(Or: Destroying Icons is a rage of unstable minds.)

Do you support the destruction of history?   If not you might be sane and loaded with common sense.  If yes or say yes,  sometimes, then your brain is disabled with defective common sense.  Image bashers (iconoclasts) can be some of the most dangerous terrorists to your way of life.  They are worse than the rioters who tear down things and bash windows.   The secondary focus of this article is relating the results and lack of results from the senseless killing of innocent people in North Carolina.

Before we get there, let us look at the larger picture.  ISIS and Al-Qaida in the Middle East destroy any Jewish icon they find and have gone even further in destroying any history of a way of life different from what they believe.  They are image bashers.   In Germany, Austria, and Bavaria, the liberal IBs (Image bashers) have obliterated any physical evidence of Nazism in their areas.  Their destruction has taken many forms, but Dynamite is their favorite.  Some of the structures cannot be obliterated because they are too big.  Sub pens in France are a good example.  Both the radicals of the Middle East and Europe use explosives to destroy images of what they do not like.  As a historian this is very difficult for Rooster.   It is the same with Hitler’s burning books he did not like, and the destruction of the great library of Alexandria, by Muslims. Time after time during the entire life of man, this form of insanity has marched on.

The same intolerance is a part of liberalism in the U.S.   It is not conservatives who go about basing Images.  It is the intolerant liberal.   Certainly one of the important examples today is what they have done to “Marriage”.   The ancient image of a man and women, joining together in holy Matrimony to have and raise children, has been destroyed. The injury to the family is just now developing. The image of a Constitution that is strong and stable, and provides the written word, like a bible, has been destroyed. It is liberal’s concept of a living Constitution which has done the trick.  Another great example is their trampling upon our language.  Many words are now forbidden to even be spoken. Most words describe images.  Certainly one obvious is the word “Negro”.  Oh, it is ok for blacks to say it to each other, but another race cannot. The destruction of this image, caused O.J. Simpson to escape murder.  The government’s primary detective was so afraid to say the word, that when the black attorney asked him if he had ever mouthed the word, Mark Furman said “No”.  It had to be a lie, and the entire credibility of the prosecution when down the drain.  Another word,” Mulatto”, has been banished to the ash bin.  In their haste to put race against race, anyone with a tiny bit of black in them is called black.  Why?   Even a young liberal female in Washington State can curl her hair, call herself black, and get away with it until the one person who should know, called her on it.  Her Mother
Now let us consider the mass killing of people in the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal church in Charleston, N.C.   Obviously the church wanted to stay black, because it uses the limiting word “African”.  Isn’t that racial?  Still not the point.  The point is that the liberals scream the entire country is racist because of this senseless killing.  There is no question that the 21 year old “Dylann Roof” acted as a racist.  He said so.  However he did not wrap himself in a Confederate Battle Flag, so why the demand that it be removed and hands be cut off of anyone who flies it.   What did the historical Confederate flag have to do with it?  You cannot wipe out the history of the Civil War.  Not possible.  It is another icon being bashed by the mentally unstable. That’s all.  Now you know how many large corporations are led by the same misguided, when they remove any image of that cotton flag from their product.  No it is not just to protect sales.  They actually believe destroying history is good.

What about the real issue in the killings at “Mother Emanuel” church, in N.C.? The liberals are so heated up to destroy images they miss it, completely.  What was the real cause?   Was it hatred of race or not?  No it was not.  Rooster is absolutely certain that Dylann Roof is autistic.  His common sense, like most iconoclasts, is and was disabled. He looks the part, he dressed the part, he said things like such a person, and he lived the part.   At the killing he was an iconoclast in action.  He was trying to destroy an image for all the same reasons as other iconoclasts.  The underlying reason which pushed this young white boy over the top, is that the present electronic age is popping out weird thoughts in disabled people all the time.  No one is doing anything constructive about it.    The evidence in this case is that Roof lived, with others (probably like him), in a trailer, and played computer games all the time.   What games?  How much violence did they put into his faulty brain?  His roommates are probably the same type, also forcibly abandoned by their families. Yes it is so, because liberals have made it impossible for parents to have any effect after a son reaches 18.  Liberals refuse to realize the electronic attraction, is more invasive and persuasive than drugs.   Who is addressing these issues?  Well some conservatives are, but they cannot be heard over the screaming sounds of the running amuck iconoclasts blown by an evil liberal wind.

Our Country is being led by common sense deficient people who are blind when they look at themselves in a mirror.   Expect no help.   Do not wait to hear any of them call out to the people to stop their foolish chasing after flags and recognize the real problem here.   Not going to happen.  They are totally incapable of worthy leadership.  It is so bad that an entire swarm of conservatives are running for President. Everybody wants to be a savior, but it will never happen unless you call um like you see um. .

PROTEST:  FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG.  It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.

