(OR; New Evidence proves the lie. )
Well Hillary went to the hill and talked with friend and foe and admitted what the Rooster told you a long time ago. The story of the Bengasi video was a lie. She admitted even more.
First some general observations. What in the world does South Carolina’s congressman Gowdy do to his skin to make it so shiny? His hair has always left me wondering, but the shiny skin was over the top. Yes, one should not judge by appearance, but that is the first thing you observe. His handling of the Q and A was ok, but as a long time trial attorney, Rooster longed for the thoughtful on point trick question. Ie: When did you stop lying to the public? One of the obvious problems is that with so many question askers continuity goes lame. Gowdy kept reminding us the hearing was not a prosecution, but a fact finding exercise. Ok leave it at that. Still the Rooster wished he had one of the chairs. The outcome would have been much different.
On point, the Q & A proved beyond a doubt that President Obama left his people in harm’s way. When that harm showed up at the door, he did nothing. NOTHING. Not only that but whoever was responsible for building a safe room at the facility should be fired and all their profits returned. It did not provide safety to the men that died there. Libya was, and still is, a hot spot of Muslim chaos. To ignore some 600 requests for additional security is not forgivable .To reduce the existing security by 60 % or so is intentional conduct . Any study of the history of Islam tells the student immediately that war and brutal conduct is the Islam way. Their conduct does not compare to a group of Harvard Students discussing the weather, or does it?
The Q & A proved beyond a doubt that Hillary and her boss Obama lied. They invented the video story to pretend that Muslims are just poor simple people who lost their cool because someone insulted Mohammad. All an intended fabrication. Nothing about it true. The evidence further indicated that Hillary knew from the git-go that the attack was premeditated. When the Presidents Operatives told her to use the false story she did, for all public appearances. Hillary and Obama, a two person law firm from hell, obviously did not pay any attention to the Nurnberg trials where their Leftist idols FDR and Stalin created the rule, (out of thin air) that if a lesser member of a Government follows orders and commits a crime, there is no excuse. In other words Nurnberg established the rule, a lesser member must not follow an order that is false or otherwise wrong. If they do follow the order and it results in someone’s premeditated murder they are an aider and abettor to the crime. That is what all the searches to find and convict workers of the Nazi concentration camps is all about. The German camp worker cannot claim he or she was simply following orders. This rule means both Hillary and Obama are guilty of murder, as accessories. It’s a rule the liberals created and they should be required to live or die with it. With this rule there is no political immunity because of the office they hold.
Another point is how did the video excuse come up so suddenly? Obama, must be a closet Muslim. He had to have set up, far in advance, a plan to downplay any Muslim attacks which might hurt him politically. His people were involved in looking for and identifying red herrings. When Bengasi went down the video had already been identified and set up. The lie was in the can so to speak. That’s movie talk.
The many commentators who have said Hillary did well at the hearings are talking to brain dead zombies. Those of us who think, read, and put two and two together, still come up with four. Amazing how that works.

PROTEST: FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG. It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.