(OR: The Issue that Could Nullify Obama.)

Rooster as a lone observer has only the tool of common sense. Only common sense need be applied. Do read the last paragraph.
For many thinkers it has been absolutely astonishing that Obama has made 7 years without being impeached or otherwise brought to the mast. That he has never been called to the carpet to explain who he really is, where he really came from, and what he did at the various colleges he claims he attended, is baffling. Think of this. No one has legally questioned his multiple executive orders which exceed his authority. All this leaves most thinkers out of breath. Just a DNA test to determine who his real father was would be a door opener. Rooster believes it would help. The late posted, after the fact Birth Certificate, clearly was forged. That is very provable. It was typed with an IBM electric typewriter which had not even reached Hawaii at the time of this papers supposed preparation. IBM introduced that machine the same year. Its first distribution was small. In those days Hospitals were the last to get new office equipment. Bet your common sense that hospital used mechanical or early electric Underwood or Royals. Each type writer has its fingerprint. Moreover there are the many issues of his failure to follow his oath to enforce the laws of the land, and his creating his own laws with executive orders. All of this in violation of the separation of powers. His not being called out is downright amazing.
For you thinkers, wouldn’t it be a comfort to believe that a new President would let the FBI, CIA, and other intelligent gathers loose to expose the truth about Obama? Such an exposure would so damage the left that it would take years to recover. After all, the truth would disclose that most of them had been duped and made fools of. Wouldn’t that be interesting? Of course such an investigation could prove that the joke was really on us. It could prove he was qualified to be president and make his own laws. Rooster is willing to take that chance.
Which Grand Old Party candidate could do that? Technically they all could, but who has the guts to topple the Left’s idol. Which one would wade into the muck to discover the truth?
To the Rooster’s knowledge only one has taken the time to investigate the matter on his own. He did it in 2010 and11. Only one has come public with his concerns about the fraud that Obama may be. On July 10, 2015 in an interview with Anderson Cooper, on CNN, Trump was asked if he was still a birther. His response was,
“I don’t know. I really don’t know…”He (Obama) came up with this
thing (Obamas posted after the fact birth document.) all of a
sudden, miraculously…”but it does not matter. I am off that subject.”
This statement has so much space between the lines that a lot can be added. Certainly he had the financial ability to hire good and sufficient investigators to pull all the relevant information together. He did do it. Donald John Trump, born in Queens N.Y. in 1946, just may be the one who could pull it off. In the game of Bridge his name is a designated suit that has special powers in bidding. Maybe here as well.
Now, think what would happen if there is sufficient evidence to prove Obama was not born in the United States of a foreign father, and/or Obama had abdicated citizen ship, to Indonesia. A new President would not have to go to court to prove it. He could simply declare he believes it. That allows him, by executive order, to find every law Obama signed as null and void. The new President would then not enforce them. For example he would ask Congress to come up with a plan to replace Obama Care and proceed to help them do that. He would not have to go to court, or lobby for repeal of anything. All of Obama’s executive orders would be gone. In one flash 8 years of corruption would be undone. Carry it further it would invalidate his nominations to the Supreme Court. If the Obama supporters, or the Obama Care supporters want to sue they would have the right to do so. Let them prove Obama was Constitutional or did not exceed his authority. Interesting to learn the burden of proof that would be used, to prove someone did not commit a crime, or exceed constitutional authority? Exciting thoughts for this former prosecutor.
PROTEST: FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG. It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.
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