(OR: Those who believe Islam is peaceful are brain dead.)


Rooster is deep in research on the rise and current existence of Islam. Each time he hears a reporter talk of a new Islamic State, or the current Iran as something new and threatening, the Rooster puts his head under his wing.   The history of Islam is well document by those believing in Islam and those who do not.  Certainly because it was a long time ago that Mohmand was becoming Gabriel’s Messenger, there is not much that was written about it at the time.  Plenty, including the Koran, has been written since.  Reporters are either brain dead or denied access to even the WWW.

It was in 629 AD that Mohamad and his followers returned to Mecca, (A relative small desert community by today’s standards.) and took over.  Once in charge they destroyed all evidence of other worship and killed anyone who resisted.  The killings were not nice just like their killing of our Ambassador in Bengasi was not nice.

Three years later Mohamad died of questionable causes.  At the same time his followers began major attacks on Romans and Persians and began to win by slaughter, and total destruction of what was Roman and Persian.

In 657, just 50 years after the Mecca take over, a major conflict occurred between opposing leaders of Islam, at the Battle of Siffin.  This was the beginning of the division into two major sects. There are approximately 72 today.   The two big boys were and are Shiites and Sunnis.  Each claims a better heritage to Mohamad.

From then until now the so called Religion (Better called a way of life.) has been at war with anyone who is not a believer.  One of the early Caliphs was Umar Bin Al. Khattieb, who said this.

“The punishment of those who make war against God and

His Messenger, and roam the earth corrupting it, is that

they be killed or crucified, or have their hands and feet

Amputated alternatively or be exiled. “(Do you understand?

Its death, or you walk around with a right hand, and a left

foot, if you survived the amputation.)

In practice as their armies killed and destroyed, they needed people to repair stuff and produce food.  As a practical necessity they did not kill everyone.  They did turn the remaining nonbelievers, into slaves of different categories.  Taxes were not like today.  Taxes then, were the blood money you paid to survive.

What stopped Islam from total world domination, (their goal) was internal fighting. This was due to loss of good central control, and a growing dissention in the ranks.  The division between the Sunni and the Shite became the dominate disagreement.   As Islam weakened, Christian Armies and Crusaders were able to make some headway.   The Mongols from the north were able to forage among them.

Today, their battles against s each other and all nonbelievers is still going on. The Islamic State is the current leader of the Sunni in the Middle East.   Iran is the current leader of the Shite.  The only difference between what is happening today and what happened in 634 AD is the people.  The intolerance has worsened, (If possible.) and the Religious aspects have become more formalized and ridged.  It is not new.  The threat to everyone who is not Islamic is just as bad today as it was when they marched out of Mecca and began their conquest.  The only thing that will stop their leaders is defeat. The only thing that will stop Islam from rising out of the ashes of defeat is total destruction.  It has been one thousand and three hundred and 81 years since they began their conquest.  Re-education is hopeless.


PROTEST:  FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG.  It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.

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Rooster Bradford, gives up all rights to this article and seeks no compensation for its use.  2015

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