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(OR; Ill winds from on high, and weird singing  in the temples)

What a couple of weeks!  Probably one of the most important civic lessons in years.   Today the President attended a memorial service for the Reverend and his parishioners who were shot by a mad man.   Did he talk of mental illness and what we must do to address the ever increasing problem of autism in our electronic world?   No.  Did he talk of conciliation by saying we are all one color under God.  NO. Did he say white folks are not to blame for the killing?  NO  What he did is start singing “Amazing Grace”.   You remember the words don’t you?  They are the words of a white former Black slave boat captain admitting his guilt and asking for forgiveness.   True!!  He was white and his name was John Newton.   In other words, by selecting this song he nailed up the cross to put white man on for being a part of slavery.  What a sad, sad saga of this ½ white/1/2 black man with a huge chip on his common senseless shoulder. Race relations are now in the pits.

Speaking of common senseless conduct the Supremes, sang a very sinister tune this week with two gut wrenching decisions.  The result was that we are now a Socialist State, run by minorities, with a living Constitution.   First the court ruled that under the Constitution same sex couples can take and destroy the ageless concept of marriage.   Keep in mind the Constitution does not mention marriage let alone same sex marriage.   Things not granted to the federal government were expressly reserved to the States.  Forget that. The Constitution is not what it says.  It is what the social activists in the Supreme Court say it is.   It lives for their fun and games.

Second hammer on the nails, was its decision that the most Socialist program ever passed by Congress, was valid on the question of Subsidies, even though the Socialist created health debacle expressly did not grant this power to the Federal Government, but reserved it to the States.  That is if the States did not create an insurance exchange then the Feds could not subsidize the individual user.  Obama did of course violate the letter of the law.   NO NO It is not what is written, even though the language was clear and unmistakable.  NO NO it is what we the Supremes want the language to say, because we know what is best for you-all.  How they do this is by violating  their oath with reservation or purpose.  That is words on paper mean nothing, when they want them to say something else.   Please do not forget that the Constitution says nothing about insurance or health.  Since it was a power not granted it was reserved to the States.  Oh, to hell with that, we must save this illegal act.  In the process they have destroyed the oath and any attempt for any of us to be able to rely on the words in a law.  Here is the oath they violate.

“I John Doe liar (sic), do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same, that I take this oath freely without any mental reservations or purpose of evasion, etc. “

They violate this oath by treating the document only as a frame work of ideas which are their ideas.  A living Constitution has no limits and no boundaries.  It has no definitions you can rely on.  It is junk.  It is meaningless. It holds back nothing. It provides no borders, no guide lines, because you cannot count on it for any stability.

So in conclusion, this week has been a hell week for those who love and worship freedom.  It has been a hell week for race relations.  It has been a major turning point in this country.   We are now at the whim and dictate of socialist philosophy.  Hang on and hide your property.  They will come after that next.  Of course we all have to survive the economic catastrophe they have created in their blindness effort to buy favor with votes.  Some wag said democracy fails when the Government hands out a lot of free stuff.  Boy howdy!

PROTEST:  FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG.  It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.

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(OR:  Will they never learn?  Yes, they never will.)

Poles apart these two places are great examples of Common Sense Disabilities running amuck.  These people live and lie in a unrealistic world.

The social liberal activists in Los Angeles City have convinced their brothers and sisters on the City Council, to pass a law mandating a minimum wage of $15.00.  All the surrounding Cities and the County are at $10.00.   As a part of their argument for the law they have assured the world that it will work, all will be good and everyone will be happy.  Common sense knows it is not so.  These wild and crazy people are so impaired that it is hard to say they lie.  Maybe it is better to simply say they are bone dumb.  The result is the same.

What is true is that business will flee, or contract out of the city (same thing) and Investors will opt for greener pastures.  People will draw out their money from the banks and move it to safer ground. In general Los Angeles will have less to tax and therefore have less to spend, and the spiral down will march on.

ACROSS THE POND the very same has been occurring in Greece.   There it is a whole country, but like Los Angeles is surrounded by other Governments in the European Union.   Before the last election semi responsible people were cutting back on liberal spending programs that had become Greece. They did this so that they would have enough money to pay the debt all the liberal spending programs had caused.   In the next election the social liberal activists ran on a campaign to stop the austerity and return all the free things.  They too lied or are bone dumb.  Same thing.   A majority of the voters bought it and the SLA (social liberal activists. Sic.) took over the government and began spending what they did not have.   This meant that they could not accumulate enough money to pay off those loans which the former Liberal idiots had incurred to give “ free” stuff.  The negotiations between the EU lenders and Greece have stumbled and failed. The primary reason is that the EU folks know the liberals in charge of Greece cannot have it both ways.  They cannot give away free stuff and have enough money to pay the debt.  As a result, with these idiots in charge, businesses have been fleeing, investment has dried up, savings have been taken out of the country and now the banks do not have enough money to pay depositors who want to flee with what money they have.   So yesterday the Wall Street Newspaper had this byline, “Greek Banks get Breathing Room” Think of it as that breathing room in the ferry that rolled over in China.  The European Central Bank has announced it will lend more money to the Banks so they can pay the fleeing depositors so that, so that, so that—The thought is hard to dwell on without crying.

