Definitions:  Hominids (Homid)  I use this general term to define all the  animal species that walk bipedal, have a thumb, have significant  brains and kind of look like you and me. These mammals appear on earth some 4 plus million years ago and many varieties have been found and are still a part of the animal world today.


 Homo sapiens: is the term to describe us.  I use Human and man as  synonyms.   It is the general consensus that a brain size of approximately 1350 cc and a lighter skeleton define a Homo Sapiens as distinct from all other Hominids.  Although no one can say for certain, homo Sapiens appear, as defined,  a geological,  short time ago.   About 70,000 years ago there was a dramatic reduction of all mammalian life including Hominids.  This was caused by  either volcanic eruptions, or a polar cap shift.  In any event the world entered a dramatic Ice age.  All findings of evidence of Homo Sapiens is after this time.    Clear findings are about 40,000 years ago, in the form scientists have labeled Cro-Magnon.  Keep in mind the Neanderthal.  not homo sapiens, seems to have been on earth from around 516,000. Certainly they were inEurope by 270,000 years ago.


THE PURPOSE:   This research  is to understand the proven Origins of Man.  The dominant theory is that modern homo sapiens came out of Africa.  Common sense and logic cast doubt.   No one has ever found a link up between Homo erectus, Cro-Magnon,  Neanterdal, and or Modern Humans.  None of the research has ever found pieces of a Cro-Magnon, or Neanderthal in middle or lower Africa.   There is a good argument that modern human did not come from Africa, but developed differently in different places from a common source such as Homo Erectus (Ancient types that walked, had modern type hands but a small brain), or as some say, we were planted here from another planet or, or as some say placed here by a God   The point is the evolutionary hypothesis is little more than speculation, complicated with doubtful DNA studies.(The problem is the use of unreal and arbitrary assumptions) (See #1 at end.)  In other words the “Theory of Evolution” is simply a theory, which has yet to be backed by hard evidence.

          Long after I concluded the above,  new studies in a West Asian site called Dmanisi conclude that Homo Erectus lived there some 1.77 to 1.85 million years ago.  This makes them before the earliest finds in Africa. Science News July 2, 2011.

`          We do know that many erect walking animals that kind-a looked like us appeared on earth over 4 million years ago.   We do know we have identified many varieties. We do know they appeared to be on the main continent housing Europe, the Middle East, Far East and Africa.  We do know none appeared  in Australia, North or South America until the Homo sapiens began swaggering  from place to place.   The best guess– it was in the temperate band through Europe and Asia  that was home to our ancestors.  For you out of Africa blank owners, this includes North Africa.

          Another analysis of the same information causes considerable speculation of the “Out of Africa”  belief as well.    This is the disparity between, and lack of connection between,  the stages leading to  modern Human development.   The anthropologists and paleontologists are checking bone pits and,  way–la— We just seem to appear.


TIME PERIODS:  [To help focus the search.]


          Ediacaran Period:  Development of Sea life and its extinction, by Volcanic Eruptions, we think.

790- to 630 Million years ago: Cryogenian Period   Major Ice age.

          540 Million years ago: Cambrian Period:   Years  saw the very beginning of today’s life forms.     

488 to 444 millions years ago: Ordovician Period. First land plants appeared.

395 million years ago.  Some rocks in Poland reveal foot prints of ancient tetra pods.  Science news. 1/30/10

          359- 299 Million years ago: Carboniferous Period.   Forests, swamps, and many insects appear.  Oldest id’ed tree, the eospermatopteres .   6 meters tall, and 1.3 trunk diameter.

          251-   Million Years ago:  End of Permian PeriodMass Extinctions of sea and land life. Approximately 90% of Marine life and 70% of terrestrial.   No consensus of the proximate cause but there is good evidence of chlorine and sulfur around the globe from Serbian Traps volcano

          251-65 million years ago: Mesozoic Period (Triassic) Plants with seeds appear and Reptiles show up.  (Jurassic) Dinasaoaurs roam. (Cretaceous) end of most Dinosaurs with a n event causing  mass extinction, about 252 million years ago. SN 5/11. Dinosaurs then come back in much larger forms.

          200 Million years ago the Mangea continent tore apart.

          130 Million years ago the first flowers appeared.

          65 Million Years ago.  A Mass extinction, ending the age of dinosaurs and the beginning of Mammals.   75 perecent of all livings things were killed.  The Mass extinction was caused by a comet striking The Yucatan peninsula of what we call Mexico.  Its crater is 100 miles wide.  Some say the world wide effect of the Comet debris on earth was added to by considerable volcanic activities on what we call the Indian Plate.

