Chinese Companies —- Are You Kidding?





                         (or Chopsticks in the Wind)

            Last week I was reading a newspaper in a forgotten hotel in a not remembered town, when I spied the following byline;

                                    “Chinese Company buys AMC, Theater owner”

            This title struck home because a week before, as an  observer,   I was witness to a  failed deal between American and  Chinese regarding milk sales intoChina.  Here was that  deal.  An American citizen,  with Chinese heritage,  was dealing with several Chinese, “business men and Women” regarding the export of milk toChina.  Our man devoted thousands of dollars and a great deal of time, taking these “business folks” from one place to another, housing them, feeding them and otherwise entertaining them.  Since he had Chinese roots he should have known better, but like so many Americans,  he was trusting.  When it got down to working a deal, he was told that if the Chinese Government could not control all aspects of the arrangement there would be no money, and therefore no deal.   No Deal is not a New Deal to the Chinese.

            Back to my newspaper byline  observation.  The byline,  quoted  above, is false, and a good example of failed journalism in theUS.

            There are no significant Chinese “Companies”.  No exceptions.   All are owned or controlled by the Chinese Government.  The only private-like companies are the small insignificant ones which are a bother to big Red Brother.  In other words names like Sinomach and Chinese National Offshore Oil corporation,  Chinese car companies .or Wanda are departments of the Communist Government.  Who is Wanda you ask?  Cute name, don’t you think?  Wanda is the name of the communist governments costume that bought AMC. The so called Chairman and President (In the western world one person should not be both.) of Wanda is a character named Jianlin.  He also happens to be a Communist Party Member and sits on the nations top advisory board.  If you think they will not control what you see in the movies, revisit “Red Dawn”, where the producer was forced to change out the invasion of the USA by Chinese troops to Russian.

             You are not dealing with officers of a corporation as we know them.  There are no true stock holders, in the Western world concept.   You are dealing  with a governmental department hiding in a   Hollywood western set.   Nothing on the other side, if you get my meaning.   You might as well play violin with the devil.  More sporting, don’t you know..   These falsie companies do not  have a semblance of the independence we even give Public Utilities, like Edison or PG & E.   The Chinese employees can make no promises, can commit to nothing with out Communist Party bosses agreeing.

            Do not be fooled by our failed journalism.   When you see or hear of a Chinese Company buying this or that, remember it is the Communist Government which is the real party in interest.  When the  “Chinese Company” bought AMC, the Chinese Communist government bought your favorite theater.  Why?  Do  you think it was to control the sale of popcorn?.   It is later than you think, brother and sister.  Mind control is in the works.


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