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The Progressive war cry “Wealth must be redistributed”, is not true. In fact it is so obviously un- true, it must knowingly be made to mislead. The Rooster has discussed this issue from other points of view, but the falseness of this war cry must be addressed and exposed.

The truth is in the obvious facts.   The average human being, in an affluent society, lives only about 75 years.  That is peanuts in the life of mankind and certainly in a society.   No one has ever taken his or her wealth with them.  It is all left right here in River City.   The odds are it will be left to heirs who will spend it on themselves and Society.   The overwhelming facts are that the heirs, with a very few exceptions, will simply live off the wealth until it is dispersed.   Regarding the exceptions, their numbers are very small.  Even if they take the wealth and double it, the odds of the next generation creating another such exception is extremely rare.  Unearned wealth promotes laziness and lack of industry, because the need to make a profit is gone.   The lack of motive is private wealth’s cancer.

A very few of the wealthy will,  during their life time, understand this,  and try to have their wealth do good things for a period of time beyond their lives. The donor of hundreds of community libraries, Andrew Carnegie, comes to mind.  The wise ones will create trusts, endowment funds, etc., but these depositories of wealth are not controlled by the wealth makers.  They are controlled by those living off of them and so in time will disappear.  They will either be downsized, dissolved, or merged.   The point is no one has figured out how to have his or her hologram continue dancing without paying the electric bill.  Without the profit seeker in charge, the electric bill will get all out of shape and not be paid. The hologram will just fade away.

The above is provable beyond a reasonable doubt. Well not the part about the hologram.  So how is it the liberals cry, “Redistribute wealth” continues to be held up as a truth?   It is a corner stone of progressive agendas.   The explanation is the criers are not interested in waiting two or three generations for the wealth to be naturally redistributed.  They want to take it NOW, for their benefit.  They do not want to let nature take its course for the benefit of others.  It is sad to know they can blame Global warming on you, but cannot take blame for wanting to take your wealth NOW.    You see what they want, is instant gratification, NOW.   It is difficult to see any difference between their creating a law to take it, and a man holding a gun in your ribs to take it.   The progressive and the gun tote’n thief both, want your wealth, without working for it, and they want it NOW.  These onerous laws are the very reason so many Citizens try to protect their wealth in foreign places.  These bad laws simply create more bad laws, like the Foreign Accounts Tax Compliance Act. (FACTA) where the progressives use legislative guns to force foreigners to identify your accounts in their countries.

There is no natural law which supports this progressive corner stone.   It fails the litmus test of reality.  So how is it the Progressive who lives next door or just down the street can support such a lie?   Ignorance, greed, and common sense deficiency are explanations.   It is also a lack of courage to face the fact that it is theft.   They paint it pretty colors and put on fancy clothes and call it compassion, but it is not.  It is still what it is, a lie.  Making a law to steal does not change the character of the act.  The only rational justification for paying taxes is to receive consideration for the money paid out.  When the taking far exceeds the needs, the Government becomes the worst type of criminal syndicate.


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