About Mammal development;   

(1)     It took about 3,500,000 years to go from first ape like man to the Stone age.  (4 mill to 700,00) . Present evidence tells us the Australopithecus Africanus  (kind of looking like us) are of this time period.

(2)     The archeological studies of the Neantherdal indicate it was on earth some 380,000 years.  It was separate and distinct, from all  the other varieties. The best evidence is that its brain size was comparable to Humans, but its body was not built for speed.  Its torso was shorter and more square.  The face was much flattened at the forehead.  It had reddish hair, which covered the body much more than humans.  We do not know if this hominin had language, but it did leave some art in the form of stone tools and cave drawings. Recent studies by Herman Pontzer of Hunters College in N.Y. holds that the heal bones of this one made it difficult to run.

      The jury is still out on whether they could make all the

      sounds that we can.  Certainly they could hear like


(3)      Archeological findings place the first evidence of Look-a-likes some where between 200,000 and 150,000 years ago.  These finds are of a smaller brained kind, non beer drinker. Probably 45 hp vs.  our 540 hp.  They could have had language, but who knows.

(4)     Modern Human, with its many variants  (Caucasian, Negroid, Asian, and lesser in numbers such as Indian, Australian native etc.) has been identified as here for approximately  40,000 years.  The term Homo sapien (or Modern Human—wise man)  is keyed to the finding of a larger brain size (1350 cc)  in a lighter built body.  This  seemed to be faster and could endure hardships easier.  During the approximate 40,000 years,  there have been scant modifications.  The most impressive is size. Certainly we can point to better health and ease of living  to greater body size, but why can’t we do the same for brain size.  Maybe we can, you and I,  however how do you explain its leveling out at around 1350 cc.

(5)         Simply there has not been enough time, nor findings,  to explain  the major variants in the races, in a mere 40,000 years.   If we all came from “out of Africa”  as some claim,  through doubtful  DNA studies, how do we explain such significant differences in race.      Scientist don’t and today are hampered by Political correctness.      Another factor which has been little studied is the coloring of hair, eyes and skin.    How did we get such variances in a mere 1, 600 generations.  (Divide 40,000 by the common number of 25 for a generation)

(6)     In fact the color differences really are left to raw speculation.  About the only evidence left would be paintings and drawings in caves and blond ink was hard to come by.   Most Homo sapiens on earth have very dark hair, dark eyes, and skin from yellow, brown, to black.  Where did the blond blue-eyed people come from?  My speculation is based on common sense and logic, only.  With the lifting of the last ice age some 15,000 years ago Europe became a garden.   No longer was Great Britain covered by a ice cap.   The  cap that had covered northern Europe began to retreat.  Common sense tells us no one lived on top or underneath these caps. Homo Sapiens began to fill in. From, where?  Not just from Africa because we had a mixing of people.  If you use the genetic explosion into blond, red, and light skin and eye colors. logic tells you the people contributing to this genetic diversity had to come from different sources, and from different places. (Can not logically explain genetic differences without a cause.) This new population  began to crowd the Neantherdal who had already been there for a long time. The Neantheradal  was not built for speed or quickness of limb.  He was built for ruggedness and the ability to withstand cold.   Northern Europe is the only place  in the world  where people begin to produce light colors.    The blonds probably were the first to be discriminated against   If a genetecally mixed tribe suddenly produced a blond blue eyed child the natural tendancy would have been to boycott the child and mother.  The only place these discriminated against people could go would have been north, as the caps receded.  New lands.  The Mediterranean stopped any direct southward movement.  People still pushing in from the East would have made that difficult,  and to the West– Water.  This may explain why this color became dominate in only one place on earth, northern Europe and Scandinavia. In turn that is because of genetic diversity  which occurred there and no where else.










7 to 6 Million Years ago a  “maybe” upright apelike creature, called Orrorin Tugenensis (another was Oreopithecus found on an island near Italy—long arms) was discovered  (See attached work.)  Several discoveries with different names for this time period but the finds are of small samples. Much speculation

5.6 Million Years ago the Atlantic poured into the Mediterranean basin lowing the ocean levels by as much as 9.5 meters.

5.3 to 1.8 million years ago called the Pliocene Epoch.

