(OR: The Secret weapon invented by Bill Gates.)

Rooster has told you many times that the typical liberal is short circuited on common sense. The liberal leader knows 1/3 of all voters, for various reasons, will do and believe what they hear from their leaders. This means lying is or was an easy tool. In the Obama years it has been a well-used weapon. Hillary is a part of the same routine. Winston pleads not to hear a never ending list of these lies. If you pay attention you know more than you need. Ever since Woodrow Wilson, liberal presidents have lied big time to the voters. Both he and FDR lied about going to war with Germany which was no small deal. Both World Wars, were catastrophic to everyone. The financial losses are still affecting much of the world. Something has changed which no one is talking about and most have not even thought about. It came to Rooster when he analyzed the supposed birth certificate of Obama so many years ago. The conclusion is beginning to blossom big time. Rooster’s most important observation, of that certificate, was the stupidity of whoever prepared it. Besides being filled with language mistakes (words that were not used then) the most

telling was that it was typed with an IBM Selectric typewriter which did not come out until later in that year. Common sense was AWOL on roll call. However it is to be expected when Liberals get together. But what is that Something that is changing the landscape? Another great example of its application is on radio and TV shows. It has been getting better and better. You know how quickly they are able to retrieve and play events of the past. The cataloguing and ability to retrieve is huge. A master at its use is Rush Limbaugh. To make a point he will go back in time and pull together snippets of history and display them for you. His Montage of what other news commentators are saying is typical. The something is data and its storage. Thank you Bill Gates and all the rest who have made this possible. For years the lies were told and then hidden by the passage of time. Only a very few were smart enough to remember and most of them had no platform to remind us. Therefore the lie well told and stuck to worked. That is beginning to fall apart and as it does the lie merchants are being exposed. 15 years ago Hillary’s many lies on Bengasi, the FBI, her E mails and etc. would never have had the impact they have today. Now by a push of a few buttons her actual statements and her picture can be broadcast over and over again. For a person like Obama and Hillary this is disaster. You can rest assured Obama’s library will not have a section of his most famous lies and how he got away with them, but that information is available somewhere. History is now immediately available in living color and sound. Today it is very possible to expose any lie. The cell phone is doing a good job even in police conduct. The police have had to resort to counter measures such as cameras on their person. Cameras are at the intersection near your home. Every commercial area is covered with security cameras. Even love affairs are down. Only those with common sense deficiency will take their lover into a hotel or motel, unless of course they want to be exposed. Smile your on candid camera. We should all wonder where it is going. Will the lie become limited to the white variety, or will, even that, fall away by disclosures? We shall see.

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