(OR:  The silent are judged by their conduct.)

Presidential Candidate, Gov. of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, said he did not know if Obama was a Christian or not.  He then went on to say this was his feeling because Obama had never done anything to indicate he was.  Most news stories said, “How dare you, Mr. Walker?”

In support of Governor Walker (Not Mr. Walker) let, we the thinkers, analysis this situation.   First, let’s research intelligence info and then we will be better informed.  Keeping in mind Obamas team is the most Tech savvy bunch you will run into, you should expect that the WWW to be filled with righteous cover.  You would expect that they would have him singing Christian songs, going to Christian churches, attending Christian events, etc.  Right?  Well it is not there.   Just ask the question “What is Obama’s favorite Christian hymn?”  You get a bunch of guess work by god only knows who.  The closest is someone’s tome that it is “Amazing Grace”   Keep in mind this does not come from the Donkey’s mouth. Not a bad stab in the dark however.  Just about everyone has heard “Amazing Grace”, but most do not know it is the lament of a British Slave Boat Captain who became a man of the cloth. The words are about his life moving black people to America etc. to be sold as slaves.  Since Obama tells us how much he hates the idea of American black slavery, you must know this is not his song.  About the only, for sure, Christian bit of evidence we have is his attending a hate America Christian church in Chicago. You might remember a reporter telling us Obama used to nod his head at every anti- American rant from the pulpit.  After that silence.

Obama could say he is not Christian, but he does not.  You know it is possible to worship God and not be a Christian or Muslim.  That is a whole new article.  His silence will tell you nothing.  He is resplendent in the robes of silence; like his birth, his college grades, and his this and that.  His conduct has to be your best evidence.   What he does is proof he prefers Allah.  Of course you can say Allah is God, but he is not Christian.  What church does Obama call his own?  Where does he pray?  What does he pray? Does he take his daughters to church?  What Church?  Does he relish appearing with well-known Christian leaders?  Who does he bow to?   Does he get down on a knee to pray, or does he get down on both knees to pray?  Does he go all out to celebrate Christmas, Easter, or any other Christian Holidays?  Does he defend them from the naysayers?  Does he defend prayers in our Legislative houses?   You get the idea.   Look and search and you will find only the barest of evidence pointing to being a Christian.  Scott Walker was absolutely correct.  Those who insult Walker for being honest, are the most despicable types you can have a cup of java with.   Why?  Because they either lie or are bone dumb.

If you want to take the time to rack up his conduct to say he is a closet Muslim, you can be at it for some time.   There is much.  On this subject he is not silent.  He has said, “…his Muslim faith…” on TV.  He wrote that the call to Muslim prayer is the most beautiful sound he knows.  He has shown his dislike of Jews right and left.  The fact that Bibi will talk, two days from now, to Congress and bypass Obama is clear proof.  His staffing so many Muslim believers in high places in his administration is not a strange coincidence.

Do not make the mistake that one must sign some kind of oath to be a Christian, or to be a Muslim.  Do not believe that the type of faith must stamp you as approved.  Religion and religious belief is a state of mind.   Obamas State of mind is not Christian. In fact it does seem that he is not only the first Black (no credit for being ½ Caucasian) President, but probably the first Muslim President.  It is just another part of the man we have never been allowed to know from his silence.   We must rely on his acts and omissions.  What do you conclude?


PROTEST:  FLY THE BETSY ROSS FLAG.  It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.

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Rooster Bradford, gives up all rights to this article and seeks no compensation for its use.  2015

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