4.5 million years ago.  It is guessed that the asteroid belt began to form up.

4 Million Years Ago.   Generally considered the beginnings of something less ape like and more human like. The lone significant change is up right walking.  The name Homo Australopithecines was penned to describe this animal. It had  the smaller brain. A most recent find, named Ardi, fits this place.  The find was in Ethiopia (North west Africa, across the Red Sea from Yemen)  The find was of a female weighing approximately 110 lbs and 4 ‘ tall.   My readings did not find any comparison to Australopithecines.


3.7 Million years ago:  Wolly Rino found in Himalayan mountain site.


3.2 Million Years Ago. Australopithecus Afrarensis  found in Ethiopia. “Lucy” was the name given to the skeleton first found in Ethiopia.  Ethiopia lies on the same latitude as Southern India, Southern Philippines, Coast Rico, which is north of the Equator.  Current thinking is that Lucy was chimp like and her type were a dead end.  That means we guess she was not in direct line with Homo Sapiens. .


2.8 Million Years Ago.  Beginning of an Ice age.  This cold period on earth, possibly caused  by the raising of the Himalaya Mountains


2.5 Million Years Ago.    More Archeological finds of Australopithecus.



2 Million Years Ago.. Findings of Homo Erectus generally dated about this time.  Same time period an Australopithecus Sdeiba found in South Africa. Supposed to have more human like legs than most apes.  AP article  4/9/10

1.77 Million Years Ago.  Homo Erectus found in Asia and dated to this time.  May be as old as 1.85 million years ago.  Located at Dmanisi, in western Asia -S.N. July 2011 the place is in the Republic of Georgia. AP June 8/11.

1.76 million years ago.  Stone tools found in East Africa, Kenya , Kokiseler. SN Oct.11

1.6 Million Years ago. Stone tools found in Eastern and Southern Africa/  SN 1/31/09, also in India about 1,500,000 years ago. SN 4/11

1.5 Million years ago.  Homo Erectus Foot prints found in Kenya.  This shows a foot shape much like Hominess, i.e.: large toe closed up with the others and an arch.

1.200,000 Million Years Ago.  This is the dating of a Jawbone of a Australopithecus (southern ape)  found in a cave in Northern Spain.          Science news 3/29/08

800,000     Homo Species (unclassified) (Maybe Homo Antecessor) which is thought ( a guess) to be a predecessor of the Neantherdal found in Spain   First findings of a Hominids which look more like Homo Sapiens.  This was in  Europe.   This sample is very poor, and scientists are not in agreement.

                             Homo heidelbergensis is discovered, in Israel and with it the finding of a camp site divided into functions.  For example a place for sleeping, food prep tool making etc.   Not humans.

790,000     Findings of Fire being kept by Hominids.

780,000     Earliest dating of Peking Man. Homo erectus-Asia.


700,000     Dated stone age tools found in S.E. England


516,000      to 270,000         Neanderthal shows up from findings in Europe.

450,000 to 180,00 the time period it took the British Islands to separate from the European Continent.   Separation at Dover.

400,000     A tooth was found in a cave in Israel and thought to be Homo sapiens, but probably Neanderthal.

250,000     Clearly Neanderthal l is populating Europe.

                   Homo Erectus Skeleton found in China


200,000      to 150,000         Early Homo types found in Africa. DNA disciples claim this was the first Human.  Their brain size was smaller than modern man, and bone structure was heavier.


164,000      South Africa cave discloses early shell fishing and use of pigments.


160,000     Hominids remains found in Ethiopia, North Western Africa.

                   These findings show a brain configuration comparable to modern Homo sapiens, but it was  smaller. Not Homo sapiens

                   These finds,  plus DNA tracing,  triggered the “Out of Africa” theory of the development of   modern humans, but there is no scientific connection.  Again much guessing.  North Africa H characteristics similar to Modern Humans. Generally classed as austropithecine.

                   Another view is that there was parallel development towards modern human in Asia, Africa, and Europe, which started before 200,000

135,000     Early beads found in South Africa.  Stone age types.

130,000     Stone axes found in Crete suggesting early Stone Age activity there. Some suggest early Homins crossed the Mediterranean on rafts. S.N.1/10

100,000 to 80,000 Neanderthal teeth found in a Poland Cave, establishing that they lived in that part of Europe as well.

