(OR:    Forgetfulness is not just for old age.)

For several days now the wonderful news media, even Fox and the conservative talk show hosts (Have not listened to them all.) have displayed an odd and bewildering   forgetfulness.  There has been a lot said about the Oklahoma City Bombing. There has been a replay of many pictures of the event, and interviews with some who were there.  It is as if someone or some entity is behind the big push to remember how bad it was. Could it be our Federal Government wants you to always remember the event so you and yours will not repeat it?  Something is behind it.  The publicity like the bombing is not the product of a vacuum.  Have you noticed a huge gap of information?   Have you noticed something is missing?  No?  Let Rooster help.

Do you know of the Texas community named Elk?  Do you recall a fella with the last name Koresh?  How about his first name, David?  Ok, then how about a center, named Mount Carmel?   Come on now.  Does the name Branch Davidians help you?

Bingo!!  Waco.  That’s it.   Remember, your Federal Government laid siege to Mount Carmel initially because of suspected gun violations.  Someone forgot the Second Amendment.  The real reason lies buried in the rubble of the ashes of Mount Carmel which burned down and killed women, children, and the leader David Koresh, for a total of 76 souls.  Do you remember the President’s name?  Yes it was the husband of Hillary Rodam, Mr. Clinton.  The federal siege lasted for 52 days.  Count them.  It ended with the flaming Pire of the building as the people in it were cremated.

Both events occurred on the same day of the month.  Oklahoma was April 19, 1995.  Waco’s (Elk was just 9 miles from Waco.) killing occurred on April 19, 1993.  Just two years separated the events.  This was not a coincidence.

In Common Law there is, the “But for Rule”.   It’s a short form of proximate cause.  You might think of it as the concept of “cause and effect”.  In other words lawyers, judges, etc. spend a great deal of time trying to link one event to another because of causation.   An easy way to think of it is to say this, “But for” the first domino falling, none of the other dominos would have.  In a rear end pile up on a freeway, the first car to hit the car ahead of it, caused all the cars to then hit the car in front of them.  Proximate cause determines who is liable.   California has comparative negligence which makes it a little less important, but that is another story.

So it is that the Oklahoma City bombing killed 168 and injured 680 and it would not have occurred “But For” Waco.  Intellectually it is dishonest to talk of one without talking about the other.  Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols were not insane.  They were enraged by Waco and the Federal Government’s unforgiveable conduct there.  They are called home grown Terrorist.   That is true.  They were grown and nurtured by the Federal Government.  But for Waco, Oklahoma would not have happened. Carrying this logic further, one can say that the Federal Government caused both tragedies.  The Federal buck stops at the President’s desk, so one could say Bill Clinton was responsible. McVeigh told you it was the Federal Government’s conduct at Waco that caused him to make the bomb.    However, someone wants you to only remember the Oklahoma City event.  Who could that be?


PROTEST:  FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG.  It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.

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