(OR:  Echoes of the past, are voices of the future.)

As thinkers, please join Rooster in a recap of the magical show just concluded between the United States President and Iran.   Now you see it and now you don’t.  What you heard and what you hear should cause you to shake your head in disbelieve.  The only people not bewildered by this Carnival side show are the people who missed it.

As soon as the manservant for the Adams Family, announced a deal and told the American Public that Iran had agreed to prevent the development of massive bombs yaddi yadda, and we in return agreed to lift sanctions, the head negotiator for Iran publically said Lurch is not telling the truth.  Now what is the deal?  No, what is not the deal! Then, if the deal is not what, then what is it?  What?  Around we go and where we stop no one knows.

Probably we should listen to the leaders of other countries, because Obama and gang and Iran and gang are not in agreement.   The leader of Israel, as he was before the so called deal, is adamant that allowing Iran to continue on down its sinister road, means land mines for his country.  Of course Rooster down plays what he says.   He says it means oblivion for Israel, just as it was oblivion for the Christian Students in Obamas home country of Kenya.  France’s Foreign Minister, Fabius calls it, “a suckers Deal.”  Iran’s negotiator Zarif, is adamant that what they agreed to is not what Obama and gang are saying they agreed to.

In summation, we have Don Quixote leading our country with his disabled horse called “Common Nonsense”, and his broken Lurch, held defiantly.  The Windmills (Centrifuges) continue their whirling making food for atomic bombs, for a country that, during negations called for Americas destruction.  Bibi is right.  The French are Right.  If you could have a couple of drinks with Cameron of England, and Merkel of Germany, they would agree with the French.   Obama kind of looks like the Joker in Batman, and he is every bit as dangerous. Problem is the Joker was fiction.  Obama is not.

In case you need some history, Rooster suggests you read “In the Shadow of the Sword” by Tom Holland.  It is a new book on the birth of Islam and the rise of the Global Arab Empire.   Mr. Holland is a tough read for the non- historian, but the book is filled with great information.   He did his research and his prose is interesting.  In it you clearly see the track of history proving that Islam is not a religion of peace. On the contrary they have been using the Sword to convert from the day they took Mecca.  Of course the Sword remains their favorite for cutting off heads, as it has always been, but they have adapted to guns, bombs, and other current means of killing non- believers.

Thank the 47 Senators who sent a letter to Iran telling them, that any deal without the Senate’s approval is no deal.   At least, if we have a next president, he or she can move freely.   In the meantime, (the time necessary to complete their bomb), what will Israel do?  It is a desperate time for them, as it is for the rest of the non- Islamic world, (which does not include Obama) . History tells us the only solution to fanatical Islam, is war. Their war began 40 years after Mohamad cobbled together Islam, and ours officially began on September 11, 2001.  Where and how it goes from here is as predictable as all wars.  Not at all.  The only positive bit of history is that there are some 72 sects of Islam.  The two dominate, Shite and Sunni hate each other and are chewing up one side and down the other as fast as they can.  At this moment Shiites (Iran) are prevailing but it is a strange sea.  The Islamic State is mostly Sunni, but you do not see any Indonesian Sunnis joining their fight.  Pakistan, mostly Sunni, has an atomic bomb.  So does India, mostly Hindu.  Israel has its share. If Iran, the Shite leader, gets its bomb, Katy, bar the door.  It is going to get nasty.  The really sad part is that we have no leadership to assist in sidetracking this debacle.

PROTEST:  FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG.  It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.

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Rooster Bradford, gives up all rights to this article and seeks no compensation for its use.  2015

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