100,000 to 17,000 A finding that floresiensis “The hobbit”  (small person.) Is found to have lived in the Indonesia Island of Flores.  Most now believe these little Homes were a separate genesis that upsets the “Out of Africa” theory.  Their brain size was like a Chimpanzee.  They used stone tools.   Might have microsphalec possibilities.


 82,000     early beads found in Morocco, Africa.


76,000 TO 60,000 Years: Glacier period when a Glacier cap covered the northern hemisphere.


72,000  In coastal South Africa there was finding of heated stones probably used to make better tools


70,000      (Maybe beginning in  80,000)   There was a dramatic reduction of the Hominin population in the world.  It is believed to have been caused either by volcanic eruptions or polar shift.  We endured into a commonalty called “Ice Age”.

                   For certain Yellow stone had a good blow and another super Volcano, Toba, in Indonesia had a good blow adding to the Wintering of the world.


50,000       Early hominids populate Australia.  Article did not discuss type.           Neanderthal still found t in Europe.  

                   Meteorite Crater in Arizona created about this time.


45,000       Woolly Mammoths still roam the earth. Hominins migrated through the Middle East.  Folks in Asia. Modern Human skull found in Borneo in 1958.

                             A Neanderthal flute found in a Slovenian Cave. Considered oldest flute ever found. “Making Music 2009”

42,000       Island of Timor.  A discovery there found deep sea fish bones in a cave.  Earliest hooks found at the same location but dated between 16,000 and 23,000.  Deep Sea Fish however must have been brought there.

41,000       Carbon dating find of Neanderthal bones located in Germany.

40,800       Spanish Caves (El Castillo Cave) have ancient paintings.  Most recent testing puts them at this age.  Who done it,  is uncertain.  Neanderthal or Homo Sapiens.  Pictures show red color and dots of black.

                   Science Magazine 2012.

40,000       Homo Sapiens in the form of Cro-Magnon man appear in Europe. Presumed from Asia.

                   Earliest bead findings in Europe.      

                             In 2001 ancient skeleton of a Hominin type found in a cave near Beijing.  The Chinese say the bones (incomplete Skeleton) show some traits of Modern human and ancient types.  Maybe interbreeding.

                             Neanderthal tooth found in Southern Greece in 2002, at a seaside excavation.

                             Findings in Spanish Cave of Shells with holes indicates Neantherdal had ornaments and other shells indicate he used paint or cosmetics. The Week Jan 2010.

                             In Central Asia, a female molar and finger bone was found.  DNA seems to say human like.  Probably Neanderthal.  They gave the finding the name Denesoians, after the area in Siberia where the cave is located.          Some “experts” fall on this as evidence of a cross bread, between Neanderthal and something else.  I doubt it, because of the insufficiency  of the evidence.   S.N. Jan 15, 2011. Not really classified.

                             In Laos, at a cave named Tam Pa Ling, anthropologist Laura Shackelford of the University of Ill. Announced a finding of a skullcap and lower jaw which her team concluded was a Homo Sapien. S.N. May 2012.  They dated it to 40,000 years ago,  approximately.

                             Recent DNA comparisons between Neanderthal and Homo sapiens shows a 99.7 likeness, but this does not tell us much because Chimps and our types are 98.8 alike. SN Oct. 11

38,000       Neanderthal bone-female- found in a cave in Croatia


37,000       Large brain genes appear in Humans.  This is the result of Genetic and DNA work.


36,000       Studies of animal tusks, in Alaska demonstrate a large die off, probably because of a large meteorite.   It caused a new Cold cycle.


35.000       Generally considered the beginning of the last Ice Age. Which covered most of England, Germany etc.

                   Appears to be in northern hemisphere only.  Some place its start around 25,000.   It began to abate around 15,000.   Certainly no human types lived on or under the caps.



35,000       Middle east and Asian people clearly do migrate into Europe  The Neanderthals disappeared from SW France.

28,000        The discovery of what is believed to be the first Pottery


25,000       DNA work indicates that Early Americans came from Asia at around this time.  Earliest Fossil is of a childs skull found in Alberta.  Dated to around 20,000. Some argue homo sapiens were crossing the Beringla passage, (Ice age bridge from Asia to North America) as early as 38,000 or so.  The Beringla passage was open to travel, 38,000 to 34,000 and again from 30,000 to 15,000. 


20,000       Last Neanderthals live out their final days in Spain.  

                   Stone age footprints found in Australia, at 20,000 years old.


18,000       Pygmy people (Hobbit types) found on a small Island in Indonesia.   (See 12,000 below.)

