(OR: Why is Russia in the Middle East with troops?)
Unfortunately, Rooster has no magical crystal ball, but he does have history and some knowledge of the area. Knowing history allows one some idea of what is happening now and may happen tomorrow.
Nowhere in the media has Rooster found a good explanation of why Putin would put his people in harm’s way in the Middle East. Clearly he has kept out until now.
Russia does not need the Middle East Oil, although there is some discussion of Russia’s natural oil supply getting thin. Certainly not its Natural Gas resources which are abundant. Russia and especially Putin, must clearly remember the terrible effects of their defeat in Afghanistan. It was the final straw for the Russian Empire and the collapse of its Communism dream. This must haunt Putin every night. Clearly Putin does not need Russian Airplanes being shot out of the air and its pilots mal treated, by Turkey or any other Muslim in the Middle East. The Russian leaders are not stupid and over and over again have witnessed the U.S. failing in its objectives there. They know they cannot do any better, alone. They know their Commercial Jets are just as vulnerable as any other countries. Pages and pages of history prove the area is a cauldron of killing, chaos, and back stabbing. It is not lost on them. Putin and all of the Russian leaders are painfully aware of the trouble Russian has had with the bordering countries other than Mongolia, China, and the Western Powers. The ones in particular are Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Georgia. The first is dominantly Islam of the Sunni faith. The Second is 91 percent Islam with 85 percent Shia. Georgia is less Islamic with about 10% Sunni. It is the latter which has given Russia the most trouble. Since the Soviet Empire failed, its trouble with the Islamic borders has been nothing but awful.
Putin has publically declared that something is wrong with Islam since its devotees will not assimilate in Russia. He has demanded that they do. They don’t.
Conclusion is all the experience Russia has had with Islam has been bad. Still they have helped Iran with its nuclear and missile efforts. They have meet with the High Religious leader of Iran, just as Putin is doing right now.
The question is why has Russia helped Iran and is now in Iraq and Syria fighting ISIS.? Some have said it is in retaliation for the sanctions imposed by the west. This is short thinking. Some have said it is purely a matter of money in the sale of military knowledge. Russia can use the money but there are other less dangerous ways to do that. Some say it is simply anti- Zionist, and Putin wants to hurt Israel. This is a weak thought to, because there is a very large Jewish population in Russia. They number some 14.2 million there. Putin is not crazy enough to promote a civil war or his sudden loss of popularity. So what is it that motivates Russia in this intrusion?
It is Putin. It is his concept of Islam and what it has done to his Mother Russia. One thing for certain, Putin is a true patriot for his country. He wants it to be big and strong and he wants it to dominate others. Since he has been in power he has had one day after another of terror attacks by Islam. The Islamic population is hefty at about 20 million. Most are along the southern, Middle Eastern, border. Islamic conflict has not been confined to the borders, but has been in Moscow and most other large cities. What he has seen and believes is that it is stupid to support the Sunni sect of Islam. It is smarter to support Shia. He knows both are unstable, but he also knows that the Shia will not appoint a one world Islamic leader, like a Caliphate. This goes way back to the split between the two dominate sects. He knows that the great fear, and only logical fear, is what will happen if Islam becomes united. If that happens then the world, especially Russia, will be in the third world war, and this time it will be between Islam and everyone else. It has been the Sunni sect that has given Russia the most trouble. It is the Sunni who had the last world Caliphate in the Ottoman Empire, and it’s the Sunni who created ISIS. It is ISIS which has created a new Caliphate and through it, worldwide attraction. Russia’s border will be more peaceful, if he can keep Sunni and Shia at each other’s throats and get rid of an Islamic World caliphate.
How does this relate to Iraq and Syria? The Shia, the leaders of Iran, have always wanted to have a Mediterranean influence. If ISIS can be defeated then it is an open road. Iraq has already fallen to Shia leadership. (Thank you Mr. Obama) The leader of Syria, Doctor Assad, is Shia. He has lead a sometimes brutal regime because of the Sunni and Shia conflict. Syria is mostly Sunni. ISIS is just part of that. If Assad can be the winner, then Iran/Shia will have that open door, that open road, to the Mediterranean Sea. It would be an almost East to West drive from anyplace in Iran to the Mediterranean through Iraq and Syria. It would make a major division for the Sunni.
This then is the reason Putin is there and why he will stay there so long as he can help the Shia and Sunni conflict.
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(OR: Refugee or Invader, which is it?)
While traveling this week Rooster picked up the USA paper and read a by line “Record refugee flights hit all parts of Globe”. Then in another byline, “More Mexicans return home than enter the U.S.” Couple these small finds with the constant blather about human crisis and how we have to accept the runaways as a humanitarian act is just poor thinking. No matter how many times you hear it on TV and the radio, it is wrong.
People fleeing one place for another has been a part of the human experience since we began collecting in places. Sometimes the cause is a natural occurrences and sometimes it is humans. Most will agree that helping the weak and downtrodden, or politically oppressed is a good thing. Taking them in and giving them shelter and food is a poor substitute for a good thing. Forcing them to remain or return with the tools necessary to recover their life is what should be done. Each human has a responsibility to make his or her place a decent one to live. It is not productive to leave the chaos for someone else and desert those who remain behind. Where we are born may not be our choice, but each place needs people who demand peace, and industry. Running never solved the world’s problems. In many ways it is a selfish act. In an earlier article Rooster told you Europe should, return the runaways, with a demand of those places to accept them or else. We have no reason to be involved. It is their problem and force them to solve it. There are many humanitarian ways this can be done. They could change their religion you know.
