To be honest (if that is important),  to say Ottoman Turkish People killed Armenian people in 1914/15 is a distortion and an intentional cover-up for what really happened.

First, all of the people in question (Turkish and Armenian) were and are basically from the same genetic pool.  That pool is a mixed blend of Roman, Greek, Persian, Arab, Mongol, and an occasional traveling salesman, and passing warrior.   By 1914 they were basically the same.  What divided them was geography, power, and religion.  It was not color, structure, eye shape, hair line, stature etc.  You know the stuff that makes up a distinct race of humans, one from another.

Now “Genocide” means killing of one generation, which pretty well wipes them out. . It comes from the Germanic word Genos meaning “kind or race”.  The combined word was first applied to the killing of Jews by Germany in the Second World War.  Actually the holocaust was the killing of one set of believers by another set.   It was the killing of people believing in the Jewish Religion by people who believed in Socialism.   Hitler and his buddies believed that worship of a God was not to their advantage.  The State was God.  Nowadays Genocide is more broadly defined as one set of believers killing another, generally about Nation and people. The original use of the word is more accurate.   Genocide should be defined as the generation killing of one set of believers by another.

Properly defined then it was not Ottoman Turks killing Armenians.  It was Islam killing Christians.  At the time the Ottoman Empire had joined with Germany in the First World War.  The Ottoman Empire considered itself the center of the earth and especially the command center of Islam.  The Caliph was housed there.   In its midst were many Christians, especially in the area called Armenia.  Long before, under Roman rule, the whole area was Christian.  The Islamic armies (The Ottomans) conquered the area, took over Constantinople and established it as the top dog.   They didn’t change the name to Istanbul until 1923.  From the time they took over they had a big job of killing, converting or displacing Christians. The pests were everywhere.   In Armenia, slightly isolated by geography, the Christians resisted, but there were constant raids.   Finally WW l was the excuse to follow the Koran and eliminate the non- believers.   And they did!!

Last Friday was the 100 year anniversary of this killing field called Armenia. The popular number killed, converted, or displaced is one Million five hundred thousand (1,500,000).  All their property, their churches, their existence was destroyed. Just one example is in the city of Kayseri, Armenia. Before there were over 40 Christian Church’s with their spires and crosses.  After the genocide there were none.

Today Turkey does not call it Genocide, because it is the normal way Islam expands.  To them it is demanded in their holy book, by Allah.  They must remove the non-believers, by death, conversion, or displacement.   When they allow others to cohabitate, it only for their continence.   In History lies the truth.

PROTEST:  FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG.  It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.


Rooster Bradford, gives up all rights to this article and seeks no compensation for its use.  2015

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