                   China: Oldest pottery pot found in a cave. “S.N. 2009”

                   Human camp sites found in Virginia, along with Cactus Hill and Stone tools unlike Clovis.  Dating is in issue   “S.N. 1.21-09”


17,000       Bolivia.  There is the remains of Puma Punca one of the oldest collection of dwellings in South America.  The Indians are called Imar.

15,000       In Texas settlement site, near Austin, Butter Milk creek area, provided 56 stone tools believed to be pre Clovis.  SN 4/11


14,000       From a cave in Oregon USA, some found evidence of Human habitation.  (Fire etc.)

                   BAG (Bigger Archaeology Group) of England claims to have found stone age tools and evidence of habitation in North Scotland.(Biggar, South Lanarkshire) The people are classified as the Raindeer people who traveled North Europe and crossed over to Great Britain on the land bridge that connected the present islands to the mainland. The Highlander May 2012


13,950       Beginning of melt down of the Lauren tide Ice Sheet in what is now Canada.

                    Beginning of the end of the last Ice Age.


13.000       to 11,000 Considered to be the end of the last Ice Age.  This was the last  Maximum period of world Ice Age.   Ice came below  the great lakes in the U.S.  In Europe it covered the Scandinavian Countries and  about 1/.2

                   of England.  Some of the Southern Hemisphere was   affected.  All was colder and Glacier activity was greater.

                   Especially cold in New Zealand.

                   In Bolder Colorado there was a find of old Clovis Tools with a protein residue showing Camel, Bison, and Venison dna.


12,900       Comet exploded over North America/  It was a major disaster to the ecosystem and the history of life. It accelerated the end of the Ice Age and made it very cold for about 1,200 years.

                   Also No Clovis tools found in North America after  this time.  (Clovis style is typical European.)

                   One theory about North America is that people came here across the Ice shelf from Europe.   Clovis  people Stone age artifacts here are the same

                   as those in Europe and unlike those in Asia.
          Comet: Named Andandreus  hit earth. It is believed it hit the ice cap and left no crater, but it caused the Clovis people to either move west or dye out.  This comet is credited with wiping out the Mastodon and other species.


12,000                 Pygmy people inhabited  Indonesia  (Hobbits) Some claim this date is better than the 18,000.  Average Height of around 3 feet.

                   Also claim of Aliens crashing in China  Grobo stones. Dropo small  people. Huh! What?

                   Israel.   A women Shaman was found buried.  Many tools of a shaman

                   This date is considered the beginning of the great lakes and Niagara Falls as the Ice Cap  retreated North. The Great lakes were believed to be created in more ancient rivers that flowed under the cap.

                   At Bigger in S. Lanarkshire, Scotland, flints were found dated to 12,000.  No mention if Clovis or not. “The highlander, Nov. 2009”


11,000       Clovis tools found in North America.  May have been older as the dating method was not great.   This  is important because Clovis tools came from Europe, not Asia.

                   A study tells us that the Cherokee Indian of Georgia, and South Carolina have more European, than Asian ancestry.   History Channel 2011

                   This is considered the beginning of farming in the Middle East.  This continued westward, (at least) until farming existed in all of Europe by 6000.  This information is confirmed by DNA studies on 3 hunter gathers found on Gotland Island of  Sweden, and a farmer found some 250 miles distant. All 4 dated to 5000 years ago.  The 3 were most like Finns.  The farmers DNA was most like Cypriots and Greeks.  Science News and Associated Press dated May 2012


10,000       Gobekli Tepe:  For the last 13 years a German

                   Team has been unearthing this ancient  place. 

                   It is filled with circular structures with large pillars weighing 15 tons and carved with many animals of types that do not live in that area of Turkey. It appears to be religious in nature.   It is near Mount Ariat, the legendary resting place of the Arch.

                   To date they have not found any stone tools and no evidence of a language other than pictures of animals and stylized Homo Sapiens.  It is the oldest significant finding.    It appears that it was covered with sand 8000 years ago.  It may have been on purpose.

                   Humans cross the Bering Seat to North America, Mastodon dies out in North American.  Saber Toothed Tiger still in North America.   From this time until about 7,500 the Sahara was green with Monsoon Rains.

                   What is now England was connected to France.  The land between them was called Doggerland.  As the Ice age retreated water covered Doggerland.


