(OR: Shakespeare would love this.)

            What the Bard did write into his play about Henry VI were the words “The first thing we do is kill all the lawyers.”  These words were spoken by his character who was plotting a revolution, so getting the lawyers out of the way was top priority for chaos.  Actually the phrase is a compliment to lawyers.  You see, we stand in the way of chaos.

What Rooster is proposing is that the office of Attorney General be drastically changed, so that we no longer have a Janet Reno killing  men, women and children  in Waco Texas, (which then led to the Oklahoma bombing killing more.), or an Eric Holder conspiring to buy and sell to criminals in Mexico guns and especially semi-automatics. You do remember “Fast and Furious” don’t you?  And of course we now have Loretta Lynch who simply follows what the President says and has no independence at all.

The present Attorney General is an office that has, like all Federal Agencies, grown too big not to fail.  The list of its divisions and subdivisions looks like a L.A. phone book.   In the Judiciary Act of 1789 which set up the Federal Court System, the A/G was created to simply prosecute and conduct all legal matters for the Feds in the Supreme Court and to advise heads of Executive Departments.  It was a one man, plus staff job.  It was part time.  81 years later Congress created the Department of Justice to support the now overworked A/G. (Government offices are always overworked ,now aren’t they.) Since that time it has grown into a monster with big dripping fangs.  Worse is that it has become a political attack dog for the President.  Clinton and Obama have demonstrated that it is out of control and no longer is an independent legal service.  In many ways the A/G has become a rouge commander of shock troops.

During the Founders debates in setting up judicial power the Anti-federalist (State’s Rights folks today.) denounced Federal Judicial power as a potential instrument for National Tyranny.  They were right and their common sense was perfect.

Even the fact that an A/G appointee has to be approved by the Senate, and can be impeached by the house has done little to keep bad apples out of the barrel.   Still the President appoints them and can fire them.  The Attorney General can no longer be trusted to act responsible for the good of the people. What Loretta Lynch A/G did with the FBI report on Hillary is a great example of the partisanship the office exercises.  Not only does the A/G sit on the Presidents Cabinet he or she is the only legal counsel present.  One might compare it to the Mafia and their lackey attorneys.

What has to happen is the office be taken out from under the thumb of the President.  He should be given an attorney who can only advise, not direct troops. That is the first thing we do.  Second, so many of the A/G’s functions can be deleted and should be.   For example the U.S. District Attorney Generals used to be under the Department of the Interior.   The Attorney General did not supervise them.  Let’s do that again.   Just as we fear monopolies in the private sector, so to we mush distrust those created in Government.   The only way to stop another Waco, or another Fast and Furious, or the terrible race incitement pushed by the A/G in matters, like Ferguson,   and other cases of a black person being shot by police, is to break it up.  The office, since it has a civil Rights division, considers every black killing by different races as a violation of law. The only solution is to break it up and scatter its responsibilities.  It has and continues to fail, especially under liberal leadership. Liberals, more than Conservatives consider the heads of departments as house hold servants, rather than as independent operatives.  They do not think of “we the people”. They think of “me and my power”.


PROTEST: Fly the Betsy Ross flag. It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.  Wc: 672: Rooster Bradford gives up all rights to this article and seeks no compensation for its use.  July 2016

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