Understanding a Muslim makes the problem worse. According to the Quran each believer is supposed to help others, so long as they are Muslim. They are not to help any other Religion. According to their book they are supposed to be the only religion on earth, and it is a sin to act like or assimilate into the life of others. Point is each Muslim will not fit, any more than a block will fit into a round hole of its size. A Muslim will always resist a Christian, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist, or Sun worshiper. Not even the atheist or devil worshiper is exempt. Moreover they will not just resist, they will, like a cancer, attempt to live off their host and by doing so destroy it. Keep in mind Islam is not just a religion. It is a Religament (combination of religion and government). This means they will not obey your law unless they have to for the moment. Even when they appear to go along, they do so as the reluctant lover. Not a nice event. They take advantage of do-gooders. Knowing their incompatibility you should have no problem saying No, No, you cannot come or stay. Tell them they must return to places where their Religament rules. This is the humanitarian thing to do for the people they left behind and for we the non-Muslim folks. In fact all those who chose not to be Muslim, should have a day to fight this Islamic cancer. Everyone should wear pink, even the macho guys. It is not our problem. It is theirs.
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(OR: U.S always taking the wrong side.)
As this is written, Russian and US forces are rubbing aggressive elbows in a place called Syria. While writing this article, another killer of Christians went on a rampage at Roseburg, Community College in Oregon. Strange how Islam mass killings bring on others.
Let us remember where Syria is. Its northern Border is Turkey. Its Eastern border is Iraq. To the South and west you have Lebanon and Jordon, plus the Mediterranean. Its major City Damascus was the second headquarters of Islam when the religion was just a young thing, but had left its mother. Over the centuries great armies and much blood has been lost on this soil. It is about twice the size of Jordon and ½ the size of Iraq. Rooster’s new book, “Islam: A Ship of War”, outlines how Islam a “Religement” (Religion/Government) has always been at war, with itself and with anyone else.
Today Syria is riddled with ISIS a fanatically lead Muslim group. It is Sunni. The remainder of the country continues under the authority of Bashar al-Assad (the Lion). This man was an eye doctor. He became a nominal President in 2000, when his father died. Both he and his father are and were dictators. His father and he gain their support via a tribe and or Shia sect named Ba’ath. They have long held senior roles in that tribe. Remember Sunni is the most populace sect. and Shia is the dominate sect in Iran and now Iraq. Including Syria it is fast growing. Remember the fanatical of both believe the other must be killed. What you have going on in Syria is another example of this ongoing war between Sunni vs Shia. This war has been going on since about 656 AD, or 1,390 years. No one in our leadership seems to know this, or do they know the past. Certainly this history is not taught in our Schools. In fact Putin throwing in with the Shias demonstrates his lack of knowledge as well.
The Middle East is riddled with sects of Islam in disagreement. It has been for 1,390 years in such turmoil and distress. Why any sane westerner would ever want to go there and attempt to apply non-muslim concepts or otherwise control the place is beyond comprehension.
Rooster was absolutely against going into Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan. It was reckless conduct. Our leaders must have been asleep when Russia did its best to kill its way into possession of Afghanistan. Russia lost and crawled out of the place with its tail between its legs. Ages ago when England and other countries played a role in the Middle East, the land was poor and disorganized. It was easy then. Since 1938 when oil was put in production in the Middle East, it is quite a hostile place, with a difference. Now you have the warring factions with a lot of money to spread around. Under those conditions, it was insane to occupy any portion of that world. If we wanted to have revenge for 9/11 we should have simply destroyed their oil production and been done with it. That is an eye for and eye, but do not occupy. Hussain was at least in control of Iraq and provided a degree of stability. The conflict between Iraq and Iran was again a Sunni vs a Shia war. Likewise Assad has provided control of Syria, and if we had supported him instead of making him the bad guy Syria would not be in the mess it is today. Its people would have some degree of peace. We should not take sides and should stay out.
Our US Government seems always to support the wrong guy in the Middle East. The last 7 years has been particularly tragic. Supporting any one of the regional leaders is a huge mistake. It is better to have a dictator with some control, that an Imam with absolute control or chaos with none.
The fault lies in our leaders simply not paying attention to Islam and what it is and what it has been. It is the fault of the progressive mind, which does not have sufficient common sense to learn from the past. Both President Bush the first, Clinton, and Bush the second fell into the same mistakes for the same reasons. Applause for the cool heads who demanded Bush the 1st not occupy Iraq. At least they were partly correct. Obama, a Sunni or Sunni sympathizer, is the king of pro-agressives so what he does makes no sense at all. His allowing 100,000 invading Muslims into our country is just another example of no sense, or at worst an evil intent.
Whoever the next president is, should have a bench of historical advisors instead of the brain dead people used in the recent past. Maybe then he or she would have the smarts to tell Israel, that we have their back, and do what they think is necessary. They live there. They are surrounded by hostile Islam, people who want to kill them. They know best. They have the most to lose. Yesterday, the Israel Prime Minister gave a stunning speech at the U.N. In effect saying Israel stands alone. Obama even ordered our U.N. representative not to be in attendance. Our president is an evil man.

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