9,300         Kennewick man.   Male skeleton found in 1996 in the banks of the Columbia river, Washington. “S.N. 1-21-09”

9,000         Considered by many as the dawn of agricultural efforts, especially in the middle East. SN 1/11. In South China, in what we call Fuzhow Basin there was a rice culture which was flooded by the sea as it rose.  The people there became a maritime culture.

8,400         Lake Agassiz, largest fresh water lake in the world, (Caused by Glacier melting in North America) last  drained north into  Ocean, causing all manner of changes.  It had started its drain about 13,000 Years ago.  This last big drain was via the Hudson bay and raised Ocean levels by 2.5 meters and set in motion a 400 year climate adjustment.


 8,000        Petro glyphs in Central Norway.         North Sea oil exploration demonstrates that England was connected to France by a low lying land called Doggerland.

                   Extensive farming in Croatia Dalmatia  SN  1/11


7,700         In Yangtze river delta we found the remains of a canoe and 3 paddles.  SN.4/11

7,500         Arrow Head found on US East coast..

                   Sahara is drying up.

6000          Farming now dominated Europe. (see11,000 above) and most of the farmers had migrated from the middle east.

6300          Japan: On the Southern Island there occurred a large volcanic eruption.


 5,500        Stone Age cave paintings and small sculptures in Norway.

                   Horse domesticate in the Steppes.

                   Evidence of metal working appears.


 5,300        Iceman found in 1991 in the Italian Alps  Dark Hair and Eyes.  Believed to be Celtic.  Probably a former leader who was chased out of his community.


5,000         The rise of the Egyptian Population and Empires. A large Copper and Bronze factory was found in Jordan.

                             Central Asia, uncovered evidence of horses being cared for and milked.  There is evidence that rice culture was carried to Taiwan because of a study of pottery left.  SN 4/11

                             Stonehenge.   Carbon dating shows man made structures here before this time.

                             Mayan:  This was the year the Mayan calendar starts.  It ends in 2012.

                             Isle of Crete:  People lived and traded here and developed maybe the first great trading civilization See 1600 for their destruction of their civilization.


4,500         Varna, a place near the Black Sea on the west side.

                   Discovered a 300 grave site of an advanced peoples.  Probably removed by climate change, in 4,200  is one theory.  They had copper axes, Jade and gold jewelry of fine quality  As of 2011 still being excavated.  It is theorized that this was a major trading station between the middle east and Europe.


4004           The biblical year of the Flood.


4000          Caucasian found in West Asia in the Tarrin Basin. Evidence of Beer making found in Mesopatania

                             In Peru, in a dessert Cave  gold jewelry was found. Earliest discovery in this part of the world.  And a good time was had by all until about 600 AD.

                             The upper great lakes broke through into what we call Lake Huron and Erie.   The water then flowed to the Atlantic.

                             Greenland findings of Homids shows they had Brown eyes, dark skin, thick brown hair,  DNA suggests their closest relative to be the Chukchis  found in Eastern Siberia.  Probably came across the northern lands covered by Ice.

                             Naji Playa An ancient stone monument which seems to recognize the Star group, Orion.

                             Sumerian Civilization begins, in land of Persia and present day Iraq and Iran.


3,400         Greek civilization begins and lasts until 146 BC when conquered by the Romans.   Science News 1/30/10


                            3300 Beginning of Bronze Age.


3100          Fist Dynasty in Egypt.  First recorded date on Egyptian Calendar is 4241 BC.


3,000         Stonehenge was begun with the smaller stones. Some other stone works in Scotland have been placed at this time .  The Largie Stones in Argil

                             Chulo Indians in Mexico were a very large population and they recognized the star group Orion


2600          Emergence of Maya Culture in Yucatan Peninsula.

                   Completion of Great Pyramid of Giza


2,500         On the Shetland Islands evidence of metal working homo types.

                   Pyramid  construction in Egypt.

                   The Mammoth goes extinct.


2,300         Indus Valley civilization (Pakistan-India) begins



 2,000        Celtic people are believed to have populated the Volga area and are generally classified as Indo European  Many groups comprise the Celtic movement.  They spread East and West.  They developed  the 1st coins, and storage of grain.  Domesticate Citrus began in The Fertile Crescent, middle east.

                             Evidence of humans living in Southern Peru to about 1250.   Desert between present day Peru and Chile.

                             Sea levels drop.  SN 4/11.



1,800         Only 3 percent of humans lived in Cities.   In 2007 the percent is over 50 percent.

