.  Each will have a mix of disabilities. We cannot cover them all here.  What is common among them is that they cannot cope.  Sleeping under bushes, covered in old rags and papers, and relieving themselves as needed is called not able to cope.  One of their most common personal problems is not self-abuse, but what we, today, call autism.  Other disabilities are common, but not as prevalent.  In the school world they often refer to children, with autism, as unemployables.  Now autism is a very broad word covering manifestations rather than causes..  Few are able to accept that Autism is a genetic defect and is not curable.  In some cases it can be modified, but never cured, at least with the knowledge we now possess.   In some  families an autistic child is protected at least until they reach 18.  As family cohesiveness has failed so has the caring.  This means more and more such disabled persons are left to beg and receive handouts. The common core of autism is a disabled common sense.  This is varied in all who have it. For example on one extreme you have the recluse who hides from reality. On the other you have the proverbial con/man or woman.  The latter can talk the talk, and walk the walk, but they have little concept of the consequences of their lies.   Between these extremes,  exists  an extensive common sense fog in which many wander in confusion.  The so called wise ones have failed to recognize that common sense is a very relevant aspect of clear thinking.  It is not tested for and it is not recognized as being as important as IQ. This dilemma, is for another day.   What we can now do is understand homeless people need societies help, every day.   It is a terrible abuse of common sense to let these lost souls flounder about like wounded animals.  We must demand of our Cities, Counties, and other Governments to face their obligation for providing  threshold care and attention.  For example if a law enforcement type determines one is “homeless”  they should have the power to place them in a facility that  can care for their physical and/or mental problems.  This screening process will be a social detention, not incarceration.  Some can be redirected.  Some will no doubt return to the status of homeless, but once again, as they are less and less capable of self-care, they at least will receive periodic attention.

In the 60s and beyond,  this was handled in a very causal but effective way.   Then the homeless who had fallen the furthest were arrested and placed in governmental care for a period of time.  They were cleaned, clothed, medicated, fed and rested.   These people developed rap sheets a mile long  for minor offenses such as disturbing the peace, trespass,  loitering, petty theft, drunkenness, etc.  The police, judges, etc. knew they were providing a public service no one else was willing to do. It was far more humane, than the liberal way of demanding homeless rights and especially demanding that they can continue to harm themselves and others around them.  Common sense tells us society must provide care and treatment or suffer the consequences.

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(OR;  Obama kills Keystone, & Portugal Socialist kill Peace.)

    Rooster sees a parallel between Obama killing the Keystone Pipeline and Socialist in Portugal joining forces to kill a successful and peaceful government.

    To bring you up to speed, the WSJ reported both items under their section “Nation and World”.   Obama, by Executive dictate, “kills proposal for Keystone pipeline” which is the proposed pipeline across the U.S. to transport oil from Canada.  Safer than trucks and trains, Amen.  The State Department ruled that it would have a negative environmental impact and Obama previously said if that was so, he would support it.  Once it was so, he flopped the flip and says he is now against it because the pipe would carry “Dirty Oil”.   Of course the denial fits because of his war on Global Warming through world control. The point is his refusal is a clear denial of the people’s choice, a clear reckless disregard for our economy, and a clear failure of common sense.  Obama not only appears to be a closet Muslim, but at the same time  is a dedicated socialist/communist.  Both belief systems are devoted to a one world rule.  Islam does it with Allah’s help, and Communism does it without a God.  Obama does not know which horse to ride, but in his own words he probably would side with Islam.  You can search his mind and the corners of the Oval Office, and you will not find Mr. Common Sense anywhere about.

    Across the pond, in Portugal you find the same absence of that elusive gentleman.   The WSJ byline is “2 leftist parties say they’ll work together.”  What it then says is that the Communist party and Socialist Party have reached an agreement to vote together to destroy the existing middle of the road coalition which has been turning the country around from financial collapse.

    In both you have to observe a weird mind set which is bound and determined to destroy and to hell with the people.  Both Obama’s brain and the brains of the Portuguese left rejoice at the destruction of that which they do not like.  The “like” part has little to do with logic, or common sense.  In this regard there is a very disturbing correlation between them and the typical mass killer who lashes out at what he is emotionally against.   This brainless desire to destroy cannot really be called idiotic or insane because there are simply too many who think the same. In every society it is the common sense vs the common senseless. The latter opt to destroy rather than to debate and work out compromise. It is S.A.D.


PROTEST:  FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG.  It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.

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Presidential Candidate Trump, is taking a lot of flak for questioning the hero status of McCain.   Before you fall for the main- steam line, read this.

When McCain was running for the GOP nomination Rooster argued against his getting the nomination.  Rooster also took collateral damage from many of his Navy buddies who were in favor of McCain simply because he was Navy.  Rooster argued that his record clearly indicated he did not have the common sense to run the kind of a campaign needed to stop the coming avalanche of lies.   Rooster was correct.  McCain never took the fight to Obama.

Rooster’s argument then was much the same as Trump’s today.    First of all, getting shot out of the sky by a missile was something McCain could have avoided. Many pilots had the same problem.  Having the same warning McCain had, they avoided missile attacks.  Point is a pilot with good common sense, who paid attention in briefings and learned from his training, stood a very good chance of coming home.  Those heroes are forgotten.  Certainly Rooster does not take away from McCain’s endurance in captivity.   As we shall see, his guards did not see the irony.  Certainly McCann was involved in the destruction of more American Aircraft than their SAM missiles.   Point is McCain did not have to be there.   But let’s look deeper into his past performance to better understand his use or lack of use of common sense.

