(Or:  If you can’t out number’em, out think’em)


Everyone agrees, “We live in an imperfect world”. Having said that, disagreement begins to abound.    Still we can find near unanimous agreement that, “ Absolute power corrupts absolutely”. A few other well accepted common sense things have broad acceptance.  For example, “You cannot get blood out of a turnip.”  or “You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink.”   After that it becomes more difficult to discuss such subjects, because we begin to realize that a good 1/3 of every society cannot or will not think beyond lunch.  Most of this 1/3 have CSD (common sense deficiency).  Those common sense concepts that are beat into their heads will be accepted, but not because they thought it out.  Only the repetition by those they follow may work.  Everything else is difficult.  Having CSD creates insecurity.  Those with it hide behind closed doors, under  addiction, or behind a façade.   Obama has the latter two.  He smokes and hides it.  His false front is his smile,  ready hand shake, and his story telling.  Most importantly is his ability to say what makes him feel good even  if it is a lie.  However the point of this article is not Obama.

The point is, how can we preserve freedom and liberty understanding that 1/3 or so of the population will not be able to think correctly on serious subjects. They will tend to give up freedom for security.    Those who struggled to get our Constitution accepted (it took years) dealt with this problem.   To get support they had to come up with the first 10 amendments to additionally limit the Federal Governments power.   Without these restrictions on government, the Constitution would never have been accepted.  Actually the first 9 amendments are specific checks on Governmental power.  The last, or 10th was a wrap up, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States or to the people.”

Ok, the founders understood the insecure would trade freedom for bread and a warm blanket.  They did not understand the coming of socialism and communism with the bread and blankets they carry.  They did not see the intensity of the evil ones using those afflicted with CSD.   Fortunately we have the game book of these evil ones.   Actually it is many books and pamphlets which they have created to convert others to their thinking.  In them they lay out their wish list or bucket list.   From these publications  we know what  they believe is  necessary to take freedom and liberty and substitute absolute power.

If we thinkers ever have the opportunity, we must take the progressive wish list and undo it, with amendments to the Constitution.  We could add to what the founders did.  A second “Bill of Rights” could prohibit the things progressives need to accumulate power.   We simply take the things they think are important, and prohibit the Federal government from doing them.   For example the following proposed amendments would do the trick.

The Federal government is prohibited from controlling healthcare. Any assistance to healthcare is reserved to the States and charity.

The Federal Government is prohibited from using poverty as a reason to control any aspect of its limited jurisdiction. .

There can be no Federal Debt carried over from one year to the next.

The second amendment does mean that every citizen, other than a felon, or one judicially declared mental unstable, has the right to own and carry in public a weapon, such as a gun.

The Federal Government is prohibited from providing welfare.  All welfare shall be totally controlled by the individual State and local community.

Education is reserved to the individual State and the Federal Government is prohibited from directing or conducting education except in its service schools, and that necessary for its employees to carry out their functions.

Religion is a set of beliefs in the hereafter, and the Federal Government has the specific duty to not interfere in its free practice anywhere, except where necessary to preserve the peace.

The Federal government is prohibited from doing anything which might cause preference of a race, gender, or age. (This is to stop dividing the population.)

The Federal Government has an absolute duty to control immigration, and prevent the breach of our borders by anyone.

To send American troops into combat or the threat of combat, outside the territory of the U.S. will require Congressional approval of both houses.

The above 10 could be added to the constitution as a single amendment.   It should be labeled the Second Bill of Rights.  Each part is so important we cannot allow a divide and conquer campaign to defeat it.

It is possible.    If we suffer a terrible chaos, we thinkers might be able to control the future using the old “Change” slogan.  Obama did and look at the millions of glassy eyed zombies he got to follow him.


PROTEST:  FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG.  It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.

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