(OR: Poison Ivy does not a good Garland make.)
Please take a moment to listen to a long time trial attorney, Rooster, discuss Justice Merrick Garland. It is not what you might hear from the media. His appointment is politics as usual, where the left works to have the GOP swing in the evening wind.
Garland is not a Constitutional conservative. Not even close to Scalia . Garland is a DC insider, having grown up in one of the worst cities in America, Chicago. The latter has been run by corrupt labor and democratic leaders for so long, they do not even recognize their rule produces more murders every year that many countries in the world. Certainly his home town did not endow him with strong Constitutional feelings. His IQ appears to be high and he has applied himself to obtain good grades. Clearly he did not buck the system. He went along with it which is important. It has to do with what he does not have an abundance of, common sense. It can be fairly stated he is not a Daniel Boone for the Constitution. Had he been at the Alamo he would have been a hindrance.
His first job was to serve as an intern/clerk to Justice William J. Brennan a progressive liberal who was himself a turn coat. Brennan pretended to be conservative and was appointed by President Eisenhower. As soon as he was appointed he showed his true colors and failed to support the Constitution way too many time. He too was from Harvard, the school of proven Constitutional deviants. You might recall Obama obtained his law degree there as well. Ok, this was not good training for a young clerk, if your hope is to have a stanch defender of our freedoms and liberties in the Constitution. Harvard produces people who believe the Constitution is a living document. That means you can interpret it the way you want rather than the way words are commonly understood.
More over a good observer of the human face, sees in him an opportunist who seeks fame and security in Governmental arenas, especially in DC. His eyes dart about too quickly, his smile is insincere most of the public time. His hair is too neat. There is something about a man’s face who has forsaken personal resolve and courage for the security and false fame of a judgeship. Being called “Judge” is no substitute for strength and resolve. In this respect his lack of common sense is etched in each line on his face.
Obama believes, because M. Garland has been up for consideration before, and because he sits on the DC Appellate court many of the DC crowd will not think badly of him. This includes many Senators. Obama is using Garland to defeat the Senate leadership. Obama has little common sense and his forward vision is faulty. The fact that Garland would allow himself to be used, is a loud statement of his own turn/coat qualities, and his true loyalty to the progressive cause.
See the appointment for what it is, a political stab in the dark. Never forget what the progressives did to the GOP nominee Bork, and the slime they threw at Justice Thomas during his nomination. Rooster still believes the witnesses brought against Thomas were liars and probably bought with favors. No one had the courage to prosecute them for perjury.
PROTEST: Fly the Betsy Ross flag. It is the one flag where all the States supported the Constitution.
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Rooster Bradford gives up all rights to this article and seeks no compensation for its use. 2016

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