Going back to his Academy days he was in the bottom of his class.  Not the very bottom but close enough that he should not have been accepted for flight school. Only the best were chosen for  very expensive pilot training.    Here is where it gets interesting.   His Grandfather and his Father were Admirals in the Navy.  Both rose to very responsible positions and McCain took advantage of that.   The first advantage was pulling strings to go to flight school.  There, as in the Academy,  he did not shine.   Once in the air he had to ditch a trainer over the Atlantic.  No real inquiry was conducted.   Next he borrowed a Navy jet to fly to an Army and Navy game up north.  It too malfunctioned (always blame the plane.) and he ejected.  The plane came down in a rural area and no one was hurt.  Again no serious questions were asked of the Admirals son.    So far the loss of the planes and his rescue cost the taxpayers some several million dollars.

Then on July 29, 1967 McCain was aboard the USS Forrestal Aircraft carrier siting in an A-4 Skyhawk fighter preparing to take off.  It was in the famous Tonkin Gulf.  Next to him was a similar plane with a pilot by the name of “ White” aboard.  Somehow a Zuni rocket was shot from another plane.  It went through Whites plane and into the ocean.  Fuel and a bomb fell on to the deck, and all hell broke loose.  134 people died including White.   McCain saved himself by jumping out of his plane.  He went below decks eventually watching the horror on TV in the pilot’s area. Once again he was lucky but no hero.   The Naval inquiry could not find a reason for the event and labeled it an accident.   It just happened that only one of  the fixed Rockets aboard a manned F 4 fired off, and it just happened to be facing the two A 4s of White and McCain.  Some 72 Millions in value were lost in the resulting Carrier damage, including McCain’s plane. A total of 21; 11 A 4s, 7 F 4s and three Vigilantes were destroyed.   Many others damaged.

Three months later McCain  was shot down over Vietnam, losing his 4th million dollar plus plane.  This time he was picked up by enemy and made a prisoner.

When he got back home he soon divorced and remarried. Then he began his career in politics in the State of his new wife’s family.  His loss of the Presidential campaign against Obama, was largely because he just never figured out how to fight.   He simply stood in the way dumfounded.  His positions as a Senator have left many common sense folks taking deep breaths.   In short his proven conduct over his varied careers, leaves many unanswered questions.

It could be Trump is right on the money.  When you think about it, surviving in a hell-hole prison should not make a hero.  How a person fights a battle, is the measure.  Taking a stand as our boys did in Bengazi.  fighting hard, damning the torpedoes and ordering full speed ahead, is the stuff of heros.

PROTEST:  FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG.  It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.

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Rooster Bradford, gives up all rights to this article and seeks no compensation for its use.  2015


(OR:  Do you really understand this flag?)

If the destruction of ancient monuments and works of art, by ISIS in Iraq and Syria, disturbs you, so should the destruction of the Confederate Flag.   We are talking about taking down and hiding a bit of history.   The flag in question was never the flag of the Confederate States.   It was a flag specially designed for their troops to take on to the battle field. The purpose was to identify enemy from friend.  It represented our brothers and sisters serving their duty to a government that existed 150 years ago.  It was and is a battle flag, much like a Navy ensign flying from the bridge of our naval ships.

The flag flying in South Carolina, was never the flag of the Confederacy. Never, at that time, was it a flag of one of the States making up the Confederacy.   The Confederacy had only two national flags.   The first was called the Stars and Bars.  It had a blue corner, like the American flag, with 7 stars in a circle.  The rest of it was two horizontal red bars separated by a white bar in the center. In 1863 this flag was discontinued with a new design called the “Stainless Banner”, which was white with the upper inside corner showing a replica of the battle flag.

The Battle Flag never represented Slavery.  It represented the troops of the Armies fighting for their view of States rights.   Slavery was just one of the issues that caused the Southern States to decide the only way to protect their rights from the aggressive North was to leave the Union.   Yes, the Northern States, being industrialized, had an entirely different agenda than the agricultural South.  Both the north and south bear responsibility for the hatred between the two sides. The first conflict of that costly war was in South Carolina, where Confederate troops attempted to remove a U.S. Garrison at Fort Sumter. Thereafter the new American  president, Abraham Lincoln, called up 75,000 troops to stop the Rebellion.  The South called it a succession for State rights.

Right or wrong, the flag should not be a symbol.  It is a simple battle flag. To those ignorant of history it is a symbol of Slavery.   To say that, exposes a weak mind.  It is not fact.   Rooster loves history and wants to preserve every bit of it, good or bad.  To hide it is to destroy it.  To do so ranks at the top of stupidity.  What is considered bad today, might not be tomorrow and so it goes.   Point is to destroy history is to destroy tools of education.

If the Civil War battle flag, should symbolize anything today, it is not Slavery.  It is States’ Rights.  The real issue is not a memory of Slavery. It is the threat of States once again deciding it is better to be free than put up with the National agenda.   In other words those who want to continue the power of United States, , cannot afford to have States departing on their whim.  The issue of Slavery is as dead as the flag in reality.  The issue of separation for any reason is the fear of hand wringing iconoclasts.

Back to the issue of simple history.  Destroying History has unfortunately been the bane of humanity since we began to socialize.   Destruction and obliteration of the enemy, and the history of its existence, has been routine. Look at what the Allies did to Europe in the Second war.  Look what Hitler did to London.  One can even argue the extinction of the Neantherdal by the Homo sapiens is part of the same.  Today Europe  destroys  evidence of Hitler, and forbids anyone to talk about the Nazi regime (A form of socialism).  That is wrong headed.  Also it clearly is a denial of free speech.   It would be better to talk about it, and to hold its monuments as evidence of wrong doing than to scorch the earth and leave nothing to use as teaching tools for the next generation that comes along.

Destruction is the tool of fools.  Let us try to rise above such nonsense.

PROTEST:  FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG.  It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.

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Rooster Bradford, gives up all rights to this article and seeks no compensation for its use.  2015