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Today,   in the news, you may have  heard a brief statement from a Russian Diplomat saying that our Secretary of  Distaste, Lurch, was a liar.  Opps!! A media mistake followed. Nothing further was heard, but it happened.  Just as Rooster suggested in his last article, the gas attack was more likely to have come from those fighting the Syrian Government, than the Government.  Just common sense, Amigo,.  We now have a message from one of the bad guy leaders, Nidan Baloosh (something like that) who says they did it.  Probably true.  Remember most of the rebel held territory is that part up against Iraq.  Wasn’t it Iraq’s gas that made its way into Syria?  Of Course! and the Rebels probably have some or all of it.

The big story is not that the gas was probably  used by the Rebels who have little to lose by doing so.   As Ed Sullivan used to say, THE REALLY BIG SHOW”  is that Obama and his caddies would try to start a war based on such a lie. Those  who pay attention to the little things, know Progressives are very good at the big lie.   Now why would the Sunni Obama want to do that?  The reason is written in history.   A war gets everyone off little naggie things like the bad use of the IRS, the Bengasi disaster, the Financial Meltdown that is beginning, Buying and giving US guns to Mexican drug lords,  the failure of the Socialist Medical plan (Obama is spending some 8 million to advertize it.), the destruction of our Armed forces by not supporting it, like pushing horny 20 year old boys and girls together in the same barracks (Sexual abuse there is now a major problem.) and of course, not the last, the spying on all of us by our benevolent Pig Brother.  Obama is acting  just like FDR.  Rather than tackling the root cause of the depression, rather than putting companies back to work, rather than providing tax incentives to small business to bolster up the middle class, FDR played with socialist things like the WPA and NRA.  His most important  government stimulus plan  was selling war material to Great Britain and France.   Get the idea?   Government pays for the guns and trucks, creating government dependent jobs, and sells them to other Governments.  FDR needed war to have us forget all his mistakes, and  give him permission to socialize the country.   It is a sad story that repeats over and over.

Obama is like a cat covering up a mess.  War is his hoped for answer, and his caddie’s just pick up the mess and move to the next hole.  This Morning Sunni Obama spoke to the world while in friendly Russia.   Did you listen?  Nice stage.   Do you know who paid for all those news people to be there?   You did.  Spontaneous?   No, he planned it all.   The most startling statement from your President, was that there was no doubt in his mind that Assad pulled the trigger on the gas used to kill civilians.   Funny,  Nidad says he did.  To say Assad did the deed with no physical evidence that he did, is pure and simple a lie of major proportions.

Rooster can not help but believe there is the Sunni/Shiite hate element here.   Obama denies he is a Muslim, but his step father and Kenyan Father were Sunnis.   Sunnis hate Shiites  and visa versa and they kill each other as often as they can.  Proof is Iraq where the two Islamic faiths are in constant battle.  Right now they are killing each other at about 30 a day.   Obama favors Sunnis and Assad is a Shiite.  Just maybe this is why he wants to destroy the Syrian Government—–,or maybe his lies simply are a cover up.  Clearly, however truth is not present and accounted for.




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June , 2013


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