(OR:  Who will save the Republic?)

Let us think together.  Who or what can save our Republic if Obama signs an executive order making himself President for life?  Do you volunteer?  Such an act would not enrage most citizens.   Just imagine him doing it.  It is not farfetched.  If he has a domestic crisis it would be easy as pie. He needs the crisis to make most people stick their heads in the sand.  He certainly has tested the waters with 1000s of executive orders.  All he needs is an excuse to pretend to be a savior of the Country from evil doers.   It could be a stock market drop of huge proportions; it could be a national Strike called by the Unions; it could be simply weather abnormalities such as drought in the west and too much water in the east; or a terrible hurricane season.   It might be a world- wide depression.  Fortunately we had a Republican President in the world-wide depression of 1929, but look what FDR did when he came on in 1933.  Remember his third term?  That so scared our conservatives we passed an amendment that a President could not serve more than two terms.  We have no law that says he cannot take over in a chaos. We have law that can be interpreted to give him that power if martial law is declared.

We have never confronted an attempted takeover by a President like Obama.  So let us examine what barriers are in his way.    Let us assume he does issue such an executive. It might go like this.

“Citizens of America.  Today there is turmoil and strife in                                                       the Land. None of our built in systems to save us are working.                                                                       We cannot afford to lose any more time or space.  We must act                        now, today.  We are too big to fail.   To reduce your suffering we must confront our enemies at this moment in time.  The only Person who will                                have the power to act swiftly and correctly is your Commander                          in Chief, the President.  For that reason I am ordering that I,                             your President, be given absolute power to do what is right                            and correct.  I will restart the Republic when I can.   (He could use words like National Distress, or Martial law, but he would not.)”

Once he signs such an order in the Oval Office how could it be undone?  He has softened the military so that there are no hard-core types left at the top.  None of the junior officers stand a chance in Hell.   The vice president would only smile at the photo op. No leaders in the House or Senate would demand a “NO”.  Even if they did how would they enforce it?  As commander in chief he simply could order the military and his security to close both houses.   Even if they or someone else filed a law suit to stop him, how long would it take to get to a deeply divided Supreme Court?  As commander in chief he could order such actions suspended. Do not count on the Supreme Court anyway.   How about the States? Could they declare independance?  Technically yes, but realistically no.  How would they defend themselves?  Let us suppose Texas said no and declared itself the lone State. .  All Obama would have to do is order a block buster on the Capitol in Austin. That would be it.  Who would rise up to stop the killing?  Is there a religious leader who would lead the way?  Is there a Joan of Arc, a General Patton? Forget that.  Just as in Germany, when Hitler did a similar thing, no one stepped forward with any strength.    If you hope for a rouge pilot to crash into the White House, hope again.  Obama would not be there and he would be happy to see the “White House” destroyed. The day a sniper can take out a head of state is limited to third world countries.  Odds are Obama would continue hiding as he does now.

Point is the only hope is in a spontaneous uprising, where enough armed citizens, by their simple weight in numbers, stop government in Washington DC. , or Obama dies in the process.    The odds of either happening are remote.   Do you understand?  Remote.  His takeover is very possible, and Obama is anti-America enough to do it.  Worse he must think about it all the time and his progressive and Muslim brothers are gauging the time that is best.  Why do you think he acts like the last election gave him a mandate?  Why does he snub Israel’s Prime Minister? Why does he promise to veto any constructive legislation coming his way? Why because it is a balls out game with him.   He plans to win.

PROTEST:  FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG.  It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.   WC: 800     Rooster Bradford, gives up all rights to this article and seeks no compensation for its use. March  2015

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