(OR:  If you do not know who the Saracens were, read on)

     It is time to revisit why United States is  doing anything in the Middle East.  It is especially necessary to review the history of this mess.   If you think 9/11 was the beginning you must continue reading, because you have been asleep.

     Many years ago Rooster took a comparative Religion Course when a student at Stanford University.  Of all the courses taken this one impressed him the most. Through it many explanations of human relationship were exposed, especially with Islam.

     Before we discuss the reasons for being in the Middle East, let us consider whether we can afford to be there.   The simple truth is we cannot.  Part of our huge debt and social unease has been mostly caused by Progressive Presidents who lead us into. WW 1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, and the Middle East. Add the terrible drain of resources to make gifts all over the world, and here at home and you have a debt no one can even comprehend. These conflicts have been massive drains on our manpower and gross national product.  United States is broke which is good reason not to go.  Our Empty-suit President will not let a lack of money stop him from spending.   It did not stop the Bushes or even Clinton.  Every day we drain away our value is a bad day for America, its constitution and its law.  Every such day is another nail in our Nation’s wooden box.

     Back to the initial question.  Why are we in the Middle East anyway?  It is because of a Religion and way of life we know as Islam. There is nothing peaceful about it.   The Muslims are the people who blindly follow the words of their Koran. They are brainwashed, and easily radicalized.  History is your calendar.  The storm of Islam began when Mohammed started his religion in the 600s.  From the moment he had enough followers he lead them to spread their word, (not by boys in suits going door to door), but by the sword.   They were called Saracens for many years.  The words Islam and Muslim came latter.  That is another story.  There are many sources on the www to find this calendar. Just type in “Islam conquest” and read on.   The initial spread of Islam was by terror, brutal killings and mass destruction.  When they took a village or tribe, the victors simply demanded “Convert or die”.  That same simple effective demand is used to chase non- believers onto mountain tops, today.  In the early days there were no guns, planes or bombs.  They rode horses, camels, and waved scimitars and other metal cutting things.  They raped pillaged and tore the hell out of every new place.  They did this all across North Africa, into Spain into France.  In the Mediterranean they swarmed over Sicily into Italy. Their northern route was, through Turkey, into Eastern Europe. They set up housekeeping in the conquered lands and stole everything they needed.  Their armies of thugs fell victim to the age old story which causes defeat.  They went far beyond what they could supply and control.  It was not until the various Muslim armies were weakened by this expansion that the non-believers began to push back.   This went on from 650 until the last of the medieval crusades of around 1291.  When the last of the Crusaders were defeated in the Middle East, the Muslims began to recover some strength.  They practiced on each other, charging around in the dust and dryness yelling Allah Akbar.  Their poorness kept them at bay. They did this for another 600 years or so until the early 1900s when oil was discovered lying just under the impoverished surface.  With oil came wealth.  With wealth the various sects of Islam began to explore the use of TNT, petrol running vehicles and machine guns.  What fun.  They even established some central control thru what they call the Caliphate. (Top guy).  The primary Muslim Caliphate was located in Turkey.  Unfortunately for him, Turkey decided on world domination riding on the backs of the Germans in WW I.  That did not turn out so well.   The leaders of the Allies, mostly Britain, clearly understood the evil of Islam.  They set about dismantling the Ottoman Empire and incidentally the Caliphate.  It was done on purpose to destroy central leadership in Islam.  All this brings us to 1918 or so. Islam took a big hit.   It did not recover by the time WW 2 showed up.  When this war was over the Allied leadership, especially Churchill, knew they had to do something to cripple Islam and free women.  He said so before that war when he said in 1899,

“The fact that in Mohammad law every women must

belong to some man as his absolute property…must

 delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of

 Islam has ceased to be a great power among men.”

     To this purpose the principal allied leaders, (even old Uncle Joe in Russia who had his own problems with Islam), backed a plan to establish a non- Islamic country in the middle of the Middle East.  This country was to act as a buffer and protect Christian holy places there.  The country became Israel.  It was done under cover of private enterprise, but it took only 3 years for the Jewish State to be established. It was not spontaneous.  Britain with help from the holocaust spearheaded the move.   Now you know why President Obama threw out Churchill’s Bust from the Oval Office.  It was not because of British rule in Kenya, (Obama never personally felt that.) it was because of Churchill’s leadership to create Israel.  Churchill is deeply hated in Islam as much or more than Muslims hate Israel.  If any one man should be credited or condemned for Israel it is he.

     With oil wealth, it has taken 70 years for Islam to regain its footing.  Its inability to really have clout is more due to its division and internal wars than to anything else.  Just look at Iraq today for proof.  Again there were wise men who helped promote viable Islamic sects.   The animosity between the Persians (Iranians) and run of the mill Arabs helped.  Other geographical factors assisted, such as the isolation of the Kurds. Yet two factors of Islam have pushed it across the globe.  They are, intolerance of non- believers, and an astounding birth rate.

     The point is that since its inception Islam has been hell bent on world domination. Because it combines religion with government it is particularly dangerous.  Communism missed the boat when it denied religion. .   Our Government purposefully avoided this power grab by guaranteeing religious freedom.   Not so Islam.   The only thing that has kept it out of the world capitols has been, first it’s over expansion in the buggy and shay day, and then the connivance of non- Islamic leaders after WW 1 and 2.   Islamic leaders know it has been check mate for them.   All the more reason you should know they have a plan to take over the world with population and subtle infiltration.  In the process they hit us and scare us with their continually brutal killings of Christians and lesser sects of their own religion.  They will never recognize Israel and their passionate desire to kill Jews, knows no bounds.

     Because of the world conflict between Islam and everyone else Obama wanted us out of the Middle East.  Because of Islamic tactics we are still there and Obama will screw up the present problem but continue his withdrawal.  Islam will continue its assault.  Churchill was so right.  The only way is to keep an Islamic sword from cutting off your head is to cut off the hands that hold it. Offense wins.  Defense does not.

PROTEST:  FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG.  It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.

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