(OR:  A. G. Holder is a racists.)

First, let’s refresh our memories.  Two events foretold this sordid story. Number one was Holder’s dismissal of the investigation into the Black Panther members who intimidated voters, in Chicago. Remember their crime was videotaped. He did this as soon as he was confirmed.  The next, was Holder’s very unusual personal interest in the Ferguson incident.  In the latter he saw, an opportunity to hurt the white race.  It is a strange twist that the man who appointed him  and Holder were born with a selection of genes providing them a darker skin color.  What would their attitude and position in life have been if their genes had selected white to be the color?

Second, the Rooster spent years as a lawyer, prosecuting, defending, judging, teaching and working with law enforcement.  Like an aged carpenter he grew to know his trade.  Those long years provided him with what is known in law enforcement as the” Cop’s Nose”.  That phrase means a cop just learns to appreciate his surroundings intuitively.  It is a state of total situational awareness.  Anyone involved in law enforcement, for long, will acquire this sixth sense.  Of course we need the caveat that, as in all groups of humans, there will be, among the really delicious ones, some bad apples.  Cops * are no different.

The most obvious wacko fact in Holder’s report is that the officer who did the shooting was never prosecuted.  He was not even indicted.  He was ruined, but looking at him should assure you he did not act with racial bias.   Unfortunately the Report does.  Remember that the Department of Justice, had no jurisdiction in this matter, unless it drew the conclusion there was a civil rights violation.  All it had was the complaints of a few agitators.  All of this pivoted on the conduct of the officer.  Only time would tell the story of what happened. A skillful, non-racist attorney General would have waited.  Holder did not. When the time had passed and the dust settled even Holders report agrees the officer should not be prosecuted.  In fact, but for racial bias against white folks, the Federal Government should never have walked in and began to take over in the first place.   The Federal Government (Holder) did not stay back and wait and see if the locals did a good job.  No, No.  They stormed in like the storm troopers they are and tried to find all the” double evidence” of incidents of White Police officers acting like racists.

“Double evidence” is like the sides of a coin.  Both very different and yet so close.  In almost any confrontation between cops and residences of poor neighborhoods, (white, blue, green or black) one will find at least two different sides of what happened.   Most of the neighbors are peaceful, but in those poor areas there are many mal-contents, angry/unhappy people and just plain criminals. Being poor does not grant Sainthood.  Such a place is a perfect set up for Holders rant.   It was and is a poor neighborhood, mostly black with a police force mostly white.   When a disturbance in the neighborhood happens and cops come to restore peace, your common sense tells you two or more divergent views (or sides) of what happened will develop.  Holder’s report took one side and did not even attempt to balance it out.  Holders own statement to the press, clearly indicated this lack of balance, as he went from a one-sided scenario to another. If he mentioned that the black man who was killed had just been taped committing a felony, no one heard it.  He acted like the typical racists as he took one side over the other, all the time. The blacks were absolved, the Cops were guilty.  That’s it.

You might ask why?  Why would Holder take the Ferguson one act play and turn it in to a full length drama?  If you are a person of color, and have used that difference as an excuse for every slight you ever got (everyone gets them every day),  used it as an excuse for missed opportunities, and lost promotions, then the answer becomes clear.  You are closed minded and prejudiced.  Holder is such a person.   We do not know where he thinks he should be in this stage of his life, but odds are, that place, is not retiring in a failed presidency.

Further, it is certain many of you, just using common sense smelled the very bad odor, coming from this over ripe report.  You were and are correct.  It stinks.

* There is no agreement on the origins of the slang term COP.  Maybe it came from Constable on patrol, or Constabulary Police, or short for the copper badge, or from the verb “to cop”, or take.  Well take the side you want.  Holder does.

PROTEST:  FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG.  It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.

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Rooster Bradford, gives up all rights to this article and seeks no compensation for its use.  2015

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