(Or:  The Phantom of Obama’s Opera)

Let us understand that the Benghazi cover up has the potential to be the last straw in  Obama’s Barnyard.  It will be far more important that the next debate.  The reason, is  it will be in the daily  news , until the election.   The Debate is just  a one nighter in this sordid  opera  .   Did you notice that in the first two debates ,  when Obama and Biden directed their eyes at the camera, those eyes looked  beady?   Not the eyes of a common sense person trying to communicate, but rather those of a wild animal caught in a trap.

The Benghazi cover up began with the intentional killing of our Ambassador to Libya, and three other Americans trying to defend him.  Two of them were former Seals who happened to be in the area.  They were volunteers, not  security.  You must not forget that the killing took place in a supposed safe house near the official building.  In other words the attackers had better intelligence than we did.   Moreover, beyond a reasonable doubt, there was no riot or even a small gathering of folks before the attack.  The Ambassador was on the move and the attackers knew precisely where he was going.

Now who is the  Phantom of this Opera?   Who is that person or group  that invented this cover-up?   Who planned the immediate response that the cause was some unknown, (To Most) T.V. production .  Who spent the time looking for it and any other anti Mohammed gigs to ID and put on the shelf.?  Facts are  the Obama team used the cover before the Ambassador’s blood was dry.  The UN Ambassador,  Ms. Rice (Obama’s choice), hit the deck, a running with the story that the Video was the cause of it all.  The same story spilled out of the White House as told by anyone who could get to a mike.   Even Obama repeated the same lament, before the World at his address to the United Nations.  What happened to the classic response, “We must reserve comment, while the investigation continues.”   Not a normal moment , here.  Obama and his minions, immediately began  apologizing and directing all fault on some hapless parolee in Southern California.  Free speech took a hit.

What stands out, is that this instant cover-up, was not instantaneous.   It was on the shelf.  It was planned, just as the attack in Benghazi was planned.    It is as if some brain dead person decided to have an instant cover, for  attacks on the  anniversary of 9/11.    Common sense compels this conclusion.   Some  person or group, had decided to deflect any such attack from the real reason, “The memory of the  Islamic killing of some 3000 of our people”.   (Please recall the jubilation though out the Islamic countries on 9/11 as the people celebrated their victory over the twin towers.) , The deeper question is why was this cover prepared,  and who is responsible?   Remember Harry Truman had on his desk, “The Buck Stops Here.”    This Buck  must stop at Obama’s desk;   however, fixing responsibility is not the end of the last scene.  Obama is not a micro manager.  He is a two bit actor with Islamic roots.  Who then is the director, the producer, the financial backer of this Phantom of the Opera?  Is it Media Matters and its financial backers, like Georgie Sorros ( What was his real name anyway?) or some silent group of Saudi Saints, seeking world domination?  As you think about this, be expansive, and inventive. The Rooster does not know, but somebody does.   That somebody is not a friend of the United States of  America.  That non-friend controls what comes out of the White House.  That control is reckless, chaotic and very dangerous.

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