(OR: How smart is a smart bomb?)
Let us answer the second question first. There is no such thing as a smart bomb. They do not have brains and cannot think. No bomb has an IQ or common sense. Not any. What they do have is a computer to adjust flight path. That’s all. Brains do tell the computer what to do. The programmer’s brains are located in some secure place. How do those brains know where to send the bomb to kill an ISIS leader? It is not on an Ouija Board, nor is it ghosts from the past. It is not a successful hunch.
Now, let us answer the first question. How do we pin point ISIS leaders to drop a bomb in their lap? Intelligence is the game. How does the intelligence game get the information? Bribery is the answer. The bribe is seldom reveled, but this last time a slip of the lip sank the ship. The amount stated was 5 million for this latest hit. Now 5 mill will cause all kinds of problems for the recipient. It can be worse than waterboarding. . Yes, that is as simple as it is. We pony up 5 million and someone will take the bait and tell us where Mr. ISIS the leader is bent over in prayer.
Every time one of our “smart” bombs kills someone, over there, millions of dollars were paid. This dirty little secret is classified Hillary. Our government will not tell us. The secrecy is just like the billions of dollars the Federal Government obtains by fining Banks and large corporations for some transgression of a regulation. Try to find out how much the Feds obtain by fines and you run into a bricked off doorway. The same hiding the facts, is true with intelligence. Our people give away millions without anyone checking the result. This former intelligence officers knows. If you thought information was given, because of some patriotic fervor, or disgruntled next in command , you would be wrong, most of the time. It is money. Try to find out how much and in what manner, and you are on the other side of that bricked off doorway. Somebody in Osama’s compound was paid handsomely for the information leading to the raid and his death.
Please do not get all emotional about war. Since man began to accumulate things he has been at war against those who want to take his stuff and versa visa. We let egg heads lead us most of the time and we are the subject of their mistakes. Just yesterday there was a news article that said Calif. State Pension Funds were going to buy 25 % of struggling Desert Sunlight Investment Holdings.(Solar Panels). My God. 25% is not control, but worse yet, all Solar alternative energy plans are failing. Bye Bye pension funds and no one will be held responsible. Oh! sure the windmill generates electricity, when all its moving parts are working, and the solar panels work when the sun is out and they are not covered with dust, haze or clouds, but none of them produce enough to even begin to take care of our needs. Point is try to find out how much the Government has spent to get these alternative energy plants working and continue to work. Impossible for us to know and they cover up more support by moving pension funds into the black hole.
Our government hides its excesses from the voters. Waste is the second name of Government and those in charge do not want you to know how much of your money they throw away.
PROTEST: Fly the Betsy Ross flag. It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.
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