(OR: What drives Global Warming?)
Breaking News: A French Weather man just published a book saying that the Global Warming caused by man, is a contrived lie. The French Government (Very liberal) is hosting a Global Warming Caused by Man, conference. The Government fired him for his affront. In other words the French Government will not tolerate dissent.
Like him the Rooster believes the issue is bogus, but all bogus issues have a reason.
First, please take a simple computer test. Search the www for “Global Ice Ages”. Then search “Global Hot Ages”. In the first you will find many hits on point that talk about at least 5 major Ice Ages recorded by the earth. In the second which is the logical opposite, you get hits on movies and peppers. Ok search for “Heat Waves”. Again the hits do not seem to be on point in a search for the opposite of Ice Age. Do not bother to search Global Warming. If you do anyway, you will find Hysteria. A zillion hits all apparently running here and there and all over the place. Global Warming is not the opposite of Global Ice Ages. If it was hits on point would show up. If you read what you found, you will confirm that the world has been beset with Ice very often. The ice killed life. Only fungus and bacteria live under a glacier. Not one expert says the world has recorded, a hot spell or spells which killed life. Don’t get caught on the claim that carbon dioxide is a new problem. You should have been around when the world was beset with Volcanos erupting in mass. The excessive Carbon Dioxide produced by them did not kill beyond the volcano. It has exceeded anything of today. What did was the ash clouds which hid the sun. No sun and the planet got too cold and live suffered.
If it so simple to disprove then what is causing the makers of the hysteria to continue the fraud? After all our President focuses on it to the detriment of other more pressing issues for our daily life. It is an issue of the Left. Conservatives, those with common sense, do not join in the hysteria. Why then does the Left become so identified with Global Warming? First of all it is an emotional issue which can be manipulated, for Government money to support its supporters. It creates hysteria and suppresses investigation. Second of all it is a World Issue, which fits into their emotional desires. To a man and Women liberals want World control. When they finally get it, they believe everyone will be told what to do and the difficulties of life will disappear. They actually believe they can do that with mankind. They are the first to say that conservatives over simplify, complicated issues. Look at what they have done here. Because they are so quick to take up the red flag on this issue, and will agree to pledge other people’s money to cure the problem, advantage takers join to skim some of the milk for themselves.
Ask yourself, “ Do I really know what liberals mean by Global Warming?” Rooster does.
PROTEST: FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG. It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.
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