                   Alphabet writing emerges


1600          Estimated date the Island of Thera, in the Med. Exploded in a volcanic explosion wiping out the Minoan civilization on the Island of Crete.  Most were able to escape Crete, but the towns and places were covered in ash.  May be the cause of the Roman story of Atlantis.

                   Beginning of Shang Dynasty in China.


1,500         Celtic Migration into Europe begins    Stone wheeled cart found in Armenia, and Asia.

                   Stonehenge monument is abandoned and falls into disrepair.


1400          Beginning of Olmec civilization in Mexico.


1,390         Norse people

1,362         Dating indicates this is the year the Kensington Ruse Stone was placed in Minnesota.  Also known as the Kensington ruin Stone.


                     1200 BC Beginnings of Iron Age in Middle East


 1220         Norse artifacts found in Greenland.


1200          Beginning of the Iron Age


1000          Polynesian’s first sailed to Hawaiian Islands. Some suggest they made it to Santa Barbara, CA.

                             Scotland.  Moot Hill is considered the first place of worship discovered in this part of the world.

                             Many suggest that the Vikings traveled to New Found land , Nova Scotia and called in Vineland.


900             Europe Bronze age in full bloom


866             First Norse invasion of Northern Scotland where they found Pickish people.

800             First Polynesian arrive in New Zealand.

                   Rise of Greek City States.

790             Norse invade England’s Coast and rule Dublin for 300 years etc.

753             Founding of Rome

653             Rise of Persian Empire

600             Iron Age comes on strong in Europe. 

551             Confuscious born in China

540             Greek Hecataeus writes of Keltia people.  Barbarians

535             Krakatau Volcano erupts.  Major eruption in Indonesia.  World wide climate change.

509             Birth of Roman Republic  (From Etruscans)

469             Birth of Socrates

450             The Irish Curragh, St. Brennan leaves evidence of his existence.

400                     Celtic People invade Roman Empire.

350             Ancient Mayan town discovered and unearthed in                        2010, in Guatemala.

331             Alexander of Masedonia, defeats Darius III of Persia

                   in the battle of Gaugamela.

300             Construction of the worlds largest Pyramid. Great                        Pyramid of Cholula, in what is now Puebla Mexico.

                   It is 55 meters high (Giza is taller) and 400 meters                         wide at the base (1,300 ft)  Pre Aztecs called Xelhua                          supposedly started it.

221             In China Huang unifies China and the Qin Dynasty                       begins construction of the Great Wall of China.

146             Roman conquest of Greece.

6                 Earliest believe birth of Jesus.





70               Destruction of Jerusalem by the armies of Titus. (Roman)


100 AD      Julius Caesar Invades Gaul. (France)

600 AD      Beginning of the Islamic Faith


1148            First Crusade to free holy Land from Islam.  Knights Templar led the way.   They  finally lost the Holy Land to Islamic people in 1239.  

1492          Columbus, (many say he was a Pole, because of his                              red hair, blue eyes and fair skin.) discovered the                                    Americas for Spain.

1645          Little Ice Age hit the world for several years.  It made                             Greenland so cold that the Vikings abandoned it.

1883          Krakatoa volcano blows up and mostly disappears.                              It was the loudest noise ever recorded.  Indonesia.




1-  DNA: It seems everyone is relying on DNA to prove everything and of course it has been used to claim that we are from the womb of one lady who lived in Africa.  The mother of all moms.  DNA has its place, but when you stretch out the mathematical variables to track to one lady you have joined the inmates.  Besides who was her mate? Her Parents and on and on.

2- Cro Magnon Man:   Unlike the Neanderthal the Cro Magnon

                    simply became us, sort of,   Today the term seems to mean Early Humans.  Of all the populations in the world, the Finnish people seem to have the most look-a- like to the Cro Magnon.  DNA studies place the Cro-Magnon in the East, Middle East, and Northern Africa. Some has been found in Native Americans in the USA so maybe these were the guys that brought Clovis tools across the Ice Shelf to North America.

3- For Hominid discussions go to

                   Attached:  Triassic Legacy.


Writers Note:   I began this Chronology because, as a trial Attorney, I found doing so  helped me understand any sequence of events.  Further I was concerned that to deny students the opportunity to study all theories of the arrival of homo sapiens was counter productive.  I am not a religious person, but from what I knew ,  evolutionist were no more right than the creationists.   This Chronology proves it.   Let Students decide for themselves.  It is not ours to dictate.






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