Two peas in the same pod, miles and cultures apart.  A classic liberal fault line which will lead to one big destructive shake down, here and there.

PROTEST:  FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG.  It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.

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(OR: Hi- court falters on issue of Religious Freedom.)

Twice in this year the United States Supreme Court has stumbled on the question of religious freedom.  In January they sided with a Muslim Inmate who had been denied the right to grow a long beard, and just days ago they sided with a Muslim Women who alleged she had been denied a job because of her head covering, Hijab.

Both times the SUPREME’S interpreted the 1964 Civil Rights Act which forbids discrimination in the work place. As they have in the past they showed a  near sighted desire to protect religious expression. In this case, brought by Samantha Elauf, only Clarence Thomas dissented.  His position was that the act prohibited only intentional discrimination. You see the act is progressively ambiguous on the point.   Of the nine only Thomas was correct.   In both cases there was no evidence of intent to discriminate. The majority had to invent denying a head cover was simply a religious issue. In the most recent, the prospective  employer had a dress code requiring,  among other things, no head covering. This would include beanies (with or without propellers)  Gua Pimao (Chinese), Kippah or Yarmuike (Jewish), Kufi (African), Tugue, or the Zucchetto (Catholic).  Insisting employees wear clothes and not show up in the nude, is a neutral deal.  It is not religious.  So is the wearing of hats and other covers. They are clothes you know.    Wigs/toupees were probably over looked . As head covers they would make an interesting argument.   We can only guess the defense team was not that inventive, let alone talk about the religious protection of showing up nude if that is your religion.

Ok, so what is really wrong with these decisions?  In both cases there was no evidence of discrimination against a religion.  The jail and private company rules were universally applied. In the atmosphere of a jail, there are all kind of good reasons to keep a short beard.   In this case the employer’s restriction was across the board and was not focused on Muslims.  If your religion required head covers then the same result would have applied.  Again it was not religion, it was style and don’t forget the lady did not have to work there.

The SUPREME’S, gross error, is in concluding that the wearing of a head cover is a  religious issue. They did not discuss a toupee or top hat.  They just assumed that a Hijab was purely a religious symbol.   Aside from the health issues of cleanliness and not allowing air into the hair, ears, and neck, or the safety concerns with limited vision possibilities, the Hijab is more secular than religious.  It is a symbol of hatred of the Constitution and the concept of liberty it tries to protect.  When a women wears it she is declaring to the world she supports Sharia law, which is not religious, but secular. Calling an apple a pear does not make it so.   Worse than that, such a women declares herself an enemy of our Society.  She wants it torn down and replaced with a new secular structure.  Of course this secular system is demanded by a religion, but it is secular nevertheless and certainly a cancer to what we have.

We should wonder what would happen if an employer, such as a food processor, demanded that the Hijab be itself covered with a sanitary wrap of some sort.

Let’s look at a comparable.  We can all agree that Communism is anti-America Constitution.  Even the most common sense deficient voter will have to agree this is so.  Communism wants the destruction of our Constitution and our way of life.  It wants to own everything and tell us how high to jump.   All very secular.   Now suppose it adopted God as its messenger. Doing so the new communist would say God owns everything, and the commissar is simply an administrator.  It is God who tells the administrator how high we are to jump.   You would see Communism in a far different view, had they used God as a tool to demand blind faith.   Fortunately for us they did not.   But if they had and also required all men to wear a fuzzy cap that picked up lint and fleas, this could have been allowed as a religious issue, just as the SUPREME’S did in the subject case.   You see mixing secular with religion should remove “ Religion” from the table of discussion. Certainly Mrs. Elauf is wearing a Hijab for secular reasons.  You can bet your lunch she and the prisoner did not bring their lawsuits because they were angels.  After all both were allowed money damages.   The same would apply to a communist man and his fuzzy hat.  This combination then is not a civil rights issue as intended when the act was passed. Nowhere in it is there any reference to allowing a thief freedom to play their evil game with our help.    Both Islam and Communism are thieves.   They do whatever they can to steal our way of life to establish theirs.   In fact it is not civil, if that word has any meaning in a free society.

It is time to confront Islam for what it is.   It is not an innocent religion.  It is an evil secular way of life sanctioned by their version of God.   You see their Allah demands a unquestioning faith to support their secular, male dominated, women enslavement, way of life.   Let’s get real.

PROTEST:  FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG.  It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.

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