(OR: The Queen of Hearts was not a nice lady.)


Please think of the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland. The similarities to Hillary ma bell Clinton are marvelous. Let your imagination run along with the Mad Hatter.

The point of this memo is to ask the question, “How come the Democrats always seem to have “THE ONE”, and the Republicans seem to have a Platoon of Candidates?”  It is true today.  Yes, Obama and Hillary duked it out, but for those,  who spend an inordinate amount of time following such things,  knew Obama was really alone and far out of her reach.  A glib tongue and skin color told the story.   The left prefer an nice empty suit, to work clothes.   It is not that the GOP cannot become fixed on one candidate, because it can, but the worship thing is very different.   Democrats seem to prostate themselves in worship.  Common Sense folks want to hear more and debate a bit. Is this difference caused by DNA?   Is it the Environment?  Is it pure chance? Could it be a salutatory effect of Global Cooling?  Huh!!!  Even when their chosen one is a real dud, like Jimmy Carter, or the present insult to Blacks, our spoiled leader, the clinging to the sinking image of “THE ONE” is remarkable.   What part of embarrassing do they not get?

Not only does the left seem to worship Idols, but when those idols are tarnished, they worship them anyway.   Hillary’s Private E mail bit is just another of the many hits Hillary has taken, or will take, without appreciably losing left support.  You know it started a long time ago when she was just the first lady.   There was the rage she went through throwing a bedroom object at Bill.(Assault is a crime and Bill was a battered Spouse.)   There was the misuse of IRS files against perceived enemies, there was the mysterious death of her attorney, Vince Foster.  All of this was early on, long before she was the chosen one.  Her past and present mistakes or makeup smears do not seem to affect the adoration of the left.

What happens in the mind of the typical leftist is not what happens in the mind of the typical conservative.  Conservatives tend to argue and debate and question each issue.  This is why there always seem to be a platoon of candidates on the GOP side and few on the left.  Progressives have no such public, or private, tendency.  This difference is weird.    One would think that the proper nature of politics is to debate and discuss; wring hands and lament; charge left and right; argue and agree; compromise and hold the line.   Not so with progressives.   It is as if there is a solemn pledge to follow the line no matter that the line leads over a cliff.   Sounds kind of like sheep taking the plunge, or the Okinawans who in WW 2, in mass, jumped off cliffs to their respective deaths.  One might opine, “It does not make common sense!!!”

Well that is it.  The Rooster has for a long time suggested to you that progressives are each, in varying degrees, suffering from a mental disability.    They may have good IQ, but they have insufficient common sense.

Hillary no doubt had a private E Mail, for her own selfish purposes.  The most likely was to hide from having to disclose contents.  Her mental state, at the time, was that since she was one of the chosen, she should do what she felt was necessary to protect that status.  The law means nothing to progressives, if it is in their way.  You see they just do not see the merit of law being applied generally and equally.  To them it just does not make sense when their perceived safety is at stake. This is why Obama is negotiating a solo deal with Iran, in direct violation of the Constitution.  Even Benjamin Netanyahu did not understand.  He read that the Constitution requires treaties be confirmed by the Senate.   That is why Bibi was desperate to talk to our Congress.  He thought the Constitution meant something to progressives.  Obama and Hillary have no such illusions.

This same failure of common sense is part and parcel of the adoration progressives give to their tarnished leaders.   It is not just Hillary, or Bill, or Obama.  It has always been that way.   Look at the faces of the crowds who worshiped Julius Cesar, Adolph Hitler, Stalin, Mao, etc.   Look closer.  Look at Argentina, Cuba, and Venezuela where the faulted progressive leaders still march on with adoring idiots throwing rose pedals.

The concept of peaceful and benevolent Government is doomed, in the long term, so long as the non-thinkers, and those with clear conflicts of interest are allowed to vote.   They will never see the tarnish.   They will only think of themselves.  They will not exercise common sense.

PROTEST:  FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG.  It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.

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Rooster Bradford, gives up all rights to this article and seeks no compensation for its use.  March 2015

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